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									                          INDIA NEWSLETTER
                          Embassy of India, Tel Aviv                               No.32 January - March 2008

         Hon'ble Former President of India,
         Dr A.P. J. Abdul Kalam, visits Israel
Dr. A.P J. Abdul Kalam, 11 President of                                                         students and Faculty members on the
India, visited Israel on February 26-28,                                                        subject of "Technology Convergence
2008. During his stay in Israel, he met                                                         and National Development". He also
with President Shimon Peres on                                                                  delivered a guest lecture at 'The Yuval
February 28. The two leaders expressed                                                          Neeman Tel Aviv Workshop for Science
satisfaction at the excellent relations                                                         and Technology and Security' on
                                                                                                "National Empowerment and Space"
between India and Israel, and discussed
                                                                                                organized at the Tel Aviv University, in
areas of possible future cooperation.                                                           cooperation with Israel's Ministry of
Hon'ble Dr. Kalam was the Keynote                                                               Science and Technology, and Israel
Speaker at the 48th Israel Annual                                                               Space Agency. During his visit to the
Conference on Aerospace Sciences that                                                           Weizmann Institute of Science on

                                             President Shimon Peres receiving Dr. Abdul Kalam
                                                             in his chambers

                                             was held in Tel Aviv on February 27,
                                             2008. At the conference he, inter alia,
                                             outlined his vision of 'World Space
                                             Vision 2050', and spoke about the need
                                             to create 'World Knowledge Platform'.
                                             On February 27, Hon'ble Dr. Kalam
                                             visited the Faculty of Engineering at the              Dr. Abdul Kalam and Ambassador at the
    Dr. Abdul Kalam addressing the seminar                                                      '48th Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences'
             at Tel Aviv University
                                             Tel Aviv University, and addressed the                                    (Continued on page 3)

                             Republic Day Celebrations 2008
                        The 59th             Indian origin, Indian business
                        anniversary of       community, Indian students, Embassy
                        the Republic         staff and their families and other well
                        Day of India was     wishers. Following the flag hoisting and
                        celebrated at        the national anthem, Ambassador read
                        the Embassy          out from Hon'ble President of India
 Ambassador addressing
                        Residence on         Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil's address
      the gathering     January 26,          to the nation. The cultural programme
                        2008. The event                                                                   Hoisting the National Flag
                                             that followed included "Dandia"
was attended by a gathering of about 600     presentation by Warrant Officer K.P    .           contingent of UNDOF. Israel-based
people comprising Jewish persons of          Chaudhary and party from the Indian                Indian Jewish group "Namaste Israel"
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       Hon'ble Minister of Agriculture & Rural Development
                 Mr. Shalom Simhon visits India

        Minister Sharad Pawar greets Minister Shalom Simhon in New Delhi                    Minister Shalom Simhon, third from left, at FICCI seminar on
                                                                                                              Agriculture Cooperation

    Hon'ble Mr. Shalom Simhon, Minister                bilateral cooperation in agriculture and              skills and outlined the key areas of
    of Agriculture and Rural Development,              water management were discussed                       cooperation between the two countries
    led a high-level official and business             during these meetings.                                in agriculture, which include water,
    delegation from Israel to India from                                                                     sewage recycling, irrigation systems,
    January 15-23, 2008.                                                                                     greenhouses, cooperation in R&D and
    The delegation included senior officials                                                                 horticulture development. Mr. Sanjay
    from the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture                                                                 Kaul, Member, FICCI Agriculture
    and Rural Development, Ministry of                                                                       Committee & CEO, NCDEX Institute of
    Foreign Affairs (MASHAV), and                                                                            Commodity Markets & Research
    representatives of leading Israeli                                                                       (NICMR) and Mr. Rajan Kohli, Deputy
    companies.                                                                                               Secretary General, FICCI were the
    Mr. Simhon held meetings with Mr.                   Minister Shalom Sinhon addresses the Interactive     speakers from the Indian side. The
    Sharad Pawar, Hon'ble Minister of                   Session with the Israeli Delegation organised by     Seminar was followed by one-on-one
    Agriculture, Food & Civil Supplies,                 FICCI and the Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                             business meetings.
                                                       Mr. Simhon and Mr. Pawar reviewed the
                                                       progress in implementation of the Work
                                                       Plan on Agriculture Cooperation signed
                                                       in May 2006 and agreed to further
                                                       deepen the engagement. The two sides
                                                       also agreed on an Action Plan for the
                                                       years 2008-10.
                                                       Mr. Simhon took the opportunity to visit
                                                       various agricultural sites in Rajasthan                 The two Ministers answering questions from the
                                                                                                                       media following their meeting
                                                       and Maharashtra. He also paid a visit to
                                                       the National Dairy Research Institute in              FICCI, in cooperation with the
     Minister Shalom Simhon during visit to a dairy    Karnal and the Indian Agriculture                     Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and
       farm in Bhayandar, outside Mumbai City                                                                Industry, organized another Seminar on
                                                       Research Institute at Pusa, New Delhi.
    C o n s u m e r A f f a i r s a n d Pu b l i c     The Federation of Indian Chambers of                  Agriculture Cooperation with Israel on
    Distribution, Ms. Vasundhara Raje,                 Commerce and Industry (FICCI)                         Januar y 18, 20 08 in Ja ipur. The
    Hon'ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan and            organized a seminar on Agriculture                    Seminar was addressed by Mr. Simhon,
    Mr. P Saini, Hon'ble Agriculture
            .L.                                        Cooperation on January 21, 2008 in                    who focused on vario us areas of
    Minister of Rajasthan during the visit.            New Delhi. Mr. Simhon, in his address,                agriculture cooperation between Israel
    Possibilities of further expanding the             highlighted Israel's entrepreneurial                  and Rajasthan.

                                                                                                                  ECONOMIC NEWS
      Visit by Business Delegation from North East India
                                                     The Embassy in cooperation with the
                                                     Federation of the Israeli Chambers of
                                                     Commerce (FICC) organized a half-day
                                                     Seminar on "Business Prospects in              Mr. Mouneer Agbariya,       Mr. Bidyananda Barkakoty,
                                                                                                    Director, Asia - Pacific,   Vice Chairman, North East
                                                     North East India for the Israeli Business   Israel's Ministry of Industry,       Tea Association,
                                                                                                  Trade & Labor, addressing      making his presentation
                                                     Community". The Seminar was                     the seminar at FICC
                                                     addressed by Mr. Uriel Lynn, President of
Mr. Uriel Lynn, President of FICC, with members of
                                                                                                 incubator and had an interactive meeting
                                                     FICC. Mr. Ahmed, Dr. Sriparna B.
the visiting delegation, at the seminar organized                                                with the Manufacturers' Association of
               by FICC and Embassy                   Baruah, Head of the Center for Industrial
                                                                                                 Israel on February 10, 2008.
A 15-member business delegation from                 Extension, IIE, and Counsellor(E&C)
various states in the North East of India            addressed the Seminar from the Indian
visited Israel from February 9-12, 2008.             side. Mr. Bidyanand Barbakoty and Ms.
The delegation, organized by the Indian              Jahnabi Phukan from the Indian
Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE),                 delegation gave presentations on Indian
Guwahati was led by Mr. Kamaruddin                   tea and tourism sectors respectively.
Ahmed, Director, IIE. The members of                 The Seminar was followed by one-to-one
the delegation represented various                   business meetings with Israeli
industrial sectors including tea, tourism,           companies.                                    At the one-to-one business meetings following
handicrafts, perfumes, spices and                    The Delegation also visited a technology                       the seminar

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 Pre-mission Briefing of Israeli Delegation                                                         Former President of India
    visiting India on Renewable Energy                                                                    visits Israel
Center of the Ministry of
Industry Trade and
Labor, organized a
meeting of the
members of the Israeli
Delegation visiting India                                                                         Dr. Abdul Kalam interacting with students during
from April 6-10, 2008 at                                                                          visit to Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University
the Industry House in                                                                            February 28, Hon'ble Dr. Kalam
Tel Aviv on March 26,                                                                            interacted with the students and faculty
2008.                                                                                            members of the Institute.
The delegation                Ambassador with Israeli delegates at the pre-mission briefing
comprised 15
companies from Israel dealing with Managing Director of MATIMOP and Mr.
various forms of renewable ener gy. Raul Goldeman, Director, International
Ambassador presented an overview of Cooperation Program for Asia and
the Indian renewable energy sector and Pacific, participated in the meeting. The
opportunities for Israeli companies in companies presented their plans and
this area. Ms. Haya Miller, Deputy perspectives for cooperation with India.                                Dr. Abdul Kalam with students at
                                                                                                            Weizmann Institute of Science
     INSEAD Annual Academic Winter                                                                        High-tech CEOs
    Event on Global IT Competitiveness                                                                     Forum: Event
                                                                                                             on India

                                                       Prof. Soumitra Dutta, Mr. Doron Nahmias and
                                                              Ambassador at the INSEAD Event
                                                      on IT and IT services sector. Prof.
                                                      Soumitra Dutta, Dean of External
         Mr. Doron Nahmias, Managing Director,        Relations of INSEAD France, as the                   Ambassador addressing the seminar
       The INSEAD-Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de         keynote speaker, presented "The Global
    Rothschild Research Center, welcomes Ambassador                                                  The Israeli Management Center (Hamil)
             to INSEAD Annual Winter Event            Information Technology Report"
                                                      produced by the World Economic                 in cooperation with High-tech CEO's
    The INSEAD Annual Academic Winter                                                                Forum of Israel and the Embassy of India
                                                      Forum of which he happens to be the
    Event took place at the Tel Aviv Stock                                                           organized a half-day seminar on "India:
    Exchange on March 3, 2008. This                                                                  Advantages and Disadvantages of a
    special event was organized by INSEAD                                                            Developing Market" on March 27, 2008.
    Israel (The Caesarea Edmond                                                                      Ambassador was an invited keynote
    Benjamin de Rothschild Research                                                                  speaker, and made a presentation on
    Center), Globes business newspaper,                                                              opportunities for high-tech Israeli
    and Aviv Venture Capital. The theme of                                                           companies in the Indian market.
    the event was: "Leveraging Technology                                                                                          O t h e r
    for Competitiveness: Lessons from the                                                                                          speakers
    Global Information Technology                                                                                                  included Ms.
    Reports".                                                                                                                      P n i n a
    Ambassador, as the opening speaker,                                                                                            Shenav, CEO,
    provided an overview of the growing                                                                                            Hamil, Mr.
    Indian economy with special emphasis
                                                           Ambassador addresses the gathering                                      Shlomo
                                                                                                                                   CEO, ASG
             Seminar on India held at IDC                                                            Mr. Shlomo Garman, Chairman
                                                                                                                                   and the
                                                                                                                                   Chairman of
                                                                                                       of the High-tech CEOs Forum
               Business School, Herzliya                                                                  addressing the seminar   the High-
                                                                                                     tech CEOs Forum, Ms. Anat Bernstein
    The Business School of the Inter                  presented several business case
                                                                                                     Reich, Deputy Chairperson, Israel-Asia
    Disciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya                studies.                                       Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Shai
    organized a special Seminar on India              Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Counsellor(E&C) at          Yarkoni, CEO, Target-in, Mr. David
    for its international MBA students and            the Embassy, gave a presentation on            Keynan, Managing Partner, I2I Ventures,
    executives on January 8, 2008.                    Indian economy and opportunities in            Mr. Effi Wachtel, President & CEO, RAD
    The keynote speaker was Prof. Amit                India for the Israeli business                 Data Communications, Mr. Shmuel
    Kapoor from Management                            community.                                     Blank, Head of TCS Israel and Mr. Maiki
    Development Institute Gurgaon, who                Mr. Hezi Hermon, former CEO of                 Yoeli, Deputy Director General, Israel
    gave an overview of contemporar y                 Tadiran, shared his perspective and            Export and International Cooperation
    business environment in India and                 experience of working in India.                Institute.
                                                                                                               ECONOMIC NEWS
     India participates in the                                                                   AE Capital Seminar
  14 International Mediterranean                                                                   on Investment
    Tourism Market Exhibition                                                                   Opportunities in India
                                                                    Exhibition held in
                                                                    T e l Av i v F a i r
                                                                    Grounds on
                                                                    February 5-6,
                                                                    2008. The Indian
                                                                    included an India
                                                                    booth showcasing              Keynote speakers at the AE Capital Seminar
                                                                    t o u r i s m
                                                                    opportunities in            A half-day seminar on Investment
                                                                    India. A special            Opportunities in India was organized by
         Ambassador visiting the India Booth at the IMTM Exhibition seminar on "India           the AE Capital, member of the Aviv Group
                                                                                                March 18, 2008 at the Sheraton City
The Government of India Tourist Office as an Attractive Tourism Destination"
                                                                                                Tower Hotel in Ramat Gan. The theme
based in Frankfurt (which also deals was organized on February 6, 2008 at the                   of this seminar was International M&A
with tourism related to Israel) venue of the exhibition, which was                              (Mergers and Acquisitions) and Capital
participated in the 14 International attended by several travel agencies, tour
                                                                                                Raising, with a focus on the Indian
Mediterranean Tourism Market operators and visitors to the Exhibition.                          market, and the immense potential
                                                                                                existing in India for Israeli companies.
                                                                                                The speakers included Mr. Yair Ephrati,
        ILSI holds seminar on                                                                   Managing Director, AE Capital, Israel,
                                                                                                Mr. Sumir Verma, Head of the Real Estate
  Globalization of Clinical Research                                                            Division at Meghraj Bank, and Mr.
                                                                                                Himanshu Anand, Head of the Hi-tech
                                                                                                Division at Meghraj Bank, who had
                                                                                                been invited from India for the seminar.
                                                                                                The seminar focused on opportunities in
                                                                                                the Indian IT & Hi-Tech Market and the
                                                                                                Indian Real Estate Market with focus on
                                                                                                mergers & acquisitions.

                                                                                                Sheba General Hospital, Israel and Dr.
                                                 Dr. Vijay Kumar, President & CMO, Excel Life   Gadi Ariav, Recannati School of Business
      Ambassador addresses the gathering              Sciences, USA, making his address         Management, Tel Aviv University.
The Israel Life Science Industry (ILSI)       pharmaceutical industry and highlighted
organized a Seminar on "Globalization of      the vast opportunities for Israeli
Clinical Research: India - the New            companies in this area.
Frontier" on February 10, 2008. The half-     Other keynote speakers included Dr. Yael
day event was attended by CEOs and            Rogel-Fuchs, Executive Director, ILSI,
senior executives of various biomed and       Dr. Vijay Kumar, President and CMO of
pharmaceutical companies based in             Excel Life Sciences, USA, Dr. Kurt Pfister,
Israel and abroad. Ambassador, in his         CEO, Pharma Focus, Switzerland, Dr.
opening remarks, gave an overview of the      Ran Frenkel, CEO, Pharma Focus, Israel,             Dr. Yael Rogel-Fuchs, Executive Director, ILSI,
strengths of Indian bio-med and               Dr. Ari Shamiss, Managing Director,                            addressing the seminar
     World Hindi Day Celebration, 2008                                                                         International
                                                       books and articles on Mahatma Gandhi. The              Day of Peace and
                                                       programme also included a short play and a               Non-Violence
                                                       quiz on the life and teachings of Mahatma
                                                       Gandhi, an essay competition, enacting of
                                                       scenes from the film 'Gandhi My Father', and
                                                       singing of Mahatma Gandhi's favourite
                                                       bhajan, 'Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram'. The
      Students participating in the World Hindi Day
                                                       whole programme was conducted by two
                                                       Hindi students of third year.
    The Embassy celebrated ''World Hindi Day''         Mr. Zvika Serper, Chairman of East Asia
    in Israel on January 15, 2008 in association       Studies centre at Tel Aviv University, which
    with the South East Asian Department of Tel                                                                     View of proceedings at the
                                                       includes a programme on Indian studies,              International Day of Peace & Non-Violence
    Aviv University. The function was held at the      appreciated the role played by the Hindi
    auditorium in Gilman Building at Tel Aviv          teachers, particularly Mr. Genady Shlomper        The 1st International Day of Peace and Non-
    University. The celebration drew about 300         in generating interest in the language among      violence was celebrated in Israel in January,
    India-enthusiasts including students at the        students. Ambassador, who was the chief           2008. Two functions were organized by the
    Tel Aviv University, Haifa University, and         guest, gave away prizes to the winners of the     Embassy to mark the occasion: the first
    Hebrew University at Jerusalem,                    essay contest in Hindi and also read out          function was organized by the Embassy on
    participating in a range of activities in Hindi.   Hon'ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan               January 15, 2008 in association with the
    This year the programme was built on the           Singh's message on the occasion. The              South East Asian Department of Tel Aviv
    theme of Mahatma Gandhi and included a             Embassy also presented Hindi books to the         University. The function coincided with the
    special lecture by the Head of Indian Studies      university library. Indian food was served at     World Hindi Day.
    Department at Hebrew University, Dr.               the end of the programme.                         The other function was held on January 30,
    Yohanan Grinshpon, who has published                                                                 2008. A panel of Israeli scholars and
                                                                                                         speakers participated in the discussion
    Recalling India: Images and Narratives                                                               devoted to the ''legacy of Mahatma Gandhi''.
                                                                                                         At the end of the panel discussion, the
                                                       women: Ms Rebecca Yehezkiel and Ms
                                                                                                         documentary, "Mahatma - A Great Soul of
                                                       Sophie Judah, who have both lived in Israel          th
                                                       for over three decades. Following an              20 Century" was screened at Cinematheque
                                                       introductory address by Dr. Singh about the       Tel Aviv.
                                                       Indian Jewish migration to Israel since the                                (Continued from page 1)
                                                       1950s, Ms. Yehezkiel made a power point           Republic Day Celebrations 2008
                                                       presentation on her recent book "Of Muse
                                                       and Memories" - a unique pictorial narrative
                                                       combining a family-history narrative with a
     Dr. Maina Chawla Singh addresses the gathering    collection of her own paintings. Ms Judah
           at the Special Evening. On stage are        read out excerpts from "Dropped from
       Ms. Rebecca Yehezkel and Ms. Sophie Judah       Heaven" - her recently published collection
    A special literary evening, "Recalling India:      of short stories about Indian Jews. The
    Images and Narratives" was hosted by               program and discussion were attended by
    Ambassador and his wife Dr. Maina Chawla           about 100 people comprising of academics
    Singh on March 6, 2008 at the Embassy              from Tel Aviv, Bar-Ilan and Haifa Universities,
    Auditorium. The event, conceptualized by Dr        artists, journalists, foreign office                       'Namaste Israel' in performance
    Singh included presentations from two              representatives and members of the Indian
    recently published books by Indian Jewish          community.                                        led by Mr. David Nigrekar also performed
                                                                                                         to the tune of patriotic songs. The
    Visit to Heritage Museum for Indian Jewry in Dimona                                                  gathering was later treated to a variety of
                                                       Ambassador visited on February 6, 2008 the
                                                                                                         Indian snacks.
                                                       ''Heritage Museum for Indian Jewry'' in
                                                       Dimona, which opened in September 2007.
                                                       Ambassador and his wife Dr. Maina Chawla
                                                       Singh took a round of the museum which
                                                       exhibits Indian articles including musical
                                                       instruments, wedding articles, dresses,
                                                       books, photographs, etc., depicting the
      Ambassador handing over books to Dy. Mayor.      lifestyle and history of the Indian Jewish         'Dandia' presentation by a group from the Indian
            Mr. Ofer Talker at the Museum              community.                                                       Contingent of UNDOF
                                                                                                         CULTURAL ACTIVITIES
                Visit to Daliat El Carmel                                                            Indian Community
                                                                                                        Function at
                                                                                                         Beer Sheva

      Ambassador with Dr. Akram Hasson,           Ambassador with Mayor of Carmel City, officials,
            Mayor of Carmel City                    leading figures and religious leaders of the
                                                            Druze community in Israel
Ambassador visited the Druze village Daliat      Ambassador had a meeting with the Mayor              Ambassador and First Secretary Alok Raj at the
El Carmel on March 27, 2008. Ambassador          Dr. Akram Hasson, other officials and some           event, along with Mr. Efraim Satamkar (at left),
was invited by the Mayor of the Carmel City,     leading figures of the Druze community in             Deputy Mayor of Beer Sheva (third from left).
Dr. Akram Hasson, to come and visit the          Israel including religious leaders.                 Ambassador is flanked by Mr. Avraham Nagaokar
Druze community.                                                                                                 and the Mayor of Dimona

                                                                                                     The Indian community of Beer Sheva
 ''Sa Re Ga Ma Pa'' Function in Eilat                                                                organized a social and cultural evening on
                                                                                                     January 24, 2008 as part of an annual
                                                 for the purpose. The performers included            gathering.
                                                 winners of the ''Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge           The event included Indian music and dance
                                                 2007'' finals: Aneek Dhar, Raja Hassan,             performances by Jewish artistes of Indian
                                                 Sumedha, Mauli Dave, Harpreet and                   origin, including the group ''Swarg Se
                                                 Sanchita. They were joined by several local         Sunder'', ''Haverim'', Yitzik Shmuel, Ortal
                                                 artistes from the community. Ambassador             Gadker, Shiva Satamkar and Liraz Avraham.
                                                 and his wife were the guests of honour at the       Ambassador and his wife were the guests of
                                                 function. Addressing the gathering,                 honour at the function. Mayor of Dimona,
                                                 Ambassador expressed his appreciation to            Deputy Mayor of Beer Sheva and Mr. Shalom
     Ambassador addressing the gathering,        Mr. Benny Binyamin, Managing Director of            Ashtivkar, Chairman, Central Organization
      to his right is Mr Benny Binyamin          M/s RT&T Triple ''S'' Travels and Tours Ltd.        of the Indian Jews in Israel (COIJI) also
About three thousand persons of Indian           and Zee TV Asia Pacific for organizing the          attended.
origin, including Jewish persons of Indian       event.                                              Addressing the gathering, Ambassador
origin living in Israel and NRIs gathered in                                                         described the Indian community in Israel as
the southern coastal town of Eilat from                                                              a "very important link" between the two
January 10-11, 2008 to celebrate the 15 th                                                           countries and thanked Mr. Efraim Satamkar
anniversary of diplomatic relations between                                                          and Mr. Avraham Nagaokar for organizing
India and Israel and the 60 anniversary of                                                           the event.
India's independence. The highlight of the
event was a live performance on January 10                                                                   Screening of
by the ''Sa Re Ga Ma'' team of Zee TV, which
had especially come from Mumbai to Israel           Sa Re Ga Ma Pa team regaling the audience
                                                                                                          ''Chak de! India''

                        Art Exhibition on India
                                                 Ambassador inaugurated an exhibition of
                                                 paintings and photographs at the Droval Art
                                                 Gallery, Ramat Gan on February 23, 2008.
                                                 The artworks included paintings and
                                                 photographs on Indian themes by Ms. Orly
                                                 and Mr. Dov Droval, owners of the Gallery,          The Embassy organized a special screening
                                                 and Ms. Drorit Amitai.                              of the Indian film ''Chak de! India'' at
                                                 The artists explained that their works were         Cinematheque Tel Aviv on January 25, 2008
 Ms. Dorit Amitai, Ms. Orly and Mr. Dov Droval                                                       to coincide with India's Republic Day.
                                                 a result of their recent journey to India.
        (left to right) with Ambassador                                                              About 200 persons attended the show.
                              CULTURAL ACTIVITIES
                              ''Indian Heritage Evening'' at Beer Yaakov                                                     Purim Celebration by
                                                                                                                           Indian Synagogue in Lod

                                   Dy. Mayor Mr. Niem with Ambassador

                              An ''Indian Heritage evening'' was held on
                              March 27, 2008 by the newly-opened                                                                  Ambassador with Mr. Noah Massil;
                              campus for education for elders of Beer                                                       Mayor Mr.Ilan Harari; MK Mr. Yoram Martziano
                              Yaakov, in cooperation with the Council of         Mr. Samuel Pezarkar and Mr. Yossi Omid          and Mr. Benny Walter (left to right)
                              Beer Yaakov and the local Sports and Culture                 with Ambassador                 The Shaare Shalom Synagogue and the
                              Center.                                        event. Ambassador was the guest of honour,    Indian Women's Organization in Lod held a
                                                                             and was felicitated by the organizers. The    Purim party on March 16, 2008 at Heichal
                                                                             event included music and songs by the         Ha'tarbut Ha'ironi. Ambassador and his
                                                                             Sargam Folklore band of Mr. Moshe             wife Dr. Maina Chawla Singh were the
                                                                             Malyankar and Ms Leora Itzak, and dance       special guests along with Member of
                                                                             performance by ''Swarg Se Sundar''. About     Knesset Mr. Yoram Martziano; Mayor of Lod
                                                                             250 persons attended the show.                Mr.Ilan Harari and President of the Central
                                                                                                                           Organization of Indian Jews in Israel
                                                                                                                           (COIJI) Mr. Noah Massil. The function was
                                                                                                                           organized by the Chairman of the Shaare
                                     Mr. Noah Massil, President, COIJI                                                     Shalom Synagogue in Lod, Mr. Benny
                              The event was organized by Mr. Samuel                                                        Walter with the active assistance of Mr. Yoel
                              Pezarkar, Indian-origin member of the                                                        Pabrekar, Secretary of the Synagogue, and
                              Council, and Mr. Michael Daniel, member of                                                   Ms Osnat Anidjar, member, COIJI. Members
                              the Central Organization of the Indian Jews                                                  of the Synagogue and volunteers were
                              in Israel (COIJI), Mr. Shlomo Chordekar and                                                  presented certificates by the dignitaries.
                              Mr. Moshe Reuben. Mr. Amram Niem,                                                            The cultural programme, which followed,
                                                                                                                           included songs by Ms Leora Itzak and Mr.
                              Deputy Mayor, Mr. Yossi Omid, education
                                                                                                                           Shachar Talker organized by Mr. Efraim
                              and cultural member of the Council, and Mr.                                                  Satamkar, and dance performance by
                              Noah Massil, President, COIJI, attended the          Mr. Michael Daniel, Member of COIJI     ''Swarg Se Sundar''.

                                           Hindi Theatre Show by Indian Community in Dimona
                                                                             film ''Sangam'', had mostly local residents
                                                                             of Indian origin, but also included some
                                                                             Israelis of Moroccan and Yemeni origins.
                                                                             Though not their mother tongue, the entire
                                                                             play was presented in Hindi. This involved
                                                                                                                                                                           (Photograph: Mr. Armon)

                                                                             more than a year of preparation and hard
    (Photograph: Mr. Armon)

                                                                             The play was simultaneously translated
                                                                             into Hebrew on a screen on the side of the
                                Performance of "Sangam" by members of the    stage. The project was conceptualized and       Ambassador and Dr. Maina Chawla Singh
                                       Indian community of Dimona            directed by Mr. Ilan Greenberg, financed by           at the drama performance
                              The Indian Jewish community in Dimona          Mr. David Mirage, and supported by Mr.        Singh, Mayor of Dimona Mr. Meir Cohen
                              organized a play ''Sangam'' on February 6,     Noam Cohen, Head of the Cultural Centre.      and Deputy Mayor Mr. Ofer Talker (of
                              2008 at the city's Cultural Centre.            About 600 persons watched the play.           Indian origin) were the chief guests.
                              The play, based on the well-known Indian       Ambassador and his wife Dr. Maina Chawla
                                                                                                           CULTURAL ACTIVITIES
     8th Know India Programme (KIP)                                                                   Painting Exhibition by
                                   Three Israeli     education,                                            Naomi Naon
                                   youth of Indian   rural health,
                                   origin: Ms        e t c . T h e
                                   Carin Shirky,     participants
                                   Ms. Liora         v i s i t e d
                                   Shaffer and Mr.   Mahabali-
                                   Zohar Best        p u r a m ,
  KIP participants enjoying at the participated in   Tanjavur, and Taking a break during a tour
             Taj Mahal             the 8th Know      Ooty, as well as
India Programme (KIP) from December 26,              a few villages. In Delhi, the participants
2007 to January 18, 2008, organized by the           attended the "Pravasi Bharatiya Divas" 2008,
Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Govt. of        apart from sight-seeing and a visit to Zee TV    Ms. Naomi Naon with Ambassador at the exhibition
India, in partnership with State Government          studio. They also saw the Taj Mahal in Agra,     Ms. Naomi Naon of Indian origin, who
of Tamilnadu and logistic support of the             apart from other tourist places, and later       immigrated to Israel decades ago, retained
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and           visited a village in Haryana. The participants   her love for Indian colours and took to
Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS). They             got the opportunity to meet and interact with    painting after retiring from her job. She held
were joined by 31 other participants from            the Hon'ble President of India, Smt. Pratibha    an exhibition of her recent paintings from
Canada, USA, Fiji, Malaysia, Reunion Islands,        Devisingh Patil and Shri Vayalar Ravi,           March 2 to March 27, 2008 at Yad Le'Banim,
UK and South Africa. The first leg of the            Hon'ble Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs.     Auditorium Shaiin, Tel Aviv. The exhibition
programme started in Chennai and included            The KIP provided a unique opportunity to the     was formally inaugurated by Ambassador on
visits to places of cultural, rural and                                                               March 4, 2008 in the presence of a large
                                                     participants to share their views,
industrial interest apart from participation                                                          gathering of art lovers, including Jewish
                                                     expectations and experiences and to bond         persons of Indian origin. Ambassador's wife
in projects on environment, primary                  closely with contemporary India.                 Dr. Maina Chawla Singh also attended.

                                                                                                                     ECONOMIC NEWS
Meeting of the Heads of the Microsoft R&D                                                                       INDIAN ECONOMY
                                                                                                      India to have 500 airports by 2020
   Centers in Israel, India and China,                                                                India's Civil Aviation Ministry has set a target
                                                                                                      of having 500 operational airports in the next
             January 15, 2008                                                                         12 years, according to a report by Centre for
                                                                                                      Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA). CAPA
                                                     Director of the Microsoft strategic R&D          announced that this will include the ongoing
                                                     Center in Hyderabad, Dr. Ya-Qin Zhang,           redevelopment of currently unused airports
                                                     President of the Microsoft strategic R&D         or little used airports and development of
                                                                                                      green field and cargo airports.
                                                     Center in China and Dr. Moshe
                                                     Lichtman, President, Israel R&D Center.               Indian Tourism to generate
                                                     During the summit the heads of the                      US$ 100 billion in 2008
                                                     centers discussed the possibilities of           India's travel and tourism is poised for
                                                     further cooperation between the R&D              continued growth according to a leading
 Heads of the Microsoft Strategic R&D Centers in     Centers and agreed to institutionalize           international chamber of travel and tourism
 China, Israel and India (from L to R): Dr. Ya-Qin                                                    operators. "India's Travel and Tourism is
                                                     mechanisms for exchange of best
Zhang, Dr, Moshe Lichtman and Mr. Srini Koppolu                                                       expected to generate approximately USD 100
                                                     practices and ideas. As part of the
                                                                                                      billion in 2008, rising to USD 275.5 billion by
The Microsoft R&D Center in Israel                   summit Microsoft hosted a dinner for             2018 over the next ten years," says the latest
hosted a summit of the heads of                      its guests.                                      Tourism Satellite Accounting (TSA) research
Microsoft Strategic R&D centers based                Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Counsellor (E&C)              released by the World Travel and Tourism
in Israel, India and China on January                at the Indian Embassy and Counselor              Council (WTTC) and its strategic partner
15, 2008.                                            Ms.Zhang Xiao'an from the Chinese                Accenture. The reports also says that travel
The respective delegations were headed                                                                and tourism is expected to contribute 6.1%
                                                     Embassy also participated in the
                                                                                                      to India's national GDP, and will create 30.5
by Mr. Srini Koppolu, Managing                       Dinner.                                          million jobs in 2008
     Four Indians among top 10 richest                 Barcelona-Madrid, Sao Paulo-Rio, Jeju-            PEs invest US$ 1 billion in SMEs in
               in the world                            Seoul, Sydney-Melbourne and Cape Town-                         2007-08
     Four Indians have made it to the global           Johannesburg sectors.                             PE firms have invested US$ 1 billion in small
     richie-rich top 10 club, the most from any          India to have over 2,000 green                  and medium enterprises (SMEs) in FY 2007-
     country. Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani and                                                             08, an increase of 75% from the previous
     DLF's KP Singh have joined Arcelor Mittal's
                                                               buildings by 2012                         yea r. Pha rma ceu tic al, inf ras tr uct ure ,
                                                       In tune with global trend to protect the
     LN Mittal in this exclusive club, according to                                                      transportation and manufacturing attracted
                                                       environment, the number of green building
     Forbes magazine's annual list of billionaires.                                                      most PE funds among the SMEs in the
                                                       projects in India is expected to go up from
                                                                                                         current financial year.
        Car Sales in India rise 12% to                 the current 164 to over 2,000 by 2012.
             reach record level                                                                            World's largest hedge fund firm
                                                         Indian beer market expected to
     Car sales gained 12% to reach 1.2 million in                                                                    now in India
     the year ended March 31, 2008 from 1.07
                                                           double in the next five years                 Renaissance Technologies, the world's
                                                       The beer market in India is pegged around
     million a year earlier, according to the                                                            largest hedge fund firm handling assets
                                                       12 million hectolitres and is expected to
     Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers,                                                         worth US$ 35.4 billion, has received approval
                                                       double in the next five years or so.
     New Delhi.                                                                                          from the Securities and Exchange Board of
                                                         Tata is now 57th most valuable                  India (SEBI) to operate in the Indian stock
      India identified as most sought-                                                                   markets as a foreign institutional investor.
         after market by retailers                                brand globally
                                                       The Tata group's intense activities in 2007        CPSEs to invest US$ 36.95 billion
     India was identified as the most sought-after
                                                       have seen it rising 45 places to No. 57 in                    in FY 2009
     market by retailers who are looking to the
                                                       Brand Finance Top 500 Global Brands, a
     world's emerging markets to drive the                                                               According to ASSOCHAM, the Central Public
                                                       widely respected ranking of brands by brand
     success of their businesses in the future,                                                          Sector Enterprises(CPSEs) have lined up
                                                       value published by the UK-based Brand
     according to new research by CB Richard                                                             inve stme nts of US$ 36.9 5 bill ion in
     Ellis. A report by the world's leading                                                              infrastructure sectors like energy, power and
     commercial real estate services firm has              AAI lines up US$ 3.13 billion                 telecom for 2008-09.
     revealed that 40% of retailers expect                        airport revamp
     emerging markets to provide their main                                                              NHPC to invest US$ 6.94 billion to
                                                       Airports Authority of India (AAI) has planned        double capacity by 2012
     source of growth over the next five years. The    to set aside US$ 3.13 billion for the
     report reveals that 27% of international                                                            NHPC will double the power generation to
                                                       upgradation and modernisation process. For
     retailers surveyed have opened their first                                                          become a 10,000 mw-plus corporation by
                                                       the three metro airports in Kolkata, Chennai
     store in India in the last year or are planning                                                     2011-12 envisaging an investment of
                                                       and Trivandrum, AAI has earmarked 43% of
     to do so.                                                                                           approximately US$ 7 billion.
                                                       its planned outlay, while the rest will go into
       India's forex reserves swell by                 upgrading other non-metro airports and             New mineral policy sees US$ 2.5
               US$ 110 billion                         modernizing the existing aeronautical                       billion FDI
                                                       facilities.                                       The new National Mineral Policy (NMP),
     India's foreign exchange reserves shot up
     55% in 2007-08 to close at US$ 309.16              Gem & jewellery exports grow by                  which seeks to ensure assured right in
     billion - an increase of nearly US$ 110 billion                                                     mineral concessions, envisages foreign
                                                              22% in FY 2007-08                          direct investment (FDI) of US$ 2.5 billion
     from US$ 199.18 billion at the end of FY          The Indian gem and jewellery industry has
     2006-07. The surge was mainly due to large                                                          annually.
                                                       witnessed a growth of 22.27%, amounting to
     foreign institutional inflows, higher overseas    total exports of US$ 21 billion in FY 2007-08
     borrowings by Indian companies and                                                                  MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS
                                                       compared to US$ 17.1 billion in the previous         India Inc's M&As rise 150% in
     remittances from non-residents.                   year.
     Agriculture sector is estimated to                            INVESTMENTS                           India Inc announced deals worth US$ 70
               grow at 2.6%                                                                              billion in 2007, up 150% over the previous
                                                       VC, PE funds raise US$ 7 billion in
     The agriculture, forestry and fishing sector is                                                     calendar year. Total merger and acquisition
     estimated to grow at 2.6 percent during FY                       2007                               (M&A) and private equity (PE) deals in India,
     2007-08.                                          India-focused private equity and venture
                                                                                                         which were US$ 42 billion more than their
                                                       capital funds raised US$ 7 billion in 2007,
                                                                                                         2006 tally, accounted for about 5% of the
      Mumbai-Delhi air corridor sixth                  excluding real estate. Sequoia Capital raised
                                                                                                         increase in the value of global M&A deals.
                busiest                                US$ 300 million, Sandalwood Capital (US$
                                                                                                         The value of total deals announced in India
     The Mumbai-Delhi air corridor has emerged         350 million), Matrix India Partners (US$ 300
                                                                                                         during the year stood at US$ 70.14 billion as
     as one of the busiest in the world. According     million), Helion Ventures (US$ 210 million),
                                                                                                         against US$ 28.16 billion in 2006. The
     to Mumbai International Airport (P) Ltd, a        VenturEast (US$ 150 million) and Nexus
                                                                                                         volume of deals involving Indian companies
     survey done last year showed it was the sixth     India Capital (US$ 100 million).
                                                                                                         also crossed the 1,000 mark for the first time
     busiest corridor. The list was led by                                                               last year.
                                                                                          ECONOMIC NEWS FROM INDIA
             REAL ESTATE                         rooms, are scheduled to open over the next       grow to US$ 891 million by 2011-12.
   India among top three global                  three years in 11 cities including Bangalore,
                                                 New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune.              Biotechnology sector to occupy
          realty markets                                                                           140 million square feet by 2010
US retains top slot in a survey conducted by               TELECOM / IT /                         The Indian biotech industry is set to grow
Association of Foreign Investors in Real                                                          and occupy 140 million square feet by 2010.
Estate, with China and India following in                 BIOTECHNOLOGY
                                                    IT sector share in GDP rises to               In addition to Bangalore, Hyderabad,
second and third positions.                                                                       Chennai, Pune and Mumbai, tier II and tier
   Parsvnath to develop 40 more                  According to the NASSCOM-Deloitte study on       III cities like Vadodara, Coimbatore, Goa,
    hotels at US$ 620.89 million                 Indian IT Industry: Impacting the Economy        Mysore, Madurai, Kolkata, Gurgaon,
Real estate major Parsvnath Developers Ltd       and Society, the IT/ITeS industry's              Thrissur, Nagpur and Thiruchirapalli have
is looking to invest approximately US$ 620       contribution to the country's GDP has            emerged as the preferred destinations to set
million for the development of 40 more           increased to a share of 5.2% in 2007, as         up a biotech facility.
hotels, for which it is talking to leading       against 1.2% in 1998.                             Bioinformatics market to double
domestic and international hotel chains for
tie-ups.                                            After IT Parks, India to get IT                           by 2010
                                                         Investment regions                       The Indian bioinformatics market is poised
     Realty industry attracting                  After IT Parks and IT SEZs, the government       to double by 2010, from US$32 million to
    international planners and                   has cleared a proposal for creating a much       US$62 million, according to a report by
             architects                          larger Information Technology Investment         research firm Value Notes Outsourcing
With the US$ 15 billion realty sector in India   Regions (ITIRs) to give a fillip to the          Practice.
booming at an annual growth of 35% and           country's growing IT and ITeS sector.
global players lining up investments worth                                                            AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY
some US$ 10 billion, this industry has begun       Nokia production reaches 125                        Volkswagen will increase
attracting international planners and                    million in India                             investments in India by 40%
architects. A luxury villa designed by Giorgio   Nokia has reached production volume of 125       German auto group Volkswagen AG is
Armani, an 18-hole golf course                   million in over two years of operations at its   increasing its spend in India by around 40%,
conceptualised by Greg Norman and                manufacturing unit in Tamil Nadu. The            and will now invest Euro 580 million against
skyscrapers with the FX Fowle touch - hiring     company has already invested US$ 210             the Euro 411 million announced earlier in
global professionals has become a new trend      million in their manufacturing unit and          its plant coming up at Chakan near Pune. It
with Indian realtors.                            would invest US$ 75 million in 2008 for          is also setting up a vendor park on a third of
                                                 additional ramp up at the plant. With this,      the 575-acre plot area where suppliers can
  India Land to spend US$ 625.63                 the total investment at the Nokia                lease space, and is in the midst of a tender
       million on 8 projects                     manufacturing plant and the Nokia Telecom        process for a developer.
India Land Ventures (ILVL), a part of the        Park reaches US$ 285 million by December.
Madrid-headquartered Americorp Group,                                                                    Fiat India to invest
will invest US$ 625.63 million in eight            IT, BPOs bought 94 firms worth                 US$ 585.71 million in Pune facility
infrastructure projects across the country               US$ 2 billion in 2007                    Fiat India Automobiles will invest US$
over the next two years. The projects include    According to NASSCOM, domestic IT and            585.71 million at its existing Ranjangaon
construction of IT parks, SEZs, hotels and       BPO companies were involved in as many as        facility in Pune to ramp up its capacity. Fiat
townships.                                       94 deals, largely cross-border in 2007,          India is a 50:50 joint venture between Tata
                                                 involving investment of over US$ 2 billion.      Motors and Fiat Group Automobiles.
Real estate developers to develop                The momentum is expected to gain strength
          Railway land                           in 2008, with consolidation expected in the       BMW looks to source bike engine
Railway land has emerged as hot property         domestic arena and Europe likely to emerge           components from India
with real estate majors such as DLF, Emaar       as a key destination for outbound deals.         German luxury car and bike maker BMW is
MGF and Unitech lining up to commercially                                                         looking to source parts for engines and
exploit the land on offer. Over 20 real estate   Information and communication
                                                                                                  chassis for its high-end two-wheelers from
companies have bid for developing each of           technology market to reach                    India.
the 10 locations for which Rail Land                  US$ 24.3 billion by 2011
Development Authority (RLDA) had recently        According to the global research firm,            General Motors to launch second
invited technical qualification bids.            Gartner, India`s information and                        small car in India
                                                 communication technology market is               General Motors will launch a second small
InterContinental plans 14 Holiday                estimated to grow 20.3% annually to reach        car in India in the next two years. General
          Inns in India                          US$ 24.3 billion by 2011.                        Motors, which had launched the Spark last
InterContinental Hotels Group is building 14                                                      year, has a 3% share. It sold around 2,800
Holiday Inn hotels in India to tap rising         Wi-Fi market in India to touch                  units of the car per month. The company has
middle class incomes and the growing traffic     US$ 891 million mark by 2011-12                  a manufacturing plant in Gujarat and is
in inbound and outbound travel. The 14           A study by the Global Wi-Fi Alliance has         building a second facility near Pune in
properties, accounting for more than 3,700       estimated that Wi-Fi market in India will        Maharashtra.
                                            FORTHCOMING EVENTS IN INDIA
     India International Sign Show (IISS)          International Food, Beverage &                   International Arogya Fair
     May 16-18, 2008. Bombay Exhibition            Technology Exhibition                            October 23-26, 2008, New Delhi.
     Centre, NSE Exhibition Complex, Mumbai.       August 6-8, 2008, Pragati Maidan, New            www.indiatradefair.com
     www.biztradeshows.com                         Delhi.                                           International Foodservice India
     Delhi International Leather Fair              www.exhibitionsindia.com                         International Exhibition for Retailing, In-
     Finished leather, shoes and shoe              HEAL 2008                                        Flight, Rail, Ship, Hotel, and Event Catering.
     components, leather garments, fashion         August 7-8, 2008, New Delhi.                     November 13-15, 2008, Mumbai.
     accessories, etc. May 16-18, 2008, New        www.ficci.com                                    www.ficci.com
     Delhi.                                        IIRWM-India International Recycle &              Annapoorna - World of Food India -
     www.indiatradefair.com                        Waste Management Exhibition-2008                 2008
     International Conference & Exposition         August 16-18, 2008, Pragati Maidan, New          International Exhibition & Conference for
     WATECH 2008                                   Delhi.                                           the Food and Beverage Industry.
     Industrial & Urban Water Management           www.indiatradefair.com                           November 13-15, 2008, Mumbai.
     Technologies. May 29-30, 2008, FICCI,         Renewable Energy India 2008 Expo                 www.ficci.com
     Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi.     Exhibition and Convention on bio energy,         India International Trade Fair
     www.ficci.com                                 energy efficiency, hydro energy, solar energy,   Information Technology, capital goods,
     ACMEE - International Machine Tools           tidal energy, and wind energy. August 21-23,     scientific and technological achievements in
     and Auto Components Exhibition                2008, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.                 all sectors of industry, agriculture,
     June 19-23, 2008, Chennai Trade Centre,       www.exhibitionsindia.com                         telecommunications, services sector,
     Chennai.                                      Delhi Book Fair & Stationery Fair                consumer durables, food and food
                                                   August 30 - September 7, 2008, New Delhi.        products, textiles and clothing, giftware,
                                                   www.indiatradefair.com                           kitchenware, toys, sports goods and
     Global Education Fair 2008                      ND                                             equipment, building materials, medical and
     June 21-22, 2008, Pragati Meidan, New         2 SFAL(Sports, Fitness, Adventure,
                                                                                                    herbal products. November 14-27, 2008,
     Delhi.                                        Leisure) Expo 2008                               New Delhi.
     www.indiatradefair.com                        International exhibition that combines the
     Toy Biz International 2008                    sports goods and equipment industry with
                                                   the converging fitness, health and wellness
     Organized by the toys association of India.
                                                   industries. September 5-7, 2008, Pragati
                                                                                                        CONSULAR SERVICES
     June 27-30, 2008, Pragati Meidan, New                                                              New Counter Timings
     Delhi.                                        Maidan, New Delhi.
     www.indiatradefair.com                        www.exhibitionsindia.com                          Receipt of Passports:
     India International Bearing Expo 2008
                                                   4 ELCOMP India 2008                               Monday to Friday - 9.00 am to 10.00 am
     (IIBEX 2008)
                                                   4 International Exhibition & Conference on        Delivery of Passports:
     Bearing Expo features a comprehensive         electronic hardware, components,                  Monday to Thursday - 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm
     range of bearing and related equipment,       subsystems and capital equipment and              Visa fees (for Israeli nationals)
     embracing a wide spectrum of mechanical       machines for the manufacture of electronic
                                                   hardware and EMS providers. September             Type of Visa                    Visa Fees
     engineering solutions for the automobile,                                                       Transit 3 Days                  NIS 50
     railway, agriculture, mining metallurgy,      10-12, 2008, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.
                                                   www.exhibitionsindia.com                          Upto 6 months                   NIS 200
     chemical industry, textile, electric                                                            6 months to 1 year              NIS 330
     machinery, machine tools etc. July 5-7,       International Flora Expo &
                                                   International Landscape Expo 2008                 From 1 to 5 years               NIS 650
     2008, Nehru Centre, Mumbai.                                                                     Student (more than one year,
     www.bearingexpo.com                           Flower and plant industry. September 14-
                                                   16, 2008, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.              up to 5 years)                  NIS 380
     India International Garment Fair 2008
     International exhibition for Garments &       www.exhibitionsindia.com                           Additional Charges
     Apparels. July 17-19, 2008, Pragati Maidan,   Sports Goods Fair                                  Visa transfer from old to new
     New Delhi.                                    October 3-6, 2008, New Delhi.                      passport: NIS 30
     www.indiatradefair.com                         www.indiatradefair.com                            Emergency services: NIS 180
     Hyderabad Jewellery Pearl & Gem Fair          INDIA AVIATION 2008                                For further information please contact the
     July 24-27, 2008, Hitex Exhibition Centre,    The first international exhibition of its kind     Consular Officer in the Embassy.
     Hyderabad.                                    in India on Civil Aviation sector. The
                                                                                                     Published by: Embassy of India in Israel
                                                   exhibition is being organized by Ministry of
     www.jewelleryfair.in                                                                                140, Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv 63451
                                                   Civil Aviation, Govt. of India jointly with
     India International Build Expo                                                                         P. O. Box 3368, Tel Aviv 61033.
                                                   Federation of Indian Chambers of                       Tel: 03-5291999; Fax: 03-5291953
     August 1-3, 2008, Chennai Trade Centre,       Commerce & Industry October 15-18, 2008,
     Chennai.                                                                                            Website: www.indembassy.co.il
                                                   Hyderabad.                                           E-mail: indemtel@indembassy.co.il;
     www.expogr.com                                www.ficci.com                                               indinfo@indembassy.co.il

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