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									            Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC)

Guilford Technical Community College provides customized, industry-specific
workforce training programs to help companies achieve a world-class workforce.
Most classes are taught at the business site, although they can be taught at a GTCC
campus or another site. GTCC can help a company determine training needs and
develop customized programs to meet those needs. The college is committed to
promoting economic growth in the community through the following initiatives:

Focused Industrial Training
Funded through a state grant, the FIT program does not have the enrollment
constraints other programs do, so GTCC can offer customized, small-enrollment
classes in skills critical to a particular manufacturing company. Programs are directed
toward workers who need to renew their skills and technical knowledge.

New and Expanding Industry
GTCC can train workers to exact job requirements. This training is state-funded and
is available to any new or expanding company that creates a minimum of 12 new
jobs in the state. Regardless of the company's location, size, product or service,
GTCC can provide a custom-designed employee training program at virtually no cost.

Occupational Extension and On-Site Training Programs
This program provides affordable training for existing businesses starting with an on-
site meeting to assess the client's needs followed by a customized training program
that can be delivered at a GTCC campus or at the business facility. The training is
designed to minimize disruption to the business's schedule.

GTCC Quick Facts

      Founded in 1958.
      Campus locations can be found in Jamestown, Greensboro, High Point, the
       T.H. Davis Aviation Center at the Piedmont Triad International Airport, and
       the Small Business Center.
      12,381 students in curriculum programs.
      23,330 students in continuing education programs.
      65% of students work part or full time.

       Greensboro Economic Development Alliance           Phone:           336-387-8314
       342 N. Elm St.                                     Fax:             336-510-0295
       Greensboro, NC 27401                               Toll Free:       888-693-6939

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