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					       BY R O N R E G I O N           Term 4, 2009
                                      October – December
  CO                              E
       MMU                    G
             N I T Y CO L L E

Corner of Burringbar &
Gordon Streets, Mullumbimby
PO Box 571, Mullumbimby 2482
                                                         Printed on
Phone 6684 3374                                 100% recycled paper                                Photo: Roni Barr

           We just wanted to pledge                                                                            ■
                                                                                                                       Accredited Courses                                              3
           something to you                                                                                    ■       Business                                                        4
                                                                                                               ■       Computers & Media                                               4
           That we'll be working to embrace your future, no matter which course you enrol in.
           Because where you live is where we live. Because your future, your family’s and friends’, your      ■       Visual Arts                                                     6
           community’s – amazing and passionate one that it is – is ours, too.                                 ■       Dance                                                           8
           There’s a garden just completed at Mullmbimby Hospital, outside the maternity ward.
                                                                                                               ■       Music                                                           8
           Frangipani, gardenia, magnolia, star jasmine, the grassy, blue-flowered liriope – a sensory
           massage for the mums-to-be and their midwives, who have thanked us.                                 ■       Performance                                                     9
           That’s what we mean.                                                                                ■       Writing                                                         9
           The tutor, Lisa, the hospital
           groundsman, Dave, and ten inspired                                                                  ■       Parenting                                                      10
           Horticulture students, have been                                                                    ■       Health & Healing                                               10
           working on it all year – and now it’s a
           living, colour-breathing work of art.
                                                                                                               ■       Fitness & Outdoors                                             11
           And that tutor, and a flock of others,                                                              ■       Personal Development                                           11
           volunteered to help a small mental                                                                  ■       Languages                                                      12
           health community build a vegie garden
           and, more importantly, learn how to                                                                 ■       Cooking                                                        12
           tend it and, more importantly, learn                                                                ■       Special Interest                                               13
           how to share and build and grow.
           That’s what we mean.
                                                                                                               ■       Living & Working Sustainably                                   14
                                                                                                               ■       Enrolment information                                          16
           Our co-ordinators are researching the
           latest in so many fields – sustainability,
           creativity, community services, IT – and
           are even creating that edge in many
           areas. We’re pretty proud of that.
           Because that’s what we aim to be:
           active. And we like to have an ear to
           the ground to hear what people need.
           That’s what we mean, too.                                                                           Left: The 2009 Certificate III Hoticulture class.

           We’re kind of political without the politics, in that we go and see what needs to be done, and
           find ways to make it happen. And then, always – and this is our point, our reason – find a way to
           teach and share that information, in a way that’s about doing; getting stuff done. And another
           secret: getting it done in a way that’s fun.                                                        Director: Richard Vinycomb
                                                                                                               Operations Manager: Fiona Plesman
           Our literacy teacher thought it might be good to get some guys together who, cause they were        Technical Support: Rod Macdonald
           busy working their hides off for their families, hadn’t had time to learn to read. Now a group of   Program Coordinator: Phil Radeski, Vicki Walker
           them have heard about it, gathered, and are teaching her about construction literacy, carpentry     Administrator: Roni Barr
           literacy, and the literacy of humour that goes with it.                                             Sustainability Officer: Katrina Shields
           Community Services students, Aged Care and Children’s Services are working jobs all over the        Writer in Residence: Peter Shepherd
           shire as part of their course. Doing it, learning it, and giving it back.                           Administration: Diane Christie, Lyn Stark,
           That’s part of it, too.                                                                                             Megan Lenehan, Lea Hamilton
                                                                                                               Design: Ziggi Browning, The Echo
           Governments are taking notice as well. They’re asking us to take some of the things we do here,
           and the way we do them, and to teach those things to people around the country. It’s nice that
           they’re noticing. It’s even nicer that it’s opening doors and spreading the action.
                                                                                                               Byron Region Community College receives funding
           We work with community groups, businesses, council, NGOs, and a summer cyclone of
                                                                                                               from the NSW Department of Education & Training.
           passionate and experienced tutors, who themselves are woven deeply into the fabric of where
           you and the rest of us live.
           We guess we mean all that.
           And through all these actions – and there’s more of them – are the stories of everyone who
           enrols and finishes a course and is inspired and makes some little change or shows someone                      ON
           or tells someone or comes back again or offers us an idea or just feels better, today, for having           RE                 C

                                                                                                                                                        BY R O N R E G I O N


           done the course, yesterday.


           So what will you be enrolling in today? And where will it be taking you tomorrow? And how
           better off are we for being able to get to know you, for a while.                                                                            MMU                      GE
                                                                                                                                                              N I T Y CO L L E
           That’s what we mean.
2                                                             Byron Region Community College – Term 4, 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                     Accredited Courses
                                                                                             Community Service Coordination Diploma (CHC52208) $1,800
 About Byron Region Community College                                                        Aged Care Certificate III (CHC30208) $1,300
                                                                                             Aged Care Certificate IV (CHC40108) $1,500
Ten years ago ACE Byron Bay and ACE Mullumbimby came together to form                        Small Business Management Certificate IV (BSB40407) $1,800
ACE Byron Shire. In the past, we have been mainly known as ACE. Four years                   Retail Certificate II (SIR20207) $1,200
ago we beacme Byron Region Community College. Byron College is a not for                     Media Certificate III (CUF30307) $1,500
profit community organization that aims to provide high quality vocational                   Training & Assessment Certificate IV (TAA40104) $1,500
and lifestyle learning for adults (15+). The College is registered with the NSW              Information Technology (Multimedia) Certificate IV (ICA40805) $1,900
Vocational Education Training Accreditation Board to deliver nationally                      Horticulture Certificate II (RTF20103) $1,500
recognised qualifications (just like a TAFE College). Byron College has                      Horticulture Certificate III (RTF30103) $1,800
classrooms conveniently located in the Byron Bay and Mullumbimby CBD’s,
and is administered from the delightfully renovated old electricity building                NEW QUALIFICATIONS IN 2010
on the corner of Gordon and Burringbar Streets Mullumbimby. We also hire                    Byron College is applying to offer the following qualifications in 2010:
different halls from around the Shire. Once you enrol in a course you are                     Certificate III in Fitness SRF30206
mailed a confirmation of enrolment that includes the exact location of your                   Certificate III in Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft CUV30103
course and a map.                                                                             Certificate IV in Financial Services FNS40107
                                                                                              Certificate IV in Tourism SIT40207
GET QUALIFIED LOCALLY AT YOUR PROFESSIONAL &                                                  Diploma in Children’s Services HLT50307
FRIENDLY COLLEGE. ENROL NOW FOR 2010                                                        If you are interested in doing any one of these courses, contact the College to
– EARLY BIRD ENROLMENTS HAVE HUGE DISCOUNTS                                                 receive an information sheet or check out the website
Save hundreds of dollars on course fees and enrol between October 2009 and
the end of January 2010. To do a qualification in 2010, You can pay off your                LEARNING TO READ & WRITE
course fees over an extended period of time at a rate to suit your budget.                  This College provides free classes in reading and writing for adults. The
                                                                                            classes are run by experienced literacy and numeracy teachers, are friendly
2010 COURSES ELIGIBLE FOR EARLY BIRD ENROLMENTS                                             and move at a pace to suit the student. If you have a friend or family member
 Massage Certificate IV (HLT40307) $2,500                                                   who struggles with reading and writing let them know that they can learn
 Massage Diploma (HLT50307) $2,800                                                          to read and write or improve their reading and writing skills free of charge
 Children’s Services Certificate III (CHC30708) $1,500                                      in a friendly non-threatening environment. Gain your Year 10 equivalent
 Community Services Certificate III (CHC30108) $1,500                                       with a Certificate in General Education. To join one of these classes call Byron
 Community Services Certificate IV (CHC40708) $1,500                                        College on 6684 3374.

                                                                                                                           coffee including storage of coffee and cleaning a com-
 Accredited Courses                                                                                                        mercial coffee machine. The participant, on successful
                                                                                                                           completion of the course, will gain accreditation in
A01 ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE                                                                                            this unit and will receive a Statement of Attainment.
WORK PRACTICES FOR BUSINESS                                                                                                A: Friday, 23rd October 9am-4pm Newrybar.
Three separate courses are being offered for local                                                                         B: Friday, 20th November 9am-4pm Newrybar.
business people – giving those who participate the                                                                         Concession: $133 Full fee: $148
unique opportunity of implementing environmen-
tal practices specific to their business. Each course                                                                      CK11 LATTE ART (not accredited)
has a specific focus, A on Horticulture; B on Retail                                                                       For more information please see the Cooking section.
and C broadly covers all businesses. Participation
in one of these courses will give you information                                                                          A05 ST JOHN SENIOR FIRST AID
and access to expertise in sustainability and a                                                                            CERTIFICATE
nationally recognized qualification in sustainability.                                                                     This essential training provides the student with a
Each course includes environmental risk analysis,                                                                          certificate HLTFA301B recognised by industry and
how to develop environmental improvement plans                                                                             government departments. The course involves some
and how to comply with current and coming regu-                                                                            study and an assessment. Course cost includes new
lations. All courses will be delivered in 4 sessions.                                                                      revised book and bandages.
Course A: Is Horticulturally focused and includes sustain-                                                                 A: 2 Thursdays, 5th November and 12th November,
able land use strategies – Tuesdays 10th November to 1st      A03 BRIDGING TO TAA04 & PROFESSIONAL                         8:30am-4:30pm Brunswick Heads.
December. 9.30am-4pm.                                         DEVELOPMENT FOR VET TRAINERS                                 B: 2 Saturdays, 21st November and 28th November,
Course B: Is Retail focused and will look at how to profile   This short accredited course is for VET trainers who need    8:30am-4:30pm Byron Bay.
a particular retail market – Wednesdays 28th October to       to upgrade from BSZ98 to TAA40104 and recommend-             Concession: $118 Full fee: $129
18th November. 9.30am-4pm.                                    ed for trainers who did their TAA prior to the changes
Course C: Is broadly based and designed to be of benefit      of the AQTF with the introduction of the AQTF 2007.          A06 CPR
and useful to any business – Saturdays 14th November          This course will also cover trends in VET in Australia and   This course is for students who have a CURRENT
to 5th December. 9.30am-4pm.                                  the AQF. The units included are: TAADEL403B Facilitate       Senior first aid certificate OR just wish to learn the
Fee: $40                                                      individual learning; TAAENV401B Work effectively in          CPR unit (HLTCPR201A). The course covers the CPR
                                                              vocational education and training; TAAENV402B Foster         element of your Certificate, which must be updated
A02 EVENT SECURITY                                 NEW        and promote an inclusive learning culture; TAAEN-            each year. There is some study involved and practical
This short accredited course offers a unique                  V403B Ensure a healthy and safe learning environ-            assessment on CPR.
opportunity to those who want to work for festivals or        ment and TAATAS401B Maintain information require-            A: Thursday, 5th November, 8:30am-12:30pm
events in crowd control. This course does not qualify         ments of training and/or assessment organisations.           Brunswick Heads
you as a security officer but will give you a Statement       4 Wednesdays, 18th November to 9th December                  B: Saturday, 21st November, 8:30am-12:30pm Byron Bay.
of Attainment from Certificate III Venues and Events          9:30am-3pm Mullumbimby.                                      Concession: $67 Full fee: $75
(Customer Service) CUE30303 and will cover the skills         Concession: $300 Full fee: $400
and knowledge to manage crowd behavior, conflict                                                                           A08 FOLLOW WORKPLACE HYGIENE
and complaints. If you are a job seeker you are eligible      A04 BARISTA – PREPARE & SERVE                                This unit deals with the skills and knowledge required
for a free place in this course.                              ESPRESSO COFFEES THHBFB12B                                   to follow the key hygiene procedures which apply in
3 Saturdays, 28th November to 12th December                   This course comes from the Hospitality Training              many sectors, including the hospitality industry. It is
11am-4pm Byron Bay                                            Package. The unit SITHFAB012A deals with the skills          an accredited unit, “Follow Workplace Hygiene Pro-
Fee: $40                                                      and knowledge needed to extract and serve espresso           cedures” SITXOHSO02A, from the Training Package in

                                                                   Enrol online at:                                                                                 3
Accredited Courses

                     Hospitality. It is particularly relevant for kitchen duties,   business. Learn how to devise advertising material,        C02 COMPUTER FOUNDATION SKILLS
                     housekeeping, food and beverage, tour operations               choose sponsorship opportunities, write a press            with Mark Baumert
                     and also applies to paid and unpaid workers. After             release or instruct a website designer. This workshop      This comprehensive course suits the computer
                     successful completion of the course, participants will         is for the complete beginner wanting an insight into       adventurer as well as the self-taught computer user.
                     receive a Statement of Attainment, which is LAB and            business promotion. Go on to manage your own               Fundamental skills are developed and reinforced in
                     VETAB accredited.                                              promotion or gain confidence for dealing with media        the effective use of Windows, Word Processing, Email,
                     Friday, 27th November, 9am-4pm Mullumbimby.                    and communications professionals.                          the Internet, File Management and Spreadsheets. We
                     Concession: $85 Full fee: $95                                  Saturday, 5th December 9:30am-4:30pm Mullumbimby.          focus on a range of essential concepts upon which
                                                                                    Concession: $63 Full fee: $70                              efficient computer use are built, including the logic
                     A09 RESPONSIBLE SERVICE OF ALCOHOL                                                                                        of the Windows operating system. This course builds
                     This course provides participants with the skills and          B05 MYOB INTRODUCTION                                      those skills that inspire confidence in the use of com-
                     knowledge needed to serve alcohol in a responsible             with John Stringer                                         puter equipment and prepares participants to easily
                     manner according to relevant NSW liquor legislation            This course aims to give you the skills and knowledge      integrate computing into their way of life and/or their
                     and to explain the problems associated with excessive          you need to set up and use a MYOB Company file. The        employment.
                     consumption of alcohol. After successful completion            objectives of this course are designed to give you an      8 Wednesdays, 21st October to 9th December
                     of the course, participants will receive a Statement of        understanding of basic accounting concepts and how         1:30pm-4:30pm Byron Bay.
                     Attainment, issued by Country Hospitality Services             they are applied within the software. You will be able     Concession: $248 Full fee: $276
                     and LAB and VETAB accredited, which is a necessary             to open and also create MYOB data files, describe the
                     qualification (SITHFAB009A) for those working in the           function of the menu bar, set company preferences,         C03 APPLE MAC FOR BEGINNERS
                     hospitality industry.                                          create card files, complete basic entry functions, enter   with Nicole Haggerty
                     Friday, 23rd October, 9am-4pm Mullumbimby.                     account opening balance and backup and restore             This hands-on course is designed for the Mac beginner
                     Concession: $120 Full fee: $133                                MYOB company files.                                        with no (or almost no) computer knowledge. Learn how
                                                                                    4 Thursdays, 15th October to 5th November 6pm-9pm          to create, save, organise and print documents, store
                                                                                    Byron Bay.                                                 addresses, send and receive e-mails and surf the web.
                      Business                                                      Concession: $124 Full fee: $138                            Get a taste for the Mac’s possibilities and your own po-
                                                                                                                                               tential. Participants will need access to a Mac, with OSX
                     B01 FUNDRAISING FOR YOUR COMMUNITY B06 HOME SUSTAINABILITY                                                      NEW       installed, between sessions. Class notes will be provided.

                     GROUP with Christiana Stergiou     ASSESSOR with Colin George                                                             6 Wednesdays, 21st October to 25th November
                     Do you need to raise more money for your cause? Are            A new and exciting career in energy assessments, you       6pm-9pm Mullumbimby.
                     you struggling to raise the funds you need to do your          will learn how to become a government accredited,          Concession: $187 Full fee: $207
                     good work? Would you like to tap into the skills of a          green loans assessor. The course includes practical
                     professional fundraiser to make it easier? This two-day        field work over the week and will give you accredita-      C04 NEXT STEP APPLE MAC
                     workshop will give you a precise overview of profes-           tion and the ability to join ABSA and apply to be a        with Rebecca Ingram
                     sional fundraising that will form a foundation for any         green loans assessor. Colin George is an experienced       This is the next step after completing Apple Mac
                     activities you undertake. You will also find loads of          home sustainability assessor and trainer and he will       Beginners or for those who have a fundamental
                     practical advice, based on real case studies, address-         be joined by energy entrepreneur and founder of            understanding of the MAC operating system. The
                     ing the various tactics you can employ to raise more           Coolplanet, Daniel Harper. Please note that all materi-    course will cover several programs, including basic
                     money for your cause.                                          als, lunch and refreshments are included in the fee.       spreadsheets, word processing, internet browsers
                     2 Fridays, 20th November and 27th November                     Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October 9am-5pm         and iDVD. Additionally, there will be sessions on
                     10am-4pm Byron Bay.                                            Mullumbimby.                                               troubleshooting and quick fixes.
                     Concession: $108 Full fee: $120                                Fee: $1200                                                 6 Saturdays, 17th October to 21st November
                                                                                                                                               9:30am-12:30pm Mullumbimby.
                     B02 HOME BASED BUSINESS PLAN                                                                                              Concession: $187 Full fee: $207
                     with Andrea Herraman
                     Here is a business course to give you the basics – busi-                                                                  C05 INTRODUCTION TO WORD &
                     ness planning, legal requirements, market research,                                                                       EXCEL 2008 FOR APPLE MAC                          NEW
                     financial management, marketing, customer service                                                                         with Rebecca Ingram
                     and time management. If you want to upgrade your                                                                          Learn the fundamentals of Word Processing and
                     business skills or just learn more about being in                                                                         Spreadsheets on Apple Mac, using Microsoft Word
                     business, this course suits the beginner or seasoned                                                                      and Excel 2008. Through interactive group activities,
                     operator. Ideas will suit home-based, small manufac-                                                                      hands-on experience and classroom exercises, stu-
                     turing, retail, service or wholesale management.                                                                          dents will discover how to create, save and print docu-
                     6 Tuesdays, 27th October to 1st December 6pm-9pm                                                                          ments on Word 2008 and how to use simple formulas,
                     Mullumbimby.                                                                                                              save and print spreadsheets in Excel 2008.
                     Concession: $162 Full fee: $180                                                                                           2 Thursdays, 19th November to 26th November
Computer & Media

                                                                                                                                               6pm-9pm Mullumbimby.
                     B03 MARKETING YOUR SMALL BUSINESS                                                                                         Concession: $62 Full fee: $69
                     with Delicia Bone
                     In this 4-week course you will develop a marketing                                                                        C06 BOOSTING YOUR WORD SKILLS
                     plan and design marketing strategies that will improve                                                                    with Rod MacDonald
                     your business’s market performance. This course is for                                                                    If you have basic word processing skills, this course will
                     small business owners or managers and includes: how                                                                       boost your ability by unlocking the potential of Micro-
                     to evaluate and determine market objectives, product            Computers & Media                                         soft Word 2007. Increase your effectiveness at work and
                     mix, volumes and pricing that will optimise sales and                                                                     at home by learning editing, formatting, and layout
                     profit; distribution channels and levels of service; pro-      C01 COMPUTER BASICS                                        skills, as well as how to work with tables, mail merge,
                     motional activities and performance gaps. The course           with Rod Macdonald                                         how to create professional looking reports and more.
                     tutor is highly experienced in small business marketing        Starting from scratch, find out how computers can be       4 Wednesdays, 21st October to 11th November
                     and leads fun, hands-on training.                              a useful tool in your life. Learn how to use Windows,      9:30am-12:30pm Mullumbimby.
                     4 Wednesdays, 4th November to 25th November 9am-               to manage your files and to print. Use Microsoft Word      Concession: $124 Full fee: $138
                     4pm Mullumbimby.                                               to produce simple documents. Learn how to send and
                     Concession: $216 Full fee: $240                                receive emails, including attachments. Explore the         C07 EXCEL ESSENTIALS
                                                                                    exciting possibilities available on the Internet. Gain     with Mark Baumert
                     B04 UNRAVELLING ADVERTISING &                                  confidence with hands-on learning in a friendly and        This popular spreadsheet package is used to create
                     PROMOTION with Andrea Herraman                                 supportive environment.                                    and manipulate all types of financial documents.
                     Are you mystified by the world of advertising and              6 Tuesdays, 20th October to 24th November 9:30am-          Learn how to create your own spreadsheets, reports,
                     promotion? Spend a day finding out about different             12:30pm Mullumbimby.                                       charts, perform simple calculations and formatting,
                     kinds of promotion and what can work for your                  Concession: $187 Full fee: $207                            using Excel 2007. No prior knowledge of Microsoft
 4                                                                                  Byron Region Community College – Term 4, 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                  Computer & Media
Excel is required, however students will need basic         as correct document set-up, image placement and            C16 MUSIC PRODUCTION FOR THE HOME
computer skills and a general understanding of the          manipulation, typesetting and design and output to         STUDIO – GETTING STARTED
Windows operating system.                                   print, PDF and web formats. Subjects covered include       with Rex Forwood
4 Wednesdays, 18th November to 9th December                 file size and resolution, transparency and effects, vec-   Create your own music using ‘Reason’, ‘Cubase’ and
9:30am-12:30pm Byron Bay.                                   tor vs raster graphics, printers’ bleed and trim marks,    ‘Acid’; make loops and use samples; design your beats
Concession: $124 Full fee: $138                             logo re-draw and illustration, shortcuts, typestyles       and effects; automate the mix and add vocals; master
                                                            and text wrap. A good knowledge of your mac and file       to CD or DVD.
C08 TOUCH TYPING ESSENTIALS                                 management is required.                                    8 Thursdays, 22nd October to 10th December
with Nicole Haggerty                                        6 Tuesdays, 27th October to 1st December 6pm-9pm           1pm-3:30pm Mullumbimby.
These days, there aren't many of us who don't use a         Mullumbimby.                                               Concession: $198 Full fee: $220
computer, whether it's for work or pleasure. To use         Concession: $187 Full fee: $207
a computer, we need keyboard skills. Imagine if you                                                                    C17 3D MODELLING & ANIMATION
could close your eyes and enter information into your       C13 ILLUSTRATOR CS with Zeo Strobel                        – BEGINNERS INTRODUCTION     NEW
computer as you thought of it, without stopping to          For both MAC and/or PC users. Learn the easiest way        with Rex Forwood
correct mistakes. Use all your fingers instead of just      to draw on your computer and create illustrations, art-    Using software program Autodesk MAYA, become
a few and type faster and more accurately. In this          work, logos, business cards and small brochures. This      familiar with 3D modelling techniques for product
course, using Typequick software, students will gain        is a basic introduction to the world of vector-based       visualizations, character creation, adding of materials,
speed, accuracy and confidence, increase productivity       art/illustration that allows you to resize all creations   lighting and rendering and other basics of animation.
(and DECREASE frustration) at study or work. Students       to any scale without loss of quality. Course notes         A free personal learning addition can be downloaded
will have access to online software from home, for 5        provided. Prerequisite: basic computer skills.             from the Autodesk site, and more advanced classes
months, following the course.                               7 Tuesdays, 27th October to 8th December                   may be offered for students completing this course.
4 Fridays, 23rd October to 13th November 10am-12pm          1:30pm-4:30pm Mullumbimby.                                 8 Thursdays, 22nd October to 10th December
Mullumbimby.                                                Concession: $217 Full fee: $241                            10am-12:30pm Mullumbimby.
Concession: $112 Full fee: $122                                                                                        Concession: $198 Full fee: $220

C09 DIGITAL CAMERA DELIGHTS                                                                                            C18 FROM SCRIPT TO SCREEN
with Mark Baumert                                                                                                      with Chris Knowles
In this practical, hands-on camera course, students will                                                               Create short video productions from script to screen
learn how to get the best from their new, or perhaps                                                                   in just a few hours! Learn the basics of storyboarding
even older, digital compact camera. This course will                                                                   and planning, camera work, sound, editing and post
focus on skills needed to set up the digital camera for                                                                production and create your own professional short
those outstanding shots as well as issues of camera op-                                                                video for promotion, demonstration, education or
eration, image composition and some general digital                                                                    documentation. Participants need their own video
camera “trickery”. The course will finish with techniques                                                              camera. Software used in the course is PC based. Ap-
of transferring images to the computer. While the                                                                      ple Mac users please note the Final Cut Express course
course will focus on the digital compact camera, those                                                                 in this section.
with long zoom or SLR digital cameras will also find this                                                              6 Thursdays, 22nd October to 26th November
course beneficial. Get the best for your memories.                                                                     1:30pm-4:30pm Byron Bay.
4 Wednesdays, 21st October to 11th November                                                                            Concession: $187 Full fee: $207
9:30am-12:30pm Byron Bay.
Concession: $124 Full fee: $138                                                                                        C19 POST PRODUCTION MAGIC
                                                                                                                       with Chris Knowles
C10 UNDERSTANDING iPHOTO ON NEW                                                                                        You can transform your video and sound footage
APPLE MAC with Nicole Haggerty                              C14 PHOTOSHOP CS3 FOR MACS                                 into spectacular productions when you know how
Learn the features of iPhoto and organise your photos       with Gerhard Veit                                          to get the most out of your video editing software.
to share with family and friends. Discover how to           Learn how to use this powerful image creation and          This course is designed to improve your editing skills,
create albums, download pictures from your camera,          editing application on an Apple MAC computer. Tech-        introduce you to the world of advanced effects and
use the events organiser and make your photos               niques covered include: cropping, layering, bevelling,     compositing, and enhance your productions through
available for private viewing using iGoogle. You will       gradients, drop shadows and a range of composite           creative sound design. Topics covered include: mov-
need to have a basic understanding of your own Mac          and special effects. You can give yourself (your photo)    ing from basic to advance editing methods, image
computer.                                                   a face lift, without having to go to the plastic sur-      manipulation, time manipulation, transitions, video
2 Fridays, 20th November and 27th November                  geon... Also covers preparing images for web sites and     layering and compositing, graphics, and the secrets of
10am-1pm Mullumbimby.                                       scaling them down for your emails. Make your own           post-production sound. A sound knowledge of basic
Concession: $62 Full fee: $69                               business card, flyer or logo. A good knowledge of your     computer skills and some editing experience is neces-
                                                            MAC computer and file management is required.              sary for this intermediate level course.
C11 INTRO TO DESKTOP                                        6 Wednesdays, 21st October to 25th November                6 Tuesdays, 20th October to 24th November
PUBLISHING USING PUBLISHER                       NEW        1:30pm-4:30pm Mullumbimby.                                 1:30pm-4:30pm Byron Bay.
2007 with Jacinta Lithgow                                   Concession: $208 Full fee: $231                            Concession: $187 Full fee: $207
Publisher 2007 is a desktop publishing program that
helps you design professional publications such as          C15 PHOTOSHOP CS3 FOR PCS                                  C20 EDIT YOUR VIDEO FOR INTERNET &
newsletters, brochures, business cards, letterheads         with Zeo Strobel                                           DVD FOR PCs with Rex Forwood
and lots more! Become familiar with the basic build-        Learn how to use the most powerful image creation          Learn how to edit your videos, create fancy slide-
ing blocks of Publisher while you learn to design your      and editing application. Techniques covered include:       shows, add music and voiceovers and special effects.
own graphic creations for business and personal use.        cropping, layering, bevelling, gradients, drop shadows     Create professional DVD presentations. Prepare your
Work with words, graphics, templates and design             and a range of composite and special effects. You can      videos for YouTube, MySpace or your own web page
layout in this one day workshop. You will need to have      give yourself (your photo) a face lift, without having     with user-friendly software. This is a popular work-
good basic computing skills for this course.                to go to the plastic surgeon... Also covers preparing      shop, so make sure to book early. Please note: this
Saturday, 5th December 10am-4pm Mullumbimby.                images for web sites and scaling them down for your        course is suitable for Windows users only.
Concession: $62 Full fee: $69                               emails. Make your own business card, flyer or logo. A      Sunday, 29th November 10am-4pm Mullumbimby.
                                                            good knowledge of your computer and file manage-           Concession: $62 Full fee: $69
C12 INTRODUCTION TO INDESIGN NEW                            ment are required. This course will be taught on
FOR MACS with Toby Andrews                                  computers with Windows Vista operating system and          C21 VIDEO EDITING ON THE MAC
InDesign is the industry standard graphic design and        using Photoshop CS3. Mac users are welcome, as the         with Majida Steinfeld
layout tool. It combines many of the best features of       interface is similar.                                      This hands-on course is designed for beginners look-
Illustrator and Photoshop, within a powerful multi-         6 Wednesdays, 28th October to 2rd December 6pm-9pm         ing to edit professional quality video using Final Cut
page typesetting and layout package. In this course         Byron Bay.                                                 Express. Topics to be covered: adjusting preferences
you’ll learn fundamental graphic design skills such         Concession: $208 Full fee: $231                            and settings, capturing video footage, organising and

                                                                 Enrol online at:                                                                               5
Computer & Media

                   trimming clips, adding titles and transitions, record-      B05 MYOB INTRODUCTION                                           V05 CIRCLE OF SILK: A SHIELD OF SELF
                   ing voice over and importing music. Beginner Final          with John Stringer                                              with Zoe Phreo
                   Cut Pro students welcome. Prerequisite: Basic Mac           For more information please see the Business section.           Come stretch your imagination and creative possibili-
                   computer skills.                                                                                                            ties while having fun in a serious way. A young green
                   6 Mondays, 19th October to 23rd November 6pm-9pm                                                                            stick is encircled as a frame and bound with love string.
                   Mullumbimby.                                                 Visual Arts                                                    A piece of gorgeous silk is stretched over and sewn
                   Concession: $187 Full fee: $207                                                                                             amongst idle sacred gossip, healing natter and hardly
                                                                               V01 ACRYLIC ADVENTURES with Ri Fraser                           any skill. This is followed by demonstration of the artful
                   C22 DVD CREATION ON THE MAC                                 Does the blank canvas stare back at you? Here’s a               simplicity of painting on silk, with various techniques
                   with Majida Steinfeld                                       workshop that invites you to jump in and have fun               shown. A gentle right brain induction and meditation
                   This course teaches the skills needed to design a           with your acrylic painting. Ri shares techniques of             with the inner artist and the Goddess of Inspiration
                   menu, import your movies and slideshows and burn            composition, colour and contrast, and shows you how             opens the way for a delightful experience and produces
                   them onto a DVD using the program iDVD. The DVD             to gather inspiration from diverse sources. We start            a beautiful art piece to take home. Basic techniques are
                   can have a menu with chapters, music and photos             painting with texturing and layering. This groundwork           easily mastered. No experience is needed. All brushes
                   of your choice, added text and dissolves. DVD is a          allows creative expression to flow onto the canvas.             dyes, materials and silk will be provided. A materials
                   great way to store and share your precious memories         After this one-day workshop you’ll be confident to              fee of $40 is payable to the tutor on the day.
                   preserving high digital quality. Prerequisite: Basic Mac    continue your abstract acrylic adventures. A materials          2 Saturdays, 7th November and 14th November
                   computer skills.                                            list will be provided upon enrolment.                           10am-4pm Near Mullumbimby.
                   Saturday, 28th November 10am-4pm Mullumbimby.               Sunday, 8th November 10am-4pm Ocean Shores.                     Concession: $108 Full fee: $120
                   Concession: $62 Full fee: $69                               Concession: $54 Full fee: $60
                                                                                                                                               V06 COLOUR WORKSHOP with Sharon Muir
                   C23 CREATE WEBSITES USING           V02 ADVENTURES IN TEXTILES                                                              Develop confidence in using colour by learning how
                   DREAMWEAVER CS3 with Carole Chapman with Anne Leon & Kirsten Ingemar                                                        to mix the colour you want every time, using the dou-
                   Learn to create websites and upload them to the             Combining the knowledge and skills of two renowned              ble primary mixing system. The colour wheel and the
                   web using Dreamweaver. Working at your own pace             textile artists, this course offers a smorgasbord of            most commonly used colour schemes will be gradu-
                   throughout the course, the emphasis is on being             surface design techniques including introduction to             ally introduced, with the aim of developing a strong
                   comfortable with your own abilities. Participants may       plant dyeing, indigo, shibori and fibre reactive dyeing.        foundation in the understanding and use of colour.
                   choose to work on their own website after the third         Be inspired… You will be panting for more! No textile           Experience is gained through practical hands-on ses-
                   session. This very flexible approach ensures that all       experience necessary. Materials fee: $35 to be paid to          sions using coloured paper and paint. This workshop
                   participants are able to learn what is important for        the tutors on the first day.                                    is open to anyone interested in colour and applicable
                   them, in their own time. A good understanding of            Saturday and Sunday, 31st October and 1st November              to any medium. A $10 materials fee is payable to the
                   Windows and file management is essential.                   10am-4pm Byron Arts and Industry Estate.                        tutor on the day.
                   6 Fridays, 23rd October to 27th November                    Concession: $117 Full fee: $130                                 Saturday, 24th October 10am-4pm Mullumbimby.
                   1:30pm-4:30pm Byron Bay.                                                                                                    Concession: $54 Full fee: $60
                   Concession: $187 Full fee: $207
                                                                                                                                               V07 COME AS THOU ART – AN
                   C24 CREATE YOUR OWN BLOG USING PCs                                                                                          INTRODUCTION TO MIXED MEDIA
                   with Gerhard Veit                                                                                                           with Kathy Devine & Leone Connable
                   A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal                                                                      We each have our own visual language ready to be
                   or diary. It is a place to express yourself to the world;                                                                   discovered. In this 7-week course you will come to rec-
                   a place to share your thoughts and your passions. Re-                                                                       ognise some of your own unique qualities expressed
Visual Arts

                   ally, it’s anything you want it to be! A blog is your own                                                                   through paint, collage and drawing. You will learn to
                   Web site that you can update any time. The software                                                                         recognise and approach creative blocks and experi-
                   is free and you can update your blog anywhere.                                                                              ence the analogy between art and life. We will try out
                   Students will learn to make a blog (Web page) with                                                                          some art materials in ways that you may not have
                   photos, text, etc. Students will need to be comfortable                                                                     experienced before and cover colour and composition
                   with using a PC.                                                                                                            basics for those who feel they need it, be inspired by
                   2 Thursdays, 19th November to 26th November                                                                                 artists of the past and present and, most importantly,
                   9:30am-12:30pm Byron Bay.                                                                                                   find inspiration in the everyday. Each participant will
                   Concession: $62 Full fee: $69                                                                                               come away with a substantial piece of art ready to be
                                                                                                                                               hung and available for contemplation for the rest of
                   C25 CREATE YOUR OWN SLIDESHOW ON                                                                                            time. Materials to an approximate value of $35 - $50
                   MAC with Gerhard Veit                                                                                                       will need to be purchased prior to the course.
                   Using programs readily available on the MAC com-            V03 ALL DAY S'GRAFFITTO with Janey Barker                       7 Thursdays, 29th October to 10th December 6:30pm-
                   puter, learn how to turn your favourite images into         If you love colour and texture you will fall in love with the   8:30pm Mullumbimby.
                   a creative slide show with your favourite music as          effects of oil pastels and s’graffitto techniques. Luscious     Concession: $126 Full fee: $140
                   background. Entertain your family and friends, email        glowing colour from the pastels combined with the
                   it to your cyber network or publish to the Web, i.e.        ancient Italian scratching technique of s’graffitto, gives      V08 CREATIVE SOFT SHOE                            NEW
                   MySpace and YouTube. You will also learn to burn to         your artwork rich surface texture, bold contrasts, delicate     with Ffranses Ingram
                   DVD so you can play it on any DVD player. Basic Mac         lines and an aged mysterious atmosphere. A materials            Learn to make a soft shoe to fit any size foot. Simple
                   computer skills are necessary.                              list will be provided upon enrolment (Cost approx. $25).        and charming these shoes are ideal for indoor use and
                   2 Wednesdays, 2rd December and 9th December                 Saturday, 7th November 9am-4:30pm Mullumbimby.                  can be themed for festivals, parties or celebrations.
                   1:30pm-4:30pm Mullumbimby.                                  Concession: $67 Full fee: $75                                   Especially suitable for indoor school shoes. A materials
                   Concession: $62 Full fee: $69                                                                                               fee of $5 is payable to the tutor at the first class.
                                                                               V04 BEADED JEWELLERY                                 NEW        Saturday and Sunday, 31st October to 1st November
                   C26 CREATE YOUR OWN SLIDESHOW ON                            with Juanita Jelich                                             10am-4pm Mullumbimby.
                   PC with Gerhard Veit                                        Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you will   ll           Concession: $108 Full fee: $120
                   Using the program, ProShow Gold, learn how to               enjoy this practical and fun class. Choose from lots of
                   turn your favourite images into a creative slide show       designs and a range of beads. In these classes you will         V09 DELVE INTO THE ART OF ETCHING
                   with dazzling transitions and effects and add your          learn from scratch how to design, make and/or repair            with Rochelle Summerfield
                   favourite music. Entertain your family and friends,         your own jewellery. This is a relaxing and creative way         Whether you are a complete novice or someone with
                   email it to your cyber network or publish to the Web,       to learn something new or to expand your craft skills.          an ongoing interest in etching, come and explore, in
                   i.e. MySpace and YouTube. Students need a basic             All jewellery made is yours to keep and all materials           a friendly atmosphere, the beauty of traditional metal
                   knowledge of their Windows-based computer.                  and instructions are supplied by the tutor.                     etching that artists like Rembrandt and Goya loved to
                   2 Thursdays, 3rd December to 10th December                  3 Saturdays, 31st October to 14th November 10am-12pm            do! The line, tone and velvet quality of ink on paper is
                   9:30am-12:30pm Byron Bay.                                   Ocean Shores.                                                   captivating. Learn basic etching or work on/develop
                   Concession: $62 Full fee: $69                               Concession: $89 Full fee: $99                                   new techniques. Bring along some drawings or
 6                                                                             Byron Region Community College – Term 4, 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                     Visual Art
photos to inspire you. The course will be as non-toxic        and have a lot of fun at the same time. A materials fee     V19 JEWELLERY FOR THE SOUL
as possible but some solvents and mordant are used.           of $95 is payable to the tutor at the first class.          with Zoe Phreo
Bring gloves and apron, as you will get delightfully          7 Mondays, 26th October to 7th December                     How do you want to be seen? What is your style, your
involved in the process of etching. Rochelle is an            12:30pm-4pm Byron Bay.                                      very own expression? Evocative and beautiful jewel-
experienced teacher who can work with all levels of           Concession: $220 Full fee: $245                             lery arises from awareness and true self expression.
experience. A materials fee of $30 is payable to the                                                                      Simple jewellery techniques easily mastered will pave
tutor at the first class.                                     V15 FABRIC SCULPTURE                                        the way for an ongoing adventure into the deep and
6 Tuesdays, 3rd November to 8th December                      with Yvonne Pickens                                         meaningful mystery of jewellery making. Modern
5:30pm-8:30pm Mullumbimby.                                    In this class you will learn the techniques used to         technology melded with the ancient art of metal
Concession: $162 Full fee: $180                               complete a figurine using fabrics and paverpol (a           smithing, carving, casting and, most importantly,
                                                              fabric hardener). Your figurine will appear soft and        design, that has been evoked from the heart and
V10 DRAW YOUR OWN MANDALA                                     flowing, while being hard and weather proof. It is          soul. Pendants, rings, ear rings, bangles, your own
with Jo Voight                                                equally at home in an indoor or outdoor setting. You        hand crafted jewels. No experience is necessary, all
Mandalas are ancient symbols for self reflection. In          will be amazed how simple wire frames and a few             experience is helpful. Materials fee of approx. $100
this workshop you will be guided through a process of         pieces of fabric can give such dramatic results! Course     (depending on materials used) is to be paid to the
creating a mandala, unique and relevant to yourself,          fee includes all materials.                                 tutor at the first class.
using oil pastels on paper. This mandala can then be          Saturday, 24th October 10am-4pm Mullumbimby.                6 Thursdays, 29th October to 3rd December 10am-1pm
used as a tool for contemplation, self reflection and         Concession: $81 Full fee: $90                               Near Mullumbimby.
understanding. Materials to the value of approx. $10                                                                      Concession: $162 Full fee: $180
need to be bought prior to the class. $5 will also need       V16 FABRIC SCULPTURE ANGEL
to be given to the tutor at the first class to cover the      with Yvonne Pickens                                         V20 LEARN TO STRETCH YOUR OWN
cost of other materials.                                      Everybody needs an angel. Bring a little bit of heaven      CANVAS with Jo Voight
Saturday, 31st October 1pm-5pm Mullumbimby.                   into your life and create one of your very own. The ba-     Take that extra step and learn how to how to stretch
Concession: $36 Full fee: $40                                 sic armature is modified and framework constructed,         your own canvas, ready for you to paint upon. Make
                                                              then the magic begins. The completed sculpture will         every aspect of your art your own and experience
V11 DRAWING FOR BEGINNERS                                     stand 80cm tall. This dramatic centrepiece will bring       the satisfaction of preparing your own base for your
with Sharon Muir                                              peace and tranquillity to any setting. All materials are    creations. Gain an understanding of the benefits of a
Discover the pleasure of being able to draw the sub-          included in the course cost.                                quality stretched canvas. A materials fee of $30 is pay-
jects that interest you. Gradually develop confidence         Saturday, 14th November 9am-4pm Mullumbimby.                able to the tutor on the day. You will leave with your
in observational skills and expressive drawing in a           Concession: $120 Full fee: $135                             own finished canvas (approx. 36cm by 46cm).
relaxed yet stimulating environment. Demonstrations                                                                       Saturday, 5th December 1pm-5pm Mullumbimby.
and exercises will familiarise participants with the                                                                      Concession: $45 Full fee: $50
drawing media of charcoal, pastel and pencil. As the
course progresses, each participant will be attended                                                                      V21 NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP
to individually to facilitate the creation of their draw-                                                                 – INTRODUCTION with Caroline Fisher
ings. Materials to the approx. value of $30 need to be                                                                    No matter what your skill level, this intensive intro-
bought prior to the class                                                                                                 ductory workshop with one of Australia’s leading
6 Thursdays, 22nd October to 26th November                                                                                landscape and marine freelance photographers, will
6pm-8:30pm Mullumbimby.                                                                                                   expand your creativity, improve your technical ability
Concession: $144 Full fee: $160                                                                                           and enhance your appreciation of nature. Learn about
                                                                                                                          camera settings, composition, colour and space, light
V12 DRAWING WITH A SEWING                           NEW                                                                   quality and exposure metering. Learn to see your
MACHINE with Svea Bjornsson                                                                                               camera’s functions as creative controls. Learn what
Learn to use the sewing machine as a tool for draw-                                                                       your camera is capable of and how to make it do what
ing, painting and writing. This is surprisingly simple,                                                                   YOU want it to do. Practise what you have learnt in
fun and versatile. You will need to bring your own                                                                        scenic locations with others who share your passion
machine with a darning/embroidery foot – the tutor                                                                        for photography.
has a limited number of machines she can supply                                                                           Saturday and Sunday, 17th October to 18th October
herself. If you do not have your own machine, please                                                                      10:30am-3:30pm Byron Bay.
check if any are available BEFORE you enrol. Learn                                                                        Concession: $140 Full fee: $155
many creative techniques and sewing machine skills.           V17 INTRODUCTION TO SILVERSMITHING
Fun and friendly.                                             with Wendy Springfield                                V22 NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP
6 Fridays, 30th October to 4th December 9:30am-               This course introduces the correct techniques of saw- – ADVANCED with Caroline Fisher
12:30pm Mullumbimby.                                          ing, filing, sanding, polishing, annealing and soldering    If you already have a basic understanding, this
Concession: $162 Full fee: $180                               precious metal. Elements of jewellery design and            intensive advanced workshop with one of Australia’s
                                                              sizing will also be learnt through practical creative       leading landscape and marine freelance photogra-
V13 EVERYONE CAN MOSAIC                                       projects including a sterling silver ring, linked chain     phers will enhance your creativity, technical ability
with Margurete Beesley                                        bracelet and a solid fitted bangle. A materials fee of      and appreciation of nature. Learn about advanced
Welcome to this fun-filled, hands-on approach to an           $60 is payable to the tutor at the first class.             camera settings, sophisticated composition, photo-
ancient art form, in which you will journey through           3 Sundays, 1st November to 15th November 9am-4pm            graphic concepts and special effects. Additionally, you
time, learning the simple techniques used in ancient          Mullumbimby.                                                will learn about “the correct” exposure for a variety of
Rome and Greece to decorate a large, ornamental               Concession: $162 Full fee: $180                             situations. Lens openings and shutter speeds will be
terracotta dish and a place mat. A selection of beauti-                                                                   discussed as artistic controls. Practice what you have
ful templates will be available, or students can let the      V18 SILVERSMITHING LEVEL 2                                  learnt in scenic locations with others who share your
mosaic take its own journey and form, with expert             with Wendy Springfield                                      passion for photography.
guidance from Margurete. A materials fee of $70 is            Level 2 will teach you how to be aware of and use           Saturday and Sunday, 24th October to 25th October
payable to the tutor at the first class.                      the principles of Art and Design Theories in jewellery      10:30am-3:30pm Byron Bay.
3 Saturdays, 21st November to 5th December 10am-3pm           making. Also, you will have a choice of learning new        Concession: $140 Full fee: $155
Mullumbimby.                                                  decorative skills including: Rub over gem settings,
Concession: $135 Full fee: $150                               Forging, Enamelling, Colouring with Patinas, Etching        V23 SUNSET ART PHOTOGRAPHY                       NEW
                                                              and Engraving Textures. You may choose your own             WORKSHOP with Caroline Fisher
V14 EVERYONE CAN PAINT                                        projects to practice or revisit the skills already learnt   If you already have a basic understanding of your
with Margurete Beesley                                        with both sheet and wire metal. A $60 materials fee is      camera controls, this one evening intensive workshop
If you want the recipe to paint – landscapes to portraits     payable to the tutor at the first class.                    with one of Australia’s leading landscape and marine
– then this is the course for you. This is the super simple   3 Saturdays, 21st November to 5th December 9am-4pm          freelance photographers will reward you with
painting course: no drawing; no painting experience or        Mullumbimby.                                                the knowledge to capture technically and artisti-
skill required; no failure. If you want to paint, you will,   Concession: $162 Full fee: $180                             cally brilliant photographs. Learn about accurately

                                                                   Enrol online at:                                                                               7
Visual Art

             reproducing vivid sunset colours and creatively            V29 STRETCH SEWING with Annie Martin                       subject, Ri will guide you to paint those images and the
             controlling shutter speed, white balance, tone and         Be inspired and learn to sew all the latest fashion gar-   feelings evoked in an impressionistic way. Suitable for
             saturation. A tripod and remote release are essential      ments with stretch fabrics. Using a domestic machine       beginners and experienced. Materials to the value of
             for this workshop as we explore long exposures and         and overlocker (bring your own or use machines             approx. $60 will need to be bought prior to the course.
             produce images with a magical quality. Practice what       supplied), you will learn many techniques including        6 Wednesdays, 28th October to 2nd December
             you have learnt at a scenic location with others who       binding, hemming and elasticising, to produce quality      10am-1pm Ocean Shores.
             share your passion for photography. If Wednesday           garments e.g. yoga-wear, t-shirts, dancewear and           Concession: $162 Full fee: $180
             evening is unsuitable for you, please advise the office    swimwear that look shop-bought as well as saving
             that you would like to be contacted should a Tuesday       money. Some basic sewing skills are necessary.             C09 DIGITAL CAMERA DELIGHTS
             evening course be held.                                    6 Wednesdays, 21st October to 25th November                with Mark Baumert
             Wednesday, 21st October 6pm-9:30pm Byron Bay.              6:30pm-9pm Byron Bay.                                      For more info please see the Computer section.
             Concession: $72 Full fee: $80                              Concession: $135 Full fee: $150
                                                                                                                                   S02 MAKING A TABLE                                 NEW
             V24 PAINTED PORTRAITS with Sharon Muir                     V30 RECYCLE & REVAMP YOUR                         NEW      with Patt Gregory
             Paint a convincing likeness of a face by learning the      WARDROBE with Annie Martin                                                                                 ction
                                                                                                                                   For more info please see the Special Interest section.
             basic skills of painting tonally. Starting with an A4      Learn how to alter, add to or repair pieces from your
             sized black and white photocopy of a face, you will        existing wardrobe. Change a tired piece of clothing        S03 WOODWORK FOR WOMEN
             be guided through each stage until completion. The         into a fabulous new creation. During this course you       with Patt Gregory
             faces you choose could be a family member, friend,         will learn a variety of sewing techniques, incorporat-     For more info please see the Special Interest section.
             self portrait, or select from the folio of fascinating     ing the redesigning of an existing garment.
             faces that the tutor has collected. We will work with      6 Thursdays, 22nd October to 26th November
             gouache (opaque watercolour) onto paper. Suitable          6:30pm-9pm Byron Bay.                                       Dance
             for complete beginners or those with some experi-          Concession: $135 Full fee: $150
             ence. A material fee of $10 per participant to be paid                                                                D01 FOLK DANCING –
             to the tutor.                                                                                                         TRADITIONAL IRISH CEILLI                           NEW
             Saturday, 7th November 10am-4pm Mullumbimby.                                                                          with Karen Simpson
             Concession: $54 Full fee: $60                                                                                         Students will be taught traditional folk dance move-

                                                                                                                                   ments (such as skips, side-steps and how to swing
             V25 PLANT DYEING with Kirsten Ingemar                                                                                 your partner) before learning a variety of circle and
             Discover the amazing colours attainable from local                                                                    group dances to contemporary Celtic music. Each
             plants. Learn to dye natural fibres like silk, wool and                                                               week we will learn a new dance as well as practicing
             cotton with a variety of plant materials and a mini-                                                                  and enjoying previously learnt dances.
             mum of chemicals. Most plants can be found in your                                                                    6 Thursdays, 29th October to 3rd December 1pm-2:30pm
             own backyard. Create intricate designs and patterns                                                                   Mullumbimby.
             on fabric with simple shibori techniques. Let yourself                                                                Concession: $81 Full fee: $90
             be inspired for more! A materials fee of $20 to be
             brought to the first class.                                                                                           D02 THE HEART OF EGYPTIAN
             Saturday and Sunday, 21st November to 22nd November                                                                   BELLYDANCE with Shayana
             10am-4pm Byron Arts and Industry Estate.                                                                              From the heart of Egypt, the language of this dance
             Concession: $117 Full fee: $130                                                                                       defines the feminine, whether soft and vulnerable,
                                                                                                                                   spirited and fun or powerful and enduring. Students
             V26 PLAYING AROUND WITH OIL PASTEL                                                                                    will find a sacred space to tap into their creative po-
             & MIXED MEDIA with Janey Barker                                                                                       tential as a woman and celebrate the joy of being one!
             This playful 1-day course will transform your outlook      V31 TALLISMANS & SACRED                           NEW      8 Tuesdays, 20th October to 8th December 9:30am-11am
             on oil pastel and add new techniques to your drawing       OBJECTS with Zoe Phreo                                     Mullumbimby.
             skills. Layers of glazing and glowing translucent oil                                                        il
                                                                        Make your own beautiful power objects using silver,        Concession: $108 Full fee: $120
             washes on textured backgrounds create rich, excit-         semi precious stones, crystals, bone and wood.
             ing effects. We will also combine oil pastels, ink and     We will journey into our inner world to find the           D04 BEGINNERS POLE DANCING                         NEW
             surface textures to give depth and interest to your        symbols, senses, and shapes that have meaning and          with Tesse Ferguson
             work. You should be able to take home up to 3 beauti-      connection for ourselves. Using new silver jewellery       Strengthen your body and your spirits, as you recon-
             ful completed artworks from this one-day workshop.         techniques, creativity and soul, a personal talisman       nect with the joy of moving to music! Using simple
             There are materials to be bought prior to the course       is crafted. On completion the pieces are smoked,           guided exercises and freeform movement, explore
             that will cost you approximately $25-$30.                  smudged or danced awake to imbue them with heart           basic dance concepts of space, shape, timing and
             Saturday, 5th December 9am-4:30pm Mullumbimby.             and meaning. A materials fee of $100 is payable to the     rhythm and the effects of different music on your
             Concession: $67 Full fee: $75                              tutor at the first class.                                  style of motion . . . and emotion! Whether you're an

                                                                        6 Tuesdays, 20th October to 24th November                  ex-ballerina, or you've never attempted a movement
             V27 SCREEN PRINTING with Anne Leon                         9:30am-1:30pm Near Mullumbimby.                            class before, this class will give your inner dancer a go!
             Create personalised, printed fabric items, homewares       Concession: $216 Full fee: $240                            6 Mondays, 19th October to 23rd November
             and clothing in a fun, hands-on professional screen                                                                   7:30pm-8.30pm Byron Arts and Industry Estate.
             printing course. Students will be given an intensive in-   V32 THE ALCHEMY OF ART                            NEW      Concession: $81 Full fee: $90
             troduction to the basics of screen printing onto fabric,   with Jhana Bowen
             and the opportunity to print their own designs onto        The goal of these classes is for participants to express
             t-shirts, cushion covers, tea towels or fabric panels.     themselves and their creativity in all authenticity.        Music
             Material cost $50 to $100 depending on usage.              Emphasis is on the process. The Alchemy of Art is a
             Saturday and Sunday, 28th November to 29th November        journey in which all resistance to creating our art is     M01 ACOUSTIC GUITAR FOR BEGINNERS
             10am-4pm Byron Arts and Industry Estate.                   harnessed and used as a catalyst. A catalyst for turn-     with Ken McCormack
             Concession: $117 Full fee: $130                            ing our challenges into gold.                              If you’ve never picked up a guitar before, or you know
                                                                        5 Wednesdays, 21st October to 18th November                a few chords, this course will take you through the ba-
             V28 SEWING FOR BEGINNERS                                   7pm-9pm Ocean Shores.                                      sics of song accompaniment, strumming, finger style,
             with Annie Martin                                          Concession: $90 Full fee: $100                             music reading and solo guitar. The course covers sev-
             For the complete beginner to gain confidence and                                                                      eral styles of music and is presented in a relaxed and
             learn all the sewing basics e.g. patterns, cutting,        V33 WATERCOLOUR WORLD with Ri Fraser                       easy atmosphere. Designed specifically for beginners.
             machines and overlockers. Make a simple garment in         A transparent watercolour course in which Ri shows         Students will need to bring their own guitar to classes.
             a fun, stimulating and creative environment.               you how to paint with skill and ease in this beautiful,    Material cost $8, to be brought to the first class.
             6 Tuesdays, 20th October to 24th November                  versatile medium. You will start by learning techniques    6 Mondays, 19th October to 23rd November
             6:30pm-9pm Byron Bay.                                      of watercolour and their application for different         12:30pm-2:30pm Byron Bay.
             Concession: $135 Full fee: $150                            subjects. Then, bringing your favourite photos of any      Concession: $108 Full fee: $120
 8                                                                      Byron Region Community College – Term 4, 2009
M02 HAND DRUMMING & PERCUSSION                                                                                             W02 HEART & PLACE with Peter Shepherd
with Alfie Massoud                                            Performance                                                  Writing that expands to fill the whole world; invites
Learn how to play congas, djembes, bongos and other                                                                        you to pay attention. True writing connects. That's
percussion instruments and to enhance your musical           P01 ACTING FOR FILM & TELEVISION                              all. That's its job. And yours. You might cry. You might
creativity through reading and group performance.            with David Swann                                              grin like a Pekinese show dog. These things: grace,
Explore African, Cuban and South American rhythms.           Acting is fun. Acting is challenging. It is a way to deeply   authenticity, connection. Our lives. Come and join the
Improve your improvisational skills and develop your         explore our paths through life, and a chance to try on        music of the world.
listening techniques.                                        different faces and possibilities. Acting is liberating. It   6 Fridays, 23rd October to 27th November
7 Fridays, 23rd October to 4th December 4pm-6:30pm           is one of our oldest and most powerful voices. David          9:30am-12:30pm Mullumbimby.
Mullumbimby.                                                 brings over 20 years experience teaching at some              Concession: $162 Full fee: $180
Concession: $158 Full fee: $175                              of Australia’s most prestigious film schools. You’ll be
                                                             learning a range of methods and processes used by             W03 EDITING FROM THE HEART                           NEW
M03 INTRODUCTION TO CREATING                                 professional actors to shape a performance in a dy-           with Peter Shepherd
MUSIC VIDEOS with Rebecca Ingram                             namic, engaging atmosphere. It’s all about demystify-         This course follows Heart & Place and delves into
Taught by an experienced industry professional and           ing the process and making it enjoyable. If you’re keen       some important editing techniques. Some are simple
accredited teacher of Music Videos, this introduc-           to have fun and liberate yourself, then you’re invited.       and powerful, others help you polish your work’s
tory course will appeal to filmmakers and artists            8 Wednesdays, 21st October to 9th December                    passion and the music of it’s voice. All in the service of
wanting to launch into the land of Music Videos. It          5:30pm-8:30pm Mullumbimby.                                    deep connection and writing which sings the world.
will cover what you need to be able to shoot your            Concession: $216 Full fee: $240                               2 Fridays, 4th December to 11th December
video, working with record labels, your team and                                                                           9:30am-12:30pm Mullumbimby.
artists, the business of Music Videos, how to get the                                                                      Concession: $36 Full fee: $40
best performance from your artists (musicians) and
the simple formula for making a good looking low                                                                           W04 MAKING UP STORIES WITH SOUL
budget video. Plus some industry secrets to get your                                                                       with Jenni Cargill
video on TV.                                                                                                               Do you love making up tales for the kids, for yourself
4 Thursdays, 22nd October to 12th November 6pm-9pm                                                                         or for the heck of it? Or do you wish you could? In this
Mullumbimby.                                                                                                               course you can get together with like-minded souls to

Concession: $108 Full fee: $120                                                                                            flex the muscles of your story imagination. You will tap
                                                                                                                           into ancient story patterns, try new things and sail into
M04 PIANO/KEYBOARD LEVEL 1                                                                                                 new uncharted realms. Drawing from Nancy Mellon’s
with Beth Stewart                                                                                                          book “Storytelling and the Art of Imagination” the tutor,
Here is your chance to learn to read music and play                                                                        a professional storyteller, will lead you through writing
the piano in a fun, relaxed, social environment. This                                                                      exercises with provocations involving story rhythm and
course is structured around the use of one piano and                                                                       story music, storyscapes, the four elements, seasons
uses a variety of activities to help you develop skills in                                                                 and moods and power and protection. For those who
reading and playing music very quickly. An effective                                                                       wish to polish their story delivery, the tutor will also
and innovative method is used which is specifically                                                                        support you to tell these tales informally in the group.
designed for beginners. Access to a piano or keyboard                                                                      5 Wednesdays, 4th November to 2rd December
away from the class is recommended.                                                                                        6pm-9pm Mullumbimby.
7 Tuesdays, 20th October to 1st December 10am-12pm           P02 STANDUP COMEDY with Mandy Nolan                           Concession: $135 Full fee: $150
Mullumbimby.                                                 Mandy Nolan can make you funny. Standup comedy
Concession: $126 Full fee: $140                              gives you the skills to re-frame every day challenges         W05 TALES FROM THE ROAD – AN
                                                             and use them as inspiration. It’s the ultimate skill for      INTRODUCTION TO TRAVEL WRITING
M05 PIANO/KEYBOARD LEVEL 2                                   anyone who wants to improve their public speaking,            with Kim Wildman
with Beth Stewart                                            boost their confidence or become a working standup            This course takes a practical approach to travel writ-
This course is a continuation of Piano/Keyboard Level        comedian. After ten years of teaching and with over           ing, giving an overview of the market from writing
1, which is a necessary pre-requisite. Skills intro-         800 graduates, Mandy has seen Byron College stu-              for newspapers, magazines and on-line, to authoring
duced in Level 1 will be further developed using this        dents go on to develop comedy careers at a local and          guidebooks. Students will learn how to evoke a sense of
enjoyable and innovative method. Different types of          national level. Standup comedy is the ultimate plastic        place, how to dress up their articles with photographs
music will be introduced including, popular, blues and       surgery for your personality, where you can become a          and how to approach an editor with the perfect pitch.
classical.                                                   uber-being transforming your dysfunctions, tragedies          Saturday, 14th November 10am-4pm Mullumbimby.
7 Tuesdays, 20th October to 1st December 1pm-3pm             and neuroses into hard hitting humour. Mandy will             Concession: $54 Full fee: $60
Mullumbimby.                                                 teach you to write and perform a routine that is deeply
Concession: $126 Full fee: $140                              rooted in the essence of who you are. The course cul-         W06 THE WRITING PROCESS
                                                             minates in a whiz bang comic debut at a local comedy          with Paul Pritchard
M06 SONGWRITING LEVEL 1                                      venue. Who knows, you could be the next Carl Barron!          We will look at the writing process and different writ-         Writing
with Karl Farren                                             6 Wednesdays, 28th October to 2nd December 6pm-               ing styles, focusing on practical tools to get those cre-
This course is for anyone interested in learning about       9pm Mullumbimby.                                              ative juices flowing and crafting the alphabet towards
songwriting, whether completely new to the field, or         Concession: $162 Full fee: $180                               publication. If you’ve ever dreamed of unleashing the
with some experience. Explore the wonderful world                                                                          writer within - this is the course for you! A wonderful
of songwriting in a relaxed, supportive environment.                                                                       class to play with 26 characters, a few punctuation
Songwriting is both an art and a craft. We will be            Writing                                                      marks, a fun experienced tutor and new writers. Great
exploring both these strands in the workshop, as well                                                                      for inexperienced and experienced writers.
as examining in some detail the three main elements          W01 FIRST WORDS – CREATIVE WRITING                            2 Saturdays, 17th October and 24th October 10am-4pm
of songwriting: music, lyrics and structure. The course      FOR BEGINNERS with Babs Nathan                                Mullumbimby.
is NOT restricted to musicians. You do not need to be        Though spellbinding in its effects, creative writing itself   Concession: $108 Full fee: $120
able to play an instrument, read music or be a confi-        isn’t magical, it’s something you can learn how to do and
dent singer to attend.                                       have fun doing it. So, whether you’ve always wanted to        W07 WILD WORDS WRITING WORKSHOP
5 Mondays, 2nd November to 30th November                     write and not known where to start, or have a project in      with Jane Abercrombie
6:30pm-9pm Mullumbimby.                                      mind, or just want to start scribbling, we’ll make a begin-   As pen travels across paper you will be led on a journey
Concession: $112 Full fee: $125                              ning. Take a peep at old beliefs and attitudes affecting      to unknown destinations. We will play with words and
                                                             creativity and at what stops us writing. Once over this       fossick among our personal collections of obsessions
C16 MUSIC PRODUCTION FOR THE HOME                            hurdle we’ll plunge headlong into sorting story ideas,        and imaginings. We’ll unearth buried treasures and find
STUDIO – GETTING STARTED                                     writing outlines and first drafts, revising and editing.      poetry in daily life. Extend your writing into new territory.
with Rex Forwood                                             6 Tuesdays, 3rd November to 8th December                      6 Fridays, 23rd October to 27th November 9:30am-12pm
For more information please see the Computer                 5:30pm-8:30pm Mullumbimby.                                    Mullumbimby.
section.                                                     Concession: $162 Full fee: $180                               Concession: $135 Full fee: $150

                                                                  Enrol online at:                                                                                      9

                   W08 WRITE, READ & SHARE POETRY                                long, hard and forced and pressured or soft, relaxed           H07 INTRODUCTION TO CHI KUNG – SELF
                   with Paul Pritchard                                           and subtle, comes from the navel or the upper chest,           HEALING PRACTICES with Shirsha Marie
                   A day to appreciate the art of language; both writing         suspended or split, and so on. Know how to breathe for         Regular practice of this gentle style of exercise
                   and reading. Poetry is a creative natural play with           living, not just surviving! Each day will include theory       increases flexibility and ease of movement, improves
                   words that can help all writers refine their craft; from      training and practice as well as a group breath session.       posture, builds inner strength, releases tension and
                   poets, novelists and songwriters. If you’ve lost your         Saturday and Sunday, 17th October and 18th October             enhances all functions of the body. It is beneficial
                   muse, feel bemused or like to be amused with linguis-         10am-6pm Byron Bay.                                            for conditions such as arthritis, asthma, high blood
                   tic gymnastics, you’ll have a fun, inspiring day.             Concession: $144 Full fee: $160                                pressure, digestive problems, anxiety and depression.
                   Saturday, 31st October 10am-4pm Mullumbimby.                                                                                 Enjoy its pleasurable and relaxing effects. Upon enrol-
                   Concession: $54 Full fee: $60                                 H04 CRYSTAL MAGIC with Zetta Michaels                          ment you will be given a brief questionnaire regarding
                                                                                 Enter higher dimensions of consciousness through               any relevant health issues you may have – the tutor
                                                                                 the doorway of ancient crystal energy and vibrations.          needs to receive this form prior to the first class.
                    Parenting                                                    Crystals were naturally formed as the Earth cooled             6 Wednesdays, 4th November to 9th December
                                                                                 over millions of years. When working with crystals             11:30am-1pm Byron Bay.
                   PA01 PARENTING BY CONNECTION                                  in an informed and intuitive way, we can receive               Concession: $81 Full fee: $90
                   with Megan Edwards                                            messages and healings and strengthen our connec-
                   Parenting by Connection has been refined over 30              tion to Source, love and happiness. Crystal energy             H08 MEDITATION TOOLS FOR ANXIETY,
                   years in California to support parents to build stronger      provides an easy path to relaxation, meditation, self-         DEPRESSION & STRESS with Layananda
                   connections with their children and to build under-           empowerment and life force energy (chi, ki, prana.).           This course introduces several techniques used in
                   standing about children's emotional process. It has           This one day course is fun, informative, experiential,         yogic meditation to calm and clear the mind. It is
                   recently been dubbed the ‘super-protective factor’.           and uplifting. It is facilitated by Zetta Michaels who         specifically directed towards addressing those mental
                   This course will outline contemporary ideas about             teaches Crystal courses to the Masters’ level in Sydney.       processes found in anxiety, depression and stress.
                   building connection in families, along with some very         No prior experience with crystals required. The course         Thoughts and emotional reactions to life situations
                   hands on practical tools that ground the ideas into the       includes a delicious organic vegetarian lunch at the           can then be more clearly recognised and turned
                   reality of day to day living with children of any age.        cost of $10 which is payable to the tutor on the day.          around. Students need to bring $12 to the first class
                   The course follows a series of booklets including; How        Wednesday, 4th November 10am-4:30pm Byron Bay.                 for a “mala” (bead-counter).
                   Children's Emotions Work, Special Time, Play listening,       Concession: $59 Full fee: $65                                  8 Thursdays, 22nd October to 10th December 10am-

                   Stay listening, Crying, Tantrums and Indignation,                                                                            12pm Byron Arts and Industry Estate.
                   Healing Children's Fear, Reaching for Your Angry Child                                                                       Concession: $144 Full fee: $160
                   and Listening Partnerships for Parents. A fee of $33 is
                   payable to the tutor at the first class for the texts.                                                                       H09 ADVANCED MEDITATION TOOLS FOR
                   6 Thursdays, 29th October to 3rd December 6pm-8pm                                                                            DEEPER STATES with Layananda
                   Byron Bay.                                                                                                                   By popular demand, this is a follow-on course that
                   Concession: $120 Full fee: $108                                                                                              builds on the content of “Meditation Tools for Anxi-
                                                                                                                                                ety, Depression and Stress.” The core techniques will
                                                                                                                                                include the use of mantra, visualisation of energy
                    Health & Healing                                                                                                            flows and a particular emphasis on the chakras. In her
                                                                                                                                                unique style, Layananda will blend elements of music,
                   H01 AQUATIC MASSAGE with Masta Balkema                                                                                       chanting and a deeper insight into the great yogic
                   Imagine yourself floating in water, while being held                                                                         traditions. Students need to bring a “mala” to the first
                   and supported, gently moved, cradled, rocked,                                                                                class – if you do not have one, bring $12 to purchase
                   massaged and stretched effortlessly, soothing the                                                                            one on the first night.
                   nervous system; time suspends as we experience                                                                               8 Thursdays, 22nd October to 10th December 6:30pm-
                   weightlessness. If you would like to experience and                                                                          8:30pm Byron Arts and Industrial Estate.
                   learn the profoundly relaxing, healing and nurturing                                                                         Concession: $144 Full fee: $160
                   techniques of WATSU (water shiatsu) & Aquatic Body
                   Work, this 6-week course is the perfect introduction.                                                                        H10 OH! MY ACHING BACK
                   6 Wednesdays, 21st October to 25th November                   H05 SPRING GARDENING &                                         with Kevin Hinton
                   12:30pm-2:30pm Tyagarah.                                      CLEANING – PLEASURE VS PAIN                         NEW        Fed up with Back Pain and Discomfort? Take control of
                   Concession: $172 Full fee: $192                               with Linda Pontecorvo                                          your aching back and learn how to ease pain and feel
                                                                                 Love to have a beautiful garden and home but your body         better normally and naturally. Come and join Health
                   H02 AUSTRALIAN BUSH FLOWER                                    is not so enthusiastic? By learning to employ Feldenkrais      Educator, Kevin Hinton, as he guides you with vital
                   ESSENCES with Jewelli Dollman                                 Awareness Through Movement techniques, you will gain           information and techniques to restore comfort and
                   Discover how Australian Flower Essences can assist you        a greater understanding of your self and discover ways         assist the healing process of your aching back.
                   to unlock your full potential. Release old programs and       to avoid discomfort and pain during spring cleaning/gar-       Sunday, 1st November 1pm-4pm North Ocean Shores.
Health & Healing

                   treat emotional health and well-being. Flower essences        dening activities. In the second class, students are invited   Concession: $32 Full fee: $35
                   help develop higher levels of intuition, self-esteem and      to bring along questions; ideas and even tools. We will
                   creativity. Learn how to make flower remedies, how to         investigate how to practically embody our learning             H11 SWIMMING SKILLS – A GIFT FOR LIFE
                   choose remedies for personal well-being and how to            and increase our enjoyment of work and play.                   with Masta Balkema
                   assist family, friends, pets and, if you have a profession-   2 Saturdays, 17th October and 24th October 10am-3pm            A course for Dads, Mums and Babies 0-2 years old,
                   al practice, clients. Students need to bring $7 to the        Mullumbimby.                                                   given in a warm-water indoor-pool in Tyagarah. Your
                   first class for their self-prescribed and blended essence.    Concession: $90 Full fee: $100                                 chance to spend “quality-time” with your child! We’ll
                   8 Thursdays, 22nd October to 10th December                                                                                   be exploring and practicing Water-Safety and Survival
                   10am-12:30pm Mullumbimby.                                     H06 FOOD AS MEDICINE FOR                                       Skills as well as playing fun games and songs while
                   Concession: $180 Full fee: $200                               REGENERATION with Angelina Libenson                            practising Swim Skills (eg floating on the back, using
                                                                                 Explore foods used as medicine to heal Body Systems            correct scissor kicking positions, submersions etc).
                   H03 BREATHING WELL – LIVING WELL                              and balance the 7 – 14 chakras or Energy Centres.              Come and swim, sing, soak and splash!
                   with Alakh Analda                                             Learn how to support the liver and regain vitality.            6 Wednesdays, 21st October to 25th November,
                   How to use your own breath to free up energy and              Find out why fats and fermented foods are important            11am-12pm Tyagarah.
                   clear subconscious patterns of breathing. During the          for intestinal health and much more! Investigate               Concession: $87 Full fee: $96
                   intensive, participants undergo the theory, training          aspects of Medical Astrology, including Herbs, Foods
                   and practise of the yogic and modern approaches to            and Minerals that can assist bodily functions during           H12 TAI CHI CHUAN with Michael Rose
                   breathwork for clarity and balance and self mastery,          times of change, challenge and chaos. Recipes will be          Enjoy the sensation of harmonising mind and body
                   as well as secrets of longevity through breath itself.        provided for all to enjoy!                                     in the ancient movements of the Tai Chi form. Explore
                   Comprehensive and in-depth information is given               6 Wednesdays, 21st October to 25th November 6pm-               the realms of subtle energy and find the stillness at
                   on the mental and emotional states that correspond            9pm Mullumbimby.                                               the centre of all activity. Those involved with sports
                   to voluntary or involuntary breathing that is short or        Concession: $162 Full fee: $180                                and physical work will benefit from the detailed
10                                                                               Byron Region Community College – Term 4, 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                           Health & Healing
knowledge of stretching muscle chains to gain more            D04 BEGINNERS POLE DANCING                                      PD04 DEMYSTIFYING DEATH
power safely. Daily practice of this Chinese martial art      with Tesse Ferguson                                  NEW        with Zenith Virago                               NEW
builds lasting health, peace and inner refinement.            For more information please refer to Dance                      This is a course for anyone who is going to
6 Wednesdays, 28th October to 2nd December 6pm-               section.                                                                                                         h
                                                                                                                              die, and wants to familiarise themselves with what
7:30pm Brunswick Heads.                                                                                                       their options are, get the answers to questions they
Concession: $81 Full fee: $90                                                                                                 have always wanted to know and debunk myths! A
                                                               Personal Development                                           chance to be prepared and to open up dialogue with
H13 THE ART OF TOUCH with Amare Pearl                                                                                         family and friends, and begin to plan for their own rite
For those who want to polish some of their massage            PD01 CONNECTING WITH                                            of passage.
skills or for beginners who always wanted to learn            COMPASSION                                           NEW        Monday, 9th November 6:30pm-9:30pm Byron Bay.
how to give a good massage. We focus very much on             with Paulette Bray-Narai                                        Concession: $32 Full fee: $35
the practical aspect where we all learn by working            Most of us long for harmony in our relationships, yet
with each other. Come with someone you’re comfort-            so often the way we hear others and express ourselves           PD05 INTRODUCTION TO GESTALT NEW
able to work with. We will also do some relaxation and        leads to misunderstanding, frustration and discon-              THERAPY with Jane Abercrombie
Qi Gong exercises to learn how to energise and centre         nection. Using role plays and experiential exercises,           Most of us want to feel more alive, creative and con-
ourselves. We will start with some shoulder, neck and         participants will explore what helps (and what hinders)         nected. Whether you’re just dealing with depression
back routines and finish up with everybody being              compassionate connection and develop practical                  and anxiety (aren’t we all at times?) or just keen to
able to give a full body massage.                             skills in listening and expressing, using a simple and          upgrade your skills in everyday communications,
Saturday and Sunday, 24th October to 25th October             effective 4-step process (developed by internationally          using this ‘toolbox’ of Gestalt approaches will take you
10am-5:30pm Byron Bay.                                        known Dr Marshall Rosenberg), known as Nonviolent               into new territory. There’s no knowing where we will
Concession: $135 Full fee: $150                               Communication. Participants are supported in apply-             end up, but it’s sure to be an interesting and illuminat-
                                                              ing these skills to their own real life situations to inspire   ing journey.
H14 THE EYES HAVE IT! with Kevin Hinton                       compassionate connection with anyone in their life.             6 Mondays, 26th October to 30th November 6pm-8pm
Small print getting more difficult to read? Come join         2 Saturdays, 7th November and 14th November                     Mullumbimby.
Kevin for a hands-on, eyes-on, session in natural             9:30am-5pm Byron Bay.                                           Concession: $108 Full fee: $120
vision improvement. You will learn how to use the             Concession: $135 Full fee: $150
time proven techniques of palming, heliotherapy,                                                                              PD06 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHIC

                                                                                                                                                                                           Fitness & Outdoors
hydrotherapy, eye exercises, relaxation, nutrition and                                                                        DEVELOPMENT & HEALING with Ri Fraser
dietary recommendations to improve your eyesight                                                                              A workshop to harness and deepen your abilities
normally and naturally.                                                                                                       to work directly with energy fields, both universal
Saturday, 12th December 9am-12pm Mullumbimby.                                                                                 and individual. You will learn about the patterns
Concession: $36 Full fee: $40                                                                                                 of the human energy field such as the chakra
                                                                                                                              system, which is intimately associated with health,
H15 INTRODUCTION TO INDIAN       NEW                                                                                          and learn how to “read” and sense information, in
HEAD MASSAGE with Sonya Matthews
                               s                                                                                              ourselves and others, for beneficial and healing
In this introductory course you will gain an insight                                                                          purposes. You will be given practical exercises
into the thousands of years of history and practise                                                                           and experiences, de-mystifying these esoteric and
of Indian Head Massage. You will learn some of the                                                                            timeless practices. Ri is a practising Holistic and
massage techniques employed in this therapy and                                                                               Metaphysical Counsellor, Psychotherapist and
the oils/ointments used. Benefits of this therapy                                                                             Spiritual Healer with over 20 years experience in the
include the attainment of relaxation and inner calm, a                                                                        field of health and healing.
reduction in tension and stress and the maintenance                                                                           Sunday, 22nd November 10am-4pm Mullumbimby.
of healthy hair and scalp. You will learn by working on                                                                       Concession: $54 Full fee: $60
each other, with guidance and instruction from your
tutor. A materials fee of $40 (for kits and products) is                                                                      PD07 THE ART OF MINDFULNESS IN
payable to the tutor at the first class.                                                                                      EVERYDAY LIFE with Carol Weaver
4 Fridays, 6th November to 27th November                      PD02 CREATING POSITIVE CHANGE                                   This course is based on Buddhist principles of
6pm-9pm Mullumbimby.                                          THROUGH SELF-HYPNOSIS                                           mindfulness. Participants will be introduced to
Concession: $108 Full fee: $120                               with Catrine Irwin                                              skill-based practices developed from 'Somat-
                                                              Self-hypnosis is easy to learn and simple to apply. It is a     ics and Energetics' (body-oriented therapies) as
                                                              safe and powerful technique for obtaining instant and           well as from Buddhist teaching and Tai Chi/Chi
 Fitness & Outdoors                                           deep relaxation and for reducing stress and anxiety.            Qong. Experiential learning creates a transfer-
                                                              This course is an excellent introduction to the practice        able skills base to meet changing circumstances.
F01 CORE STRENGTH                                             and application of self-hypnosis. You will learn how to         More general benefits include greater well-being,
with Margaret Louise                                          harness the power of your subconscious mind to cre-             contentment and a sense of competence to deal
Strengthen muscles, bones, balance and posture:               ate the changes you want in your life - alleviate pain,         with life.                                                   Personal Development
learn to use hand-held weights (dumbbells) in combi-          fears and phobias, overcome old habits and bring                6 Tuesdays, 27th October to 1st December 7pm-9pm
nation with fitness-balls. It's simple, it's efficient, and   about positive changes to your experience of life.              Byron Bay.
most of all, it's fun! More effective than conventional       3 Saturdays, 31st October to 14th November 12pm-4pm             Concession: $108 Full fee: $120
workouts, ball-based strength training involves               Byron Bay.
multiple muscle group action with every movement,             Concession: $108 Full fee: $120                                 PD08 ASSERTIVENESS & IMPROVING
particularly those of the trunk and abdomen. Develop                                                                          RELATIONSHIPS with Gayle Russell
core stability, tone up, and strengthen your body from        PD03 DECODING DREAMS with Ri Fraser                             This course focuses on how you can improve your
the inside out!                                               In ancient times, dreams were considered to be                  relationships by building self-confidence, accepting
6 Fridays, 30th October to 4th December 11am-12:30pm          valuable tools for deeper understanding of oneself              and expressing your feelings and learning how to
Mullumbimby.                                                  and one's world. Dreams are unique snapshots of                 speak up to have your needs met. A sense of well-
Concession: $81 Full fee: $90                                 the psyche, dressed in familiar imagery. They offer             being helps us muster our inner resources to deal
                                                              a brilliant way to uncover our subconscious and                 more effectively with crisis, trauma and stress in our
F02 GOLF FOR BEGINNERS                                        archetypal energies which strongly influence our                lives. This course is experiential: it will have a gestalt
with Chris Graham                                             day to day life. Dream Decoding is an authentic                 emphasis and you will learn a range of valuable
Learn all about driving, long and short irons, chipping,      method of interpretation that is personalised,                  personal growth skills to help you be more in touch
putting and course management from a professional             informative and transformational. Ri has a practice             with what you want in your life, relationships and
and experienced teacher. Fee includes ball and club           in Psychotherapy, Counselling and Spiritual Heal-               work. Material cost $11 (paid to the tutor at the first
hire, if requested.                                           ing, and often works deeply with clients from their             class).
5 Fridays, 16th October to 13th November 9am-11am             dream imagery.                                                  Saturday and Sunday, 21st and 22nd November
Ocean Shores.                                                 Sunday, 29th November 10am-4pm Mullumbimby.                     10am-4pm Mullumbimby.
Concession: $89 Full fee: $98                                 Concession: $54 Full fee: $60                                   Concession: $108 Full: $120

                                                                   Enrol online at:                                                                                    11

                                                                          L05 BEGINNERS BAHASA INDONESIA                                   L10 SPANISH FOR BEGINNERS LEVEL 1
             Language                                                     with Yvonne Jessup                                               with Yolanda Santiago
                                                                          A 6-week introduction to the sounds and grammar                  A fun and friendly introduction to the Spanish
            L01 BASIC FRENCH 1 – BLEU                                     of the language, and culture of Indonesia, within the            language. The course will cover pronunciation, under-
            with Monique Lavail                                           topics of Small Talk, Ordering Food and Shopping. The            standing and development of vocabulary, basic read-
            This course has been especially designed for COM-             emphasis is on enjoying learning using communica-                ing and conversation. Some homework is involved.
            PLETE BEGINNERS. It aims at having mouths and ears            tive activities. Selamat belajar.                                8 Mondays, 19th October to 7th December
            work around “those sounds” which are so typical in            6 Tuesdays, 20th October to 24th November                        5:30pm-7:30pm Byron Bay.
            French. You will then be trained to decode, visual-           5:30pm-7:30pm Byron Bay.                                         Concession: $144 Full fee: $160
            ise, understand and say our basic sounds in “handy            Concession: $108 Full fee: $120
            phrases”. This communicative approach, together with                                                                           L11 SPANISH FOR BEGINNERS LEVEL 2
            written material, tapes and songs allied to constant          L06 CONTINUING INDONESIAN                                        with Yolanda Santiago
            individual attention, will make you feel at home “en          with Yvonne Jessup                                               This is a continuation of the Spanish for Beginners
            Francais”. A $15 materials fee is payable to the tutor at     A course for those who have completed Beginners Ba-              course or for those who have a basic knowledge of
            the first class.                                              hasa Indonesia, or have some basic knowledge of the              Spanish. Yolanda extends her students’ vocabulary,
            8 Mondays, 19th October to 7th December                       language. You will revise the basics, and participate            reading and conversational abilities.
            4:15pm-6:15pm Mullumbimby.                                    in an introduction to Travel, Directions and Time. Mau           8 Mondays, 19th October to 7th December
            Concession: $144 Full fee: $160                               ikut? (Want join in?)                                            9:30am-11:30am Byron Bay.
                                                                          6 Thursdays, 22nd October to 26th November                       Concession: $144 Full fee: $160
            L02 BASIC FRENCH II – BLANC                                   5:30pm-7:30pm Byron Bay.
            with Monique Lavail                                           Concession: $108 Full fee: $120                                  L12 SPANISH INTERMEDIATE
            This course is for people with either some                                                                                     with Yolanda Santiago
            SCHOOL FRENCH or some exposure to French-                     L07 GERMAN FOR BEGINNERS                                         This course is for those who have completed the
            speaking people in French-speaking countries, as              with Steffi Kwiatkista                                           Beginners Level 1 and Level 2 courses and would like
            well as for students from “Basic French I – Bleu”.            This course offers you a relaxed introduction to the             to continue working towards fluency in the Spanish
            Introducing yourself, asking/answering common                 German language as well as into life in German speak-            language. Students will learn in a fun and interactive
            questions, travelling, shopping and eating out                ing countries. You will learn basic conversational skills,       environment.
            are some of the communicative skills developed                which are useful when travelling to German speaking              8 Wednesdays, 21st October to 9th December
            in this course. Tapes and songs are used together             countries, as well as basic reading and writing skills.          5:30pm-7:30pm Byron Bay.
            with step-by-step exercises in order to help                  8 Thursdays, 22nd October to 10th December                       Concession: $144 Full fee: $160
            you gain confidence and get the knack of “la                  6:30pm-8:30pm Mullumbimby.
            conversation”. Individual attention throughout                Concession: $144 Full fee: $160                                  L13 SPANISH CONVERSATION
            this continuing process will help you improve at                                                                               with Yolanda Santiago
            a steady pace. Materials fee of $15 payable to the                                                                             Este curso es para personas que tienen ya cierto
            tutor at the first class.                                                                                                      dominio de la lengua española y desean practicar y
            8 Mondays, 19th October to 7th December                                                                                        aumentar su vocabulario, habilidades para conver-
            6:30pm-8:30pm Mullumbimby.                                                                                                     sar, leer, escribir y mejorar su entendimiento de la
            Concession: $144 Full fee: $160                                                                                                gramatica española. Las clases se desarrollaran en
                                                                                                                                           un ambiente divertido, informal e interactivo y el
            L03 FRENCH III – ROUGE                                                                                                         aprendizaje sera a traves de lecturas, musica, juegos
            with Monique Lavail                                                                                                            y recetas de cocina. Tener un vocabulario extenso y el

            This is a course for Intermediate students (with strong                                                                        uso razonable de los verbos y sus conjugaciones son
            basics I and II). Pick up more cultural tips and even                                                                          requisitos indispensables para este curso. Students
            appreciate French humour through diverse folk and                                                                              wishing to enrol in this course need to contact the of-
            modern songs, articles on current issues and sample                                                                            fice to be put in contact with Yolanda before enrolling.
            of French literature. Finding yourself getting involved                                                                        Este curso selleva a cabo en Byron.
            in lively dialogues, you will, at last, be able to not only                                                                    8 Tuesdays, 20th October to 8th December 9am-11am
            be understood, but understand as well!....At this level,                                                                       Byron Bay.
            the emphasis is put on speaking using past, present                                                                            Concession: $144 Full fee: $160
            and future tenses with the most usual verbs and time
            expressions. You will be encouraged throughout
            constant interactive activities to develop a good topi-                                                                         Cooking
            cal vocabulary (family, work, travels, health, leisure’s,     L08 ITALIAN LANGUAGE & CULTURE
            general culture).                                             BEGINNERS LEVEL 1                                                CK01 CYPRUS FEAST
            8 Tuesdays, 20th October to 8th December                      with Giovanna Dalle Rive Cali                                    with Despina Petri
            4:15pm-6:15pm Mullumbimby.                                    Are you planning a trip to Italy? Would you like to learn this                                                   h
                                                                                                                                           Learn to prepare a range of foods starting with a
            Concession: $144 Full fee: $160                               beautiful and musical language? Are you interested in the        mezze platter as a starter (including a traditional
                                                                          Italian culture? Then these classes may be just what you         Greek bread), mains such as Moussaka and Dolmades
            L04 FRENCH FOR TRAVELLING                                     are looking for: a successful blend of language skills, travel   and finish with some popular Cyprus delights includ-
            with Monique Lavail                                           tips and cultural insights. No prior knowledge required.         ing Baklava. You will be learning to cook up a Mediter-
            Welcome all travellers and those aspiring to travel!          6 Wednesdays, 4th November to 9th December                       ranean storm while enjoying the feast throughout the
            This is the course which, in eight weeks, will enable         6pm-8:30pm Byron Bay.                                            day! Bring your appetite. An ingredients fee of $15 is
            you to GET BY in Paris/France/Europe (not to mention          Concession: $135 Full fee: $150                                  payable to the tutor on the day.
            the odd Pacific island and parts of Canada)! Each                                                                              Saturday, 14th November 10am-3pm Broken Head.
            week will have a particular travelling theme for you          L09 ITALIAN LANGUAGE & CULTURE                                   Concession: $54 Full fee: $60
            to work on in fun, communicative and interactive              LEVEL 2 with Giovanna Dalle Rive Cali
            ways. You will learn handy phrases and words around           If you would like to continue your exciting adventure            CK02 ESSENTIAL THAI 1
            time, money, greetings and meeting people, map                into this musical and beautiful language and its                 with Piang Photirath
            reading, road signs, getting directions, food and drink       colourful culture, thus taking your Italian to the next          Learn how to cook tasty and simple Thai dishes on
            ordering, booking tickets and shopping. You will also         level, then this course is for you. Classes are a success-       a budget, using readily available ingredients. The
            gain an understanding of the culture of the places            ful blend of more advanced language skills, travel               medicinal properties of the Thai herbs, spices and aro-
            you propose to visit. A $15 materials fee is payable to       terminology and in-depth cultural insights. Students             matics used in each dish will be explained during the
            the tutor at the first class for extra video and audio        must have either completed Italian Level 1 or have               lesson. Great for celiac sufferers as all dishes are gluten
            documents                                                     some basic knowledge of the Italian language.                    free. A fee of $15 (to cover the cost of ingredients) is
            8 Tuesdays, 20th October to 8th December                      6 Tuesdays, 3rd November to 8th December                         payable to the tutor on the day of the course.
            6:30pm-8:30pm Mullumbimby.                                    6pm-8:30pm Byron Bay.                                            Saturday, 28th November 10am-4pm Byron Bay.
            Concession: $144 Full fee: $160                               Concession: $135 Full fee: $150                                  Concession: $67 Full fee: $75
12                                                                        Byron Region Community College – Term 4, 2009
CK03 ESSENTIAL THAI 2                                      and imagination. Enjoy a feast at the end of the class,         coffee styles within a given timeframe, to industry
with Piang Photirath                                       accompanied by such side dishes as natural yoghurt,             coffee standards. A statement of attendance will be
This course is a must if you love Thai food. The basics    mango pickle, lime pickle and butter. A $25 material            issued to students who complete the course.
of Thai cuisine will be explained and you will gain an     fee is payable to the tutor at the first class.                 Friday, 6th November 9am-3pm Newrybar.
understanding of the essential ingredients, including      Saturday, 14th November 9am-1pm Byron Bay.                      Concession: $72 Full fee: $80
their healing properties, as we prepare such dishes        Concession: $45 Full fee: $50
as Thai Fishcakes with cucumber relish and dipping                                                                         CK12 RAW GOURMET                                   NEW
sauce, Green Pawpaw Salad with Hot and Sour Dress-         CK08 INDIAN SWEETS (MITHAI)                                     with Jo Voight
ing, Green Chicken Curry and Thai Sweets. All dishes       with Punita Gupta                                               Be inspired and energised by this introduction to
are gluten free. A one-off ingredients fee of $15 is to    When you see Indian Mithai, it is difficult to resist the       gourmet raw food with chef Jo Voight. Eating raw
be paid to the tutor.                                      temptation to taste these mouthwatering delights. A             food is becoming more popular for a variety of rea-
Saturday, 5th December 10am-4pm Byron Bay.                 sumptuous meal is incomplete without such sweet                 sons: weight loss, health, longevity and sustainability.
Concession: $67 Full fee: $75                              dishes as Gulab Jamun, Barfi or Kesri Halwa. Punita             Join Jo in creating scrumptious 3-course meals that
                                                           will take you through the steps of creating these               are easy, nutritious and delicious. This is a hands on
CK04 POPULAR THAI DISHES                                   delicacies. The class will culminate in a feast. A $25          class, ending in a shared meal. A materials fee of $30 is
with Piang Photirath                                       materials fee is payable to the tutor at the class.             payable to the tutor at the first class.
Learn to cook popular Thai dishes that you can create      Saturday, 21st November 9am-1pm Byron Bay.                      3 Wednesdays, 21st October to 4th November 6pm-9pm
at home using simple ingredients and readily avail-        Concession: $45 Full fee: $50                                   Byron Bay.
able produce. All dishes are simple and very tasty, so                                                                     Concession: $81 Full fee: $90
have a special night in with the family and cook at        CK09 SWEETS WITH A 'P'                               NEW
home! Dishes include one salad, one curry, two stir        with Despina Petri                                              CK13 SRI LANKAN COOKING
fries plus side condiments and dipping sauces. Please      PPP. That is the theme for this very sweet course.              with Shamila Jago
note that not all dishes are gluten-free and vegetar-      Learn how to make Panna Cotta, Choux paste which                Discover the flavours of Sri Lanka and learn the
ian. A $25 ingredients fee is payable to the tutor at      is the base for such desserts are Profiteroles, Gateau          authentic local cooking processes. Learn how to spice
the class.                                                 St Honore, Paris Brest and Crocuembouche and last,              and mix your own curry powders. Experience fresh,
A: Saturday, 24th October 1pm-5pm Byron Bay.               but not least, a new, delicious and fool proof Pavlova          colourful vegetarian and seafood dishes. Some of the
B: Saturday, 7th November 1pm-5pm Byron Bay.               recipe. You will also learn to make Fruit Coulis and            dishes we will be cooking are Dhal, Fish curry, Prawn
Concession: $54 Full fee: $60                              Chocolate Filigrees to add that professional touch to           Curry, Lovely Greens with Fresh Coconut, Rotti, Puttu
                                                           your finished desserts. An ingredients fee of $15 is            (a Sri Lankan breakfast dish) and plenty more. A fee
CK05 FERMENTED FOODS                                       payable to the tutor on the day.                                of $45 is payable to the tutor at the first class to cover
with Despina Petri                                         Saturday, 28th November 10am-3pm Broken Head.                   the cost of ingredients.
In this workshop, the foods you will learn to make         Concession: $45 Full fee: $50                                   4 Wednesdays, 11th November to 2nd December
include Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Ghee, Labne Cheese and                                                                         5:30pm-8:30pm Byron Bay.
Pickled Ginger. Sauerkraut, Kimchi and Yoghurt, are                                                                        Concession: $126 Full fee: $140
fermented foods. Such fermented foods make great
accompaniments to many meals and are a great                                                                               CK14 SRI LANKAN VEGETARIAN FEAST
source of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Regular                                                                     with Shamila Jago
consumption of lactic fermented food provides                                                                              Learn how to cook a mouth watering and colourful Sri
important enzymes for the digestive system. Ghee                                                                           Lankan vegetarian feast for your family and friends.
(clarified butter), has been used in Indian cooking                                                                        This is a course appetiser – to give you the taste of
for many thousands of years. Ghee lacks hydrogen-                                                                          what’s possible, with the bonus of a feast at the end

                                                                                                                                                                                        Special interest
ated oils and is a popular choice for health-conscious                                                                     of the class. An ingredients fee of $20 is payable to the
cooks. Additionally, since all the milk proteins have                                                                      tutor at the class.
been removed during the clarifying process, ghee                                                                           Wednesday, 9th December 5:30pm-9:30pm Byron Bay.
gains further nutritional value because it's lactose                                                                       Concession: $45 Full fee: $50
free, making it a safer alternative for those who are
lactose intolerant. A materials fee of $15 is payable to                                                                   CK15 SUMMER SALADS                                 NEW
the tutor at the class.                                                                                                    with Nura Tashiro
Saturday, 31st October 10am-3pm Broken Head.                                                                               Vibrant salads and other cool fare are the ideal way
Concession: $54 Full fee: $60                                                                                              to serve up our abundant summer produce. Learn
                                                                                                                           unusual and delicious salads – using a large variety of
CK06 FLAVOURS OF INDIA                                                                                                     veggies – as both main and side dishes. Recipes will
with Punita Gupta                                          CK10 FOOD ARCHIPELAGO OF                                        include cooked and raw salads, blended dressings,
Learn how to prepare a range of new and delicious          INDONESIAN CUISINE                                   NEW        dips, chilled soups and condiments. A $20 ingredients
vegetarian dishes, snacks, main meals and curries.         with Shanti Anderson                                            fee is payable to the tutor at the first class.
Have a tasty feast at the end of each class. Special       Learn about Indonesian food and culture through fun             2 Thursdays, 5th November and 12th November
attention will be given to the preparation of different    and relaxed cooking activities. We will take you on a           6pm-9pm Byron Bay.
types of curry paste. Main curry recipes will include:     journey preparing entrees, mains and deserts from               Concession: $54 Full fee: $60
Aloo Matter, Sukhi (Dry) Dal Fry. Baingan (Egg plant)      different regions as well as dishes influenced by trade
Bhartha, Dum Aloo, Paneer Manpasanda, Pindi                history and colonist settlers. With easy to follow reci-        H06 FOOD AS MEDICINE FOR
Channa. Learn how to make different types of fresh         pes and step by step instructions you will learn about          REGENERATION with Angelina Libenson
bread: Roti, Pranthe, and Puri. Other special dishes       the cooking process and diversity of an Indonesian              For more information please refer to Health section.
such as Idly, Rice Biryani and Sambhar from South          kitchen. At the end of each class we will sit and share
India. A material cost of $50 is to be paid to the tutor   the prepared food. A $60 ingredient fee is payable to
at the first class.                                        the tutor at the first class.                                    Special Interest
4 Saturdays, 17th October to 7th November 9am-12pm         6 Saturdays, 31st October to 5th December 1pm-4pm
Byron Bay.                                                 Mullumbimby.                                                    S01 FIBONACCI – PHI FREQUENCIES
Concession: $126 Full fee: $140                            Concession: $162 Full fee: $180                                 with Svea Bjornsson
                                                                                                                           Learn the Golden Rule, the Phi Code (1.618 . . . ),
CK07 INDIAN BREAD with Punita Gupta                        CK11 LATTE ART with Andi Davey                                  Fibonacci (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 . . .) and
Join Punita to learn how to make a variety of Indian       To enrol in this course, students must have either com-         Pythagoras. See how the Art of Sharing unites
breads such as Roti, Missi Roti, Plain Paratha and         pleted an accredited Barista course or be working/have          Diversity, Patterns of Order and Beauty in Harmonious
different types of stuffed Parathas like Aloo, and Cau-    worked as a barista. The course will include training           Proportions in Nature, Art, Architecture, Poetry, Music
liflower and Cheese Parathas. Roti is thin and made of     in effective use of Grinders (adjustment and dosing),           and Colour. A practical, simple approach.
atta (whole-wheat stone ground). Parathas are layered      ensuring a quality Pour and in all aspects of milk textur-      6 Mondays, 19th October to 23rd November
bread made of wheat flour but fried in a little oil. The   ising to achieve Latte Art. Class size will be limited to six   9:30am-11:30am Mullumbimby.
breads are prepared according to one’s own taste           participants, who will be required to produce various           Concession: $108 Full fee: $120

                                                                Enrol online at:                                                                                    13
Special Interest

                               S02 MAKING A TABLE                                                 home notes, accumulated from the tutor’s 30 years’           together. Events can be scary, yes, but life is also full of
                               with Patt Gregory                                       NEW        experience in Numerology.                                    wonder. Write to be heard; to be moved, to connect.
                               Design and build a small table such as a coffee                    Saturday, 7th November 10am-4:30pm Mullumbimby.              3 Wednesdays, 4th November to 18th November
                               table or bedside table. Learn about mortise and tenon              Concession: $85 Full fee: $93                                10am-12pm Mullumbimby.
                               joints, screwing joints and rocket pocket jigs and the                                                                          Concession: $30 Full fee: $35
                               correct way to use a power saw, mortiser, drill press,             S07 WALKING WITH GODDESSES,
                               electirc drill and sander. A materials charge of $35 is            RUNNING WITH WOLVES with Jenni Cargill                       LW02 ANTICIPATE THE SHIFT
                               payable to the tutor at the first class.                           Nourish the garden of your soul with stories from the        – VISIT A HOUSEHOLD IN TRANSITION
                               5 Saturdays, 31st October to 28th November                         book “Women Who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa             with Rob Crosby
                               12:30pm-4:30pm Mullumbimby.                                        Pinkola Estes, as well as female initiation tales and        What kinds of personal changes and choices might we
                               Concession: $180 Full fee: $200                                    goddess myths. In a fun, creative and respectful environ-    make in a carbon constrained future? This tour covers a
                                                                                                  ment we will come together in a circle of women to           small holding with a passive solar mud brick home, an
                               S03 WOODWORK FOR WOMEN                                             explore the ancient healing energies of folk heroines        innovative compact caretakers cottage, grid interactive
                               with Patt Gregory                                                  and goddesses. We will unravel and explore the divine        solar system, composting loo, grey water reuse with
                               Come and join a small group of women learning the                  wisdom encoded in these stories of woman in all her          reed bed filter, freshwater systems, organic orchard,
                               tricks of the trade in joining wood for the first time.            phases: maiden, ripe woman and crone. We will write          veggie patch, chooks, rainforest regeneration, and
                               You’ll learn how to use hand and power tools confi-                short pieces from our own lives and make a talisman or       more. The discussion will reflect on making choices,
                               dently, including chisels, drop-saw and bandsaw, in a              a soul doll. Weather permitting, we will visit the Crystal   the “affordability” of different levels of technology and
                               safe, supportive and encouraging environment. At the               Castle and walk the labyrinth. A women-only workshop.        how they contribute to a more integrated household
                               end of the course you will have learnt three traditional           2 Thursdays, 3rd December and 10th December                  economy and buffer for an uncertain future.
                               woodworking joints and designed and created your                   10am-4pm Main Arm.                                           Friday, 30th October 9am-3pm Fernleigh.
                               own piece in the process. A materials charge of $25 is             Concession: $108 Full fee: $120                              Concession: $35 Full fee: $30
                               payable to the tutor at the first class.
                               5 Mondays, 26th October to 23rd November                                                                                        LW03 BACKYARD FOOD GROWING MADE
                               9:30am-1:30pm Mullumbimby.                                                                                                      EASY with Gayle Russell
                               Concession: $180 Full fee: $200                                                                                                 In these days of rising food prices, artificial fertilisers,
                                                                                                                                                               sprays and higher transport costs, you can supple-
                               S04 MYSTERIES OF THE ALPHABET                                                                                                   ment and improve your diet by growing some of your
                               with Svea Bjornsson                                                                                                             own. Now is the time to cut down on food miles and
                               Come on a magical mystical journey into the Source                                                                              become more resilient and resourceful. This workshop
                               of the Alphabet, an ‘archeographic adventure’ that can                                                                          will show you how to use your patch productively
                               be applied to every word and name in our language.                                                                              to produce healthy, organic produce. We will look at
                               Learn the evolution and hidden meanings from pre-                                                                               the no-dig garden method; the principles of good
                               Egypt to the present. Learn the archetypal subcon-                                                                              composting and benefits of mulching; suitable veg-
                               scious meaning of each letter and how to interpret                                                                              gies, fruit trees and herbs – all that can be grown in a
                               this meaning. The alphabet is the perfect ability of                                                                            limited or expanded space. A site visit will be included
                               signs and symbols ‘put together’ to provide a structural                                                                        towards the end of the day. Come and be inspired!
                               home for the breath of life to exist and for the primal                                                                         One lucky participant will win a free composting-bin
                               force to learn and to speak, with strength. This is fun                                                                         donated by Byron Shire Council!
                               and relevant and useful for every day and everyone.                                                                             Sunday, 15th November 10am-4pm Mullumbimby.
                               Tuesdays, 3rd November to 8th December 12:30pm-3pm                                                                              Concession: $30 Full fee: $35
Living & Working Sustainably

                               Concession: $135 Full fee: $150                                    S08 PHILOSOPHY FUNDAMENTALS                                  LW04 BIKE MAINTENANCE with Nick Bowden
                                                                                                  with Christine Willmot                                       Riding a bike is a good way to lower your carbon emis-
                               S05 MYTH, METAPHOR & CHEWING THE                                   In this interactive course we will explore the begin-        sions, save money and stay fit. This course will give you
                               INTELLECTUAL FAT with Jenni Cargill                                nings of Western philosophy using selected readings          the practical skills to keep your bike in great condition.
                               Are the Star War movies just Hollywood pap or do they              of major figures from the classical Greek tradition.         Learn how to: remove and replace wheels and tyres
                               resonate with the power of the great myths? Bring                  Themes include the transition from mythological to           and mend punctures; adjust and maintain cable
                               your ears, your ideas and your opinions as each week               philosophical thinking and the development of both           operated brakes; lubricate chains, adjust and maintain
                               we listen to intriguing tales, both ancient and contem-            the scientific and the mystical branches of Greek            derailleur gears. We will also discuss tools, options for
                               porary. Together we will tear the flesh from them, un-             philosophy. The philosophers will come to life in all        accessories and riding safely under local conditions.
                               cover their bones and chew the fat, yet only your mind             their eccentricities as they walk the streets of Athens      3 Saturdays, 7th November to 21st November 10am-1pm
                               (not your behind) will expand. Some tales will be told             again asking the fundamental questions: “What is             Byron Arts and Industry Estate.
                               live by the tutor, an award-winning professional teller.           everything made of?” and “How do things come into            Concession: $39 Full fee: $45
                               Other tales you will hear from some of the world's best            being, change and pass away?” Students will develop
                               storytellers via CD and DVD. You will also get to hear a           skills in evaluating arguments and in expressing clear       LW05 BUSH REGENERATION
                               few choice excerpts from people like Joseph Campbell,              and insightful thinking. No academic experience is           with David Rawlins
                               the renowned myth expert who mentored George                       necessary, just an open enquiring mind and the ability       This course will give you the inspiration and knowl-
                               Lucas on the "Star Wars" movies. No animals will suffer            to listen to others and participate cooperatively.           edge to tackle your own regen project or join a
                               in the making of this course.                                      6 Thursdays, 5th November to 10th December 6pm-8pm           Landcare group. The course will cover the principles of
                               4 Thursdays, 5th November to 26th November                         Byron Bay.                                                   bush regeneration, a guided walk along the Brunswick
                               10am-12:30pm Mullumbimby.                                          Concession: $108 Full fee: $120                              River to learn about our local flora and ecology and
                               Concession: $90 Full fee: $100                                                                                                  visiting community restoration sites. A practical com-
                                                                                                                                                               ponent will include weed control and tree planting
                               S06 NUMEROLOGY with Wayne Rose NEW                                  Living & Working Sustainably                                techniques. This course is subsidised by Brunswick Valley
                               This unique course is full of insights into your                                                                                Landcare Environment Project.
                               past, present and future. It is your first step to b becom-        As a not-for-profit organisation we are committed to in-     2 Tuesdays, 17th November and 24th November
                               ing skilled at reading the (secret code) mystery of your           forming, invilving and inspiring our community to living     9am-12pm Mullumbimby.
                               life. There is a plan to your life, a Destiny to fulfil. This is   and working sustainably. Most of the following programs      Concession: $25 Full fee: $30
                               found by an analysis of your dates of birth and names,             are subsidised to varying degrees to keep costs low.
                               and yes, Numerology can help you find the answers.                                                                              LW06A CHOOKS IN YOUR BACKYARD
                               Positive and negative experiences are part of our                  LW01 A LANGUAGE THAT LISTENS &                               with Gayle Russell
                               existence and how we handle them is fundamental to                 CONNECTS with Peter Shepherd                                 Chooks can make a brilliant contribution to your house-
                               a worthwhile existence. With the help of Numerology,               This writing course reminds us of the poetry of courage.     hold. They are tireless workers and egg producers - and
                               character analysis, major decisions, and life changing             To hold what it means to be fully human amid the dis-        their needs are basic. Not only will they provide you
                               experiences can be anticipated, bringing clarity and               tractions of government-speak and PR. To remember the        with good chook poo for you garden they will also pro-
                               enhancement to your life. This course includes all                 language of true relationships – and the structure that      vide you with enjoyment. In this course you will learn
                               worksheets and 136 pages of comprehensive take-                    holds it firm in the world. To hold passion and respect      about chook breeds, behaviours, what to buy and when,
14                                                                                                Byron Region Community College – Term 4, 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                          Living & Working Sustainably
their housing and other needs, what they like and don't        shops. Topics covered include: building soil fertility, com-   practical experience of permaculture outdoors.
like. The course will include a site visit at approx. 1.30pm   post and fertilisers, weed and pest control, seed-saving,      Friday, 4th December 10am-4pm Mullumbimby.
to see the tutor's '3 Star' chook establishment.               seasonal planning, and recommended North Coast                 Concession: $30 Full fee: $35
A: Sunday, 8th November 10am-2pm Mullumbimby.                  varieties. Hands-on learning in the tutor’s own garden.
B: Sunday, 29th November 10am-2pm Mullumbimby.                 4 Fridays, 30th October to 20th November 9am-1pm               LW16 NATIVE BUTTERFLIES
Concession: $25 Full fee: $30                                  The Pocket.                                                    with Kathy Vail
                                                               Concession: $95 Full fee: $110                                 Come and discover the fascinating world of native
LW07 CREATIVE STREETS                                                                                                         butterflies. You may be surprised how many beautiful
with Peter Shepherd                                            LW12 IMPROVE YOUR WATER                             NEW        species we have in this biodiversity hot spot! Find
Build an island of connection in your neighbourhood            SYSTEMS with Rob Crosby                                        out how to identify species, the habitat they need to
through art, writing, photography, collage, layout,            This practical workshop is an opportunity to calculate         flourish and what actions you can take on your patch
chatting, walking, and listening. Learn how to create          your “wet footprint” and find out your options for reduc-      to attract and support them. Some butterfly vines will
a fun and powerful street journal to share life where          ing your use, capturing, storing rainwater, improving          be planted on the day.
you live - between neighbours, between generations,            quality and reusing water in creative, more sustainable        Saturday, 7th November 9 am – 11.30am Ocean Shores
between the cycles of nature, the birds, friends and           ways. Explore the working grey water systems, variety          Concession: $15 Full fee: $20
family. Participants will create a journal together with       of tanks and other ways of dealing with blue, green and
ideas from their street, explore its potential, and be         grey water on this small farm. You will have an opportu-       LW17 SUSTAINABLE LIVING
guided into putting it into action. We'll be sharing           nity to discuss and design some water management op-           – TOUR AN INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY
tips on layout, writing and building local resilience as       tions for your place (or your neighbourhood) whether it        with Ray Flanagan
well as having some interesting conversations and              is a small suburban situation or larger rural holding.         Have you ever wondered how a group of all ages
homemade biscuits along the way.                               Thursday, 5th November 9:30am-3pm Fernleigh.                   can live cooperatively, have a low environmental
6 Mondays, 26th October to 30th November                       Concession: $30 Full fee: $35                                  impact and produce a lot of their own food? See for
9:15am-12:15pm Mullumbimby.                                                                                                   yourself on this Intentional Community Tour! Visit the
Concession: $90 Full fee: $100                                 LW13 INTRODUCTION TO                                           large organic community garden, orchards and small
                                                               BIODYNAMICS with Kaye Groves                       NEW         scale dairy. Explore the use of renewable alternative
LW08 ENERGY EFFICIENT HOUSE DESIGN                             Biodynamics is a specialised form of organic                   technology for power generation, water and nutrient
FOR THE SUBTROPICS with Dave Lawrence                          growing that emphasises raising the overall vitality           recycling as well as some innovative buildings. Ray, our
Want to save thousands of $$$ on your new home?                of your soils and plants. This course will give you an         host, has been living for over 30 years on this success-
Are you building, renovating or thinking about it? Are         understanding of the principles and practise of bio-           ful enterprise at The Channon. Bring $5 for a delicious
you confused about what makes a house energy effi-             dynamic growing and how the special preparations,              morning tea, made from farm produce.
cient, solar passive, solar active or sustainable? What’s      originally discovered by Rudolf Steiner, are made. This        Tuesday, 27th October 10:30am-1:30pm The Channon.
involved in the approval process and BASIX? Want to            course is relevant to both gardeners and large-scale           Concession: $20 Full fee: $25
know more about orientation layout, non toxic ma-              agriculture projects. There will be a practical compo-
terials and adaptable designs? Then this course is for         nent of making a cow pat pit on the day.                       LW18 SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD FOR NEW
you. Includes site visits to (where possible) your own         Wednesdays, 28th October 9:30am-4pm Mullumbimby.               CONSUMERS with Steffen Lai
site. Become informed, avoid the pitfalls. Join Dave,          Concession: $35 Full fee: $40                                  Many of us love seafood but how do our eating habits
who is very experienced, qualified and has success-                                                                           effect the oceans and its creatures? This session will
fully run this course in the Byron area since 1997.                                                                           explore the environmental issues behind commercial
3 Tuesdays, 3rd November to 17th November 6pm-9pm                                                                             seafood and show you how to keep eating seafood in a
and 2 Saturdays, 7th November and 14th November                                                                               more sustainable way by selecting appropriate species.
9am-1pm Byron Arts and Industry Estate                                                                                        Wednesday, 11th November 12:30 pm-3pm Byron Bay.
Concession: $126 Full fee: $142                                                                                               Concession: $15 Full fee: $20

LW09 ETHICAL CHRISTMAS                              NEW                                                                       LW19 UNDERSTANDING & PROTECTING
SHOPPING with Bec Talbot                                                                                                      NATIVE BIRDS with Danielle Davis
We are all consumers, especially in the silly season, but                                                                     Learn how to identify, encourage and protect our
this doesn't have to mean silly shopping choices. Sum-                                                                        local native birds. You will find a wide variety of land,
mer is a time for gathering, sharing, and giving - which                                                                      sea and migratory birds at the great viewing facilities
generally means spending more money. But where                                                                                of the West Byron Water Management Reserve. The
does this money go? What are we really supporting?                                                                            tutor’s passion is uplifting and she has a wealth of
And what can we do to better support ourselves, our                                                                           knowledge of local birds to share.
communities and the earth? Consumption shapes our                                                                             Monday, 19th October 9am-12pm Byron Bay.
world - literally. Learn how to shape it for the better at                                                                    Concession: $15 Full fee: $20
this interactive consumer-friendly workshop.
Tuesday, 10th November 6pm-9pm Mullumbimby.
Concession: $15 Full fee: $20                                                                                                  Living & Working Sustainably
                                                               LW14 INTRODUCTION TO COMPOSTING                                – IN GRAFTON
CURRY with Sharon Gibson                                       with Gary Scott                                                The following Living and Working Sustainably courses
Learn how to grow and prepare the fresh ingredients            Whether you are cashed up or cash strapped, landlord           are being offered by Grafton Community College. For
for your favourite Thai recipes. The workshop will cover       or tenant, in an urban or rural dwelling, there are            further information, or to enrol, please call Grafton
planting, harvesting and processing these wonderful            composting toilet systems to suit your needs. Build            Community College on 6642 7506, or go to their web-
plants as we prepare and eat a delicious green curry           your own or buy off the shelf; get it right and there          site, .
and green papaya salad. $10 is to be paid to the tutor         are no smells and you have a safe and useful product
for ingredients on the day. Some plants can also be            with huge water and other environmental savings. The           INTRODUCTION TO SOLAR & WIND
purchased if you wish.                                         tutor has a sense of humour and extensive experience,          POWER SYSTEMS FOR HOMES 09311081
Wednesdays, 25th November 9:30am-1:30pm                        being responsible now for well over 1100 systems.              Saturday 28th November, 10am-4:30pm
Mullumbimby.                                                   Tuesday, 17th November 9am-12pm Myocum.                        Concession: $100 Full fee: $110
Concession: $25 Full fee: $30                                  Concession: $20 Full fee: $25
                                                                                                                              HIGH POWER OR FUEL BILLS? SAVE
LW11 GROWING VEGIES & FRUIT IN THE                             LW15 INTRODUCTION TO            NEW                            MONEY & THE PLANET 09411281
SUBTROPICS with Judy McDonald                                  PERMACULTURE with Andrew Carter                                Monday 16th November, 6pm-9pm
Provide fresh, organically grown fruit, vegetables and                                                         ffi
                                                               Herb spirals, chicken tractors and rural self-sufficiency      Fee: $55
herbs throughout the year from your own garden, no             are examples of permaculture but what is the essence
matter how small. Learn how to work with local condi-          of the permaculture approach? Learn about patterns             PHOTOVOLTAIC POWER SYSTEMS
tions and grow long-cropping and reliable varieties. Al-       found in nature that can be applied to everything              09411112
low yourself to enjoy the delight of a bowl of just-picked     from garden design and community development to                Saturday 5th December, 10am-4.30pm
peas and great vegetables that don’t make it to the            how you live your life. The workshop includes some             Concession: $100 Full fee: $110

                                                                    Enrol online at:                                                                                  15
                        How to enrol                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    BY R O N R E G I O N
Enrolment information

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      MMU                                        GE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   N I T Y CO L L E
                        ONLINE                                                                          BY PHONE                                                                                    IN PERSON                                                                                BY POST
                        Full on-line enrolment                                                          Speak to a friendly staff                                                                   Visit the College on the                                                                 With completed enrolment
                        including payment via                                                           member to enrol and pay                                                                     corner of Burringbar                                                                     form and payment to:
                        our new and secure                                                              over the phone using a                                                                      and Gordon Streets                                                                       Byron Region Community College
                        website:                                                                        credit card by ringing                                                                      Mullumbimby, Monday                                                                      PO Box 571
                                                                           6684 3374                                                                                   to Friday, 9am to 5pm                                                                    Mullumbimby 2482

                         Enrolment form                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Byron Region
                         Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                         Community College Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Corner Burringbar & Gordon
                         Address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Streets, Mullumbimby
                         .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Postcode . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .              PO Box 571, Mullumbimby 2482
                         Phone Home .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Work . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                              Phone (02) 6684 3374
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Fax (02)6684 3115
                         Email .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                         Date of Birth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Male Female                                                                                                                                                             
                         Are you claiming a concession?
                         please state your Healthcare or Student number: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         General information
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Byron College cannot accept responsibility
                            Course No.                                            Course Name                                                                                                                                                                                                Fee
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         for changes in your personal circumstances.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Please choose your course carefully as
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN unless
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         cancellations are received three working
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         days prior to course commencement, and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         will incur a 10% administration charge.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Fees are fully refundable only if the course
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         is cancelled by Byron College.
                            Total Course Fees                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Student privacy: Information concerning
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         students, including information submitted
                         Please tick your method of payment: Cash                                                                                        Cheque                            Money Order                                       Mastercard                                 Visa                                                             on this enrolment form will only be used
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         by Byron Region Community College
                         Credit Card No. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                      or other authorised organisations
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         for the purposes of general student
                         Name on Card . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                      administration, communication, state and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         national reporting, program monitoring
                         Expiry Date . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Signature . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                               and evaluation.

                         STUDENT DETAILS: All sections should be completed as Federal Government requirement for statistic collection.
                         LANGUAGE & CULTURAL DIVERSITY                                                                                                                       Acquired brain impairment                                                           Vision                                                           Advanced Diploma of Associated Degree
                         In which country were you born?                                                                                                                     Medical Condition                                            Other                                                                                   Diploma or Associated Diploma
                         Australia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Certificate IV (or Advanced Certificate/Technician)
                         Other – please specify: ..............................................                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Certificate III (or Trade Certificate)
                                                                                                                                                                             Of the following categories, which BEST describes
                         Do you speak any language other than English at                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Certificate II               Certificate I
                         home? No         Yes                                                                                                                                your current employment status? Tick ONE box
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Certificates other than the above
                         If yes please specify: . . . ...............................................                                                                        Full-time employee                                               Part-time employee
                         How well do you speak English?                                                                                                                      Self employed – not employing others                                                                          Employer
                         Very well      Well           Not well            Not at all                                                                                        Employed – unpaid worker in a family business
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  What is your highest COMPLETED school level?
                         Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin?                                                                                             Unemployed – seeking full-time work
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Year 12                 Year 11         Year 10              Year 9 or lower
                         No       Yes, Aboriginal            Yes, Torres Strait Islander                                                                                     Unemployed – seeking part-time work
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Which year did you
                                                                                                                                                                             Not employed – not seeking employment
                         DISABILITY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               complete that school level? ............... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                         Do you consider yourself to have a disability,                                                                                                      PREVIOUS QUALIFICATIONS ACHIEVED                                                                                                                     Are you still attending secondary
                         impairment or long-term condition? Yes         No                                                                                                   Have you successfully completed any of the following                                                                                                 school? Yes                 No
                         If Yes, then please indicate the areas below:                                                                                                       qualifications? Yes                                           No
                         Hearing/deaf        Physical      Intellectual                                                                                                      If YES, then tick ANY applicable boxes:                                                                                                              REASON FOR STUDY?
                         Learning        Mental illness                                                                                                                      Bachelor Degree or Higher Degree                                                                                                                     Work                   Recreation