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                                   Vacant Grocery Becomes Downtown Police Station
                                   City leaders in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, are   reusing existing infrastructure. “We had
                                   creating new opportunities in old spaces.   a successful precedent with our old high
                                   A vacant supermarket on main street has     school. It became home to our library,
                                   become the city’s new police station.       community gymnasium, school district
BELOW: The former Dave’s                                                       offices, Head Start, Area Education Agency
Supermarket prior to renovation.   Mount Pleasant City Administrator Brent     and public meeting space,” Schleisman says.
                                   Schleisman says they always look first at   Of the three site considered for the new
                                                                               police station, reuse of the vacant grocery
                                                                               store was the clear winner due to cost,
                                                                               visibility and revitalization of the city core.

                                                                               THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION
                                                                               The $900,000 construction project
                                                                               converted a portion of the supermarket into
                                                                               modern police headquarters. Including
                                                                               site development and “soft costs” (fixtures,
                                                                               furniture and equipment), the police station
                                                                               was completed for $1.3 million. The project is
                                                                               the first IJOBS project completed in the State
                                                                               of Iowa. IJOBS directed $830 million toward
                                                                               infrastructure investment projects across the
                                                                               state over three years, including $600,000


    Mount Pleasant
• Population 9,000

• Located in southeast Iowa

• Iowa Wesleyan College

• Southeastern Community College
                                        Iowa Lt. Governor Patty Judge toured the police station under construction in December 2009.

• Henry County Health Center
                                        for the Mount Pleasant police station. Mount          room. The remaining space is divided into
• Hosts Midwest Old Threshers Reunion
                                        Pleasant Police operated out of a 4,000 SF            evidence storage and a garage for police
                                        facility that was not energy efficient and            vehicle maintenance.
• Home to 18 large industries
                                        did not provide enough room for all police
                                        department functions like centralized record          SUSTAINABLE DESIGN
                                        storage. Terry Sammons, Chief of Police, says         Green design principles were used
                                        three options were considered. “We could              throughout the new facility. The existing
                                        renovate our existing location, renovate              lighting, flooring and mechanical systems
                                        another building east of town or reuse the            were updated and reused. The site had
                                        grocery store,” he says. “We chose the vacant         in-place infrastructure, including streets
                                        store because it was most cost-effective              and sidewalks. The rehabilitation of the
                                        solution and it was located in the heart of           former supermarket encouraged compact
                                        the community.”                                       development, without the need to acquire
                                                                                              additional land to complete the project. Half
                                        The new Police Department is very visible,            the parking lots are vegetated and used for
                                        just a short walk from the town square. The           storm water retention which reduces the
                                        site design and building facade compliment            heat island effect.
                                        Mount Pleasant’s new streetscape design,
                                        balancing both the historic flavor and the            Reusing a structure greatly reduces the
                                        modern image for the police department.               materials involved in new construction,
                                        The Main Street Iowa program recently                 reduces waste from building demolition, and
                                        recognized the project with an honorable              makes use of vacant property. The building
                                        mention award for the “best adaptive use of           was reroofed with a white EPDM membrane
                                        a building.”                                          to reflect rather than absorb the sun’s heat.
                                                                                              Also the new roof adds an average of four
                                        The wide-open supermarket footprint                   inches of rigid insulation for an increased
                                        allowed architects to double the size of the          roof “R” value over the former condition,
                                        existing police headquarters to 8,000 SF,             helping improve energy efficiency.
                                        and flexibility to meet police officer and staff
                                        needs. The renovated space includes office            The front building glazing system was
                                        space, interrogation rooms, weight room,              replaced with a Kawneer 1600 2 glazing
                                        locker rooms, squad room and a training               system. The new entrance addition

decreases heat loss with insulated glass                AN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BOOST
that provides a thermally-broken window
system. The system is also a “cradle-to-
                                                        Despite several manufacturers closing down
                                                        within the past five years, Mount Pleasant
                                                                                                                        “Just the Facts”
cradle” system which means it is fabricated             is finding new ways to grow. The tax base is
                                                                                                                  • $1.3 million project cost
of materials with recycled content, is                  increasing with existing industry expansions
                                                                                                                  ($900,000 actual construction cost)
manufactured responsibly and can itself be              and steady commercial construction.
recycled when its life span is complete. The
                                                                                                                  • Completed in the spring 2010
interior spaces have been zoned to provide              City leaders push for infrastructure
levels of heating and cooling appropriate to            investment that provides services to
                                                                                                                  • 8,000 SF Police Station
the needs of the spaces.                                residents and businesses that are on the
                                                        cutting edge of innovation and technology.
                                                                                                                  • $600,000 IJOBS Grant
Walk-off mats have been included in the                 The new police station is a visible symbol
design at the building’s entrances to reduce            that Mount Pleasant is an inviting
                                                                                                                  • $600,000 City of Mt. Pleasant GO Bonds
outside pollutants being introduced into the            community willing to invest in public
space. Low-flow water fixtures and motion-              infrastructure needed to provide the best
                                                                                                                  • $100,000 Local Option Sales Tax
sensored lighting conserve resources.                   services to its residents.

                                                                                                                  • 40 people employed during project

Half of the parking lots are vegitated and used for storm water detention which reduces the heat island effect.

J ULY 2010

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316 2nd Street SE, Ste 500
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
                                      The new police station includes office space, interrogation rooms, weight room, locker rooms, squad room
                                      and a training room. The remaining space is divided into evidence storage and a garage for police vehicle
2834 Northgate Drive                  maintenance.
Iowa City, IA 52245
800.798.3040                          The state-of-the-art police station helps
                                      the department attract and retain the
1601 48th Street, Ste 200             most qualified recruits for any position that
West Des Moines, IA 50266             becomes available. The department consists
800.798.8104                          of 14 certified officers, one community
                                      service officer and one full-time and one
2103 Eastland Drive                   part-time administrative assistant. The
Bloomington, IL 60515                 current operating budget of the department
                                      is $989,000.

3025 Highland Parkway, Ste 140        The investment in the police station is a
Downers Grove, IL 60515
                                      symbol of the community’s commitment
                                      to the safety. Police officers have the
                                      best working environment and the most
1701 River Drive, Ste 200             up-to-date technology available to make
Moline, IL 61265
800.798.7650                          the community safe for residents and the

4 West Drive, Ste 110
Chesterfield, MO 63017
                                                                                             The entrance includes insulated glass to improve
                                                                                             energy efficiency and daylighting.

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                                         The bottom line: Reusing a grocery store was the most cost-effective choice with the
                                         most benefits—central location in the community, more visibility, larger police station,
                                         reuse of an empty property along main street.


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