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Executive Summary…….………………………………………………                                    2

Requirement 1: The Respondent…………………………………………                             5

Requirement 2: Respondents Experience………………………………..                       9

Requirement 3: Financial Documents……………………………………                          13

Requirement 4: General Description of Proposed Project……………….             14

Requirement 5: Facilities Required………………………………………                         16

Requirement 6: Program Contents……………………………………….                           18

Requirement 7: Financial Overview (summary only for public display)…………….. 22

Requirement 8: Timeline…………………………………………………                                27

Requirement 9: Benefits of Proposed Project…………………………….                   30

Requirement 10: Non-Monetary Assets…………………………………..                        33

Requirement 11: Compliance Acknowledgement………………………..                     34

Requirement 12: Additional Information…………………………………                       34

Attachment A: Insurance Verification……………………………………                        A1

Attachment B: Audited Financial Statements…………………………….                    A2

Attachment C: Course Requirements & Class Descriptions……………..             A3


The New Young Americans, Inc. is a California Non-Profit, 501(c) 3 Educational
Corporation. It was founded in 1962 to utilize music and performance to present a positive
image of American young people to the world. The Young Americans, as an organization, is
secular and politically neutral. It’s educational MISSION is accomplished though Music
Outreach Tours, live performances, television appearances, documentary films, album
recordings and Dinner Theater. Group members are primarily from the United States, but
also include young people from Canada, England, Ireland, Germany, Ukraine and Australia.
The student/performers total 250 singers and dancers aged 17 to 23 who audition for the
performance company and simultaneously apply for admission to The Young Americans’
college known as California Pacific College of The Performing Arts.

Incorporated in 2005 as a sister corporation, California Pacific College of the Performing
Arts has been conducting classes for Young American members for seven years. Although
accreditation is still a work in process, full time classes continue to be given and credits are
earned which have been accepted for transfer by other universities. Because Young
American members are virtually all from outside California, it is a number one priority for
the college to find a permanent campus where Young American students can live, study,
rehearse, and perform.

From the standpoint of fulfillment of the Young Americans’ MISSION, the focus of the
organization’s efforts for the past thirteen years has been centered upon its Music Outreach
Workshops. The Workshops combine the efforts of Young American members as both
performers and teachers to several thousand junior high and high school students each year.
The Music Outreach Tours (which include twenty to thirty three-day workshops) are both
nation-wide and world wide. They involve intensive music and performance clinics at each
workshop location. At the clinics, The Young American performers teach 150 to 300
students vocal music, dance and performance (with emphasis on the respect for one another
that enables participants to do their best). Each clinic culminates with a public performance
featuring The Young Americans and all of the workshop students. The purpose of the clinics

is to develop self-esteem in workshop students and to ignite in each of them, a passion for
creative and positive self-expression. The Young Americans self-produce six tours each year
throughout the USA and the world. As a bi-product, the clinics present the organization with
a world wide recruiting opportunity for audition of new members and application of new
students for the college.

Presently, programs of study offered by the college include Music Education, Dance
Education and Performance. General education is a part of the program and is offered to
ensure a breadth of knowledge. In development are programs of study pertaining to
Technical Theater, Digital Film, Sound engineering, and Television Production. It is a goal
of the college to partner with an existing accredited institution to insure that all students of
California Pacific are provided with the specialized courses they need to pursue their
personal academic goals.

The Young Americans and California Pacific College seek a partnership agreement in which
the sister organizations are granted sufficient land to build necessary facilities for the conduct
of classes, rehearsals, operation of the business of the organizations, and housing for 250 to
500 student/performers.

As an organization that is reaching out to elementary and secondary schools we recognize the
benefits of, and strive to embrace, technology as a vehicle for advanced communication. We
desire to develop a campus in which technology is integrated into all teaching experiences.
Interactive educational broadcasting through television, DVD and web streaming are
becoming a part of our daily function and embracing these advanced technologies, and
utilizing them to offer unique and creative educational opportunities is essential to continued
educational development.

Furthermore, we are interested in exploring an academic partnership with the DISTRICT in
which our students will receive the benefits of our unique program of study in addition to the
benefits afforded them as enrolled students at either Saddleback or Irvine Colleges. We seek
not to compete with the classes currently offered at Saddleback and Irvine Colleges but rather

enhance the program through the development of a comprehensive “finishing” program for
those seeking a professional career as an arts educator, performer, or working professional in
the areas of technical theater, digital film and television production. We look towards an
integration of general education courses with the DISTRICT, but retain independence in the
music, dance and theater disciplines. We feel independence will be necessary to protect the
students from any conflict of interest generated due to the high expectations and time
commitments these areas of study traditionally require.

We respectfully submit this project proposal with the belief that our two organizations can
form a partnership that will enrich the lives of our students and pave the way for
advancements in higher education.

Requirement 1: The Respondent

                       The New Young Americans, Inc.
                       Dba. The Young Americans

                       1128 Olympic Drive
                       Corona, CA 92881

                       Tel. 951-493-6753
                       Fax. 951-493-6793


The Young Americans are a 501(c)3, non profit, tax exempt, educational institution governed
by a Board of Directors. Founded in 1962, The Young Americans reflect a positive and
honest image of our nation’s youth through music, dance and educational initiatives. As an
independent organization, The Young Americans are not connected with any religious or
political agenda; our mission is simply to present youth as they are.

The Young Americans first appeared on the NBC-TV Bing Crosby Special in the early 60’s.
What followed was a tremendous success story as the nation welcomed the talents of our
young people into their homes and The Young Americans appeared on numerous variety
shows and performed with many of the greatest entertainers: The Tonight Show, The Ed
Sullivan Show (six different times), Red Skelton, Julie Andrews, Dean Martin, Andy
Williams, Judy Garland, Henry Mancini, Johnny Mathis, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Debbie
Reynolds, and many more.

We won the Academy Award (Oscar) for our full length documentary with Columbia Motion
Pictures and performed in the Academy Award ceremonies the following year singing the
winning song, “Born Free.” We recorded five major albums with RCA Victor ABC Records,
and produced our own hour long TV special for ABC.

The 70’s and 80’s saw us travel to the Pacific Rim countries of Japan, Thailand, Philippines,
Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Korea. Three summers in a row we performed on a
special stage built along side the Mediterranean Sea in the French Riviera. Ten national tours

for Columbia Artists Community Concert Association that included The Young Americans
in Concert I, II, III, IV and V, Gershwin Special, To Richard Rodgers with Love, and our
own national touring companies of Oklahoma!, The Music Man and West Side Story.

The Young Americans performed at the foot of the Washington Monument in Washington
D.C, for the entire summer of the Bicentennial Celebrations. Every night that summer we
performed for 5,000 people. We have sung for six of our nation’s presidents and performed
for Kings and Princesses all over the world.

In the 1990’s we adjusted our focus to what we feel is one of the most important projects in
our history. We founded the NATIONAL MUSIC OUTREACH TOUR and have spent time
going into schools and communities all over our nation to work directly with the students.
We work with schools in every corner of the country…big schools, small schools, country
schools, academies, catholic schools, private schools, run down inner city schools, youth
correctional facilities, Native American reservation schools…every kind of school found in
this nation.

We are helping to strengthen music education in our schools and in doing so we have been
able to impact students in their ability to build self-esteem and self-worth. We have seen
changes in communities that we have visited and seen lasting effects that resonate long after
we have left the community. Performing Arts facilities have been built, music programs
refunded, “bad” students have become motivated to finish school and go to college, and shy
withdrawn students have made new friends. We are making a difference for the youth of our

The Board of Directors

William H. Kerry: President         Attorney at Law practicing in Long Beach, CA.
                                    Member of The Young Americans 1964-1969.

Cameron D. Coy: Treasurer           Attorney at Law and CPA practicing in Orange, CA.
                                    Member of The Young Americans 1975-1980.

Andrew Garcia: Secretary            Attorney at Law practicing in Long Beach, CA.

Vanessa Brown                       Professional studio musician in Los Angeles, CA.
                                    Member of The Young Americans 1976-1980.

Susan Freeman Johnson               Production Coordinator, Paramount Pictures.
                                    Member of The Young Americans from 1970-1977.

Phil Lisle                          Entrepreneur, President of Pacific Photo Studios.

Company Officers

Milton C. Anderson – Founder & Director

   •   Bachelor of Science in Music Education, University of Cincinnati, Ohio
   •   Masters in Music Composition, UCLA, California
   •   Musical Director CBS-TV; Playhouse 90, Studio One, Rawhide, Twilight Zone.

Mr. Anderson founded The Young Americans in 1962 and continues as its CEO today. Mr.
Anderson has designed musical numbers for over 27 major musical network television shows
on NBC, CBS and ABC. He has produced National Touring Companies of West Side Story,
Oklahoma and Music Man. He has Executive Produced four special one hour television
musicals and two documentary features; appeared on stage in almost every major theatre in
the nation; worked with Judy Garland, Bing Crosby, Red Skelton, Bob Hope, Fred Astaire,
Andy Williams and Gene Kelly, to name a few.

Mr. Anderson co-founded the Music Outreach Workshop, a program that brings music to
communities all over the USA and world. Mr. Anderson has authored and self-published
“Choices”, a music teachers guide to developing a school music program.

Mr. Anderson’s vision is to create a campus environment for singers and dancers from all
over the world to share in an innovative and fresh approach to higher education - a campus
which brings to its students educational opportunities that are interesting and spark the
students desire to learn and thus ensure a lasting attainment of knowledge.

Bill Brawley – Director

   •   BA in Theater, Chapman University, Orange, CA
   •   Co-Founder of the National Music Outreach Program

Bill has established an international following as Director and Choreographer of The Young
Americans. He has toured extensively throughout Japan and Europe, and four U.S. tours
under the auspices of Columbia Artists. Bill has also worked on several television specials
with major networks as choreographer/director. He has produced entertainment at Super
Bowl XXX with Miss Diana Ross, World Cup Soccer with Whitney Houston, and was
Director of Entertainment at Coca Cola City, Atlanta Olympics.

Bill is a co-founder of the National Music Outreach Program, which continues to shape
music and performance in schools around the world. As well as the Music Outreach Program
with The Young Americans, Bill continues to work intensively with at-risk students through
educational programs in southern California.

Requirement 2: Respondents Experience

California Pacific College of the Performing Arts – 2001 to current

California Pacific is currently operating as an education institution open to members of The
Young Americans. California Pacific currently does not offer education services to the
general public and thus current operations are not subject to the provisions of the New
Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education Reform Act. With that said, the ultimate
goal of California Pacific is to be a degree granting and WASC accredited institution. At
present we have completed the application for degree granting authority with the California
Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education. During the application process
it was brought to our attention that our current facilities are inadequate. We are currently
operating out of a 7,200 sq ft industrial style building in Corona and have entered into a lease
agreement with three local apartment complexes allowing us to provide our out of state
students local housing. In the past year since our initial application submission, we have
been actively seeking alternative facilities and have engaged in discussions with the City of
Big Bear and other cities in southern California. We recognize that we will not be able to
move forward in this process until we have found an adequate facility solution.

Our current program of study offered is focused on our first year students and training them
for our performance and music outreach work with The Young Americans. All new students
must complete the following courses before being eligible for the Music Outreach Tours:

Psy 101        General Psychology                                    3 units
Psy 201        Child & Adolescent Psychology                         3 units
Mus 101        Music Theory I: Musicianship                          3 units
Mus 201        Music Theory II: Sight Singing & Dictation            3 units
Hsc 220        Understanding the Human Body                          3 units
Edu            Teaching Methods I: Elementary                        2 units
Edu            Teaching Methods II: Middle School                    2 units
Edu            Teaching Methods III: High School                     2 units
Thea           Stagecraft                                            3 units

Thea           Performance Techniques I                            3 units
Mus 110        Vocal Techniques                                    1 unit
Dnc 101        Dance Techniques                                    1 unit
Thea           Improvisation                                       1 unit
Mus            Vocal Ensemble & Choral Techniques                  1 unit

Second year courses are offered for practicum semesters of study and in residence semesters
are offered based upon enrollment levels. Currently our student population has insufficient
demand as those students not involved in practicum semesters are attending other local
accredited institutions. Partnership will allow the development of higher level course work.
For detailed descriptions of courses of study see attachment C.

Enrollment History

                       2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
Non CA Freshman
CA Freshman
Returning Students

                                            - 10 -
Cypress College – 1995 to 2001

The Young Americans were in residence at Cypress College and all members of The Young
Americans were students of Cypress College. The partnership allowed the establishment of a
series of classes that ran on the weekends or were independent studies in which members of
The Young Americans enrolled and paid tuition to Cypress College. The established classes
were taught by staff members of The Young Americans who were employed as adjunct
faculty by Cypress College.

The partnership with Cypress College was of great benefit to The Young Americans in that
our members were concurrently enrolled at an accredited institution, had access to on campus
health facilities and The Young Americans has limited access to classroom facilities for
performances and rehearsals. The partnership was dissolved in 2001 primarily due to
mounting tensions between The Young Americans and other faculty members of the college.
The main cause of tension was territorial due to limited facilities and access to those
facilities. Additionally we found that members of The Young Americans were feeling a
strong conflict of interest as other programs within the college were seeking to involve them
in their performance work, which resulted in commitment conflicts for the students.

Further compounding the issues leading to the disillusionment of the partnership was a result
of poor planning at the creation of the partnership. In the excitement of the partnership
creation the main Cypress staff and our own staff failed to create a written agreement
detailing the partnership and over the course of time those staff members moved on to other
schools or to retirement. The result was that no one from Cypress College who was part of
the original partnership planning was around in the later years and as tensions mounted The
Young Americans decided is would be to the benefit of both parties if we terminated the

In hindsight we found the benefits of the partnership to be very strong but recognize that any
future partnerships we are involved in will require a written agreement for the protection of
all parties, adequate facility access, and protection our members from any conflicts of

                                             - 11 -
Overture Program – 2004 to Present

A program in conjunction with The Young Americans, California Pacific and the Orange
County Department of Education, Access Education program. This program has The Young
Americans and California Pacific providing a music education program for alternative
education sites in Orange County.

A ten week program that culminates with the students of these schools coming together to
perform a public performance for their families, schools and the general community. Over
the ten weeks the students take classes in choral music, dance, improvisation, voice but most
importantly they learn team work, acceptance of others, commitment and responsibility. In
the past years the school programs we worked with included:

Project Hope – working with elementary and junior high school aged students in an
alternative education school meaning they are students who are predominantly homeless.

Century Day School – working with high school aged students who have been expelled from
regular schooling, probation referred or referred by a school attendance board.
Predominantly these students have drug habits, gang affiliations or are teen parents.

Rio Contiguous – working with high school aged students in the juvenile institutional camp.
All students in this program are there by court referral due to drug based convictions.

                                            - 12 -
Requirement 3: Financial Documents

  A.    The New Young Americans have no long term debt. All current debt is short
        term trade debt, thus there is no reporting made to any credit rating agency. Trade
        and business references are available upon request.

  B.    Please see attachment A for current certificate of liability.

  C.    Please see attachment B for 05-06 fiscal year financial documents (un audited)
        and 04-05 fiscal year documents (audited).

                                          - 13 -
Requirement 4: General Description of Proposed Project

The proposed project is to develop a creative, safe and inspiring campus headquarters for a
501(c)3 educational institution and post-secondary performing arts college – California
Pacific College of the Performing Arts – Home of The Young Americans.

A campus that allows aspiring singers, dancers and performing arts teachers to come together
to develop their skills and share their talents. A campus that raises the bar on traditional
learning, taking higher education practices of theoretical learning and adding intensive
practicum based courses of study ensuring the graduates have real world experience and are
honestly prepared for a successful career in Education, Performance, Technical Theater,
Digital Film and Television Production.

A campus that recognizes and embraces technology as a vehicle for advanced
communication and in which technology is integrated into all teaching experiences in a
manner that graduates can carry into their own careers. Accomplished through the utilization
of web based instructional programs, high tech audio visual equipment, state of the art
computer, recording and editing labs, web conferencing and broadcasting facilities. A
campus recognizing the movement of art towards technology and technology towards art,
and seeks the mid ground where true advancement and innovation occurs.

Two organizations, One campus…..
The Young Americans – The performance company in residence at the college. The mission
is to present a positive image of our youth and to promote the benefits of music education in
child and adolescent development.

The Young Americans strives to:

       •   Give every young person a chance to express themselves positively through music
           and dance.

       •   To present an honest image of young people today and to restore confidence in
           the potential of our future generations.

                                              - 14 -
California Pacific College of the Performing Arts – a new four year institution for higher
education founded to further innovative learning and to develop methods of teaching that
emphasize the need for both emotional and intellectual growth.

California Pacific strives to:

    •   Develop an institution that is internationally recognized for its ability to train and
        foster outstanding teachers and performers.

    •   Provide courses of study that are of the highest standards and of maximum benefit to
        the students.

    •   Offer courses that ignite the student’s desire to learn and equip them with the skills
        needed for life.

The above details a dream that The Young Americans have had for many years. We
recognize that in order to make this a reality we need to seek a partnership that is mutually
beneficial to all parties, that has the best interests of the students in mind, and allows all
parties to retain their uniqueness. We foresee the development of a cohesive partnership with
the DISTRICT and ATEP based upon the single agenda of advancing education practices.

                                               - 15 -
Requirement 5: Facilities Required

Campus rendering for mountain location

The facilities detailed below are based upon plans for a campus developed in an independent
fashion with no partnership conceptions. All plans are flexible and open to discussion based
upon sublease and facility sharing possibilities with the DISTRICT and potential ATEP

The proposed facilities to consist of 4-7 acres (dependent upon collaboration of infrastructure
and parking on the ATEP campus) of ready to build on land complete with utility
connections and access roads. We seek to develop our own facilities to avoid any conflicts
with existing departments in the DISTRICT or future ATEP partners.

                                            - 16 -
       Building A – 16,000 sq ft
                 • 2 large rehearsal halls
                 • 4 “smart” classrooms
                 • 1 computer and piano keyboard lab
                 • 1 audio recording studio
                 • Administrative offices
                 • Set & Costume storage and construction shops

       Building B – 16, 000 sq ft – not shown in above rendering
                 • 1 TV studio complete with equipment necessary for meeting high
                     definition broadcast regulations, virtual set capabilities, digital film
                     production and web streaming broadcasts
                 • 1 editing lab for digital film and TV editing
                 • 4 “smart” classrooms

       Building C – 14,000 sq ft
                 • Dinner Theater style Theater complete with high tech lighting and
                     sound systems
                 • Commercial grade kitchen
                 • Cafeteria/commons room
                 • Museum

       Student Housing – 10,780 sq ft (each building – 3 buildings total)
                • 10 apartment style units per building – each unit sleeps 8 students in a
                    4 bedroom, 4 bathroom unit
                • 2 dorm style units per building (2 buildings only) – each unit sleeps 16
                    students in dormitory fashion with large bathroom facilities.

We recognize that the DISTRICT traditionally does not incorporate student housing into their
developments however as 90% of the members of our organization are non-California
residents we find it necessary to be able to provide housing for these students. The major
benefit we bring to this partnership is our ability to recruit students outside of California and
we feel that our recruitment success will be compromised if we are unable to provide housing
for these students.

Furthermore we understand that the DISTRICT and ATEP are looking to develop a 1,000
seat Theater and Exhibition building. As a performing arts organization we would be willing
to look into a possible partnership in the development of this building.

                                              - 17 -
Requirement 6: Program Contents
The main components of the proposed project are:

   1.   The Young Americans
   2.   BA Music Education
   3.   BA Dance Education
   4.   Performance Certificate
   5.   BFA Technical Theater
   6.   BFA Digital Film
   7.   BFA Television Production

The combination of these components allow the overall organization to extend innovative
methods of education to a vast range of students, from the elementary and secondary age
student through The Young Americans, to the college level student accessed through
California Pacific. Furthermore, the range of students reached is vast in terms of geographic
and socio-economic measures.

The Young Americans

The Young Americans exists to promote a positive image of the youth of today and to
promote the impact music and performing arts has on self-esteem. These missions are
accomplished primarily through the Music Outreach Workshop Program.

The Music Outreach Workshop is a 3-day intensive music and performance clinic geared
towards utilizing music, dance and performance to develop self-esteem and ignite a passion
for creative and positive self expression in young people. The program has successfully
operated for 13 years with The Young Americans self producing ten week tours, as many as
six a year, throughout the USA and internationally to England, Ireland, Scotland Wales,
Germany, Luxemburg, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The
objective of this program is to reach as many young people as possible and to help them find
the self-confidence to be themselves and to have the courage to work hard for their dreams
without the fear of failure. We find that these skills are essential for success in any career
and should be instilled in the elementary and secondary education levels. Furthermore, we
find the teaching of these skills is severely lacking in our current education system.

                                              - 18 -
The future of this program will rely on our ability to incorporate advanced communication
technologies into our teaching methods. As elementary and secondary education systems
become increasingly closed to extra-curricular activities, which offer students unique
learning experiences, we will need to continue to reinvent ways to reach these young people
to offer them the creative outlet they so desperately need. It will be necessary to develop
innovative ways to reach these students in a manner that causes no burden to the public
schools operating budgets, but yet retains the ability to inspire the young student.
Interactive educational broadcasting through television, DVD and web streaming are
becoming a part of our daily function, embracing these advanced technologies, and utilizing
them to offer unique and creative educational opportunities is essential to continued
educational development.

California Pacific College of the Performing Arts

This program of higher education is specifically geared towards those with a music and
dance background who wish to go forth as teachers of those art forms. There is also strong
emphasis upon development of performance techniques as exemplified in our guiding
principle: “The best teachers are those who can.”

As an institution we find very little difference between a performer and a teacher. We work
to instill this philosophy in all of our courses. A successful teacher is one who has a deep
passion for their subject and is willing to share this passion with their students; someone who
is able to recognize each student and situation as unique and can use their communication
skills to make a connection with that student and instill a life long desire for personal growth.

Similarly, a successful performer is one who gives of themselves in all that they do and is
willing to use their art form as a way to connect with their audiences and leave a lasting
impression. Neither teachers nor performers should be people who are stuck in their own
ego. A great teacher and a great performer are truly selfless and giving of themselves.

                                             - 19 -
Within the college structure are the following programs of study are currently developed:

   1. BA Music Education
   2. BA Dance Education
   3. Performance Certificate

Future courses of study to be implemented include:

   1. BFA Technical Theater
   2. BFA Digital Film
   3. BFA Television Production

The graduation requirements for these programs comprise core traditional theoretical
learning and breadth of study through general education requirements, with an equally
important intensive practicum component. A primary objective of California Pacific is to
ensure each graduate is fully prepared for entrance into their chosen profession and we
accomplish this through learning experiences that expose the students to real world

Our main method for incorporating these practicum experiences is by dividing the traditional
eight semesters of study for a Bachelors program into five in residence semesters and three
practicum semesters. In the practicum semester the student will tour with The Young
Americans as a teacher and performer in conjunction with the Music Outreach Program.
Through the Outreach Tour the student has the opportunity to travel and teach in multiple
geographic and socio-economic settings, and has the opportunity to apply their theoretical
learning in a controlled environment. These unique experiences ensure the student is better
prepared to handle the diverse classroom setting which is predominant in our nation today.

Our goal in proposing a partnership with the DISTRICT is to continue our focus upon arts
education and performance as one integrated course of study. Saddleback and Irvine
Colleges are very strong and have well developed Music, Theater and Dance departments
and we do not wish to compete with them either for students or use of facility. We look
forward to an integration of theory and fundamental classes with the DISTRICT and the

                                            - 20 -
inclusion of an intensive practicum based program that builds upon the fundamentals and is
most beneficial to the students.

For details on each program of study and course descriptions see attachment C.

                                           - 21 -
Requirement 7: Financial Overview



Expenses incurred by the DISTRICT will be limited to site preparation to a ready to build
status, including utility connections and access roads. These costs may also offset through
other partners in the ATEP development.

Adjunct Faculty costs for staff enrolled for curriculum expansion through partnership –
amount not known at this time.


We have an enrollment history that averages 70 non-California residents in each incoming
year and have an additional membership that averages 150 members, thus giving us a total
annual membership of 250.

FRESHMAN TUITION               $151/UNIT @ 24 UNITS            =      $3,264.00

                               70 FRESHMAN                     =      $253,680.00

SOPHMORE+ TUITION              $26/UNIT @ 24 UNITS             =      $624.00

                               150 SOPHMORE+                   =      $93,600.00

                               TOTAL INCOME                    =      $347,280.00

We project that with a partnership that allows us to offer an accredited 4-year program and
access to financial aid our student retention rate will increase in addition to increases in our
freshmen enrollment.

                                              - 22 -
Requirement 8: Timeline

January 2007          Pre-construction phase – 12 months

                      Plan preparation
                      City planning approval process
                      Site preparation - site brought to ready to pour slab status

                      Financing Plan
                      Launch capital fundraising campaign
                      Secure FHA insured loan
                      Secure investor for student housing development

January 2008          Construction Phase 1 – 6 months

                      Construction of Building A
                      Construction of one student housing building
                      Preliminary landscaping of acreage utilized in phase 1

                      Accreditation Step 1 – 24 months

                      Prepare and file Eligibility Determination with WASC

September 2008        Commence Instruction in new facility

                      Full implementation of freshman and sophomore Programs

January 2009          Pre-construction phase 2 – 12 months

                      Plan preparation
                      City planning approval process for phase 2 construction
                      Site preparation for phase 2 construction

                      Financing Plan
                      Secure investors for phase 2 construction

                                    - 23 -
September 2009   Instruction Expansion

                 To include junior level course work

January 2010     Construction Phase 2 – 6 months

                 Construction of Building B
                 Construction of additional student housing building
                 Expansion of landscaped areas to include newly developed

                 Accreditation Step 2 – 2 to 4 years
                 Preparation and submission of Candidacy Documentation and
                 self review

                 WASC committee site reviews (at least 2 in this time frame)

September 2010   Commence instruction in new facilities

                 Instruction Expansion

                 To include senior level course work

                 Graduate Performance Diploma students

                 Launch Technical Theater, Film & Television Department

January 2011     Pre-construction phase 3 – 12 months

                 Plan preparation
                 City planning approval process for phase 3 construction
                 Site preparation for phase 3 construction

                 Financing Plan
                 Secure investors for phase 3 construction

                               - 24 -
September 2011   Instruction expansion

                 To include upper division courses for Technical Theater, Film
                 & TV programs

January 2012     Construction Phase 3 – 6 months

                 Construction of Building C
                 Construction of additional student housing building
                 Expansion of landscaped areas to include newly developed

September 2012   Instructional Development

                 Expected time of first graduates for BA Music and BA Dance
                 degree programs

January 2013     Accreditation Step 3 – up to 4 years

                 Preparation and submission of documentation and self-review
                 for final accreditation

                 Site review by WASC committee

                 Demonstrable full compliance with WASC standards

                              - 25 -
Requirement 9: Benefits of Proposed Project

Benefits to ATEP

The proposed project will be of unique and specific benefit to ATEP through our dedication
to innovative learning processes. Our teaching styles and programs of study are designed
specifically to bridge the gap between education and the real world, which is the founding
principal of ATEP. We bring to the broader campus a faculty and student body of dedicated,
creative and innovative people who will go on to inspire and educate our future generations.

Financially over the long term we bring attention to the campus through Music Outreach
Tours and the development of advanced communication education programs that reach
beyond the surrounding community. Through our travels and outreach we will bring
attention and recognition to the entire DISTRICT and will be wide reaching recruitment
program not just for arts students but for any student seeking an integrated higher education

Benefits to the DISTRICT

This proposed partnership will bring to the DISTRICT an expanded student population
generated from outside southern California. Given a successful integration of curriculum
that results in our students completing our course of study in association with the DISTRICT
and other four year institution partners, our retention and enrollment rates will increase
substantially. Additionally, the majority of students would be considered non-residents and
we can potentially bring $350,000+ in tuition revenue above state funding just from our
freshman class each academic year.

Furthermore, similar to the benefits offered to ATEP the national and international exposure
The Young Americans generate will result in additional recruitment of students interested in
careers other than arts education and will add to the diversity of the DISTRICTS student
population and increase enrollment in other areas of study. We found this to be true during

                                             - 26 -
our partnership with Cypress College and there was a significant residual population of
Young Americans that continued to be enrolled at Cypress College after the partnership

Benefits to the Students

The most important benefit this project will give to our current students is a safe and
inspiring learning environment. We recognize that our current operating situation is less than
desirable for our students and we must change this. These are young people who will go
forward in life and do good things for our nation and the world. These are young people very
willing to work hard and give of themselves to others; young people who have the passion,
drive and determination to make a positive difference. These young people deserve a home
worthy of the work they do.

Furthermore, this partnership and in particular the integration of courses of study with the
DISTRICT, will allow our students to benefit from the uniqueness of our program in addition
to being enrolled in recognized and accredited institutions until such time as we have attained
our own accreditation. While we believe in our program and its benefits to our students, we
recognize the need for formalized and widely accepted documentation for students who
complete our program of study. We seek to find a partnership agreement which will allow us
to offer this service to our students in the interim years.

Benefits to the Community

As a part of our practicum style of teaching we offer outreach programs to the local
community schools as a method of fostering community relations. We offer arts based
programs that the schools restrictive budgets do not provide for, and in return receive
opportunities for valuable hands on, real world experiences for our students. The typical type
of student we attract to our organization and programs are those with a strong sense of
community and willingness to share, thus providing the younger members of the community
positive role models. The possibility for outreach programs with the elementary and high

                                               - 27 -
schools and the Village of Hope are exciting areas to be considered for us and will allow us
to have a direct outreach to the immediate community.

The addition, the inclusion of a performing arts based element to the broader development
plans for the immediate community will create a forum for community activity and sense of
sharing. In every culture, music, dance and the arts is the basic level of communication in
which all members of the community can equally partake. The inclusion of a performing arts
organization, and particularly one with such a strong sense of outreach, will give this master
planned community a strong sense of unification and humanity.

Benefits to The Young Americans & California Pacific

The most obvious benefit of the proposed partnership is the realization of a headquarters for
our operations in a prominent and logistically sound location. Access to the land alone is an
invaluable benefit to this organization. Adding to this, with the development of a partnership
with the DISTRICT, we can focus our energies on the courses and areas of study that we
excel at and utilize the already developed courses of study offered through the DISTRICT.
This partnership will allow us to focus our resources to the maximum benefit of our students.

                                             - 28 -
Requirement 10: Non-Monetary Assets

As already mentioned above, one of the biggest assets we can bring to this partnership is
access to worldwide recruitment for all types of students. Through our travels and long term
close working relations with secondary level educators all over the world, we are well
positioned to circulate information and promote the educational departments of ATEP and
the DISTRICT to potential students. The communities in which we work are filled with
young people looking for unique higher education opportunities that break the mold of
traditional university settings and it would seem these are the ideal types of students other
partners will be looking to recruit.

The 44-year history of The Young Americans and its alumni relations also brings to the
partnership an extensive network of professional business people, performers and educators,
all who have in their background a passion for education and outreach to youth. These are
professionals in all industries who can trace their success back to the disciplines and
teachings they learned during their association with our organization.

The following list is just a few of the many:
Marc Cherry – Creator & Executive Producer of Desperate Housewife’s
Vicki Lawrence – Star of Mamma’s Family& The Carol Burnett Show
Nia Peeples – Star of Fame & Walker Texas Ranger
Corkey Lee – Paramount Video Services Dr. Phill
Jerry Mitchell – Tony Award Winning Choreographer La Cage Aux Follies & Hairspray
Patrick Hilsabeck – Role of Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera
Mary Bond David – Star, Lead in Hairspray
Stephanie Block – Star, Lead in Wicked and The Boy from Oz
Cheri Eichen Steinkeller – Emmy Award Winning Writer/Producer, Cheers & Teachers Pet
Marie Matiko – Motion Picture Star, The Art of War
Bob Kevoian – Radio Personality, The Bob & Tom Show
Mark L. Walberg – Host, Temptation Island, Antiques Roadshow & Russian Roulette
Barnette Ricci – Senior show director at Disneyland
Dana Hinton-White – Casting, Disney
Steve Anderson – Sound Engineer, Superbowl, Emmys, Grammys and Academy Awards
Jim May – Musical Director/Conductor – The Lion King
Leif Grreen – Annimation for Disneys Tarzan
Tom McCart – Casting, America’s Next Top Model
Rich Leist – Production Assistant, Fear Factor

                                                - 29 -
Requirement 11: Compliance Acknowledgement
As a non-profit 501(c)3 educational institution we acknowledge that this proposed project
will be bound by the rules and regulations set forth in the Education Code, Conveyance
Documents and the MCAS Tustin Specific Plan/Reuse Plan and that all developments and
modifications to this proposal will be in compliance with these regulatory bodies.

Requirement 12: Additional Information

Please find enclosed the following documents:

   1. 23 min Documentary of The Young Americans working in the Ruetli School, Berlin,
      Germany. Depicts how music, dance and performance can promote teamwork and
      self-esteem and give students a positive forum in which to express themselves.

   2. 10 min Promotional DVD showing performance work

   3. The Young Americans Program Booklet

   4. Letters of Appreciation

           a.   From a Teacher
           b.   From a Parent
           c.   From a Student
           d.   From a Former Young American

                                            - 30 -

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