Bad Bio Diesel Fuel Can Cause Problems by arslanoguz


									By Jim Newkirk

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                          €m   Fry*hkmx
                            €w*s               diesel blends available to the con-              process known as "transesterlllca-
         ith the focus on envlron-
                                               sumer are $enerallY rated from 82                tion" is performed. In transesteri-
         mental resPonsibilitY and
                                               to 820 bio diesel. The number                    fi cati on,the bi omassi s reacted
         people watching their
                                               indicates the percentage of bio fuel             w i th al cohol s (usual l Ymethan ol
                                                                                                but other al cohol scoul d be us ed
h a ve b ec om em uc hm o re i n te re s t-th a ti s b l e n d e d wi thstandard
                                                      diesel fuel' So as an example' a          as well) and a catalYst.This Pro'
ed in bio fuels. Most of us are very
                                                      B10 bio diesel fuel is a 10 Percent       duces a bio diesel fuel (chemically
familiar with the 10 Percent
                                                      bio to diesel blend while a 820 bio       a fatty acid methYl ester) similar
ethanol blends as well as the E85
                                                      diesel fuel is a 20 Percent bio to        to standard diesel fuel and glYc-
fuels in use around the counffY'
                                                      diesel blend'                              erin (the bad stuff we don't want
Consumers may be tempted to use                                                                                            out the g lyc-
                                                          so what exactly is the "bio" part      i n the fuel ).S eparate
cheaper        grades and different
                                                      of bio diesel? Bio diesel is made          erin and you have a clean bio
blends of fuel to save some cash.
                                                      from renewable feedstock sources           diesel fuel.
As te ch nic ians . v e a l l e x Pe rt-
                                                      such as plant matter (examples:                 As technicians, You will
 enced vehicles with "bad gas" and
                                                      soybean oil, canola oil' palm oil)         encounter diesel vehicles that
 the resultant driveability prob-
                                                                                                 have had a bio diesel fuel sYstem
 lems. We'll start seeing
                                                                                                  retrofit kit installed wirh separare
 more lssuesas con-
 sumers start to fill non                       "For diesel'Powercdvehicles,                      fuel tanks and valves allowin$ use
                                                                                                  of either bio or regular diesel fuel
 flex fuel vehicles with                           Ihe problemoJ incorred Jvel                    at the fliP of a switch. You will
 E85 to       save a few dollars
                                                     useis hecoming             even more         al so encounter customersw ho
      For diesel-Powered
                                                                                                  si mpl y pour bi o di eseldi rectlY
 vehicles,the Problem of                            prevdlenlas PeoPIe               look uI
                                                                                                  into the vehicle fuel tank. Now, as
  incorrect     fuel use is
  becomin$ even more
                                              using bio diesel sources luel           1o           long as rhe customers in question
                                                                                                   are using ProPerlY PrePared and
  prevalent as PeoPle look                                   Iheir diesel vehicles."               blended bio diesel, there should
  at using     bio diesel
                                                       or animal fats (examPles: tallow            be no Problems ... right? Wrong'
  sources to fuel their diesel vehi-
                                                       recycled cookin$ oils' fryer grease)'           Let's look at why. Most automo-
  cles.While use of commerciallY
                                                       In either case,the biomass used to          tive manufacturers recommend
   prepared bio diesel fuels is a good
                                                       oroduce the luel must be ProPerlY           bio diesel blends of 5 Percent or
   thing, use of imProPerlY PrePared
                                                       processed.ChemicallY,        biomass         less (B5 bio diesel) and the bio
   or blended      bio diesel can cause
                                                       fuels are made uP of tri$lYcerides           fuel used to create this blend must
   d ri veabilit yis s uesju s t a s o n th e
                                                       of fatty acids (that's the stuff that        adhere to the American SocietY
   g a so l ine v ehic lesm e n ri o n e d
                                                        clogs your arteries when You eat            for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
                                                        too much Pizzar.l     and this is not        D-675l standard of fuel qualitY'
        Let'stake a look at bio diesel'
                                                        s o me th i n gw e w ant runnl ng           There is some risk associated with
    fu e l s and s om e of t h e i s s u e sth a t
                                                        through a diesel injection system'           runnin$ a diesel engine on bio
    te ch nic ians  ar e enc o u n te ri n g
                                                            When Processin$the biomass               diesel fuels that exceed the manu-
    when these fuels are used imProP'
                                                        to ma k e b io fuel . a chemi cal            facturer's sPecifiedfuel blend
    er1y.   The common      commercial bio

                    | www.Aulolnc'org
  l4 Auroluc.
requirements and the risk of run-                   filtered through a strainer may                         Jim Newkirk is the
                                                    sound like a great way to save                          Idenffix European
ning a vehicle on imProPerlY                                                                                 team leader. is ASE
processedbio diesel fuel is greater                 money, but in the long run
                                                                                                             masterwith Ll and
still.                                              improperly preParedbio diesel                           BoschBSCcertified.
     For examPle, Volkswa$en rec-                   c a n c o s t a customer i n damaged
omme nds bio dies el m i x tu re s o f              equipment and repairs. EE
no greater than 5 Percent be used                                                                                                            where technicians
                                                     This information is provided by tDENTtFtX@diagnostic repair services Direct-Hit -
in their vehicles.While a diesel                    find fixes faster- is a single ontine source of proven, quick fixes plus a
                                                                                                                                quick "commonsense"
will run on uP to 100 Percent bio                   approach to driveabilityinformation.IJse it eaily, use it often - and Direct-Hit'seasylo-navigate
                                                                                   The Repair Hotline: Talk to a specialist!ou staff of 45 AsE-certified
d i e se oblem s c an o c c u r d u e to       approach
                                                               "n"rr"" "u""""s!
                                                     mastet technicians   are divided into five carline teams to answet calls onlv on their carline specialty.
i mp ro per f uel blendin g a n d Pre P a -          since 1gg7, we have answered more than 3 million catlsfor diagnosticrepair assistance.
                                                                                                                                                    7 a.m.-7 p.m
ration and concenffation of bio                     CentratTime,M-F.DiscounttoAutomotiveserviceAssociation(ASA)members'
                                                                                         (800) 288-6210' www.
d i e se l.T he A S T M D- 6 7 5 1s ta n d a rd       ,DENTJF.X                                                     A 2009, 1DENTIFIX' Ail Rights Reserved
 p ro vi desf or m ax im u m P e rm i s s i b l e
 levels of free glycerin contained in
 the bio diesel fuel. If excess free
 glycerins are present, deposit for-
 mation in the vehicle fuel system                                                                        &s3               l              Y*u
 is likely to occur with detrimental
      The situation becomes even
 more grim if an unProcessedbio
 diesel fuel (such as vegetable oils
 or fry $rease)or mixtures of
  processed bio diesel fuels (such
  as those distilled in a non-
  co mm er c ial pr oc es s )i n e x c e s so f
  the manufacturer's mixture recom-
  mendation is used. The eventual
  accumulation of fatty deposits can
  cause fuel system failures ranging
  from misfire issues to clogged fil'
  ters, pumps and injectors. In worst-
  case scenarios, actual failure of
  components is possible.
      In 100 percent blends of bio
  diesel that meet the ASTM D-6751
   standard for fuel qualitY, the bio
   diesel fuelwill fall below the
   requirements of free $lYcerin and
   total glycerin content (0.020 free
   glycerin or O.24O    total glYcerin
   expressed as a Percentage of total
   fuel mass). Excess $lycerin content
   can cause deposit formation. lead-
   ing to fuel system clogging and
   also can contribute to Poor cold
   weather runnin$ and startabilitY
       The key point to remember is
   that a proPerlY PrePared and
   blended bio diesel fuel meetin$ the
    ASTM D-6751 standard and used in
    the manufacturer's called'for
    blend percentagesshould not
    cause any issues. On the other
    hand, running Your car on frYer oil

                                                                                                                         I November2009

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