Vanderbilt University's Premiere Broadway Revue Troupe by xvi11400


									                 Vanderbilt University’s Premiere Broadway Revue Troupe

Fall 2007                                                                                                                 10.26.2007

Director’s Corner                                                                                Producer’s Corner
with Tinsley Meloy                                                                                         with Katharine Vandergriff
It's so hard for me to believe that one year from now I'll be        The Original Cast had an exciting kickoff to the semes-
receiving my first Original Cast alumni newsletter. There            ter. We had a total of 28 people audition for 10 spots,
are a number of milestones you dream of hitting when you             making this one of the most competitive semesters ever.
become a "lifer" in The Original Cast: first rehearsal, first        We welcomed 1 female and 6 male newbies into our Cast
performance, first solo, first board position, and for some,         family. More importantly, we have a second Cast legacy
first time directing. This is now my second time acting as           – Emily Degerberg, daughter of Jennifer Fritz (Class of
the director for The OC, and the show means a great deal             ‘79) and niece of Virginia Crehore (Class of ’78). Last
to me – each song has been analyzed to the final measure,            spring semester, Victor McMillan, son of Mary Melissa
every transition planned to the second, and each costume             Rice (Class of ’79), became our first legacy.
detailed down to the last button. But this is not the first
time an OC member has waxed nostalgic.                                                 We also said good-bye to several gradu-
Cast alumni are everywhere, and they all                                               ating seniors in May: Cole Smith, a Na-
have their own stories to share about                                                  val officer now stationed in Virginia;
what their time in Original Cast meant to                                              Tyler Jakes, Mary Fishburne, and
them.                                                                                  Mackenzie Shivers, all fresh on the New
                                                                                       York City theatre scene; Maredith Close
I am completely in awe of the accom-                                                   and Beau Henson, who are attending
plished alumni I met during my four                                                    graduate school in Scotland; Caitlin Leo-
years with Cast. I found Scott Evans                                                   nard, who is in Los Angeles; and Derrick
(c/o ‘95) on the Dore2Dore website, and he                                             Snyder, who is working in Austin. Each
helped me look for a job in New York. Nei-                                             of these seniors gave countless hours,
ther of us mentioned Original Cast in our           Director Tinsley Meloy and producerenergy, and love to Cast, and we miss
                                                 Katharine Vandergriff share the Cast Love
online correspondence, but when he got                                                them dearly.
the alumni newsletter, I was surprised and touched to
receive an email from him telling me to break a leg. It is                The Original Cast is especially proud of our alumni, and
amazing how Cast truly brings people together – there                     we have met several of you this semester – before Athe-
really is a Cast family that defies time and space.                       nian Sing, at Nashville Cares AIDS Walk, and during
                                                                          Homecoming weekend. We always enjoy hearing stories
When I look back at my Vanderbilt years, my fondest                       about the history of the group. You are our strongest
memories won't be of the all-nighters I pulled or the time I              base, and we greatly appreciate the donations that you
snuck into Stevenson at 4 am just to see what it was like,                make each semester.
but of my escapades as an OC member: squeezing in a
final quick change, working to get a certain tap combina-                 After 31 years, the group is still strong with some of the
tion just right, and sharing countless smiles and laughs                  best talent that I have seen during my time here.
with my best friends on the Vanderbilt campus. Fortu-                     Thank you so much for your support, and please join us
nately, we still have milestones to look forward to as Cast               for our Fall 2007 Show “After Hours” at the Belcourt. I
graduates—you, to see a show as a Cast alumnus; and me,                   look forward to swapping stories with you at the Cham-
to receive my very first alumni newsletter.                               pagne Gala!

The Original Cast Presents: After Hours
What:                                         When:                                       Where:
                         Mamma Mia!                   Thursday, Nov 29, 8:00pm                                 Belcourt Theater
                     Spring Awakening                    Friday, Nov 30, 8:00pm                          2102 Belcourt Avenue
                             Assassins                  Saturday, Dec 1, 8:00pm                                    Nashville, TN
                        Sweet Charity           Champagne Gala after Friday’s                       
           F A LL 2 0 0 7                           THE ORIGINAL CAST                                                       PAGE 2

VPAC: Spotlight! Fall Showcase
Last year, the Vanderbilt Perform-                                                           citing new event—Spotlight!: A
ing Arts Council, or VPAC for short,                                                         Showcase of Vanderbilt Student
was founded. The mission of VPAC                                                             Performing Arts. This performance
is to “create an environment for                                                             in Ingram Hall gives all of the
the leaders of student performing                                                            groups a quick chance to perform
arts groups to share ideas, form                                                             for incoming freshmen. We opened
new collaborations, and have a                                                               the show with the classic “Seasons
unified voice in expressing views                                                            of Love” from Jonathon Larson’s
and concerns about the perform-                                                              Rent. The show was a huge success,
ing arts on Vanderbilt's campus.”                                                            and resulted in an equally amazing
                                                                                             new Cast with amazing new mem-
This fall marked the first of an ex-     Dress rehearsal at the VPAC Spotlight Performance   bers.

Spring Break 2007
Those in attendance of Spring                                                                these members dedicated at least 20
2006’s 30th anniversary perform-                                                             hours each week to Original Cast.
ance may have heard the organiza-                                                            The traditional “By-Request” set
tion’s founder, Phil Walker (class of                                                        performed included recent favorites
1977) invite that semester’s Cast to                                                         from musicals like Wicked and Bat
California for a tour of the West                                                            Boy as well as a throwback to the
Coast. Last spring break, that trip                                                          first Cast show ever, singing
happened, and it was a once-in-a-                                                            “Corner of the Sky” from Pippin.
lifetime experience.                                                                         Our on-campus preview show, in
                                                                                             the style of the first Cast perform-
Most of the cast of the Spring Break      The Original Cast poses with group founder and     ance ever, was also held in the
trip was also performing in the full      spring break host Phil Walker in San Francisco     Branscomb Rec room. Thanks Phil
Spring 2007 show; consequently,                                                              for a great trip!

Electronic Newsletter, and other updates.
In an effort to combat rising postage   If you would like to sign up to re-                  In other exciting news, as we were
prices, the Original Cast alumni        ceive only the digital copy, via                     cleaning out our storage last semes-
newsletter is now offered in both       email, there is a link, also on the                  ter, we stumbled on a box of Origi-
print and digital formats! Hosted       alumni tab, where you can register                   nal Cast records, dated 1981. If
on our recently revamped webpage,       your email address (and be removed                   you were a part of this Cast and              from the regular mailing list).                      would like a record, please contact
originalcast (thanks to Cast senior                                                          producer Katharine Vandergriff
Will Hedgecock), the past year of       Be sure to check the web site often,                 (information at bottom). The album
newsletters as well as all future       as there are updates being made                      will be digitally preserved; future
newsletters will be available in full   frequently, including photo albums                   plans for the album have yet to be
color, under the “Alumni” tab of the    of the past four shows, recorded by                  determined.
website.                                junior Christen Sottolano’s father.

Contact Information
Alumni Liaison—Andrew Enkeboll (; 334.444.8159)
Producer—Katharine Vandergriff (; 817.907.6627)
Director—Tinsley Meloy (; 813.368.2841)
            F A LL 2 0 0 7                             THE ORIGINAL CAST                                           PAGE 3

Meet the Cast
Fall 2007

                  Senior Tinsley Meloy from Tampa, FL,             Senior Katharine Vandergriff from Ar-
                  returns for her 6th semester in Cast and         lington, TX, returns for her fourth semester
                  second semester as Director. She spent her       in Cast and serves as our Producer. Major:
                  summer in NYC working on Broadway.               HOD and Economics, Minor: Theatre.
                  Major: HOD, Minor: Music and Psychology.

                  Sophomore Leslie Kelly from Tampa, Fl,           Junior Marty Pendleton from Fort Mill,
                  returns for her third semester in Cast and       SC, returns for his fifth semester in Origi-
                  first semester on board as Publicity Direc-      nal Cast. Major: Communication Studies
                  tor. Major: Communication Studies, Minor:        and Political Science.
                  Theatre and Spanish.

                  Junior Eli Branson from Henderson, KY,           Freshman Emily Degerberg (daughter of
                  finally joins the Cast for his first semester.   Jennifer Fritz, c/o ‘79) from Cincinnati, OH,
                  Eli is very active in the Vanderbilt Univer-     joins for her first semester and carries on
                  sity Theater. Major: Theatre.                    the Cast legacy in her family. Major: HOD,
                                                                   Minor: Theatre.

                  Junior Jen Winikoff from Woodcliff Lake,         Junior Anna Starnes from Richmond, VA,
                  NJ, returns after a break for her second         returns for her second semester in Cast
                  semester in Cast. Major: Elementary Edu-         and serves as our Costumes Director. Ma-
                  cation, Minor: Special Ed. (Deaf Ed. Con-        jor: American Studies, Minor: Chinese Lan-
                  centration).                                     guage.

                  Sophomore Brian Collura from Fitchburg,          Freshman Matt Russell from Lake Bluff,
                  MA, who joined us on the California tour as      IL, joins the Cast for his first semester.
                  our accompanist, joins us now as a new           Matt and senior Ryan Sturgis went to High
                  Cast member this semester. Major: Psy-           School together. Major: Economics.
                  chology, Minor: Communication Studies.

                  Senior Meghan Backes from Cedarburg,             Junior Christen Sottolano from Simbs-
                  WI, returns for her fifth semester in Cast       burg, CT, returns for her fifth semester in
                  and serves as our Business Manager. Ma-          Cast and fourth semester on board, this
                  jor: Psychology (Neurology concentration),       time as Technical Director. Major: Sociol-
                  Minor: English                                   ogy.

                  Freshman Nick Jordan from Houston,               Freshman Oliver Wolfe from Columbia,
                  TX, joins the Cast for his first semester.       SC, joins the Cast for his first semester.
                  Nick was recruited to play college baseball,     Oliver also shoots as one of the head pho-
                  but fortunately (for us) chose Vandy. Ma-        tographers for the Hustler. Major: History.
                  jor: American Studies, Minor: Film Studies.

                  Sophomore Spencer Crosswy from The               Senior Ryan Sturgis from Lake Bluff, IL,
                  Woodlands, TX, joins the Cast for his first      returns for his sixth semester in Cast. Ma-
                  semester. He was the lead male in a pro-         jor: Political Science, Minor: Corporate
                  duction of South Pacific over the summer.        Strategy.
                  Major: Electrical Engineering, Minor: Vocal
                  Tim Hayden is returning for his 10th se-         Sophomore Andrew Enkeboll, while not
                  mester as musical director. He does all          performing this semester, is the Patron’s
                  musical arrangements for the group, as           Director and Alumni Liaison in his second
                  well as being accompanist during rehearsal       semester on board. Major: Computer Engi-
                  and performances.                                neering, Minor: Computer Science, Corpo-
                                                                   rate Strategy

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