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How to develop a job description for office/administrative positions?

A job description include contents such as:

1. Job purpose

2. Key duties/tasks

3. KRAs

4. KPIs

5. Job standard

6. Job spec…

I/ Types of office job descriptions

      Office Manager
      Office Coordinator
      Office Associate
      Office Support
      Office Supervisor
      Office Clerk
      Office Specialist
      Office Worker
      Office Administrator
      Office Assistant

II/ Key job tasks of office manager job description

1. Information system

      Ensure that information system run smoothly

2. Visitors management
      Set up procedures and policies for visitors.
      Organize to ensure that all procedure are conducted.

3. Records system

      Maintain the general filing system and file all correspondence.

4. Personnel Records

      Keep records of employees' sick days, overtime, vacation days in accordance with
       Personnel Committee policies.
      Create a file for each individual employee which should include any information
       relating to that employee from the first day of employment.

5. Communication

      Sort and distribute mail daily.
      Assure that oral communication (both in person and by phone) is relayed to
       appropriate staff person.
      Assure requested announcements and information to be communicated to
       company membership, committee members etc. is followed through.

6. Assists Executive/Area Directors with some or all of the following:

      Program and communication activities including but not limited to meeting set-up
       and volunteer follow-up.
      Works as a team member to maintain and keep current the area's central files and
       affiliate database.
      Keeps current with the Affiliate budget numbers and accounting practices in order
       to assist in coding external billings, money received, and check requests.

7. Meetings

      Making plan and preparation of meetings, conferences and conference
       telephone calls.
      Make preparations for meetings.

8. Office instruments

      Primary liaison with the landlord and other Fund service providers (internet,
       phone, car service, etc.).
      Maintain computer and internet system.
      Maintain an adequate inventory of office supplies.
      Monitor the use of supplies and equipment.
      Coordinate the repair and maintenance of office equipment.

9. Budget Procedures

      Provide department leaders with a budget worksheet including previous year
      Consolidate figures for a final budget and publish proposed next year's budget in
       the present year's annual Report.
      Prepare and submit proposed budget for approval for Office Income and Expense.

10. Office Equipment and Supplies

      Oversee daily and weekly maintenance of office machines.
      Assure follow through on maintenance agreements or contracts.
      Inventory and order office materials.
      Issue Purchase Order Numbers.

III / Job specification of office manager job description

      University graduated.
      At least 2 years experiences of office manager.
      Spoken and written fluently in English.
      Good worldwide relationship with freight forwarding company, airline and
       oversea agent.
      Computer literate in MS Word, Excel, and other programs.
      Experience working in an office environment and supporting a team on project-
       based work.
      Self-motivated and resourceful, with the proven ability to multi-task and operate
       successfully under tight deadlines and time pressures.
      Enjoys a fast pace, dynamic, challenging and team-oriented work environment.
      Basic knowledge of accounting is a plus but not a necessity.
      Experience in public relations/marketing a plus but not a necessity.
      Computer literate.
      At least five years experience in forwarding field
      Strong writing, reading, listening and speaking communications skills.
      Good interpersonal and teamwork skills.
al and teamwork skills.

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