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									                              Environmental History
                                  Research Presentation Project

The guidelines for your project are as follows:

Total Presentation Points (100 points)

1. Introduction: (10 points)
       Cover page – Provide your name and your time period
       Background information – List any major historical events (they don’t have to be
       environmental) that occurred during this time period

2. Body: (50 points)
      Discuss the major environmental events that occurred. Include all of the ones listed in
      the handout and any others you come across that you feel are important. Include any
      visual aids that are relevant.

3. Conclusion: (10 points)
      Summary of events from this time period
      Overall, did human treatment of the environment improve or worsen during this time?

4. Works cited: (10 points)
      References are given during the presentation when applicable
      Bibliography that uses MLA format at the end

5. Worksheet Questions: (10 points)
      Type a 10-question worksheet to go with your presentation
      Questions must be from your presentation
      Challenging, but not impossible or too easy
      Include a place to write name, date, class at the top of worksheet.

6. Appearance/Design: (10 points)
      Powerpoint should be easy to follow, easy to read, etc.

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                               Environmental History
                            Research Presentation Project

This is a basic guideline of what topics should be covered in your presentation. You are encouraged to
introduce more topics as you learn more.

Ancient civilizations

What major historical events occurred?
Why was timber so important? How was timber harvested? What was happening to many cities
because of the deforestation?
Describe what life was like in Ancient Rome. Was it polluted? Were any environmental laws passed?
Why was lead a danger? How was it being used? What are its effects?

1000 - 1600s The Middle Ages

What major historical events occurred?
Describe the deforestation that was occurring. What did people start using instead of wood?
How did they get it?
How clean were the medieval towns? Give specific examples.
Farming practices were beginning to change. Describe how.

1700 - 1830 The Enlightenment Era

The “father of occupational medicine” lived during this time. What jobs were dangerous?
There was a rabies epidemic. What is rabies, and how was it spread?
Benjamin Franklin lead the fight for many environmental issues. Describe some of these.

Industrial Revolution 1810-1890

John Snow discovered the source of a cholera epidemic in London. How? What is cholera?
Smog began appearing. Where? What is smog?
What was the “Mother of the Forest”, and what happened to it?
The Irish Famine occurred during this time. How did it happen? How could it have been

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Progressive Movement 1890-1919

Teddy Roosevelt was the president of the US, and lead many environmental reforms. Describe
what he did.
Discuss the National Parks, the Migratory Birds Act, and the Rivers and Harbors Act.
The book “The Jungle” was written by Upton Sinclair. Why was this book significant?
The U.S. built the Hetch Hetchy dam. This was very controversial. Why?


Discuss the Oil Pollution Act
Why did General Motors start adding lead to gasoline? Why were some against this idea?
Who were the “Radium Girls?”
The Dust Bowl occurred during this time. Why did it happen, could it have been prevented, and
what were its effects on the country?
What was the “St. Louis Smog Episode in 1939?
What kinds of environmental/animal rights laws were used by Nazi Germany?


The U.S. dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. What were the environmental effects of these
What was the “Donora Fluroide Fog”?
The first nuclear power plant was built. Describe where and how it worked.
What was the “Minamata Disaster?”

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1960-1970 Birth of Modern Environmentalism

What was the Clean Water Act and why was it important?
Explain “Buck Laws” and why they were put into effect.
Rachel Carson wrote “Silent Spring”. Why did she write it? How was this book important?
Explain the laws “The Water Quality Act”, “Noise Control Act”, and “Solid Waste Disposal Act”.
What was the Nuclear test Ban Treaty? Why was it signed by the US and USSR?

Explain the laws “Wild and Scenic Rivers Act” and “National Trails System Act.”
The Cuyahoga river burst into flame. Why was this event significant for environmental change?
Explain the National Environmental Policy Act and the Clean Air Act of 1970.

1971-1976: Oil and Politics

The Environmental Protection Agency was founded. What is its purpose?
One of the EPA’s first acts was to ban leaded gasoline. Why?
What was the Tuskegee Syphilis Study?
Explain the Coastal Zone Management Act, the Ocean Dumping Act, and the Marine Mammal
Protection Act.

The Alaska Oil Pipeline was begun. What is it for? What are its side effects?
Describe the Endangered Species Act, the Soil and Water conservation act, and the Clean
Drinking Water act.

The Arab Oil Embargo occurred in 1973 and led to a quadrupling of gasoline prices in the United
States. Explain what happened?

1976-1980: Jimmy Carter and the Energy Crisis
Describe the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.
The Department of Energy is created by President Carter. Why, and what for?
A five cent energy tax was added to gasoline for the first time. Why?
There is nearly a nuclear meltdown accident at Three Mile Island. Briefly explain what
happened and how the American people responded.

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1980-1988: Ronald Reagan
The Love Canal area of Niagra falls has to be evacuated. Why?
The “Superfund” was founded as a result of Love Canal. What is it?
PETA was founded. What is their purpose?
A hole in the ozone layer was discovered. Where was this hole, and how did it get there? Why
was this hole a problem?
The Chernobyl Disaster occurs in Russia. Describe how it happened, its effects, and how it was
cleaned up.

1989-2000: The First Iraq War and the New Millenium
China begins constructing the Three Gorges Dam, the largest dam in history. Why do they need
the dam, and why are some people against it?
The Exxon Valdez oil spill occurs. How does this effect the environment?
Explain the environmental effects of the first Iraq War (oil fires and depleted uranium bullets).
Climate change is related to carbon dioxide emissions.
The Kyoto Protocol was adopted by 121 countries. Explain what it was about and why the
United States did not adopt it.
The Earth’s population exceeds 6 billion people. How many of those are in developing
Bill Clinton set aside more protected land than any president since Teddy Roosevelt.

2001-2008: George W. Bush and Global Warming
World Trade Center bombing occurs. Many of the firefighters came down with “World Trade
Center cough”. Explain what this is.
Read and summarize this article on the Bush environmental record.
The European governments ban “phthalates”, a chemical found in plastic toys. Why?
The Inconvenient Truth Movie is released by Al Gore, who later wins a Nobel Prize. Summarize
the movie’s message.
Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. Some believe the Hurricane was especially bad due
to global warming. Explain.
2007 was the warmest year on record. How warm was it, and what is the average?
The Arctic ice shelves were shown to be melting at an increasing rate. Show pictures of this.

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