; Technology Enables New Components
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Technology Enables New Components


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									Technology Enables New Components. Use of Technology and
Integration in the Development of Smaller Passive in Both
Commercial Products and Military Applications.S.20. A Helical
Resonator-Based Filter with Improved Skirt Selectivity. Presentation
of the Circuit Models and the Theoretical and Experimental Response
Characteristics of a Helical Resonator-Based Filter.S.56. Power
Amplifier Linearization Using an Indirect-Learning-Based Inverse
TDNN Model. Presentation of an Effective Digital Predistortion
Procedure of Data Acquisition, Analysis, Modeling and Linearization
for High Power Amplifiers Based on Tapped Delay Neural
Networks.S.76. Intermodulation Distortion in Medium-Power Drop-
in Ferrite Isolators and Circulators. Description of Above-Resonance
Drop-in Isolators Producting Third-Order Intermodulation
Distortion Between -65 and -95 dBc, Depending on Bandwidth,
Junction Size and Packaging Techniques.S.90. A Novel Wideband
Transition Between a Conductor-Backed Finite Ground CPW and a
Microstrip Line. Presentation of the Simulated and Measured Results
of a Simple Wideband Transition Between a Conductor-Backed
Coplanar Waveguide and a Microstrip Line.S.114. EuMW 2006:
Regenerating Interest. A Complete Wrap-up of European Microwave
Week 2006 Held September 10 – 15 in Manchester, England.S.120.
RF & Microwaves in Asia: Technologies and Markets. In-Depth Look
at Asia’s Emerging Role and Influence on the Global Radio
Frequency and Microwave Market.S.136. New Design Methodologies
for High Performance RF CMOS. Examination of the New
Challenges Applied to High Performance CMOS RFICs, Including
Electrical Modeling, Circuit Simulation and Specific Design Flow
Requirements.S.148. A Dual-Band HF-VHF/UHF Switch Matrix.
Introduction to Flexible Switch Matrix Designed to House Both HF
and VHF/UHF Band Input Signals Within the Same Unit.S.160.
RoHS Compliant Bias Tees. Development of RoHS Compliant Bias
Tees Covering Wireless Band Applications From 500 to 2500
MHz.S.174. Surface-Mount Monotonic Vector Modulators.
Introduction to a Family of Surface-Mount Vector Modulators with
Center Frequencies in the 800 MHz to 2.5 GHz Frequency

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