Round Rock Texas Stake Merit Badge Fair by hcj


									                                      2009 Merit Badge Fair
                                     Participant Registration
                                Saturday August 15th and 22nd, 2009

Please provide accurate information below so that specific class details can be sent to the participant.
Registration confirmation will be posted on the RoundRockStakeMBF yahoo group’s website. We
look forward to seeing you at the Merit Badge Fair.

Name _______________________________________

Unit type and number ____________________________ (ex. troop 456)

Phone number __________________________________

Email _________________________________________

Unit Leader ____________________________________

Unit Leader Phone ______________________________

Unit Leader Email _______________________________

You may register for 3 merit badge classes. Please indicate your preference by marking the following
table. Fill in numbers from 1 to 10 in the boxes to the left of the merit badges you wish to complete,
where 1 is your first choice and 10 the last.

Each class will consist of a 1hr. 20 min. session on each of the two Sat. mornings. The week in
between is to be used to complete out of class assignments. Please bring notebook and pen or pencil
to class. In addition, counselors may request additional material or preparation in order to
successfully complete the badges you are working on.

      Archery                                            Emergency Preparedness
      Architecture                                       Engineering
      Art                                                Fire Safety (counts as 2 sessions)
      Auto Maintenance (counts as 2                      First Aid (counts as 2 sessions)
      Aviation                                           Fishing and Wildlife Management
      Chemistry                                          Genealogy
      Cinematography                                     Law
      Citizenship in the Community                       Leatherwork
      Citizenship in the Nation                          Music
      Citizenship in the World                           Photography
      Coin Collecting                                    Radio
      Communications                                     Skating (In-Line Skating)
      Computer                                           Soil and Water Conservation
      Crime Prevention/Fingerprinting                    Space Exploration
      Dentistry                                          Traffic Safety
      Electricity                                        Weather
      Electronics                                        Woodcarving (counts as 2 sessions)

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