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Marketing manager job description

I/ Types of Marketing job description

   1. Marketing vice president
   2. Marketing director
   3. Marketing manager
   4. Marketing assistant manager
   5. Marketing assistant
   6. Marketing officer
   7. Marketing coordinator
   8. Marketing clerk
   9. Marketing associate
   10. Marketing executive
   11. Marketing supervisor
   12. Marketing specialist
   13. Marketing consultant
   14. Marketing agent
   15. Marketing leader
   16. Marketing analyst
   17. Marketing controller

II/ Key job tasks of marketing director job description

1. Marketing plan

      Design, implement, and facilitate annual marketing plan for the firm.
      Support and facilitate development and implementation of section
       business/marketing plans.
      Translating business unit objectives and strategies to develop brand portfolio
       objectives, strategies and plans to facilitate business unit growth.
      Develops marketing strategy, based on knowledge of establishment policy, nature
       of market, copyright and royalty requirements, and cost and markup factors.

2. Marketing budget

      Plan and administer the firm’s Marketing Operations budget;
      support development of regional marketing budgets.

3. Manage marketing suppliers
HR management and career development

      Negotiates with media agents to secure agreements for translation of materials
       into other media.

      Edits materials according to specific market or customer requirements.

      Develop promotional materials including marketing collateral and print copies

4. Oversee business development activities

      Efforts through Business Development Coordinator
      Assisting attorneys in strategic planning for client presentations, beauty
      contests, etc.
      Offer coaching for prospective client meetings, presentations, etc.
      Work with regional offices on designing and implementing prospecting and client
       contact systems.

5. Oversee corporate communications activities

      External communications and systems
      Internal communications and systems
      Public relations efforts
      External vendors and consultants

6. Develop and administer marketing database

      Includes client and prospect information, mailing list applications, access to
       financial reports, etc.

8. Manage marketing dept

      Supervise Marketing Assistant, Client Services Administrator, Communications
       Manager, Practice Development Manager and Regional Marketing Manager(s).
      Make staffing and hiring decisions within marketing department.
      Build and develop a marketing team which is competent, commercially
       astute, dedicated and efficient.
      Manage day to day activity with PR, press and marketing communications

7. Develop business unit

      Develop and deliver insightful presentations and strategies to the business
       unit and executive committee where appropriate.
HR management and career development

      Ensure the integration of the business unit marketing function within that
       of the greater group, and ensure that the business unit optimizes its use of
       shared and support services.
      Assist the business unit to meet its objectives, live the values and culture
       and to practice company policies.

III / Job specification of marketing director

   1. BS/BA in Marketing or related field
   2. Minimum 8 years marketing experience at a small to mid-size professional
      services organization.
   3. 2 years experience at director level or 5 years experiences at marketing manager.
   4. Experience with new media and internet advertising
   5. Detail-oriented with the ability to manage projects from inception through
   6. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
   7. A hunger to learn and ability to flourish in a dynamic, high-growth,
      entrepreneurial environment
   8. Entrepreneurial, self-starter with hands-on approach

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