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Administrative assistant job description

I/ Types of Administrative assistant job description

   1. Administrative vice president
   2. Administrative director
   3. Administrative manager
   4. Administrative assistant manager
   5. Administrative assistant
   6. Administrative officer
   7. Administrative coordinator
   8. Administrative clerk
   9. Administrative associate
   10. Administrative executive
   11. Administrative supervisor
   12. Administrative specialist
   13. Administrative consultant
   14. Administrative agent
   15. Administrative leader
   16. Administrative analyst
   17. Administrative controller

II/ Key job tasks of administrative assistant

   1. Receive and file incoming letters, documents
   2. Supply and manage office equipments, machines or properties to office and
       manufactures, kitchen utilities.
   3. Schedule meeting if any
   4. Welcome/Receive visitors relating to work
   5. Meal, water for Employees
   6. Manage administrative department, maintain a safe and secure work environment,
   7. Develop and maintain good working relationships with all relevant local
       governmental bureaus, agencies and authorities.
   8. Maintain office efficiency, plan and implement office systems, layouts, and
       equipment procurement.
   9. Ensure rules and procedures in place regarding working hours, lunch, office
       closure and communications about security
   10. Create, control, and monitor all administrative requirements of other departments.
   11. Prepare financial plans, budgets and forecasts
   12. Record, monitor expenses, raise monthly invoices
HR management and career development

   13. Monitor on-going activities and revise contracts
   14. Maintain stationary supplies and co-ordinating deliveries.
   15. Manage supply chain and resource requirements
   16. Telephone operator, guest receiving...
   17. Agenda management: booking, travels, meeting, arrange hotel for VIP, morning
   18. Supplier managements: photo, printing, furniture, mail & post...
   19. Office management: stationery, cleaning services, taxi card, telephone, mobile
   20. Office expense: water, electricity, logistic support for experts.
   21. Settle visa, work permit, residence card, etc...
   22. Other task assignment.

III / Job specification of administrative assistant

   1.   University graduation.
   2.   At least 1 years working experience in related field.
   3.   Good communication skill, English skills.
   4.   Good command of PC skills incl. MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
   5.   Be flexible and eager to learn new things
   6.   Possessing good teamwork spirit

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