Parent Involvement Stakeholders' Summit

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					                    Parent Involvement Stakeholders’ Summit
                            Saturday, August 23, 2003
                              8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

                                   Breakout Groups
Question 1: What is currently happening in schools that encourages parents to feel

   Choices: Magnet/Charter; outside neighborhood, outside district
   PTA: Involved a-m
   CAP (Place): Child stays at school/encourages parental involvement
   CDM: Address policy decisions, other groups, i.e. IB
   Teacher called parents individually
   Home visits, letters
   CSAP data  meaningful parental input
   BPAC; combined meetings with BPAC and other parents
   Community organized model – NE Denver schools
   Head Start (ECE) model – reach hard-to-reach families and get their involvement
   Completing school satisfaction surveys
   Better access to grades online

 CSAP scores / DRA / QRI’s
 Go over results of these tests with parents
 CDM-decision-making on budget & personnel
 Open-Door Policy – parents feel welcome
 Teachers invite parents to participate
 Ongoing communication between parents & teachers (memo, phone call, parent
 CDM Meetings throughout community rather than staying in same building (libraries)
 Parent/School Partnership


 The staff in schools are making an effort to make parents feel welcome (Volunteer
  Handbook/classroom volunteer sign-up)
 Help uncomfortable parents feel comfortable (relationships)
            Talk to parents
            Don’t wait until it’s a problem (punitive)
            Here to help
 Conferences… the standard stuff is there – more outreach (back-to-school)
 Office staff is critical – fall of the school / attitude
 Parent “community center”
            Help within the school
            Parent Classes
            All around resource & gathering room for parents
             Staffed by parents
 “Super Saturday”
            Parent training session
                  Literacy, reading with kids
            Folder for homework…
            For parents who work
 Literacy Night
 Identify the difference within the schools – no involvement – total involvement
 Student activities to bring parents in
 Raffle in conjunction with Back-to-School Night
            Win books
 Students are the avenue – get them excited and parents will come
 Parent conferences in the home
 Strong principal (leadership)
            On the playground – visible & available
            ELA BPAC
 Give away old books from public library, Sr. Citizen homes – they have books
            Distribute at different school events
            Literacy table
 Importance of books with no text
            Connect by having kids write a story to go with the book
 Work with medical clinics
 Book-A-Month – United Way program
 Denver Rec. Centers
 English Classes
 Provide Day Care
 Food is important
 Parents as volunteer coordinators


 Develop authentic process that allows for a respected role of parents in every decision-
  making process
 (Not CDMs) accountability to other parents of school


 Parents are welcomed when they are asked to volunteer or join the PTA; some walk in
  and express interest and some are asked. Problems – few show up and many don’t ask if
  they can help; some sign up but are never called as there is no follow-through; therefore
  schools need to do more outreach.
 Morey M.S. parent thankful that as a full-time employee she can be in close contact
  through the Web site and e-mail to teachers and homework information.
 Volunteer coupon book of tasks to help out with. Volunteers can tear out the job they
  would like to do and turn it in to the school
 Volunteer handbook and committee chairs that follow through
 Requirement to teach parents how to help their children. Parents explain teachers’
  language and what is meant. Was tried at Bromwell and died out.
 Knight Academy – principal and volunteer teachers meet every third Saturday from 9-11
  and have workshops for parents. They share language teachers are using and it’s very
  successful. Next they want to give parents opportunities to earn credits for coming.
 Northwest Denver: getting parents into schools for evening meetings monthly. They have
  an aggressive outreach of parent volunteers and put info in packets to go home, too.
 One high school principal at Manual says many teens don’t want parents at school so
  they let parents know they still need to be involved. They send home a Tuesday Folder
  with all type of correspondence and parents know to look for it. Also, have monthly
 In North Denver, have “Gregory” law that for meetings, Tuesday evenings are elementary
  nights, Wednesday are middle school and Thursdays are high school, so parents with
  kids at various levels can attend all.
 One story told of a school where students develop a resource list of talents and skills they
  think their parents have and enroll their participation in getting parental help.


 Communication out  specific on what parents can do. List of what parents can do.
  Room Parents
 Communication in dual language
 Welcome room – pre-welcome event
 Open welcome office
 Student ambassadors
 K-8 when will certain specific thing that can be done with parent involvement
 Parent community liaison
          Email for appointments for assignments – Middle School
          Specific assignments for parents

 Second cup of coffee – stood on sidewalks, share information. Assignment is done by
  each grade level
 Invitation to parents from the schools
 Continue the Thursday/Friday Folders
 Active recruitment for diverse programs – recruit the kids / -Parent helps make the
  opportunity evolve

 Teacher seminars to involve parents (teach parent to read with student or math skills, etc.
  Make it fun!

 Curriculum nights for literacy and math       (not friendly wording?)
 Teacher “wish lists” with structured ideas on what the parent can do with students
 Volunteer for tutoring
 POC’s (Point of Contacts) for parents so they have someone that they can go to with
  questions, complaints, concerns
 Newsletters, Web sites, e-mail (between parent and teacher) and voice-mail
  systemsmay need work).
 Community-building events (Back-to-school night, athletic events, plays, etc.)
 Parent Appreciation (dinner to show appreciation)
   Teacher Appreciation
   Report card pickups (along with parent-teacher conferences)
   ISIS – Student Info Systems (Web site)
   At East – up-to-minute update on calendars, student performance (attendance

 English classes for parents
 Community walks for teachers
 Open-door policy for parents
 Celebrations for student achievement
 Parent room
 Communication for parents about specific jobs that teachers can do
 Volunteer handbook for parents
 Directory for parents
 Teachers give e-mail addresses – communication
 Orientations for new parents, matching parents with new parents, parent ambassadors
 Enthusiastic and welcoming teachers
 Parent involvement over the K-12 span
 Middle school forum – vision, common goals
 Parent Coordinator
 Door-to-door visits to first-graders
 Social worker involved in parent involvement programs
 Grade-level assigned each month to 2nd cup of coffee
 Observation forms for parents so they know what to observe in classrooms
 Smile at parents in the hallways! Make them feel welcome!
 Play-groups for younger children when parents attend school functions and to prepare
  kids for school
 Teachers call with GOOD news!

   Newsletter
   Monthly parent workshops – SFA (Success For All) helps parent learn curriculum
   ISIS program (individual student info. System)
   Active P.T.A.
   Several teachers provide training for parents who will be working in the classroom
   CDM – formal vehicle for parent involvement
   Morning get-together for new parents to learn about school programs
   Opportunity for teachers to meet one-on-one with parents at the end of the day
   Once-a-month “Family Night” – opportunity for parents to sign up to attend class
   Parent volunteer sign-up form (parent volunteer handbook with coupons)
   Parents required to pick up report cards – visit school and talk to teachers
   Parents were support for extracurricular activities
   Community dinners – parents bring a dish. Potluck for diversity (at the beginning of the
   Picnic day before school starts for school staff and families
   Watermelon social
   Breakfast with principal twice a year – with parents
   In high schools – Booster Clubs
 Parent-organized school-wide auction – parents donate items (manicures, lunch,
  shopping, etc.) fundraiser – “The World Through…”.
 Partnerships
 Community Yard sale – proceeds to Character Education
 Freshmen parents – meeting with community at community center
 School staff walked community; visited each student’s home – provided school supplies
 Parents involved with candidates for new teacher positions
 School/community fairs

   Orgs like CDM & PTSO
   Technology (ease of) – e-mail ways to communicate – voicemail, Web sites
   Inbound, outbound, pre-recorded messages
   Thursday folders – next week’s info.
   Picnics, gatherings helping parents connect
   Newcomers’ Potluck
   Opportunities to volunteer with specific departments
   3-week progress reports
   Difference between informed and empowered
   Empowerment comes form high-level student achievement – parents very involved – high
    level of expectations.
   How to integrate this throughout the district?
   How to make / spread this expectation throughout?
   Make excitement, goodwill becomes contagious
   At some schools, there is something at stake, parents must be highly involved for
    students to stay and succeed – something to lose.
   Not enough happening to make parents empowered
   Empowerment  choice Involvement  empowerment


Spanish-speaking group:
 Poder = Derecho acerca de lo que pasa en la escuela
 Rights about what’s happening in school
 Responsabilidad - Responsibility
 Tener voz que se escucha - Voice that is heard
 Capacitate de hacer cambios - Ability to make change
 Se tienen que sentir bienvenidos - How to feel welcome
 La Directora proporciona clases de ingles para los padres - Principal at Sabin
  próvidas ESL classes for parents
 East – Nothing for Spanish-Speaking
 North – 3 Spanish-speaking administrators
 Servicio Público – Customer Service
 Hacer a los padres a que se sentar bienvenidos – Welcoming Parents
 Personal que habla español en la registración – Spanish-speaking staff during
 Comité para ____ la bienvenida a padres – Welcoming comité
 Mandaron la información de los CDMs en Español  primera vez – For the first time
  information on CDMs was sent in Spanish
 Baker – Visitaron la casa de cada estudiante – se sentaron con los padres a hablar
  acerca de su estudiante – Abrieron la puerta – Baker – visited every student’s home –
  sat down to speak to parents about their student, oponed the door.
 Cheltenham – Person on staff hired exclusively to work with parents – all information is
  sent home in two languages
            Frequent progress reports sent home to parents in two languages
            Bilingual principal – open-door policy – speaks in two languages at each
             parent/school event
 Amesse – Monthly bilingual parent workshops
 Centennial – Antes mandaban información en español – ahora NO – Before, sent
  bilingual information home – not now!
 West – Mandan información en dos idiomas – Send home info in two languages
 DSA – Correspondence hacia correo electrónico – E-mail correspondence
 Send parent volunteer questionnaire home – follow-up with parents


   Distance learning – 3 times per week for parents – ESL
   Make parents aware in own language
   Translate homework
   CDM – Collaborative Decision-Making Groups
   P.T.A. groups
   Accepting (inclusive) environment at school
   Parent Points – weekly parent involvement with child with incentives
   “TV Busters” – no tv to engage parents with child
   Million-Word-Campaign – parental involvement
   Regularly-scheduled / variety meetings for parents , parents are active participants
   Inviting parents to volunteer in classroom
   Parent conferences – working relationship individual learning plan
   ISIS
   Character Education program – discipline involvement
   Secondary Education – Booster Groups


   Back-to-School Nights
   Parent/Teacher Conferences
   Parent Advisory Committee
   CDMs (Student Achievement)
   Theme nights – Back-to-School
   Volunteering
   P.T.A.
   Paid-volunteer coordinator
   ECE Program (Early Childhood Education)
   School Board meetings on TV
   Circulum Meetings with parents
   Welcome Coffee with PTSA on 1st day for parents with sign sheets for parent involvement
    - child daycare?
   Parents receive committee list and asked to donate
   Spring Orientation & back-to-school night new parent
   Community dinner at report-card time
   Literacy nights with dinner/prizes
   Small groups
   Challenge for kids – parent involvement
   Parent co-teach
   Mom’s night & Dad’s night – child shows what learns
   ESL classes
   Community walks
   Home visits