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					                   Neighbourhood Management Pathfinder: Education Intervention
                   ‘Raising the Performance Levels of Pupils’

                   INFORMATION SHEET

Mathematics Transition Programme
                                         The Mathematics Transition Programme is a 16
                                         Lesson Curriculum bridging programme which uses
                                         the QCA Algebra Units, a well established and
                                         successful programme, cased on using Function
                                         The programme was introduced by Parkfield and Mill
                                         Lane Area Neighbourhood Management Pathfinder
                                         Education Intervention, but such was its success it
                                         has been rolled out to a wider base.
                                       30 schools in Central and North Stockton participated
this year, with up to 80% coverage of pupils in transition. This number will grow, particularly if
the support of secondary schools is maintained.

How it works
Primary schools deliver 10 lessons in the summer term of Year 6
Primary schools are very willing to use the programme because:
 It is an interesting programme for the summer term
 It helps their pupils to have a good start in secondary school
 They realise the broader value of planning for transition Bridging Material
Pupil scripts are sent via the internal mail to secondary schools, where they can be given to
the teachers to use with the pupils. A further 6 lessons are delivered in the Secondary schools
at the start of Year 7
Secondary schools have supported the programme because it gives pupils a flying start,
particularly for the weaker pupils, who may lack self-confidence.
This programme has an almost zero cost implication (which is limited to printing costs) with
the lessons plans, worksheets and teachers notes’ all provided online: and look in the curriculum section for Transition Projects.
The printing rights for the units have been acquired by Stockton Borough Council, (via the
Education Intervention and North Stockton WAX) for any Stockton School to use.

Programme Partners:
QCA                                         30 North and Central Stockton Primary
North Stockton EAZ                          and Secondary Schools, which includes
TRAIN                                       the 6 Education Intervention partner

                                            For further information on this Intervention please contact:
                                            Reba Yuille, Administrator
                                            tel: 01642 527694