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					                           Family Reunion Newsletter
                                              3rd Edition

We have a special announcement to make; in fact as I see it, it’s like a gift to the family so I thought
it would be best to make this announcement in time for Christmas. So here it is! We have entered into
an agreement with to host our family website. Our new family website is called O           Valencia, Espinosa (ove) is how we dreamed up the name. We wanted to
make the name as simple as possible to use and to remember. Javier Martinez is working now to
create the various pages involved:

       A cover page                                             A communicate-with-us page
       A photo album page                                       An about-your-reunion-committee
       An announcements page                                     page
       A recipe page                                            An archives page and
       Our next reunion page                                    A section that tells you about our
       Our last reunion page                                     website administrator, Dave McInroy
       A password protected page of all our                      and the young man who is building
        family names and addresses                                our website, Javier Martinez.

Doesn’t this sound exciting. I can’t wait to see it. No, it isn’t finished yet. Javier is still in the
process of constructing it, but you can monitor his progress periodically by going to the Internet at

Please let me introduce you to our website design and implementation team. Dave McInroy and
Javier Martinez. Both are from the Phoenix area. Dave is primarily our intermediary, the man with
the knowledge and experience. He is the technical advisor and designer for our website. On the other
hand, the person who is doing all the work building our website is his nephew Javier Martinez. In
case you didn’t know, he is only 16 years old, a sophomore in high school, and he is an amazing and
talented young man; the grandson of Jose Martinez of Sierra Vista Arizona and Yolanda (Martinez)
Bridges of Phoenix, Arizona. The entire family can be very proud of Javier and all the work he is
doing on our website. Dave is working closely with Javier to provide him direction and guidance, and
most importantly to make certain he isn’t overloaded.

Javier is the son of Joe and Paula Martinez from Peoria, Arizona. His hobbies include Music and
promoting music, although he doesn’t play an instrument. He has three sisters and two brothers. He
was born in Phoenix has lived there all of his life. He got into computers by going to the computer lab
when he was in elementary school. He said, “I was just amazed at what they could do. Then my dad
bought one and that’s when I started exploring everything with computers; technology and web design
etc.” Regarding his work on the website, he said, “I’m very happy and eager to be starting this
website for the family and I hope to learn a lot more about the family I’m a part of. If anyone wants
to submit anything into the website, just email it to me at or or”

The other member of our Website team is David McInroy. Dave was born in Fort Belvoir, Virginia in
1955; the child of career military parents. Dave first met Maryann Martinez when he was in the 8th
grade. He met Yolanda Martinez (Maryann’s mother) at a football player’s party she gave for the

Contact:                                                              Email:
John (Dan) Higley                                        Tel 702-293-2323 *** Fax 702-293-6575
1234 Wyoming Street
Boulder City, NV 89005                                                                            Page 1
freshman football team. He said, “Maryann & I started dating in 1972 a week before homecoming,
our sophomore year of high school. We attended my first family reunion in Pagosa Springs in 1976.
Maryann and I moved to Phoenix together in 1977 and then we married in 1982 in Las Vegas.” On a
more personal note, we share Dave’s love, his memories, and his sadness over the loss of his beloved
wife, soul mate, and family member, Maryann (Martinez) McInroy.

Dave attended school in 1977 to learn computer programming and has been working as a computer
programmer since then. Most of his experience has been in the medical/health industry segment
having worked for WebMD for quite some time.

Most of his time is spent reading and playing with his three dogs (his kids). He also enjoys
photography, target shooting, and getting together with family & friends. He loves to read. He has a
personal library of over 5000 books and he reads up to 5 books and 80 magazines each month. He
says, “I usually win Trivial Pursuit. I’m also the family librarian for Jose’s (Martinez) family. He
said, with over 100 photo albums, and 5000 slides, it’s getting to be a large archive.

Thank you for your contribution to the family Dave. We are grateful that you are willing to share with
us your expertise to help build the family website. By the way, Dave has also agreed to be our
official photographer at the June 2004 family reunion. You may contact him about the website or if
you want to make special photo arrangements at the reunion. His email address is

MISSING FAMILY MEMBERS: We Need Your Help To Find Them!
We’ve only had a few of you respond. At present we are still missing 24 addresses that were returned
by the postmaster as undeliverable. We need your help to locate the current addresses, phone numbers
and or e-mail addresses for the following family members. They are listed by name and their last
known city and state:

       Rudy & Susie Candelaria, Durango, CO                  Christopher Martinez, Seattle WA
       Chris & Leslie Cervantez, San Diego, CA               Sammy & Beverly Martinez, Pagosa
       Andy Chavez, Phoenix AZ                                Springs, CO
       Brent & Frances Dee, West Jordan, Utah                Armando & Josie
       Ponfirio Garcia, Bloomfield, NM                    
       John & Ruby Gonzalez, Phoenix, AZ                  
       Betty Gutierrez, Farmington, NM                       Frank & Darlene Rodriguez, Phoenix, AZ
       Della Jimenez, Phelen, Ca                             Fred Rojas, Bellevue, NE
       Joe Kirby, Alpine, CA                                 Joe Valencia, Montrose, CO
       David & Mary Lewis, Safford, AZ                       Johnny & Norman Valencia, Phoenix, AZ
       Randy & Velma Lovato, Glendale, AZ                    Michael Salazar, Idaho
       Terry & Tirri Lovato, Mesa, AZ                        Rudy Salazar, Las Vegas, NV
       Benny Lucero, Flagstaff, AZ

Very few of you contacted me with anything to announce.

       Pat Martinez, and Johnny and Trudy Lucero put together the Martinez clans Family
        Christmas Party last Sunday the 14th of December. It was at the Eagles Hall in Henderson
        and it was a smashing success. Can you believe it; we had between 80 and 100 family
        members attending. The family is growing! We had a potluck dinner and the feast was fit for
        Santa who arrived around 6pm. All of us kids, young and old, got to sing Jingle Bells before
        receiving our gift from Santa. Good job Pat, Johnny and Trudy. It was one of the finest
        Christmas parties we’ve had and the location was perfect.

Contact:                                                           Email:
John (Dan) Higley                                     Tel 702-293-2323 *** Fax 702-293-6575
1234 Wyoming Street
Boulder City, NV 89005                                                                         Page 2
       Justin and Gina Carrington from Las Vegas just gave birth to a beautiful new baby girl.
        Congratulations Justin and Gina! Gina has been up and down with complications resulting
        from her pregnancy. Hurry up and get well soon Gina!
       Moises and Clara Martinez, of Pagosa Springs, Colorado are in Henderson for the holidays.
        They are staying with Clara’s brother Ray Martinez and his wife Karen. They are also going
        to participate in the baptism of their grandson Zane Martinez this Sunday. The baby’s
        Godparents are Abrahn Salazar and Michelle Makon. Parents are John Paul and Melonie
       Raymond and Karen Martinez are beaming with pride to announce that their daughter
        Kathleen was recently accepted to Notre Dame University. Isn’t that exciting? Do we have
        any other family members who attended Notre Dame or is this a first? Congratulations to the
        proud parents and congratulations Kathleen. We are all very proud of you.
       Anthony and Terry Salazar just bought a new home in Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, New
        Mexico. Congratulations Anthony and Terry. When is the house warming party? I’m sure
        there are many of us who would want to attend. Hey, it isn’t a home until you spill a few
        drinks and christen the new carpet! Think of it as a family tradition. He he he!
       Gabriel and Barbara Hendricks recently traveled from Pagosa Springs Colorado to He nderson
        to spend a week with parents William (Mike) and Margaret Hendricks. Mike has been
        recovering from hip replacement surgery. He is free of the pain he once suffered, and he is
        well on the road to recovery. Aunt Lala and Uncle Mike were very happy to see them. It
        gave them a much-needed lift.
       Leonard and Kindy Martinez of Albuquerque New Mexico have opened their home once
        again to a beautiful young girl from Honduras. Lucy is in this country to receive medical
        care. We understand they have done this several times in the past. We applaud Leonard and
        Kindy just for being who they are; loving, compassionate, and giving people. They have
        demonstrated before this willingness to reach out and give to others at such a time of need.
        They are beacons of light and models of what we can create when we give of ourselves to
        humanity. After all, aren’t we all just one big giant family? Way to go Leonard and Kindy.
        You are setting the pace; a beautiful example for others to follow. We are very proud to say
        that you are members of our family and we love you too.
       Chris Higley has recently announced his engagement to Chastity. They plan to wed in April
        of 2004. Congratulations Chris and Chastity and it’s about time too! Chuck wants a
        grandbaby! He’s waited a lot of years so he deserves one.
       Clara Martinez announced to my wife Sue that they are coming out of retirement. She said,
        “I’m pregnant and expecting my 6 th child.” Hey, wait a minute! Aren’t they a little old to be
        having children? As it turns out, she was just poking a little fun. I guess you are only as old
        as you feel. In that regard, we could all take a few lessons from Salvador Archuleta because
        he and Bonnie recently had twins.

Do you have any announcements? Don’t be left out. Please send it to me and I will make certain it
gets into our January newsletter. Now, lets talk about our next family reunion.

You are cordially invited to attend our next family reunion; it’s just six months away. It will be
under the pine trees at Mormon Lake, 30 minutes southeast of Flagstaff, AZ on June 10 th thru June
13th 2004. The campground is ours until June 14th for those who would rather leave on Monday.
There are toilet and (pay) shower facilities on the campground so please bring your own t owels. They
also have an RV park with all the hookups if you would rather rent your own RV space. In addition, I
reserved about 10 cabins for those who don’t want to camp, they are reserved only until January 31,
2004. These rooms are very reasonable starting at about $40 per night. Please contact Mormon Lake
to reserve your cabin or RV campsite at 928-354-2227, extension 10. You can also visit their website

Contact:                                                            Email:
John (Dan) Higley                                      Tel 702-293-2323 *** Fax 702-293-6575
1234 Wyoming Street
Boulder City, NV 89005                                                                         Page 3
at [] for more information. Please RSVP by January 31, 2004. We
need to know if you are planning to attend.

Those using the campground will be charged a flat fee for the entire four-day event. The fee will be
$25.00 per family/vehicle. As you can see, this reunion committee is working to keep the cost of
attending this year’s reunion down to an absolute minimum. In addition, we are investing much time
and effort to design a fun and exciting program of events for this reunion. Come and have fun with us.

More about our Reunion Program
We need your help. We need to borrow some equipment for the reunion. Can you lend any of the

    1. Several 10 x 20 vinyl outdoor carports (the kind Sam’s Club or Costco sells) for:
           a. An Exhibit area for the family history exhibit
           b. Tables for eating
           c. The Friday-Saturday Dance/Fiesta/Talent Show/Meetings
    2. Outdoor games for both children and adults (David Martinez of Henderson has agreed to help
       organize adult games along with Chuck Higley).
    3. Propane stoves and lanterns
    4. Tables & Chairs
    5. Several Motorola Talk-About walkie-talkies or comparable units.
    6. We also need items for the fund raising auction. The more, the bigger, and the better, the
       more money we can raise for future family reunions. Start planning now on what you can
       bring to the auction.

We also need volunteers Our October/November Newsletters resulted in only about four responses.
Please, time is getting short and we need your help in any one of the following ways:

           Family members who want to show us how to cook or prepare special dishes.
           Elder members who want to share with us stories about their life and family
           The family cookbook. We want recipes and we need to know who was handling this task
            in the past so we can work together and get it going again
           Someone to help organize children’s games and events.
           We want to have a talent show so we need volunteer talent show contestants and we want
            people of all ages to join in.
           Musicians, bring your instruments and your microphones & stands. I hadn’t heard from
            anyone. I would love to see Tommy and Juana Martinez and Lucas Martinez and I know
            we have many other musicians in the family. We want all of you to attend and bring your
            musical instruments so we can put together a real ho-down Mexican Fiesta. I will have a
            PA system there for us to use. Pine Grove never had it so good!
           We also need people to help set up, clean up, and take down the reunion campground
            facilities. Please let us know if you can contribute in this way.
           Are you an amateur astronomer? Here is possibly another new event. Please bring
            your telescope and show us the ice caps of Mars or the rings of Saturn or something else
            just as interesting. Wouldn’t this be a wonderful late night event? The stars at Mormon
            Lake are bright, clear, and beautiful in June. It’s a perfect setting. Please contact me and
            Let us know if you are able or willing to do this. I’ll announce it in our next newsletter.

We’ll send you another update newsletter in January 2004. From our family to yours, we wish you a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
                                                Your 2004 Reunion Committee
Contact:                                                            Email:
John (Dan) Higley                                      Tel 702-293-2323 *** Fax 702-293-6575
1234 Wyoming Street
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