Zac Hoogendyk by gabyion


									                                    Zac Hoogendyk
                                       Phone: 310-498-1005
                                        B.A. Theatre Arts

   Height: 6’0”         Weight: 170           Eyes: Blue           Hair: Dirty Blond


Production                                           Director
Crossing the Pacific            Lead                 Hood Whitson (Pepperdine Univ.)
Deception                       Lead                 Taylor Calley (Pepperdine Univ.)


Production                      Role

Arcadia                         Septimus Hodge       The Cleveland Playhouse
The Shadow Zone                 Tom (The Writer)     The Next Stage Theatre, Los Angeles
The Grapes of Wrath             Tom Joad             Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Moby Dick Rehearsed             Ahab                 Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Beauty and the Beast            Beast                Texas Shakespeare Festival
A Midsummer Nights Dream        Fairy                Texas Shakespeare Festival
Macbeth                         Murderer #1          Texas Shakespeare Festival
Cyrano De Bergerac              Musketeer            Texas Shakespeare Festival
King Lear                       King of France       Pepperdine University dir. Andrew Jarvis (RSC)
Twelfth Night                   Malvolio             Pepperdine University
The Glass Menagerie             Jim                  Pepperdine Univeristy
All My Sons                     Joe Keller           Pepperdine University
The Grapes of Wrath             Tom Joad             Pepperdine University
Shakespeare’s R & J             Romeo/Student #1     Pepperdine University
Ordinary People                 Conrad               Pepperdine University
The Music Man                   Ensemble             Pepperdine University
Fiddler on the Roof             Ensemble             Pepperdine University
The Boys Next Door              Mr. Klemper          Pepperdine Univeristy
Fahrenheit 451                  Henley               Pepperdine University
Visiting Mr. Green              Ross Gardner         Pepperdine University


- MFA Candidate Case Western Reserve University/The Cleveland Playhouse
- B.A. Theatre Arts from Pepperdine University
- Improvisational training with Tracy Burns and Allen Simpson of LA Theatre Sports
- 3 years of Dance for Musical Theatre
- Shakespeare Master Classes with Andrew Jarvis of the Royal Shakespeare Company
- Athletics: Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Running, Juggling
- Extensive Television Background Experience

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