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					                            the University of Greenwich

                     School of Humanities and Social Sciences

           STAFF, THURSDAY 28th MAY 9.30 AM-7PM

9.00am KW315: Meeting of all research students in, plans for the day.
Welcome by Professor Joanne Finkelstein (Head of School), Dr Nandini Dasgupta
(Head of Research Committee), Dr Richard Wild (Postgraduate Tutor) and
Professor Susan Rowland

9.30 -11.30 am Panel Sessions 1

Nandini Dasgupta – „Research and Sustainable Development‟

Nathalie Bikoro - „Historical relations and time-space archipelagoisation; the
challenges of post-modern art in West Coast Africa‟

Sarat Das - An examination of the user generated content (UGC) within news genre
which is closing the cultural spaces between producers, text and audience in a rapidly
changing production ecology in multiplatform Indian television.


Chela Katwishi - “Racism and the challenges it faces”

Sarah Amadi – „The Excluded Other‟

Mark Hortop - „Racism, Masculinity and Misogyny: Is prejudice a necessary evil in
hard-boiled fiction? A comparison of Raymond Chandler‟s Farewell my Lovely (1940)
and Walter Mosley‟s Devil in Blue Dress (1990).‟

Saneyudi Owadi - The purpose of advertisement is to make consumer‟s feeling to
purchase a product. I will define how the method of Europe and the approach is
different from Japan.

KW002: Chair June Balshaw:

Helen Barnard - „ A Continuing Line – The women in the Metropolitan Police
1919-1922 – A History‟

Catherine Martin - „The People‟s Demobilization: A Case Study in Politics,
Propaganda and Popular Will in 1945‟

Hayley Jones - The teenager and Capital Punishment in post-war Britain: a case study
in campaigns and killing.

Sarah Crofts - „Thankfull Sturdee: Deptford photographer‟
QA080: Chair: Jenny Bavidge

Paul Christian (Theory and Contemporary Writing) and Cheryl Stening (dissertation
on fairy tales) (UG),

Tyne Tillier (Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1) (UG)

Bobby Good (Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2 (UG)

Liam Smyth (Creative Writing plus Cinema & Space film)

Violi Sahaj and Patrick Dunne (two philosophy dissertations) (all UG)


Petra Sabish - „What does choreography do? Contamination and articulation - two
major concepts of contemporary choreography‟

Timur Atalay - „Film Noir & The (Sexuality) Female‟

John Morton – „Tennyson and Youth‟

Cat Snitzer: American Identity, as through the car culture, muscle cars and the

QA065: Chair Angela Laycock:

Current Issues in Human Rights Law
A panel of members of the Human Rights Law undergraduate option team present
findings on current issues in Human Rights Law.

11.30-12 Coffee/tea/biscuits Level 3 circulation space

12-1.30pm Panel Sessions 2

KW315: Chair: Pippa Guard

Level 3 Performance Studies: Research in Practice

KW303: Chair: Konstantinos Maronitis

Dr. Gauti Sigthorsson - "Heavy Cultural Industries."

Joy White - "„Repping‟ Black Masculinities: Channel U, YouTube and the Alternative
Creative Economy."

2                                                                                 2
Joanna Cole - "The Tracey Emin Effect: Creative Industries in Margate."

Sarah Sharp - "The 'Big Four' and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival."

KW302: Chair: Angela Laycock

Law Research Panel
Angela Laycock, Meltem Sevdiren, Masako Ueda and Rachel Williams
- „Law in the Community: the University of Greenwich/Greenwich Association of
Disabled People Centre for Independent Living (GAD) Research Project‟

KW002: Chair: Susan Rowland

Sian Fennah and Jodie Johnson (Creative Writing) (UG)

Heather Lilley – ‘Research Arising From Completed Drama Project‟

Susan Rowland – ‘Trauma Stories and Origin Stories: The Case of The Lion, the
Witch and the Wardrobe and Research Led Teaching (level 3

QA080: Chair: John Williams

Helen Philpott - Does writing in the third person, and using a pseudonym, allow for
less self-censorship when writing a novel?

Katy Beavers – „Coleridge, Balzac and Thelwall: Unmasking the Succubus‟

Khosrow Razavi - „Kubla Khan, a pseudo-oriental poem„


Doug Stuart - „Enlightenment and Mission in Early Nineteenth Century South Africa‟

Thomas Acton - "Has cultural studies sounded the death-knell of classical sociology
prematurely? The view from Romani Studies"

Paul Wingrove – A paper providing a new consideration of the influence of Soviet
Union occupation in Eastern Europe and its contribution to the origins of the Cold


Noriko Hikima - „Processing Instruction (PI) and interpretation discourse level tasks
on the acquisition of Japanese passive forms‟

3                                                                                     3
Maria Arche - „Why do we struggle when we try to learn a language as adults?‟

1.30pm-2.15 pm: Lunch break (own arrangements)

2.15 pm-3.45 pm Panel sessions 3

KW315: Chair: Pippa Guard and Heather Lilley

Research in Practice case studies: an innovative Level 3 Course

Jessica Ralph: "Can Forum Theatre be used in schools to help young
people deal with social issues?"

Lucy : 'How do you create character in Cammedia del Arte?'

Jane Rath: 'Prison Drama: how does a theatre company prepare for work
in prisons?'

Adrian Figueroa Suarez: 'Is the humour in Becket's plays there to
soften his bleak view of existence?'

Michael Langan (paper) - „Astonishing Apples: Visualising the Novel‟


Hannah Lammin - „Gesture, repetition, theatre‟

Debbie Phung - „Transgression and Transformation in Mr Brooks (Bruce A. Evans,


A Postcolonial Panel: Chair: Justine Baillie

Justine Baillie – „Postcolonial Literature and the Obama Moment‟

Gavin Rand – 'Same Difference? Liberalism, Governance and Empire'

Jason Crawford - „What would Wonder Woman do: Superheroines blasting through
                              the glass ceiling‟


Hilary Goldsmith - „Detecting Darwinism: The Darwinian World View and the
Sherlock Holmes Stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle‟

Edward Phillips - „Legal Myth-Making: Medea and the Legal Representation of the
4                                                                                 4
Feminine „Other‟‟

Richard Wild - „Counter-terrorism, anti-extremism, armed conflict and human rights:
Using a Russian case study‟

QA080: Chair: June Balshaw:

John Williams - `Marginal Gothic`: Mediating the Monstrous in British Romanticism‟

Sandra Dunster - „England‟s Past for Everyone: a research initiative for the
twenty-first century‟

Judy Buckley - „Godly Rule in Maidstone between the Reformation in 1549 and the
Restoration in 1660.‟


Kath Jones/Mick Bowles - „Socrates and Plato on asking „what is x?‟‟

Mariam Christopher - Heidegger's 'Identity and Difference'

Paul Richards – „ The Expressive Mirror: Nonidentical Aspects of Artistic

QA065: Chair: Peter Skrandies

Richard Potter - „Wordsworth‟s Spiritual Revolution and the Hegemonic Influence of
the Church of England‟

Dev Nangon - „Dr. Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) and his Passion‟

Hubert Rycak (UG) - "Polish Migrants in the UK, their Background, their Original
Intentions and Change of Plans".

*3.50pm: Special Seminar: How to Pass your PhD Viva KW002:

Chair: Professor John Williams.

3.50-4.50pm Panel Sessions 4

KW315: Chair: Nina Rapi

Two Twenty Minute plays by Playwriting Students

Jennifer Hayward – „Loners inc.‟
5                                                                                 5
Susan Hallissey – „The Boys‟


Maria Kaspersson - „When Deterrence Works - and When it Doesn't‟

Brenda McKeown - ‘ Free Running Fragment‟


Aziliz du Fay - „The Becoming of a Frontier‟

Kostas Maronitis - „School‟s Out for the Resident Alien: Commemorative Rituals and
Banal Nationalism in Greece‟

QA080: Chair: Susan Rowland

Jenni Fagan - ‘My Dyadic Tongue’ (postcolonial poem) and Novlet McLeary,
reading a poem (UG),

Emmanuel Owusu - „Freedom of the Mass Media and Democratisation in West
Africa: a critical analysis of the place of the Ghanaian mass media in the country‟s
political metamorphoses since independence in 1957‟


Jenny Bavidge - „Rats, Flowers and Flood: London, Eco-Gothic‟

Adrian Shaw - ‘Performance as a site of production‟


Mary Clare-Martin - „In Market, Mansion or Mountain: Representations of disability
in literature for the young, 1850-1950‟

4.50pm Tea/Coffee/Biscuits in Level 3 circulation space

              5.20 pm: Special Research Presentation:

                        KW315: Chair: Susan Rowland

    Pippa Guard - Playhouse Creatures: The Struggle Towards
             Virtuosity' (with actors and costumes)
6                                                                                      6
    6.30 pm: Wine Reception (QA075 and QA077) and Launch of the
    Journal, THE ISSUES in The Stephen Lawrence Gallery in Queen
                            Followed by:

             Postgraduate Media Arts
Philosophy and Practice exhibition. A performance by
      Bikoro will form part of the proceedings.

                             Finish: 8pm

7                                                                  7