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					                                                                                              SEAG Paper 6
                                                                                               9 Oct 2006

                                        The University of Edinburgh

                             Sustainability & Environmental Advisory Group

                                               9th October 2006

         Update from Sustainability Issues & Fairtrade Group (SIFTG)
                        and Fairtrade City initiative

Brief description of the paper

Updates SEAG on progress being made within the University and informs SEAG of our role on the Fairtrade
City initiative

Action requested

For information

Resource implications

Does the paper have resource implications? Yes
If ‘Yes’, in which section(s) of the paper are they described? City initiative section

Risk Assessment

Does the paper include a risk analysis? No

Equality and Diversity

Does the paper have equality and diversity implications? Yes

If ‘Yes’, in which section(s) of the paper are they described? Whole paper is about fair trade.

Any other relevant information

A full report on actions on Fairtrade University during the year to March 2006 is in preparation

Freedom of information

Can this paper be included in open business? Yes

Originator of the paper

Karen Bowman, Director of Procurement
28 Sept 2006
    Update from SIFTG and Fairtrade City initiative to SEAG, 9 Oct 2006
   Renewal of Application for 2006-2007 completed and approved by the Fairtrade Foundation.
   Janitorial contract awarded 2006 for 3 years via St Andrews University on behalf of Proc-SNI, as part of the
    tendering process suppliers were asked to consider supplying Fairtrade goods as part of the agreement. The
    Fairtrade Foundation has given clear indication that FT cotton should be available during 2006-2007.
   Edinburgh First caters for internal University market and external commercial market Fairtrade coffee and
    tea by default, bananas, orange juice, and wine.
   EUSA apply for ISO 14001- Recommendation contained and report to be implemented.
   During Freshers’ week the Energy and Sustainability Office (ESO) had an information stand, offering
    information and guidance. Cotton bags were handed out as an incentive to complete survey forms.
   ESO have been given a slot during staff inductions, which enables new staff to be given a brief overview of
    Policies and Procedures.
   ESO is continuing to assist the Procurement Office with promoting mains tap water cooling systems where
    feasible. The contract information is also available on the Estates and Buildings web site to encourage
    customers to consider replacing their bottled water for mains (ongoing).
   Prospectuses – Director of Procurement to liaise with CPA to ensure Fairtrade logo is placed on future
   The Fairtrade Accreditation Certificate (200) has been placed in variable areas throughout the University.
   Recycled coloured paper available to customers through the national agreement for stationery, particularly
    aimed at small volumes to be added to the stationery basket. This will reduce the amount of suppliers and
    deliveries into the University.
   The Procurement Office has a dedicated web page for Fairtrade, which holds all relative information and
    future initiatives.

City Fairtrade Update 2006
Fairtrade Fortnight 2006 events were very successful, in particular the Fairtrade evening reception at the Scottish
Parliament. Every year Fairtrade producers visit the UK as part of Fairtrade Fortnight. This year Edinburgh had
the privilege of being host to two special female cocoa producers from Ghana. Comfort Kwaasibea and Comfort
Asare-Kwabi's cocoa beans go to make Divine Chocolate and they were visiting courtesy of the Day Chocolate
The occasion marked the launch of the Lord Provost's Fair Trade Awards. There were two categories – ‘best
Fairtrade Business Newcomer Award’, which was won by The Edinburgh Playhouse, and ‘best Fair Trade
Community Award’, which was won by Sciennes Primary School.
The Playhouse has recently switched to Fairtrade catering products and the FAIRTRADE Mark is widely
promoted and publicised in the Theatre. With 25,000 people attending the Theatre weekly when shows are on,
this is a huge Fairtrade audience.
Sciennes Primary school P6 pupils put on a very successful Fairtrade fashion show in the school highlighting the
fact that cotton is the latest product that has the FAIRTRADE MARK. The pupils designed T-shirts that were
sold at the end of the show and £1000 collected was given to Oxfam. The event was very successful and was
well attended by parents and the wider school community.
Steering Group update:
     Proposals have been put forward to change the ‘City Guide’ from a booklet to a pocket guide.
         Funding is still required for the City Guide; the Steering Group is looking at variable options.
        Preparations have already started for the Fairtrade Fortnight 2007 the venue will be Augustine United
         Church, George IV Bridge.
         The Lord Provost will arrange speakers to attend the breakfast.
Karen Bowman, Director of Procurement
28 Sept 2006