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					                           DOUGLAS A. FARREN, MFA SDC
                                    17917 Detroit Avenue
                                   Lakewood, Ohio 44107
                                      C: (216) 571-9185
                                     H: (216) 521-8257

        Co-founder and Producing/Artistic Director of the Loaves & Fish Theatre Company
(LFTC) in Jersey City, New Jersey, a non-profit, professional theatre company working under the
Small Professional Theatre contract of Actors’ Equity Association. Audiences in various venues
in the United States and Europe have seen LFTC productions. World Premieres include “Return
To The River” which was transferred off-Broadway at the request of the Negro Ensemble
Company; “As The Wind Rocks The Wagon” which was also presented at Lincoln Center, The
Smithsonian Institute and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; “Up From Slavery” which premiered at
the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was also presented at the Amsterdam Stage Door Festival,
“Years of Struggle, Years of Freedom” which premiered in Edinburgh and then toured the United
States and “The King of Dominoes” which was performed during the New Jersey International
Festival of the Arts.

       Member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers’ Society (SDC, currently on
honorable withdrawal.) Member of Theatre Communications Group (TCG), Former Board
Member of the New Jersey Theatre Group, an association of the professional theatre companies
of New Jersey, and former member of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce Cultural

                                  DIRECTING CREDITS

            Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland
                   Years of Struggle, Years of Freedom

             RTTR, LTD., Theatre Four, New York, NY
                   Return To The River

               American Theater of Actors, Sargent Theatre, New York, NY
                      I’ll Be Seeing You

            The Halle Theatre at the Jewish Community Center, Cleveland Hts., OH
                   A…My Name Will Always Be Alice

               Loaves & Fish Theatre Company, Jersey City, NJ
                      Split Second
                      Painting Churches
                      Master Harold…and the boys
                      Francis, Fool of God (World Premiere)
                      Return To The River
      Princeton Repertory Theatre, Princeton, NJ
              The Blood Knot
              Alphabetical Order

      New Jersey International Festival of the Arts, Symphony Hall, Newark, NJ
             The King of Dominoes (World Premiere)

      Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey, Madison, NJ
              Geraldine R. Dodge New Jersey Young Playwrights Festival
              Youth Correctional Facility Playwrights Series

      The Hartman Theatre, Stamford, CT
             The Magistrate, (Assistant Director to Edward Hastings)

      New Math Theatre Company, New York, NY
            Beyond Therapy

      American Theatre of Actors, New York, NY
             As You Like It
             I’ll Be Seeing You (World Premiere)
             The Last Train (World Premiere)
             Lead Birds (World Premiere)

     Opera Northeast, New York, NY
            The Magic Flute

      Pennsylvania Opera Festival, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, PA
             Hippolytus (World Premiere)
             Sister Angelica

     CCAC Summer Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA
           Damn Yankees

     Cuyahoga Community College
           A Midsummer Night’s Dream
           As You Like It

      Essex County College, Newark, NJ

      Boston University, Boston, MA
             Talley’s Folly
             A View From The Bridge
             Taken In Marriage
             The Shadowbox
            Clague Playhouse, Westlake, OH
                   A Murder is Announced
                   Something to Hide
                   Spider’s Web
                   My Three Angels
                   Twelve Angry Jurors

                Brecksville Little Theatre
                      Lie, Cheat and Genuflect

                Lorain Community Music Theater
                        Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

                You Are Cabaret Dinner Theatre, North Royalton, OH

                Solon Players, Solon, OH
                       Fiddler On The Roof

                                      TEACHING CREDITS

Current:        Freelance Coach of Voice/Speech, Directing and Acting
                Individual work to free the voice and provide the client with a process to improve voice
                and articulation and relate that process to the client’s work, whether it be acting, singing
                or speechmaking. Working with actors on current roles, scene work and the development
                of audition pieces.

2003-present:   Cuyahoga Community College Metro Campus, Cleveland, OH
                Acting. Teach four acting sections from beginners to most advanced including voice and
                speech and dialect, character monologue and scene analysis, reading a play as an actor,
                audition preparation and work in all period and styles. Emphasis on Stanislavsky system,
                Hagen and Meisner.

                Cuyahoga Community College Metro Campus, Cleveland, OH
                Theater Appreciation: Course serves as an introduction to theater covering basic
                historical periods and styles and introduces various disciplines which go into the making
                of a theatrical production.

2003:           Lakeland Community College, Kirtland, OH
                Scene Study. Acting training in monologue and scene analysis. Stanislavsky, Hagen
                and Meisner exercises to allow actors to discover the specific meaning of text, make the
                playwright’s words their own and personalize the action of the character.
2002:        Beck Center for the Performing Arts, Lakewood, OH
             Voice and Speech. Linklater exercises to free the body and voice were integrated with
             exercises to discover the text. Students performed one monologue at the direction of the

             Clague Playhouse, Westlake, OH
             Theatre Acting I. Various theatre disciplines and the actors’ responsibilities in a
             production. Standard acting vocabulary and simple exercises for voice, movement and
             script analysis. The students performed a scene directed by the instructor .

             Theatre Acting II. Exercises to develop the actor’s instrument were integrated with
             scene and monologue work. Students learned how to look at their roles as parts of the
             entire script and how to evaluate their own and their classmates’ work. The students
             performed two scenes and one monologue chosen by the instructor.

1991 – 94:   Essex County College, Newark, NJ.
             Adjunct Professor
             Introduction To The Theatre. The drama as a literary and theatrical form is examined
             from early through modern plays. Students do an intensive study of selected plays from
             the points of view of the playwright, actor, director, designer and audience. Students are
             introduced to various periods and styles of dramatic literature and are introduced to the
             elements of dramatic criticism.

             Voice and Articulation I. Various exercises from Linklater, Alexander and Berry are
             used to free the voice. Special attention is placed on body alignment and relaxation,
             freeing the articulators, minimizing jaw tension, increasing range, and allowing the free
             flow of breath and impulse. Emphasis is on process and self-monitoring of tension and
             vibrations. The students rehearse and perform one Shakespearean sonnet, the Gettysburg
             Address and one other speech of their choice. Pronunciation problems are corrected then
             work is done on clarity of meaning, what the speech is trying to accomplish, specificity
             of word, image and phrase, and connecting the student’s personal impulses to the word.

             Principles of Acting I. Instruction for reading a play for role preparation and rehearsal
             process work on basic Meisner exercises. Students read and answer basic role
             preparation questions for three plays and rehearse and perform one monologue and one
             scene from naturalistic American plays under the direction of the instructor.

             Principles of Acting II. Students learn how to use relevant historical research into
             manners, mores, beliefs and social class to bring authenticity and insight to their roles.
             The emphasis is on classic verse drama with scripts by Shakespeare, Moliere and the
             ancient Greeks. Script analysis centers on the spoken word. Emphasis is placed on
             specificity of word, image and line of thought. The concept of “word as action” is
             introduced. Students rehearse and perform various monologues and scenes from the
             same play in order to develop the sense of the “through line” of their roles.

1985 – 86:   Roosevelt Island Youth Center, New York, NY.
             Director of Teen Theatre Program
             Designed and implemented weekly classes for children ages 12-16 in voice, speech,
             movement and acting. Team taught with a playwright and an actor. Improvised scenes
             using childrens’ experiences as a base.

1982 – 83:   Pittsburgh Opera Workshop/Pennsylvania Opera Festival, Pittsburgh, PA,
             Director of Acting Program
             Designed and implemented a basic acting program for intern singers and advanced acting
             for professional singers. Taught two classes a week for interns in rehearsal tasks for both
             scenes and arias. Directed “An Evening of French Opera Scenes” for public presentation
             as culmination of intern class. Taught twelve master classes for professional singers to
             improve acting in arias. Class culminated in development of audition pieces for each

1980 – 82:   Boston University, Boston, MA.
             Teaching Assistant to Program Director William Lacey
             Voice and Speech III for Junior Acting Majors. Three classes, twice weekly,
             included relaxation of body to free the voice and “touch of sound” in both poetry and
             prose. Emphasis on Greek, Shakespeare and modern verse (i.e. Eliot, Beckett, Shepard),
             dialect work and phonetics. Text for pitch and rhythm as it relates to voice and speech on

             Teaching Assistant/Substitute for Robert Chapline
             Voice and Speech II for Sophomore Acting Majors. Two classes, three times a
             week. Linklater Method of Freeing the Natural Voice. Text work used only in
             conjunction with warm-up exercises to facilitate relaxation, articulation, and discover the
             student’s vocal instrument as a result of imagination and range experimentation. The
             goal was to give the students a 40-minute warm-up that worked every part of their acting
             instrument and to have them understand and be able to monitor their own process.

             Teaching Assistant/Substitute for Naomi Thornton
             Acting for Non-Majors. Instructed class on rehearsal tasks including read-through,
             person, private moment, place, endowment of an object, and objective or intention tasks.
             Directed students in various scenes from naturalistic American plays.


1979 – 82:   Boston University, Boston, MFA. Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre

1969 – 74:   Baldwin Wallace College, Berea, OH. Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech and
             Theatre Arts.

                              References provided upon request.

                                             * * *

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