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Annual Report 2005 - PDF 3


Welcome to Waverley Care’s                       promotion as well as a                              the exhibition mounted by
annual review for the financial                  substantial education and                           our women’s support group
year 1 April 2004 to 31 March                    training component.                                 Isis inside parliament. I am
2005. The year was one of                                                                            also delighted that Alexander
consolidation for many of our                    Such an approach is endorsed                        McCall Smith and Kate
core services and the                            by the Sexual Health Strategy                       Copstick agreed to become
continued development of                         for Scotland, which was finally                     patrons of Waverley Care in
newer services such as our                       published in January 2005. In                       the period under review.
support to Africans in                           the coming year we will                             Their support is very much
Scotland who are affected by                     continue to look at the                             appreciated. We also
HV                                               implications of the national                        welcomed three new
                                                  taey o es ht eto
                                                 s r t g ,n tl a tt a s c i n                        Trustees – Hosanna
The last two years have                          which invites HIV agencies to                       Msengezi, Brian West and
witnessed record new                             broaden their remit within the                      Andrew Marshall-Roberts -
diagnoses of HIV infection                       sexual health arena. This will                      who bring a range of
and, whilst some of this                         happen in conjunction with                          expertise and fresh ideas to
 elcs rn oad ale
r f e t at e dt w r se r i r                     the Blood Borne Virus                               the Board.
testing for communities seen                     Strategy for Edinburgh and
 o e t ik t lo
t b a r s ,i a s                                 the Lothians, which is                              I hope this review gives a
undoubtedly reflects the fact                    currently being developed by                        flavour of the varied work
that HIV is still very much with                 NHS Lothian.                                        undertaken within the
us and represents a growing                                                                          agency. As ever I would like
cause for concern. In                            Some notable key                                     o hn tf, outes
                                                                                                     t t a ks a f v l n e r ,
response to this Waverley                        achievements in the past year                       service users and our
Care, as a care and support                      have included presentations to                      funders for their support
agency, has increasingly                         the Scottish Parliament                             throughout the year.
looked at its role in prevention                 through our representation on
and health promotion work.                       the Cross-Party Parliamentary                       Gill Stewart

Our Future Plus project, for                     Group on Sexual Health and                          Chair
example, includes health

                                  Waverley Care exists to promote the
   welfare of people living with HIV and AIDS in Scotland, and to support their relatives, carers and
                                   dependants. Our services include:

                        Waverley Care Milestone                                          Waverley Care Solas
                   HIV Respite & Community Services                                       HIV Support Centre
             113 Oxgangs Road North Edinburgh EH14 1EB                           2-4 Abbeymount Edinburgh EH8 8EJ
               0131 441 6989                         0131 661 0982

                      Shulah Allan • Dr Karin Froebel • Andrew Marshall-Roberts • Lady Cynthia Milligan
                                      Hosanna Msengezi • Hilary Patrick • Pauline Scott
        The Right Rev Brian Smith • Gillian Stewart CB (Chair) • David Taylor MBE • Brian West • Dr Helen Zealley OBE
                                                   Director: David Johnson

                     Christopher Bell • Kate Copstick • Sir Tom Farmer CBE KCSG • The Lady Jane Grosvenor
                                    Sir Jeremy Isaacs • The Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws
                      Alexander McCall Smith • Sheena McDonald • Shirley Manson • Christopher Richardson

 Services offered in partnership with The City of Edinburgh Council; NHS Lothian; Councils of East, West and Midlothian; The Scottish Executive
                                   was delivered alongside the       continuation of the work. This
                                   Children and Families Worker      will ensure the development of
                                   and the African Support           opportunities for people living
                                   Worker.                           with HIV to be included in
                                                                     training, volunteering and
                                   Waverley Care is a key            employment. A final external
                                   community member of the           evaluation of the project
                                   Lothian/Zambia Partnership        confirmed the value of this
                                   and has co-ordinated the          approach in supporting people
                                   representation from positive      to live well with HIV. Future
                                   people. The Solas Treatment       Plus will also continue to
                                   Information Worker and the         drs ult f ie sus
                                                                     a d e sq a i yo l f i s e
                                   African Support Worker both       and the health promotion
                                   travelled to Zambia as part of    aspect to the project is a key
                                   the Lothian delegation.           component in building
 The development of work out                                          epes ef sem
                                                                     pol’ sl ete,
 of Waverley Care Solas with       The Isis Women’s Group            particularly in engaging
 the African community in          exhibited their mixed media        ofdnl ih tes
                                                                     c n i e t yw t o h r .
 Scotland continued to be both     project on “Stigma and
 challenging and exciting. We      Discrimination” at the Scottish   The Information Service
 published the report on the       Parliament for World AIDS         continues to receive many
 f r ty a o r s a c l o i g
  is er f eerh okn                 Day 2004. The group               requests for information and
 at the health needs of Africans   continues to be a lifeline and    help in linking people to
 living in Scotland and            a place of acceptance for the     appropriate services. Many of
 completed the interview           women who meet weekly. Isis,      these requests link to the
 schedule for the subsequent       together with the Children and    growing work with Africans.
 research, gathering more in       Families Service, enjoyed a       Finally, thanks to the
 depth material on the             residential week in Argyle and    pharmaceutical companies, we
 experiences of HIV positive       this was a great time to build    were again able to publish our
 Arcn lvn i Soln.
  fias iig n ctad                  friendships and relax away        newsletter and send people
 This project has generated        f o t es r s e o d i yl f .
                                    rm h tess f al ie                living with HIV to conferences,

 widespread interest and           Two of the women from Isis        including the World AIDS
 cnieal pbiiy
  osdrbe ulct,                     and the Solas manager were        Conference.
 including a main feature          photographed by Mario
 article in “The Scotsman”         Testino for the Fashion Fights
 magazine. The findings from       AIDS publication “Women to
 the research have been            Women” and attended the
 presented at national and         launch event in London.
 international conferences and
 are already influencing           The Future Plus Skills project
  rcie n evc eiey
 p a t c i s r i ed l v r          completed its three year
 within Waverley Care and          Scottish Enterprise funding
 etral.                            and was successful in securing
                                   money from the European
 We received funding through       Social Fund for the
 Edinburgh Youth Social
 Inclusion Partnership for a
 part time post to develop work

                                               waverley care solas
 with African families and this
Fourteen new Buddy                a huge source of support for       “I suppose what I
volunteers were recruited and     him. A number of issues have       get from buddying
                                                                     is really the
trained in the year bringing to   been highlighted for people        relationship we’ve
35 the number of Buddies          living with HIV in prison such     built up together.
available to befriend people      as not getting medication on       We met in a
 iig ih I. hs a tl
l v n w t H V T i w ss i l        time and not getting the           contrived way, but
not enough to match with all      correct diet following weight      it all feels
                                                                     natural now, and we
 h eerl o h evc.
t er f r a st t es r i e          loss. Waverley Care has been       really enjoy our
                                  able to raise issues of concern    evenings together.
Many successes have come          with the prison health centre.     We talk about
from individual buddy             The Buddy Service has also         horrible things,
r l t o s i si c u i g
 eainhp nldn                      developed a closer                 funny things,
                                                                     important things,
helping people access other       relationship with the Prison       stressful things,
services such as Daycare, Gay     Social Work unit and it is         but it all feels
Mens Health, Positive Voice       hoped that this will lead to the   natural and
and SATA.                         service receiving more referrals   comfortable now. I
                                  from within the prison service.    just feel lucky
                                                                     that we’ve met, and
The service has succeeded in
                                                                     that we get on so
engaging with some very           Buddy volunteers have used         well, and that she
 sltd evc sr n h
i o a e s r i eu e si t e         their experience to move onto      has an extra person
past year. This work has been     work or study in a related field   in her life who
very rewarding, with one          including social work,             won’t feel burdened
                                                                     if she needs to
 evc sr o
s r i e u e g ing for a five      counselling, and charity work      share her worries
mile walk with their Buddy. A     abroad.                            or problems.
recent card from the service                                         That, and I’ve
user said the following ‘Thank                                       become hooked on
you so much for all your                                             every soap opera
support. You have pulled me
together. I want to get up now.
I look forward now!’

Due to the number of gay
men being referred to the
service asking for a Buddy for
social support, a small group
Buddy activity has been
piloted. This involves up to
four service users and two
buddy volunteers meeting in a
social setting. The aim of this
is to encourage social links
between service users and to
give a space for service users
to discuss issues of concern
such as ‘disclosure on the
 cn’ n uprie oil
s e e i as p o t v ,s c a

                                                              buddy service
There continues to be one
service user in prison who has
a Buddy. His Buddy has been
 waverley care milestone
 The appointment of Jonathan        placements for both nurses
 Creel as manager of Waverley       and social workers helped in
 Care Milestone coincided with       hs rcs.
                                    ti poes
 a number of new
 developments. The physical         Three of our support workers
 surroundings of the unit were      successfully completed SVQ
 improved by the collaborative      level 3 and two other
  fot f evc sr,
 e f r so s r i eu e s              members of the care team
 volunteers, the new handyman,      completed the workplace
 day care and the arts project.      sesr ulfcto.
                                    asso qaiiain
 Referral and admission
 procedures were reviewed,       Day care services remained
 allowing for a more flexible andexceptionally busy and the
 speedy response which resulted  team re-focused their work
 in increased occupancy for the  during the course of the year.
 ya.                             This resulted in the delivery of
                                 1,750 hours of one to one
 Staff reviewed the service      support and 1,382 hours of
 delivery model and looked at    group support involving 68
 the interface between           service users. Demand
 residential and day care. As a  continued to outstrip our
 result internal secondments led ability to provide day care
 to a more flexible and person    evcs o l hs eerd
                                 s r i e t a lt o er f r e
 centred approach to the          o ae
                                 f rc r .
 delivery of care. This has been
 further underpinned by
 fortnightly care meetings which

 bring together a number of key
 practitioners within Waverley
 Care to review individual work.

 Monthly social events and
 community weekends attracted
 a number of old and new faces
 to the service and helped
 maintain a feeling of vibrancy
 within the unit. Several student
Volunteers are an essential        service users” are among the
part of our staff team and         comments we have received in
 nrae h ol f kls
i c e s t ep o o s i l ,           feedback from volunteers.
knowledge and experience
 ht s vial ihn h
t a i a a l b ew t i t e           We thank them all.
organisation. Volunteers work
at Waverley Care Solas,
Milestone or with the
Fundraising Team. Our Board
 f rses r l outes
o T u t e a ea lv l n e r ,
as are our Buddies. Volunteers
are valued and respected for
the time and effort they
contribute (however large or
small) in maintaining and
enhancing our services.

We currently have volunteers
working at Solas in the café,
reception and information
centre and at Milestone at
reception and in the gardening     chaplaincy
group. This year volunteers
have also been involved in an      The role of the chaplain in       ut-icpiay em
                                                                    mlidsilnr ta,
arts and crafts group, delivered   Waverley Care is three fold:     coupled with the level of
smoking cessation sessions                                           ofdnilt neet n
                                                                    c n i e t a i yi h r n i
and supported service users’       • Spiritual and pastoral care    talking to a priest, makes this
 atcpto n rtn rus
p r i i a i ni w i i gg o p .       for people living with HIV,     a valued and valuable

 n h at iaca er
I t el s f n n i ly a               their families and carers       resource for the community.
volunteers working in              • Support for staff and
Milestone and Solas alone           volunteers within Waverley      Our chaplain is responsible for
worked just under 4,000 hours       Care                            two significant events during
 n oa.
i ttl                              • Outreach to the faith          the year – an annual
                                    communities                     celebration of World AIDS Day
During the last year volunteers                                     which has taken place in St
have also developed their          2004 saw a growth in the          ons rne tet o h
                                                                    J h ’ ,P i c sS r e f rt e
skills base through                community based focus for the    past two years and Candlelight
opportunities available to         chaplaincy service with more     Memorial, a summer event
them in Waverley Care and          of the work based in people’s    which gives an opportunity to
some have started their own        homes. Most of this work was     remember loved ones and
businesses, gone on to further     one to one pastoral              meet up with other members
education, found full time         counselling covering a wide      of the HIV community. Our
work and left Edinburgh to         range of issues including loss   chaplain has also been very
volunteer overseas for a year.     and bereavement; abuse;          involved in the creation and
                                   substance misuse; managing        pep f Lf rbt’
                                                                    u k e o ‘ i eT i u e ,a
“Feeling needed and valued”         ramn alr; srio
                                   t e t e tf i u e ‘ u v v r       permanent memorial on the
and “enjoying the camaraderie      guilt’; parenting. The unique    Water of Leith walkway in
with staff, other volunteers and   place of chaplaincy within a     Edinburgh.
 The Fundraising and Development Team had another successful year:

 Patron, Shirley Manson, got 2004 off to a glittering start by hosting Waverley Care’s first ever ball,
 “Tartan & Tiaras”, to celebrate 25 years of Klownz Hair. Prestonfield, Edinburgh, welcomed 230
 revellers to a champagne reception followed by dinner and an auction. The tartan birled and the
 tiaras twinkled as the assembled company danced until the wee small hours, helping us to raise a
 fantastic £35,000. We are indebted to the enthusiastic organising committee: Gerry Burke; Alison
 Craig; Fiona Duff; Nicola Lee; Pippa Macleod; Sonya Moore and Joan Ross.

 Our BEINGTHERE project, which had started with the publication of a book of Stanley Reilly’s
 celebrity photographs, culminated in an auction in the magnificent setting of Harvey Nichols’
 Forth Floor Restaurant. This also marked the conclusion of a successful year as Harvey Nichols’
 Charity of the Year. This was our first ‘Charity of the Year’ partnership and we are immensely
 grateful to Harvey Nichols for helping us raise over £9,000.

 Our relationship with the Pleasance continues to go from strength to strength, raising awareness
 of HIV amongst Fringe-goers, and bringing in £17,000 through bucket collections and our annual
 Tartan Ribbon Comedy Benefit.

 Other activities have included our ever-popular ‘come and sing’ concerts, including our third “Viva
 l’Opera!” event; participation in outdoor activities including the Edinburgh Marathon, Great
 Scottish Walk and the West Highland Way and benefit performances by musical and theatre
 groups including the Dunedin Consort; Purves International Puppets; the Linton Singers and St
 Mary’s Cathedral Choir and Frank’s Pants’ presentation of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. Our
 thanks are due to the many people who give so generously of their time, energy and resources.

   Independent Auditor’s Statment to the Trustees of                                    Waverley Care Trust
   Waverley Care Trust                                                                  Summarised Financial Statements
                                                                                        For the year end 31 March 2005
   We have examined the summarised financial statements of Waverley
   Care Trust.                                                                          Income and Expenditure Account

   Respective responsibilities of Trustees and auditors
                                                                                                                            2005                        2004
   The Trustees are responsible for preparing the summarised financial
                                                                                        Income                          £1,448,082                 £1,313,370
   statemnts in accordance with the recommendations of the charities
                                                                                        Expenditure                     £1,411,276                 £1,307,369
   Our responsibility is to report to you our opinion on the consistency
   of the summarised financial statments with the full financial
                                                                                       Surplus for year                    £36,806                     £6,001
   statements and Trustees’ Annual Report. We also read the other
   information contained in the summarised annual report and consider
   the implications for our reports if we become aware of any apprent
                                                                                       Fixed Assets                       £811,554                  £859,390
   misstatements or inconsistencies with the summarised financial
                                                                                       Net Current Assets                 £562,562                  £470,073

   Basis of our opinion
                                                                                       Total Assets less Liabilities    £1,374,216                £1,329,463
   We conducted our work in accordance with Bulletin 1999/6 “The
   auditors’ statment on the summary financial statement” issued by
   the Auditing Practices Board for use in the United Kingdom.
                                                                                       Financed by:
   Opinion                                                                             Unrestricted Funds

   In our opinion the summarised financial statments are consistent                    - General                          £116,658                   £76,639
   with the full financial statements and the Trustees’                                - Designated                       £404,725                  £394,468
   Annual Report of Waverley Care Trust for the year ended 31 March
   2005.                                                                               Restricted Funds                    £71,272                    £8,291
                                                                                       Capital Reserve                    £781,561                  £850,065
   Chiene & Tait CA, Registered Auditors
   61 Dublin Street, Edinburgh EH3 6NL               25th August 2005                                                   £1,374,216                £1,329,463

   For a more complete understanding of the financial affairs of Waverley Care        Approved by the Trustees on 25th August 2005
   Trust a copy of the full annual report and financial statements can be
                                                                                      Dr Karin Froebel, Vice Chair
   obtained from the Director, Waverley Care, 58a Queen Street, Edinburgh
   EH2 3NS.

          Waverley Care gratefully acknowledges the following trusts, companies and
           community organisations who have supported our work so generously:
360degreeEvents;              ASUS;BanksFlorists;BalernoHighSchool; BasementBar;BBCChildreninNeedAppeal; Bailie;BeepBeep!;BeeslackCommunity
                      Arkangel;                                         The                                             The
HighSchool;BoehringerIngelheimLtd;BelindaRobertsonCashmere;Beluga;BellLawrieWhite; ‘Bohemians’LyricOperaCompany;BoroughmuirHighSchool;Braes
                                                                         s                              s                          Y
HighSchool;Bristol-MyersSquibbPharmaCompany;BroughtonStMary’ ParishChurch;burly;CCBloom’ ;CaledonianHilton;Canongate outhProject; CartlonHotel;The
Cartier;CharityCeilidhs;ChurchofScotland-EdinburghPresbytery;CircusCafé;Claire’sBeauty;ClassicCarClub;CockburnsofLeith; Columbans;Communityofthe
T                 The                           rust;                        The                            The
 ransfiguration; MartinConnellCharitableT ComplementyourHealth; CondéNastPublicatonsLtd; ‘Courant’FundforChildren;CowanPrint;Craiglockhart
                                             AC;       s                  s
Church;CrudenFoundationLtd;Cruise;CW Daniel’ Bistro;DavidBann’ ;DeansCommunityHighSchool;Diageo;DovecotStudios;Dundas&Wilson;DunedinConsort;
                    rust;                                                                                    The
EleanorBartonT EltonJohnAIDSFoundation;EscapeSkincare;FeelgoodTherapies;EsportaHealthClub; ExtraInch;EUCountryDanceSociety;Fisher’sinthe
City;FestivalCityTheatresT Filmhouse;FLAGS;ForresterHighSchool;ForteHotels;FreeworldT                radingLtd;GNER;gadgetshop;Garbage;GeorgeHeriot’sSchool;

                             rust;                    The
GordonFraserCharitableT GileadSciencesLtd; Glasshouse;GlaxoSmithKline;GleneaglesVillageApertments;                   WilliamGrant&Sons;DrGuthrie’sAssociation;
Habana;Hadrian’sRestaurant;HarveyNichols;HelptheHospices;HIVScotland;HolmesPlaceHealthClub;TheHopeT Hopscotch;HôteldeRussie,Rome;Hotel
       ,          The
SavoyFlorence; InchcapeFoundation;Howie’sRestaurants;InverarityVaultsLtd;InverkeithingHighSchool;JedburghGrammarSchool;JohnWatson’sT Joseph        rust;
                                            rust;                                                             The
BonnarJewllers;JSFPollitzerCharitableT Kelly’sHeroes;Klownz;KnockhillRacingCircuit;LeithAcademy; List;LimitedEditionbyVirgin;TheLintonSingers;
          ell;                                           The
LivingW LivingstonOldParishChurch;LushRetailLtd; LyndhurstSettlement;MACAIDSFund;MACCosmetics;MacintyresWholesaleJewellers;Mackay&Bevan;
TheMainhouseCharitableT MeldrumPrimarySchool;MilestoneFoxyLadies;MillenniumHotels&Resorts;MorningsideUnitedChurch;MusselInn;PalmerstonPlace
                                          The             rust;        The                            rust;
Church;MusselburghGrammarSchool; MonumentT NEDAC; NancieMasseyCharitableT NationalLibraryofScotland; NationwideFoundation;         The                   The
                rust;                                                                 rust;
NetherdaleT NewbattleHighSchool;NewtownBar;No.18;NorthBritishHotelT OfftheKerbProductions;OPI;Orange;OutoftheBlue; PentlandSingers;         The
                                                                   rust;           The                               ours;
PlaisirduChocolat;PleasanceTheatreFestivalLtd;PontonHouseT Prestonfield; Queen’sHall;RSAMD;RebusT TheRegentBar;RegularConcerts;Ritz;                     The
               rust;                                            The         rust;
RobertsonT RocheProductsLtd;RoyalLyceumTheatre; RussellT SalaCaféBar;ScottishCourage;Scotsgay;StAugustine’sRCHighSchool;StGeorge’s
                                                                                          rust       T);
&StGeorge’sChurch;StPeter’sEpiscopalChurch;ScottishBusinessAchievementAwardT (SBAA ScottishEnterprise;ScottishEpiscopalChurch;SignetPB;South
LeithParishChurch;Stag&T                                                                              T
                                urret;StandardLife;SterCenturyCinemas;StockbridgeChurch;SUSA; escoStores:Galashiels,P               WesterHailes; T
                                                                                                                             enicuik,           The ownhouse
Group;   Thomson,RoddickandMedcalf;                     T
                                          ThistleHotels; ransco;Universal;UVAF;   Valvona&Crolla;  VictoriaHospital;
                                                                                                                              VirginT      The
                                                                                                                                      rains; WardrobeDoctor;
Watch; WaverleySingers;                             W                                   W           Y            W
                               WaverleyWanderers; estLothianDrug&AlcoholService; estLothian outhTheatre; esternChryslerJeep;whitedentalcare;Widowers’
Children’sHomeT TheWitcherybytheCastle;;ZenLifestyleandourmanyhundredsofindividualsupporters.

                                       Waverley Care 58a Queen Street Edinburgh EH2 3NS
                                 0131 226 2206 fax 0131 226 2209 Registered Charity No. SC000765

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