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How to start an internet business

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                   Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction

2.0 Internet Educators

3.0 How to evaluate and Internet Marketing Program

4.0 A Great Piece of Advice

5.0 Some Useful Links
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 1.0 Introduction

I am a small business owner that is over the hill at least my kids
think so. At 66 years they think that life is over but really it is just
beginning. The last 18 months has been a period of intensive study
in internet marketing. I have purchase materials from and
investigated several of the top internet marketers.

You might ask, “Have you made it on the internet?” The answer
is’ “No.” Your next question will be what makes you an expert in
this area. No I am not an expert in internet marketing. I am sort of
an ordinary person just like you. Auto Repair and Parts dot Com

Bud’s qualifications in brief:

   •   Degree in education
   •   Masters degree in science
   •   Senior Health Physicist for radiation protection
   •   Accomplished mechanic and technician
   •   Successful small business owner
   •   Accomplished teacher

This education and experience qualifies me to judge and comment
on some of the internet marketing education that is offered online.
 During the last eighteen months a few “educational entities” for
 internet marketing have been encountered. These entities reviewed
1.    Shawn Casey
2.    Mary Gresham
3.    Traffic Geyser
4.    Prosper Learning
5.    Robert Allen
6.    Multiple Streams of Internet Income
7.    Real Success Institute
8.    Ewen Chia
9.    Marc Liteman
10. Matt Bacak
11. Kieth Wellman
12. Rich Schefren


Use the grocery store method with the information that is in this
report. Take what you need from the shelf and leave the rest there.
Most of this report is opinion of the author and your opinion might
be different. We have exercised due diligence in compiling this
report and to the best of our knowledge the information is accurate
to the time that the report was written. Things change very rapidly
in this field and if links don't work we suggest that you use Google.

 2.0 Internet Educators

 Shawn Casey markets under a number of different sites. I would
 guess in the hundreds. His offers are crazy, some off the wall but
 always entertaining. You need to sift through the straw and chaff
 to get to the real grains of knowledge. His marketing method is the
same as most others.

  • Build a list of prospective customers and email them at least
    once a day.
  • Get the customer on the hook with a good cheap product and
    upsell to higher prices products.
  • Sell lots of affiliate stuff and some of it is quite good.
  • Get customers on monthly items that are billed each month.

In general Shawn Casey’s stuff is good. His current list building
training is good. He offered a lot of good stuff in the current
launch of his new list building training. I don’t know how good
that training will be because frankly I can’t afford it. I am glad to
be on his email list and believe that the free stuff and inexpensive
items are a great value to the beginner in internet marketing. The
most important thing the Shawn Casey taught me was the value of
a list.


Mary Gresham runs a training program called the Certified Media
Placement Specialist. The concept is good but the execution of the
sites that they provide is terrible. Support is timely but of little
value. I do not believe that this program is a good value for the
money spent. This program bowed down to Ripoff Report rather
than find a solution for their customer issues. This program is not
on our recommended list. Click here for more information.


Traffic Geyser is a program supplied by Kick Start Media. The
program is designed to post videos and other information to
multiple sites such as YouTube and many of the social bookmark
sites. The program works and can generate traffic is you work
with it a little.

The really great thing about Traffic Geyser is the training that is
available to go with the program. It is a bit costly at $97 per month
but if you use it the way you should it is probably a real bargain as
a time saver and a traffic generator. I subscribe to this program for
the video training and the ease of creating short infomercials.

Traffic Geyser get my whole hearted recommendation. Buy it for
what it was intended to do and you can’t go wrong.
Click here for Traffic Geyser


Prosper Learning is a Robert Allen company. I feel that they are
trying to teach people various ways to generate income over a
broad spectrum. I signed up with them for their internet marketing
and business education. This was a costly program ($9990.00).
The promise was to work with me until I met my goals. This is
sort of true but not worth the money. Incidentally they charge you
an additional $39.00 per month to stay in their system while they
work with you.

You are assigned a coach that will help you select products and
market them. Here is where the program fails. The coaches have a
very narrow back ground and aren’t really interested in the
programs that they are trying to help you promote. I my case I
learned a lot from them but not $10,000 worth.

 I was assigned a coach that quit in the middle of a program and
 then assigned a coach that sold dresses and ladies shoes. (My
 program was based on auto parts and accessories.) I did not even
 get the full coaching program completed before this lady quit to
 pursue her business full time. Both of the people assigned as
 coaches quit. Even though Prospers records indicate that this
 coaching program was completed I do not feel that it was. I have
 written numerous emails, sent certified letters and the problem
 has not been resolved.

Prosper Learning bowed down to the Ripoff Report and in doing
this claimed to have resolved their issues. This is not the case but
they did buy off Ripoff Report. The reputation of the Ripoff
Report is not too sterling either.

Robert Allen is reputable business man and I believe that his
spread of companies have gotten out of control. He really needs to
act like a CEO for the empire that he controls.

I do not recommend Prosper Learning


Real Success Institute, also of Provo Utah, solicited me to take
their training. Their approach was about the same a Prosper
Learning. Get people in with impossible promises, testimonials
(either real or invented). You signed up for an internet learning
program with a coach that was going to make you rich is 60 to 90
days. The cost again was about $10,000. Real Success Institute
had a great pitch and the parent company is nearly as diverse as
Robert Allen’s empire. In fact it looks to be clone of what Robert
Allen has done. The owner of this empire does not have the
incredible good books behind him that Robert Allen has. Robert
Allen’s book NOTHING DOWN for real estate buying and
investing is a classic. I have made a lot of money using the
techniques in that book.

I would probably have signed up for the Real Success Institute
program except for these critical items:
   • It is not registered as a Utah business
   • Claims to be a member of the Better Business Bureau but
     does not show up on the list of Utah Businesses.
   • Claims on the web sites are not consistent though out their
   • Impossible to get accurate information about this company.

I believe that this company is a scam and perhaps all of the
associated ones are also. I recommend that you leave this one
strictly alone. When I questioned them on the items listed above I
did not get a reply. Any legitimate business would have replied
and defended them selves.


I believe that this company is the most honest and provides the
greatest value for your dollar of any internet educational company.
His approach is the same as others:

   1.   Create an email list.
   2.   Market to the list.
   3.   Move the customer up to more expensive products.
   4.   Send affiliate site sales emails to the customer.

Ewen Chia’s methods work. He is also a great teacher.
I recommend his programs with this caveat. Be careful how fast
you climb his ladder as you might get a large dose of information
over load. His products provide a lot of information.
Autopilot Profits by Ewen Chia

This report is a direct result of the training received from Ewen
Chia. He recommends developing your own product and selling
your own product even though it may take a little longer. The
returns for this method are much greater. His Work From Home
package is mildly expensive but worth the money.


Mike Litman is the internet version of the old time Medicine
Show. Lots of flash a good show but not so great a result. You can
get the same things that Mike Litman send you as coach by reading
Napoleon Hill or Anthony Robbins.

He might touch a nerve for someone but did not do me any good. I
guess that I am just too old fashioned. If you are serious about
internet marketing and motivated to do it you don't need Mike
Litman. I do not recommend Mike Litman. Get his free stuff and
leave the pay for it stuff alone.



I have no idea how much money I have spent with Matt but it was
worth every penny. It couldn't have been too much a Robert Allen
got my bank roll for internet marketing. My computer is full of
great information from Matt Bacak.

Some reviews say that his information is a bit pricey but I have not
found this to be the case. We ordered his package and have printed
volumes and received lots of stuff. If you follow his plan for lead
generation you will make money. Get Matt's great info here. I
highly recommend his material. As with all of the information
marketing programs beware of the back end.

Matt's program is like most of the other programs on internet
marketing. It has a built in recurring billing process. Be sure that
the value you receive is worth the amount.

Keith Wellman has given so much information for so little cost
that this author does not know how to use it. He has a great
program that if you follow it you can't fail. I have not personally
followed all of his program through to the finish.

The real strength of Keith's program is that many parts of it can be
use as an answer to a simple but difficult to answer questions. His
Million Dollar March is a classic in marketing. The links to the
free software that I got from his program are probably worth the
cost of the module. My program combines Keith Wellmans
instructions with those of Ewen Chia and backs them up with
details and information from Matt Bacak. I recommend Keith
Wellmans stuff. Link to Keith Wellman


This is one of the best free courses on building an internet
marketing business. The information also applies to almost any
business. If you are serious about marketing check this out.


Rich Schefren is the guru of the gurus in internet marketing. He
probably has taken more entrepreneurs to the multi million dollar
income level than any other person. His latest coaching program
THE GUIDED PROFIT SYSTEM is sold out but if you can afford
it you should get on the waiting list. The elite program that I
somehow got into is beyond anything that I have ever experience.
The program has been running for some weeks and I have more
energy, better focus and am moving forward after identifying an
underlying constraint in my life. The strange part is we have not
yet gotten to the marketing part of the course. You need to read
Rich's free stuff and the buy some of his products. You will think
that the free stuff is great his products are even better. Rich


Thoughts on internet marketing education and mentoring

Most of these programs have definite value. The value does not
always equal the price as I have found out from expensive
experience. The following are a few things that you should look

  ●   Look for the back end billing program. Most of these
      programs are really clever in presenting the back end charges
      without the buyer being aware of the recurring charges to
      their credit card. (I personally don't think that hiding this
      charge or even disguising it in the billing information is
      honest or ethical. This is probably my number one objection
      to the way that internet information marketing is conducted).
  ●   Buy the small package first and look it over carefully. Be
      wise about the money that you spend for the upscale product.
  ●   Search the web for free information on a subject before you
      take the big plunge. Any expenditure over $50.00 should be
      given careful consideration.
  ●   View all testimonials with a suspicious eye. Anyone can
      write a testimonial even the author who is selling the work.
  ●   Check them out on ripoff report even though this group
      makes a lot of money from other peoples troubles. I don't
      think ripoff report is all that sterling either. (Check them out
      for yourself on the net).
   ●   If you can get the address of the sellers place of business
       check them out with the better business bureau.
   ●   Be smart and don't spend more than you can afford.

The programs that have been recommended in this report should be
given the same scrutiny. Every penny spent on internet marketing
should be wisely and well spent. There is money to be made in
this business but you must treat it as a business.

This author does not believe that there is any magic bullet to get
you rich on the internet. If you choose to get in this business be
prepared to spend some money and put in your time. Most
business fail because of lack of capital and lack of commitment on
the part of the entrepreneur. If you are to succeed, you must have a
plan and stick to it. No plan is set in concrete but should be a
constantly evolving written document.

                  Table of Internet Marketing Program

Program          Useful      Link                                 Comments
Shawn and        Yes         Shawn and Tellman                    Has good stuff
Traffic Geyser   Excellent Traffic Geyser                         You need this
                                                                  one, but its not
                                                                  free or cheap.
Prosper Learning Some        None                                 Not recommended
Real Success     No          None                                 Not recommended
Ewen Chia         Great      Click this link for a real treat     Highest
AutoPilot Profits                                                 Recommendation
                             Ewen Chia AutoPilot Profits System
Mike Litman      No really   None                                 Old time medicine
                                                                  show. Not
Matt Bacak       Very        Get to Matt's Stuff Here             Good Stuff
Keith Wellman    Very        Keith Wellmans Stuff                 Great Stuff
Eric's Tips     Great      A Free Internet Marketing Course   One of the fest
                                                              and its free
Rich Schefren   The very   Internet Business Manifesto        The guru of the
                best       Cash Maps                          gurus.


Don't spend all of your time looking for the perfect product.
Look some over and find one that was produced by a person
making money on the internet. Get a product and stick with the
program to the end. What works for me may not work for you.
Do some work and get your feet wet in internet marketing.

There are a lot more programs on the net to learn internet
marketing, however, there should be one in this list that will meet
your needs and personality.



   ●   PRAYER

When you signed up to recieve this report you were given the
chance to register. This registration will give you updates to this
material and other great offers that we find. We will not
recommend a product that we have not looked.


     Ultimate Auto Repair Site


     If you want to start an Internet Business you must check
     this out.
     Eric's Tips—Eric Holmlund


     The information presented herein represents the views of
     the author as of the date of publication. Because of the
     rapidly changing conditions in the market place the
     author reserves the rights to alter and update his opinions
     based on new conditions.
This report is for informational purposes only and the
author or the marketer do not accept any responsibilities
for any liabilities result inf from the use of this

Every attempt has been made to verify the information
provided herein, the author and his referrals canot
assume any responsibility for errors, incorrect
information, or omissions. Any slights of people or
organizations are unintentional. The information is
published as factual based upon the source and the
authors opinion or interpretation.

It is suggested that you use the grocery store method to
select the information that you will use. Take those items
that are of value to you and leave the rest.

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