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					                                 APO Chapter Minutes
                                   October 14, 2007
                              Theme: Boy Scout/ Girl Scout

                                      Officer Reports

President: Sara Covino
–Important dates:
–First Committee Meeting 10/17 @ 8:30 Huntington Hall
–Kick Off 10/23 @7:30 HL 500 (If you want to be a team leader, this is the meeting for
–Relay for Life 2008 is March 29, 7pm.
•HABITAT FOR THE HOLIDAYS – come to our meeting here on Thursday at 7p.m.
•APOLLO – will need picture takers and hosts/greeters, drop off magazines in office for project collages

VPS: Christopher Robin
•Girl Scout Camp Near Wilderness cleanup is coming up. Sign up on PhiServ (Free lunch
is involved!)
•Venturing Crew is official! We’ll be having a meeting tomorrow before pledge class at
9p.m. upstairs of Marshall Square Mall.
•Get on top of your service hours! I will begin meeting with people to discuss their
progress this week.
•Upcoming projects to look out for:
–APOLLO (Oct. 27)
–Adopt-A-Street (Oct. 28)
–Camp Near Wilderness Cleanup (Nov. 4)
–Cents for Service (Nov. 10)
–Girl Scout Badge Day (Nov. 17)
•Shadow me!

VP R & R: Jackie Herbert
•Themed Chapter: Thanks for playing...but it's not over yet! GIRLSCOUT DAY NOV.
•Abroad stuff coming around for those who didn't get to sign the first time (if it doesn't
get to you today, it'll be in the front at the end of chapter) LAST CHANCE TO SIGN
•Bro's of Phi (Steph and Yana)
•Louie Louie (to Matt Martino)
•Shadow Me!

Pledgemaster: Jana Barnello
•Pledges in the House? Name, Year, Major, Big, and Family!
•Pledge Class @ 10p.m. every Monday, HL 500, PC E-board right before (this counts as
a pledge event!)
•Pledge Class fellowships: Crunch Game! $11/person, Date TBA (sometime in
•Nov.30: Action Phi News Team is sponsoring an Insomniacs event!
•Bigs: Start getting letters! McKies, Holy Shirt,
•Reminder: Initiations, Saturday, Dec.1st, Nifkin!
•Shadow Me!

Treasurer: Kate DeSisto
•Pay me for Sectionals and Retreat
•Cents for Service Nov 10th
•Funkraiser Nov 27th @ 8p.m. – 90s Theme

PR Chair: Tori Hornstein
•GEAR UPDATE – Thanks to my PR team, we have found the best prices online and
around town for ordering some sweet APO gear. Here's how this will work:
1. Keep your eye on your email for the order form, going out over the listserv.
2. Fill out the order form and email it back to me.
3. At the end of ONE WEEK, BY CHAPTER NEXT SUNDAY, we'll tally up who wants
what and place group orders. This way you can actually have your gear before the end of
the semester.
•With regards to T-shirts, we have 2 choices:
–Holy Shirt has offered us 5 dollar t-shirts, but they would likely be simple and without
very many options. We also can custom order T-shirts online for anywhere in the 8-10
dollar range.
–In the second scenario, we can choose from pre-made templates, or, design our own. I
would love to see some design ideas from the minds of PHI (three cheers for witty double
entendres and logo rip-offs!).
–Is in the works. The deadline for submissions to PHIlings is OCTOBER 21! Please feel
free to email Tori with suggestions or call 413-329-4670 if there are
any last minute ideas you have.

Alumni Sec: Caitlin Kelley
•Alumni dinner was good. Thanks.

VPF: Nicole Stanek
Fellowships to keep in mind
•Oct 20-21: Retreat
•Oct 28th: Apple Picking
•Nov 4-5: Big Little Dinners
•Nov 10/11: Laser Tag
•Nov 17th: Kick Ball!

Rec-Sec: Steph Eckelkamp
•Sign attendance! Up here or on clip board
•Approve minutes
•E-mail me new business

Corr Sec: Rachel Cook
• Sign up today if you want to go to Sectionals!
• Registration will be sent later this week
• Make checks out to Alpha Phi Omega Phi Chapter

Historian: Sarah Leahy
•Send pictures to
•Composite is next Sunday on Hendricks steps at 4:45
•Shadow me!

ESF Liaison: Matt Martino
–Figurative 2am "Last Call" for Overnight Retreat
–35 names are on Phiserv, want at least 5 more by Friday
–You’ll get an e-mail w/final details and ride info. Be ready to leave at 10a.m.!
–Retreat will count as pledge event
–Coffee Haus portion of retreat – Think about creative self-expression (write a poem,
reflect on life in an essay, show art work, write a song, sing, dance, tell some jokes)
–Please pay KATE, me, Jana, your neighbor, somebody
•Insomniacs Event November 30th:
–Gameshow Night Them(Family Feud or 1 v 100 with bookstore gift certificate prizes)
–Mike Ressler (pledge VPF) and I would appreciate help with this

SAA: Kristy Blakely

Old Business:
•Nicole S – From the Ground Up Therapeutic Horsemanship, Inc. needs volunteers to
assist with lessons by grooming, tacking, leading and side-walking the horses and with
barn/horse maintenance and general barn work. For more info go to
or contact or call Bridget at 315-457-6903
•Adam/Erin – Benefit Concert
•Rachel C – Attorney General on October 17th at Nottingham High School

New Business:
•Lynne (
Campaign for Syracuse help: E-mail me if you have serving experience and want to help
on Nov 1,2,3. Can work plating, etc if you want to help but have no experience. Need lots
of help! Can work as much as you want.
•Kristen A
-HE Halloween fellowship at fairgrounds Fri Oct 26th. Get in touch with me if you want
to go. Don’t have to be in HE to go.