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									                  Holy Family High School - Parents Teachers Association
                             Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 093.


Notice is hereby given that the 46th Annual General Body Meeting of the Holy Family High School – Parents
Teachers Association for the year 2008 – 2009 will be held on Saturday July 18, 2009 at 5:30 p.m. in the
Secondary School Hall to transact the following business:

    1. To read and confirm the minutes of the 45th Annual General Body Meeting held on July 26, 2008.

    2. To read, consider & adopt the 46th Annual Report, Income & Expenditure Account and the Balance Sheet as
       at June 30, 2009.

    3. To appoint Statutory Auditors to Audit the Accounts of the Association for the year 2009 – 2010.

    4. To consider introduction of in-house Junior College faculty.

    5. To consider any business that may be brought forward by the Central Committee on its own or by the
       members with at least 5 days notice in advance to the Central Committee and take decision/s thereon.

    6. Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.

    7. Election to the Central Committee for the year 2009 – 2010.

                                                      By the order of the Central Committee
                                         For HOLY FAMILY HIGH SCHOOL – Parents Teachers Association

Place: Mumbai 400 093                                                      Mr. Dominic Crasto
Dated: July 5, 2009                                                         (Hon. Secretary)

a) If there is no quorum at the scheduled time, the meeting shall be adjourned and held at the same venue and
   date at 5:45 p.m. and the members present will form the quorum.
   The copy of the Annual Report, Books of Accounts are open for inspection at the school office with Mr. Thomas
   Fernandes from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. on any working day, from July 7, 2009 to July 17, 2009.
b) Members desirous of asking any questions and / or moving any resolutions on the Annual Report and / or the
   Statement of Accounts must send the same to the school office addressed to the Hon. Secretary on or before
   July 12, 2009 to facilitate discussion. Only questions / resolutions received in this manner will be entertained.
c) Nomination forms for the election to the Central Committee have been distributed. Those desiring to be
   appointed as class representative shall fill in the same and handover to the Returning Officer (Sr. Iona Barretto –
   Vice Principal) not later than July 17, 2009. The elections if required will be held on the day of the AGM by the
   Returning Officer, immediately after the AGM.

            Holy Family High School - Parents Teachers Association
                               Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 093.

                                          ANNUAL REPORT 2008 - 2009

Dear Members,
I have pleasure in presenting the 46th Annual Report for the year 2008 – 2009 along with the Audited Statements of
Accounts and Balance Sheet as at June 30, 2009 on behalf of the Central Committee of your Association.
The Statement of Accounts has been prepared for a period of 12 months from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009.
I. Income & Expenditure
a) The Income & Expenditure Accounts reveals contributions from Parents of Rs. 2,07,225/- Among other items of
    Income, Interest Income (on SB A/c & FD’s) of Rs. 43,101/- and donations received from well-wishers amounted
    to Rs. 20,000/-. This year your Association has posted a surplus of Rs 16,747/- after making a contribution of Rs.
    20,000/- to Holy Family Recreation Account for the year ended June 30, 2009.
b) On the Expenditure side the items mentioned reveal the amount spent on various activities conducted by your
    Association in the year under review which are detailed separately in the report. Necessary provision has been
    made for the expenses to be incurred post June 30, 2009 for the activities pertaining to the period, under review.

II. Committee Meetings
a) The Central Committee met 10 times during the year under review and the various sub-committees met at
    regular intervals depending upon the activities conducted by them.

III. Exits & New Admissions
a) Rev. Dr. Fr. Joseph Menino Dias s.j, Manager of the Holy Family High School is now transferred to Kalva. Your
     Association wishes him the very best in all his future endeavors.
b) Br. Bruno D’Souza s.j, Speech Arts & Sports Director, is now transferred to St. Xavier’s High School, Dhobi
     Talao. Your Association wishes him the very best in all his future endeavors.
c) Rev. Fr. Jerome D’Souza s.j, has officially taken over as Parish Priest / Manager of Holy Family High School.
     Your Association welcomes Fr. Jerome D’Souza and looks forward for an excellent and continued support to
     your Association.
d) Fr. Leopold Soares s.j, will now be a member of the School Committee. Your Association welcomes Fr. Leopold
     Soares and looks forward for an excellent and continued support to your Association.

IV. Silver Jubilarians
    Your Association this year felicitated Ms. Alice Tomy on her completion of 25 years in this our institution. We
    congratulate and wish her the very best for the future.

V. Activities of your Association during the year 2008 - 2009.
   During the year under review your Association was very active and successful in conducting a number of
   activities. The details of which are as under:

a) “Orientation Program for Parents of Junior K.G” Lecture for Parents of students of K.G – July 18, 2008
   A lecture was organized during the month of July 2008 for the parents of students studying in junior K.G by Ms.
   Sandra Sequeira the School Counselor. The Lecture was well attended and would be of much use to parents.
   Among various other finer details the Counselor laid special emphasis on explaining how each child is unique
   and how the parents should tackle problem issues sensitively.

b) TEACHER’S DAY Celebrations – September 5, 2008
   Your Association celebrated “Teachers Day” this year on a low-key as the Principal Dr. Fr. Francis Swamy s.j
   was on a sabbatical. However Fr. Dr. Joe Menino Dias s.j – the Manager was present and tried to make up for

    the absence. A small programme including Music & Dance was held in the school hall during which games were
    organized. Gifts and Spot Prizes too were distributed on the occasion which ended with a buffet lunch. The
    Teachers as well as the Parents who attended the same had a wonderful time. The hostess for the well
    coordinated and conducted program was Ms. Juliet Crasta.

c) “ANAND BAL-MELA” – December 23rd, 2008
   Your Association this year celebrated the ANAND BAL-MELA, which it has been regularly organizing for the past
   few years along with the help of our dear Teachers. This year the “Children’s Day Celebration” was held along
   with the Christmas Celebrations after the Diwali Vacations.
   The program was divided in 2 segments wherein the first segment was the Christmas Special - Musical program
   put up by the students. The next segment was the Children’s Day celebration which was elaborate and
   thoroughly enjoyed by the students. Sir Elias Gonsalves brought to life “ANAND” by handpicking one of our very
   own student Master. Sagar Jathar (IX - B), and trained him to enact the part of the mascot “ANAND”, a gentle,
   lovable Royal Bengal Tiger. The children as usual were thrilled to see him prancing around.
   This year the whole program was conducted with clockwork precision with the involvement of all the teachers of
   the school putting in their best to see that the event was a thorough success.
   Game stalls were put up all around the lawns and all the children were allowed to participate in any game of their
   choice. The children of the whole school were provided with packets of waffles, biscuits, chocolates & cold drink.
   We thank the teachers and masters without whom; the event would definitely not be possible. Mr. Claudius
   Fernandes was the chief coordinator for the games. We also thank all the parents who attend with so much
   enthusiasm and commitment, year after year to serve and be a part of an event which the children of our school
   would forever remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.

d) ANNUAL PICNIC – February 15th, 2009
   Your Associations conducted a picnic at the beautiful settings of St. Stanislaus Ville, Lonavala. A group of 60
   which included 15 children joined together and made it a memorable one. Various activities like games, dancing,
   singing, joke sessions, dumb charade, throwball, cricket as well as ‘Antakshri’ were held impromptu with the
   whole hearted participation of all those present. All around one could see parents and children having a good
   time. It was truly quality time spent in the ‘Family Spirit’.

e) “Primary Interaction Day” – February 20, 2009
   An Interaction day for parents of the primary section was conducted. Various aspects regarding the day to day
   activities conducted by the school were explained. A quality based education as well as facilities unheard of in
   public schools being provided were showcased. Various other inter school activities held regularly over the years
   as well as details regarding mid-day meals provided for students in need by the Holy Family Ex-Students
   Association were displayed through Power Point Presentations. Parents who attended and interacted in large
   numbers lauded the efforts of the School.

f) “Medical Camp” – February 27, 2009
   A Medical Camp for students was organized during the month of February 2009. Doctor parents of our own
   students along with their network of friends helped conduct the medical check up on our students. Ms. Soly
   Varghese was the chief coordinator for the program which was organised at a very short notice. Systemized
   team work by the parents helped in conducting the medical camp smoothly.

g) PTA Prizes to the Student Achievers of the School.
   As per the practice followed in the earlier years this year too your Association has taken a decision to felicitate
   those students who have excelled in the field of sports and other extra curricular activities at the district level and
   above. Those students who have submitted their achievement certificates will be given prizes during the ensuing
   AGM along with those students who have excelled in academics. The amount from this year has been increased
   to Rs.300/-.

h) PTA Special Awards to the School Achievers in the SSC Board Examinations.
     This year too the central committee decided to announce special awards for the students appearing in the SSLC
     Examinations. The awards announced were as under:
                                                ENGLISH MEDIUM:
                                   MERIT LIST - Rs. 2000/- and TROPHY each
                                          ABOVE 90% - Rs. 1000/- each
                                          85 - 90%        - Rs. 500/- each
                                                MARATHI MEDIUM:
                                   MERIT LIST - Rs. 2000/- and TROPHY each
                                          ABOVE 90% - Rs. 1000/- each
                                          85 - 90%        - Rs. 500/- each
                                          80 - 85%        - Rs. 250/- each
The winners will receive their awards during the ensuing AGM. This year too we have achieved 100% results in the
English medium and 94.49% in the Marathi medium. Our heartiest congratulations not only to the students but also
the teachers of both the English and the Marathi medium who have put in their best to achieve such good results.

    Your Association was also actively involved in various other activities for the general benefit of the school and
    the students from time to time. A gist of the same is mentioned hereunder:

a) Your Association’s web site http://holyfamilypta.com is fully functional. Activities past, present and future
   are updated regularly & showcased.

b) Your Association will award the following at the ensuing AGM – First & Second Rank holders of the entire
   School. The scholarship amount now increased to Rs.300/-.

c) Your Association will also award the following at the ensuing AGM - School Best All-Rounder, and Excellence in
   various activities and Winners of Individual Championships. The scholarship amount now being Rs.300/-.

d) Your Association helped this year in contributing towards installing closed circuit televisions in the Primary
   Section which would benefit and assist students in the most modern method of study.

e) Your Association also helped in contributing towards the lesser privileged students of the school by conducting
   an old fashioned ‘NEWSPAPER DRIVE’ successfully, the whole exercise was conducted with a view that each
   and every student could do his / her bit in a small way by way of collecting old newsprint in and around their
   homes for the betterment of their School and thus help build a sense of belonging and attachment to their future
   Alma Mater.

Your Association is very happy to announce the successful completion of its mega project, one that your Association
had taken up four years ago namely the Swimming Pool & Gymnasium. The formal opening took place on 28th April,
2009. Following which the school successfully hosted a ‘Learn Swimming Camp’ for our students totally free of cost
during the vacations. We expect our students to benefit with this in-house facility. Students of neighboring schools
too would benefit through it.

Your Association would like to place on record its sincere appreciation and thank wholeheartedly the Principal - Rev.
Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy s.j., the Manager - Rev. Fr. Dr. Joseph Menino Dias s.j; the Vice Principal - Sr. Iona Barretto,
the Head Mistress - Sr. Jacintha Cutinah of the Primary section, the Supervisor - Ms. Susan Babu, the Teachers, the

Non–Teaching and the Support staff for all their support and co-operation in conducting the various activities of the
Association. I sincerely thank you for the enthusiasm you have shown with your whole hearted support. Thank you
for supporting what we do and I truly appreciate all that you are doing for our students and this grand institution. It
has made our job so much easier and much more fun.

Sincere thanks to all those Central Committee Members who wish not to be named but have silently generously
sponsored many of your Associations activities during the year. I also place on record our appreciation to the Guest
Speakers, Doctors, Auditors, Bankers, Ex-Members and all the Parents who have directly or indirectly helped us in
conducting the activities of the Association to the entire satisfaction of all.

                                                                    For and behalf of the
                                                       HOLY FAMILY HIGH SCHOOL - PARENTS TEACHERS

Place : Mumbai                                                                              Mr. Dominic Crasto
Dated : July 5, 2009                                                                            Secretary

                                      A DREAM COME TRUE
         The year was 2003-2004, routine PTA mundane tasks were happening regularly as has been over
the years, something more needed to be done, something which would benefit the students as well as
enhance the image of our school. So what if it was a public school? It has always been one -with a
difference of course. Our school, needed to be the best, why should we settle for anything less? Our aim
was to provide our students with the best. Providing the best would of course mean providing special
facilities that one could only dream of.
         Thus the idea of the swimming pool germinated and with the support of the Principal Fr. Dr.
Francis Swamy s.j and Fr. Jude Fernandes s.j, the then Manager / Vice-Principal, the PTA took a decision
which students of Holy Family High School & their parents will always cherish.
         At the very start we decided that what was needed was a modern state-of-the-art swimming pool
and not like any of the ones we had seen around. The area chosen was a small hillock between the
secondary & primary section. Happily we put forth our proposal to the school architect who after seeing
the terrain outright rejected the site and we were back where we started. The rejected site though was still
on our sights, and after much thought it was decided to build an amphitheatre which would also be one of
its kind in the vicinity. Thus ‘THE ARENA’ was born, the first PTA initiated project that came into being
on 23rd December, 2005.
         The swimming pool mega plan though, was never for a moment forgotten. After much
deliberation the present site was proposed with a rider -provided we were able to use a small parcel of
land belonging to Vinayalaya. Jesuits as benevolent and pragmatic as they are, our proposal met with
instant approval.
         That was it, with the new swimming pool site agreed upon there was no reason to look back. Thus
on 26th Sept 2006, the foundation stone for this mega project was laid.
         Since space was a matter of concern it was decided to utilize space as efficiently as possible hence
the decision of constructing at least one storey on top of the swimming pool with provision for more
which resulted in increased cost and hence further delay. Apart from the rough terrain, the various
permissions as well as the slow collection of funds took its toll on time.
         Everyone associated with the school be it the students, the teachers, parents or well wishers
helped in the various fund raising activities the PTA initiated by way of organizing the Family A’fair
2005, the raffle, souvenir, etc. The students & parents of our school on their part also shared the
enthusiasm of the PTA and did their best whenever and whatever they were called for whilst all eagerly
waited for the project to get completed.
         Finally, before the academic year 2008-09 ended Holy Family High School Swimming Pool, Hall
and Gymnasium was blessed and inaugurated on 28th April, 2009 by Rev. Fr. Joseph Menino Dias s.j
Manager/Parish Priest of Holy Family. Immediately thereafter during the May vacations students of our
school participated in the various ‘LEARN SWIMMING CAMP’. The camps were held entirely free of
cost. It was a wonderful sight to see parents accompanying their children keeping a watchful eye while
their children learned swimming under professional guidance from the trainers.
         It is to the credit of our dear Principal Rev. Dr. Fr. Francis Swamy s.j. that this dream project was
made possible. The PTA appreciates one and all for all the support we have received in conducting
various activities for the benefit of the school and its students.
         There is still one more dream that we nurture and that is, some day the future National Swimming
Champions would be our very own students of Holy Family and who knows perhaps winners of the
Olympics too.

                                                                                        - Dominic Crasto

     Message from Rev. Dr. Fr. Francis Swamy s.j.
     Principal of Holy Family High School &
     President of the Parents Teachers Association.

My dear parents and teachers,
Holy Family - a Jesuit Institution situated in a suburb of Andheri has grown from a sapling planted in
1944 into a giant oak with its myriad branches providing an education par excellence to the denizens in
and around Andheri.
A notable feature is that it caters to every class and caste, irrespective of religion – run by Jesuits –
pioneers in education whose mission is to cater to the masses – the prime object being to bring the less
privileged into the main stream of Life by giving them an identity which will give them a respectable
place in society all this for the greater glory of God and benefit of mankind.
With this mission in mind a Marathi Medium was included 25 years ago which runs parallel to the
English Medium. The academic year 2009 – sees it reach its 25th milestone successfully – feather in our
cap indeed! This medium started with Std. VIII and gradually blossomed into a full fledged school. The
students seeking admission to this institution belong to the underprivileged class – i.e. most of the parents
are involved labourers etc in menial jobs – having no basic education as such.
Holy Family has mainly started the Marathi medium with a view to give these children a better lease in
What is noteworthy of mention is that this medium runs parallel to the English medium and shares a
common ground and bond with the other students – The classes are housed in the same building. The
staff share a common Staff Room – all activities academic – curricular and extra – curricular are the
same, and enjoyed by both sections equally, hence there is a healthy inter- mingling of the students
thereby each gaining from the other in terms of culture, linguistic abilities, values ethical and human.
The result is a healthy exchange – whereby both mediums benefit – no differences are apparent
whatsoever – this is our goal – nay mission ……
We are happy with what we have produced so – far – men & woman who have made a mark in life –
gems in our tiara – of doctors, teachers, administrators, lawyers, priests, nurses etc, etc, each
contributing his/her mite to society.
What is heartening is that these seemingly in – significant beings have created a niche for themselves
having excelled in some field or the other – thanks to the education in Holy Family – we have created
men and woman with an identity – and men for others – true to our goal.
Our school motto ‘Loyalty through service’ – comes alive when we hear stories about our students
excelling in life and contributing their mite in society.
The Marathi medium is growing in leaps and bound – the results at the S.S.C. Exam stand as a testimony
to the efforts the Staff is making to bring these students into the mainstream of life – rich in values –
giving impetus to the IQ the EQ and SQ equally, so that they are second to none.
With the blessings of God Almighty and the unstinted co-operation of the Parents, Staff and the
Management we hope to scale new heights and carve a niche for ourselves in the history of Education.

Dr. Fr. Francis Swamy s.j.


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