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Nakata Named President                                                                     Gibson Disputes
of Yamaha Corp. of America                                                                 Tax Lien
Takuya “Tak” Nakata has been named          he became general manager of the Division.     In early April, it was reported by The
president of Yamaha Corporation of          In 2006, he was named executive officer of      Nashville Post that The Internal Reve-
America (YCA). He succeeds                              Yamaha Corporation. In 2009        nue Service fi led a lien against Gibson
Hogan Osawa, who will re-                               he was promoted to director        Guitar Corp. for $445,994 in unpaid
turn to Yamaha Corporation                              & executive officer of Yamaha       corporate and payroll taxes dating
Japan to lead the AV Division.                          Corporation. A board member        back to 2006.
   In 1981, Mr. Nakata joined                           of Yamaha Corporation, Mr.             The lien, fi led with the Davidson
Yamaha (former Nippon Gak-                              Nakata’s YCA appointment           County Register of Deeds, shows Gib-
ki Co., Ltd., which officially                           represents his first post outside   son with unpaid 2006 payroll taxes
changed its name to “Yamaha                             of Japan.                          totaling $3,350 and two years of cor-
Corporation” in 1987) with                                  Mr. Osawa has served as        porate income taxes of $442,644 from
responsibility for product                              Yamaha Corporation of Amer-        2007 and 2008.
planning and product devel-                             ica president since 2007 and he        The company released the follow-
opment of electrical musical                            is executive officer of Yamaha      ing statement:
instruments. In 2002, Mr. Na-                           Corporation.                           Gibson Guitar Corp. received Notice
kata was appointed assistant general man-      For more information, visit                 that a Tax lien has been filed against the
ager of the PA–DMI Division and in 2005     www.yamaha.com.                                company by the IRS.
                                                                                               This tax lien is associated with cer-
                                                                                           tain penalties and interest claimed due,
                                                                                           but unpaid for the company’s tax period
                                                                                           of 2006 to 2008. Gibson Guitar believes
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