"That's Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Me Into" by ProQuest


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									 Editorial                                                                                           Volume 169, Number 5, May 2010

                                                                                                                  Sidney L. Davis
                                                                                                              ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER

“That’s Another                                                                                                    Rick Kessel

Fine Mess You’ve Gotten Me Into”                                                                              Christian Wissmuller

                                                                                                               ASSOCIATE EDITOR
                                                                                                                Eliahu Sussman
       arely a day passes when NAMM’s Scott Robertson’s “Your Daily News” newsletter                    esussman@symphonypublishing.com
       does not carry an item relating to a school music program struggling to survive a                        ASSOCIATE EDITOR
       district or state budget shortfall. Whether it’s little “Rhody” looking at a possible                     Denyce Neilson
$38 million reduction in school services or Texas facing a 5 percent decrease to offset                 dneilson@symphonypublishing.com
a $4.3 billion budget gap, the arts and electives continue to remain on the back burner                        ADVERTISING SALES
regardless of party affiliation. In 2002 the Bush administration introduced No Child Left                             Iris Fox
Behind which, in summary, affected what students were taught, which tests they must
                                                                                                             CLASSIFIED AD SALES
take, and the way money is spent on education. Many critics termed it a “one size fits all”
                                                                                                                Maureen Johan
approach to education that emphasizes testing in reading and math without much regard                    mjohan@symphonypublishing.com
for elective courses such as music and the arts. Fast-forward to this year and the Obama                     PRODUCTION MANAGER
administration’s Race To The Top, which continues to emphasize a national standardized                             Laurie Guptill
test that will measure student’s “critical knowledge and higher-order thinking skills.”                  lguptill@symphonypublishing.com
    Viewing both initiatives I am reminded of the comedy team of the ‘20s and ‘30s, Stan                       GRAPHIC DESIGNERS
Laurel and Oliver Hardy, and the catchphrase most associated with the comedy duo:                                Andrew P. Ross
“Well that’s another fi ne mess you’ve gotten me into.” After the tumultuous program
cutbacks of the ‘90s, sparked by voter propositions restricting larger than 2.5 perce
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