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From a business sense, Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, has done a phenomenal job creating a great brand and connecting with consumers. - Rob Moehring, CEO, Washington Shoe Co. Playing high school football in Phoenix. Joe Ouaknine, CEO, Titan Industries Playing ice hockey on outdoor rinks in -20 degrees and the Montreal Canadiens winning four consecutive Stanley Cups. - Orphaned at 3 and later crippled by diphtheria, he learned to walk again, fled his foster home and took night classes to earn an engineering degree.

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          OF...          (((((( SOUND BITES ))))))

                                                                    A genie, and I would
                                                                    ask him to bring back
                                                                    the shoe business to
                                                                    what it was 10 years
                                                                    ago. I will pay him                                        I grew up in the Bronx,
                                                                    whatever he wants.          Watching the Gold                NY, and I’ll always
                             Tony Robbins.                         –Joe Ouaknine, CEO,        Cup hydroplane races            remember the guy who
 Condoleezza Rice.        He would get people                                                       in Seattle.               rode down our block on
    Her leadership                                                  Titan Industries
                                motivated.                                                     –Rob Moehring, CEO,                a horse-drawn            Playing ice hockey
 abilities would be a     –Michael Greenberg,                                                  Washington Shoe Co.            vegetable cart yelling
     terrific asset.                                                                                                                                          on outdoor rinks
                           president, Skechers             Bill Clinton.                                                       at the top of his lungs      in -20 degrees and
–Fred King, marketing
  director, Lucchese                                         I think he‘d                                                        what he was selling           the Montreal
                                                         get us in a few                                                              that day.            Canadiens winning
                                                           doors. He’s a                                                      –Angel Martinez, CEO,          four consecutive
                                                                   closer.                                                        Deckers Outdoor              Stanley Cups.
                                                        –Angel Martinez,                        Playing high school                                       –Edward Kanner, CEO,
                                                          CEO, Deckers                           football in Phoenix.                                           Kanner Corp.
                                                                 Outdoor                      Football was my ticket to
                                                                                              an education at Brigham
                                                                                              Young. I was the first one         Going to soccer
                              Bob Dylan.                                                         in my family to go to         matches with my
 The Dalai Lama.             I have some                              Oprah. She’d be        college and I went through        dad on Sundays to            Lemonade stands
  We could create             questions I                             a great rep–no one        five knee surgeries in          watch the pro team            in the small New
world peace through         need answered                             ever says no to her.     three years just to hang          he managed in                 England town
  better flip-flops.             from him.                             –Michael Katz,          onto my scholarship and fin-      Casablanca, Morocco.           of Hamilton, MA.
–Jeff Kelley, founder,      –Adam Tucker,                             CEO, Matisse            ish school. –Greg Tunney,       –Joe Ouaknine, CEO,            –Amanda Cabot,
       Sanuk                 CEO, Me Too                                                         CEO, R.G. Barry Corp.          Titan Industries               CEO, Dansko

                         DREAM HIRES                                                                       HOMETOWN MEMORIES

                                                                      It would be fun
                                                                      to work with
                                                                      Julia Roberts
                                                                      every day. From
                                                                      a business
                                                                      sense, Howard
    Colin Powell.                                                     Schultz, CEO of                                          Saturday mornings
    His understand-          Bill Belichick,                          Starbucks, has                                           I’d take the train to
    ing of different      head coach of New                           done a                                                    Winter Park ski              I’m a Brooklyn boy,
  cultures would be        England Patriots.                          phenomenal job                                           resort near Golden,          so I grew up playing
  an asset. –Andrew           He has a great                          creating a great                                            CO. My parents           stickball and going to
  Raggatt, CEO, Emu        work ethic and he’s                        brand and                  Spending the entire            would drop me off         Dimola’s for egg creams.
       Australia              a great leader.                         connecting with              day in Huntington              with a bunch of           If you don’t know
                           –Danny Schwartz,                           consumers.                  Beach, CA, with no            other kids and say,       what stickball is you
                           president, Schwartz                       –Gary Schoenfeld,           sunscreen, a peeling            ‘Now make sure            ain’t from Brooklyn,
                               & Benjamin                             CEO, Vans                  nose and bleached-                you catch the           a
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