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    Sh                                   String Swing’s Instrument Tools
                                         String Swing’s CC18 guitar jack and fer-           The CC31 pickup jack installation tool
                                         rule tool can be used to securely hold any     can be fed up through the jack instal-
                                         ¼” receiver during installation or remov-      lation hole and out through the sound
                                         al. It is designed to friction-lock from the   hole. The jack can then be secured to the
                                         inside of the receiver. The most conve-        tool and pulled back through to bring the
                                         nient use is holding a pickup jack while       jack into its place.
                                         tightening the nut to secure it in place.

                                         VOX’s VR Series Amps
Gibson’s Fabulous Flat-Top               VOX Amplification’s AC30VR and                     The AC30VR’s Normal channel of-
Guitars                                  AC15VR VR Series combo amplifiers               fers Treble and Bass tone controls; the
Gibson’s Fabulous Flat-Top Guitars:      feature VOX’s Valve Reactor technology,        Overdrive channel features its own Tre-
An Illustrated History and Guide, sec-   along with the split                              ble and       Bass controls and adds
ond edition by Eldon Whitford, Da-       panel cosmetics                                                       a Middle con-
vid Vinopal, and Dan Erlewine, fore-     of the AC30 and                                                        trol. The Master
word by Steve Earle is now updated.      AC15 amplifiers.                                                        section features
Through more than 200 photos and         Both amplifiers                                                        the VOX Tone
detailed text, this book chronicles      in the series of-                                                     Cut control for
the development and evolution of         fer two chan-                                                         dampening the
Gibson’s flat-tops, covering the L-se-    nels:    Normal                                                       high frequencies.
ries, round-shoulder jumbos, Hawai-      and Overdrive.                                                        Both     channels
ian guitars, narrow-waist jumbos,        Master Volume                                                         on the AC15VR
LG series, square-shoulder jumbos,       and Master Re-                                                        share the same
Montana-built flat-tops, more. The        verb controls are                                                     Treble and Bass
book includes two 16-page full-color     also provided.                                                        tone controls. The
sections, a section on serial numbers,       The Valve Re-                                                     optional    VFS2
and a model chronology. New to this      actor circuitry uses a 12AX7 vacu-                                footswitch provides
edition is Earle’s introduction and      um tube in the power stage to shape the        hands-free     channel switching and re-
a list of Montana produced guitars       sound. The circuit also includes a virtual     verb on/off. The AC30VR retails for $800
through 2008.                            speaker load to capture the interaction        and the AC15VR for $500.                       between the amplifier and speaker.    

64 MMR                                                                                                                 APRIL 2010
Gibson’s Randy Scruggs Advanced Jumbo                                                      New Models from PRS
Gibson’s Randy Scruggs Advanced Jumbo        round-shouldered dreadnought, with            PRS Guitars’ latest signature models
model is an acoustic guitar from the lu-     solid premium Sitka spruce top and solid      from Orianthi, Zach Myers of Shine-
thiers of Bozeman, Montana. The model        rosewood back and sides, an advanced          down, Paul Allender of Cradle of Filth,
was designed for Nashville recording         scalloped X-brace, vintage sunburst fin-       Mike Åkerfeldt of Opeth, and Nick Cat-
artist Randy Scruggs, who always plays       ish, and up-market adornments such as         anese of Black Label Society are built
the Gibson Advanced Jumbo. Made to           abalone trim and rosette and mother-          in Korea to signature artist and PRS’s
the proportions of the Advanced Jumbo        of-pearl fi ngerboard crowns, the Randy        specifications. PRS has worked closely
                                             Scruggs Model packs the one-two punch         with each artist to present a guitar that
                                             of looks and tone. The guitar also fea-       identifies with their style, both musically
                                             tures a bone nut and saddle and a Fish-       and visually. Although they have worked
                                             man Matrix pickup system. Only 100            with PRS for years, these are debut signa-
                                             Randy Scruggs Model guitars will be         
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