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In a lot of other places, they would have been hesitant to venture into this, but after all, this is Nashville, and Nashville is Music City! "It is an integral part of the culture here - music is alive and well in this town," says Ripley. "Besides Vanderbilt and Belmont, we are in very close proximity to Music Row, and the W.O. Smith Music School where John has taught for years," says Simon.

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Simon Ripley’s Music & Art
Simon Ripley’s Music & Art is a brand           Simon Ripley’s currently employs six       carrying an in-depth supply of printed
new MI store and art gallery located in     staff members including John and Mi-           music – until we opened.”
Nashville, Tennessee. “We are a serious     chael. The store itself is around 3,500
music store, but we’re also a serious art   square feet, with 2,500 square feet dedi-      Finding Their Niche
store,” explains John Ripley, who runs      cated to retail space, and the remaining          One reason for Simon Ripley’s suc-
the business along with his partner, Mi-    area being turned into offices and studios,     cess seems to be their knack for interact-
chael Simon. “We have some really fi ne      which will host a lesson program in the        ing with local musicians to learn what’s
music themed art. Everything we dis-        near future. “The concept is that we’re go-    missing in the community. Recently when
play currently is by local artists, and a   ing to be very deep and attentive to sup-      talking to some local studio perform-
lot of them have national recognition.      plies and accessories for every family of      ers, their hard work paid off. “You mean
One of the artists – and I should say       instruments,” says Ripley, “Not just gui-      you’re going to carry reeds? You’re really
that the artists have been very support-    tars and combo, but band and orchestra as      going to carry reeds? There’s no place that
ive of this type of venue – Greg Decker,    well. We want to be attentive to the things    you can buy them close to Nashville!” said
when he was living in New York, taught      that people need all the time to create mu-    one saxophonist. “The concept is that this
at the Museum of Modern Art. In addi-       sic. In Nashville, there’s niches that are     will be one of our calling cards,” says Ri-
tion to his consigned art work, Greg did    missing,” explains Ripley, “particularly in    pley. “We’re going to be very deep in the
the mural on the front of our customer      printed music, which we’re also doing. Be-     musician’s every day needs. All the tools
service counter and in one of our rooms     lieve it or not there was no place in David-   and supplies that musicians need on a
here,” says Ripley.                         son County or metro Nashville that was         regular basis: that is our forte.”

18 MMR                                                                                                                     APRIL 2010
                                                                                                              “We’re going to be
                                                                                                         very deep in the musician’s
                                                                                                               every day needs.
                                                                                                          All the tools and supplies
                                                                                                             that musicians need
                                                                                                              on a regular basis:
                                                                                                               that is our forte.”
    Simon agrees that their ability to rec-          Simon points out that they’re not            art with music is actually a common prac-
ognize what’s missing has really helped the       trying to be a one-stop shop, but rather        tice in Europe, where proprietors consider
store take hold. “We’re carrying 65 Amps          a unique store that fi lls in the gaps. In       it a real honor to be in th
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