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I was delighted to learn that the Don John-     they relate to the passionate                                    for help and support regard-
son Service Award is an annual event!! My       stories of our industry. I ad-                                   ing the idea of having an In-
hat is off to you and your staff for not only   mired Don’s writing and his                                      dustry Tribute. The Industry
keeping Don’s memory alive but creating         perspective. I also admired                                     Tribute is held each year at
an award to showcases the incredible work       and related to his strong                                       the NAMM Show in Janu-
that individuals are doing in our industry to   connection to the people                                       ary and has come to provide
encourage music and music making! What          of our industry. Don was                                       great comfort as we gather as
a wonderful tribute to our friend Don           one of the first industry                                      a family to remember those we
Johnson that MMR, the magazine he loved,        leaders outside of NAMM                                       lost. Don was without question
has created an annual recognition award         to support the Oral His-                                      a strong force in making that
to those who serve our industry with pas-       tory Program, a collection                                   tribute what it is today. He cared
sion, dedicat
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