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Martin Donates $20G Guitar for ‘Green Auction’
               C.F. Martin & Co. has          its highest rating for not-for-profit orga-    The Evening Sale will be a star-studded
               donated a rare 000 12-         nizations.                                    event with top celebrities serving on the
               fret Peter Cree Certified            Estimated in value at $20,000, the       Green Auction Host Committee that in-
               Wood Guitar to Christie’s      one-of-a-kind Martin Custom Shop 000          cludes: Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison
               International for their up-    12-fret Peter Cree Certified Wood Gui-         Ford, Tobey Maguire, François-Henri
               coming “A Bid to Save the      tar features original Southwestern art-       Pinault, Salma Hayek, Bob Fisher, Candice
               Earth” Green Auction.          work executed in hand-applied colored         Bergen, Ed Norton, Evelyn Lauder, Alec
               This first-of-its-kind char-    lacquers by renowned painter/sculptor         Baldwin, Zaha Hadid, Brooke Shields,
               ity auction will take place    Peter Cree.                                   and Matt Lauer. Additional lots for auc-
               on April 22, 2010 to coin-         Held at Christie’s, Rockefeller Center,   tion will include major works from art-
               cide with the 40th anni-       New York and carried live globally via        ists, coveted celebrity experiences, upscale
               versary of Earth Day. Pro-     Christie’s LIVE™ on,        eco-vacations and exquisite jewelry.
               ceeds from the sale will be
               divided among four lead-
               ing not-for-profit envi-
               ronmental organizations:
               Conservation Internation-
al, Oceana, Natural Resources Defense
                                                 Trade Regrets:
Council and the Central Park Conser-
vancy. All four beneficiary organizations         Charlie Wicks
are 4-Star rated by,        Charlie Wicks, the CEO and founder of ProCo Sound passed away on March 11.
                                                    Pro Co is a Michigan-based Corporation founded by Wicks in 1974 that builds
                                                 audio interface products such as guitar and microphone cables, digital snakes, in-
                                                 ear monitor controllers, facility distribution systems, and the iconic ProCo Rat dis-
                                                 tortion pedal.
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