CEGEP CHAMPLAIN - ST. LAWRENCE

                                     Director’s Report
                                            to the
                      Board of Governors of Champlain Regional College
                                           April 24, 2009

I want to begin by welcoming all Board members to St. Lawrence. With Spring comes hope and

St. Lawrence will be undertaking major renovation projects this summer.

We continue to receive applications from many very talented high school students. We will be renewing
our agreement with McGill in the area of health professions. We are driving into the future with great
dreams for our campus. As we look forward, we remind ourselves of the great things that were
accomplished by our ancestors, thus, our motto: “Hic Majorum Virtus”.

On March 13th, we honoured one of our strongest supporters, Dr. Larkin Kerwin, by naming our
Boardroom in his memory. Dr. Kerwin was one of our first Board members. He was a distinguished
physicist, educator and administrator. The fact that Dr. Kerwin was the recipient of 15 Honorary
Doctorates speaks volumes for his wonderful accomplishments. St. Lawrence was honoured to welcome
Mrs. Kerwin and many family members and friends to the reception.


Academic Activities
Normand Bourgeois, our Education Advisor, is doing a tremendous job with the new (or nearly new)
Champlain – St. Lawrence teachers. The Pedagogical Induction Program is well under way and its
success is unprecedented. Ms. Lisa Trimble from McGill University will lead a focus group in May as the
last projected activity in 2008-2009.

We received a $40 000 grant from Entente Canada-Québec to help Normand Bourgeois with the
Induction Program. Normand will be working on the project until the end of June. Meanwhile, we hired a
new Education Advisor to replace him. Ms. Michèle Deshaies is from Sept-Îles.

On April 30th, Champlain – St. Lawrence and the Centre collégial de développement de matériel
didactique (CCDMD) will be launching a new website called Geographic Information System (GIS). Mr.
Jan Warnke, a St. Lawrence Geography teacher, has been developing this tool with Ms. Christine Bou-

Each year, the Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale (AQPC) honours teachers identified in
Québec colleges for the excellence and professionalism of their work. St. Lawrence is extremely pleased
to announce that this year’s selection committee has designated Mr. Salvador Lopez, Spanish teacher, for
the 2009 AQPC award. The committee was composed of Ms. Joanne Coleman-Robertson, Academic
Advisor, Ms. Clara Wu, student representative, Mr. Normand Bourgeois, Education Advisor, Mr. René
Moisan, French teacher and last year’s nominee, and Mr. Pierre Choquette, Dean of Faculty and
Academic Affairs.
Cegep Champlain - St. Lawrence Director’s Report – April 24, 2009                                      2

Staffing negotiations with the Faculty Union representatives will be starting soon. Student success will
be a critical issue as release time, tutorials and workshops are involved.


Socio-Cultural Activities

Mexican Twining
This year, two groups participated in this cultural exchange activity. A welcoming pizza dinner was
organized for both the Fall and Winter semester visitors. All students were paired with a local student
with the hopes of making their integration at St. Lawrence and in Quebec City a smooth transition. This
activity allowed not only for the Mexican students to become acquainted with a new environment but also
permitted local students to experience Mexican culture.

Intercultural week
Although small, the fair was appreciated by participants and visitors alike. Many factors contributed to
this year’s low participation rate. Firstly, the activity had been moved from the Fall semester to the
Winter semester. Also, it had to be rescheduled twice in order to avoid conflict with other school events.

Pelure de Banane (PDB)
This year’s event was held during the week of March 30th. The participation in this event was higher than
in previous years. An increase in participation in the raffle resulted in 175 tickets being distributed within
the week. Many prizes were given away, including an MP3 player, a blender, and SLC and PDB
promotional items. In addition to the raffle, three other activities took place during the week. The first
activity was a 50-minute workout session overseen by an Energy Cardio fitness trainer. Secondly, a
conference on health and healthy lifestyles was presented by Patricia Poirier, a St. Lawrence alumna and
certified fitness trainer. Finally, 50 lbs of fruit were distributed to the school population in order to
promote healthy living.

Marathon d’Ecriture
This year Évelyne Trudel and Edenne Fournier were the college’s representatives in the 24 -hour writing
event. This event was held on March 6th and 7th in La Pocatière. During the marathon, they had the
opportunity to not only contend in the creative writing contest but also attend workshops offered by
various Quebec authors.

Guest speakers:

Thursday February 12, The Director of the Policy Research Division of the Foreign Affairs and
International Trade Canada Agency, Mr. Delouya, was on campus to meet students and present
various career opportunities offered to them in the following domains: International Commerce, Foreign
Policy and Diplomatic Relations, and many others.

Tuesday February 17: Jean-François Barsoum, representing Climate Project Canada. Mr. Barsoum
recently attended a training session given by former U.S. Vice-President, Al Gore. He is presently
visiting schools in Quebec to give presentations based on the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth",
which touches on the subject of global warming and the environment.

Wednesday February 25: Otis Grant, former World Boxing Champion, in partnership with Acti-
menu, the Voice of English Speaking Quebec, and the Central Quebec School Board, was on campus to
kick off the 5/30 Health Challenge in the English Community of the Greater Quebec City region. This
event challenges the participants to attain or maintain the two following objectives: Eat at least five
Cegep Champlain - St. Lawrence Director’s Report – April 24, 2009                                      3

portions of fruits/vegetables per day, and participate in a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity

Thursday March 19; Alexandre Poupart presented: Lò Bò Dlo. In this documentary, Judith, Wilfrid,
Wilmer and other Haitians share the story of their migration to the Dominican Republic. Their stories
shed light on their hopes for a better life, their ordeals and struggles.

Tuesday March 31; William Sacher, co-author of the book Noir Canada: pillage, corruption et
criminalité en Afrique. He spoke about the role of Canadian mining corporations in Africa and the right
to public participation.

Tuesday March 24; Julie Slattery gave a presentation on autism and other developmental disorders
amongst young people.

Tuesday April 7; Joanne Liu, president of MSF Canada (Doctors Without Borders): Joanne, a
former St. Lawrence student, is president of MSF Canada. Joanne has worked in the area of humanitarian
medicine for some 25 years. She has participated in missions throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
Her specialty is emergency pediatrics, especially in war zones. Her talk focused on the practice of
medicine in areas of crisis, especially in the Congo, Darfur, and Ethiopia. This conference was organized
by the St. Lawrence Environment Committee, Amnesty International, and Refugee Support.

Thursday, April 9; Mr. Dave Fetter, Consul General to the U. S. in Québec City: Mr. Fetter
presented the challenges that both the United States and Canada face in this period of economic crisis, and
how it affects relations between our countries.

Talent Show
The Talent Show was held at the Théâtre Imperial on Friday, March 13th. Once again the show was
entitled “St-Lo’s Got Talent”. More than 10 acts performed on stage and were judged by two members of
the Student Council, much like is done on the reality show “America’s Got Talent”. Thanks to our
Student Association for organizing this very entertaining event, and more importantly, Laurence
Lacombe-Parent, who coordinated the event.

Musical group: What the Heck!
Their show will be held at Holland Elementary School Auditorium on Friday May 1st. This show is a
benefit concert for Amnesty International and Refugee Support.

Science on Tourne!
The local finals were held in the gym on Thursday, April 2nd. Richard Gagné was again responsible for
this activity. This year students had to build an autonomous machine that could propel itself over a bar
situated eight feet above the ground. In case of a tie, the heavier machine would win. One team, made up
of Frederic Lamontagne and Philippe Bouchard, participated in this event. Their machine easily cleared
the eight feet. They will participate at the provincials on May 2nd at the Cégep Régional de Lanaudière à

This year’s production: “The importance of being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde was presented to the St.
Lawrence community on April 7th, 8th and 9th. The cast of eight students (Emile Beauchemin, Emily
Bernatchez, David Blais, Alex Carter-Labbé, Charles-Auguste Lehoux, Philippe Girouard, William
McCollough, Rosemary Sabor) directed by Audray-Rose Dubé put on a hit show!

Fashion Show
This year’s fashion show was held on Friday, April 10th at the Dagobert on Grande Allée. The theme of
the event was “T.G.I.F” (Thank God It’s Fashion”). The organizers of the event, as well as the
Cegep Champlain - St. Lawrence Director’s Report – April 24, 2009                                      4

participants, once again this year, provided an entertaining evening where many different boutiques
presented their Summer collections.

Grad Pictures
The taking of the grad pictures took place on March 26th. Stéphanie Hamel was responsible for this
activity this year.

Pentathlon des neiges
Both teams representing St. Lawrence did very well, finishing 1st and 2nd in their category (Junior),
completing the 29 kilometer-long event in just over two hours. They brought home the gold and silver
medals. We are looking forward to next year as there will be distinct Collegiate and University categories.

Business Department Communication term projects and Summer Job Fair
The students in Helene Binette’s Communications class presented various projects over a two-week
period for their term project. There were various activities offered to the general student population,
including a humanitarian project (toy and clothing drive), a golf activity in the gym, a video promoting
the P.W. Sims Business Program which was also presented to high school students, as well as many other

A Summer Job Fair was once again organized this year by the students of the Business Department. It
was held on March 31st. Approximately 15 potential employers were present in the front hall during the
lunch hour.


AAA Women’s Basketball
Our Lady Lions finished in 8th place with a 6 win-14 loss record. Third-year head coach, Derick
Prudhommeaux announced at the end of the season that he is stepping down as head coach of our
program. We are now in the process of finding a replacement and plan to announce this in the upcoming

AA Men’s Basketball
Our AA Men’s basketball team finished in fourth place this year with an 8-6 record. They took part in the
Conference Championships in Trois-Rivières on March 14th and 15th, but failed to qualify for the
provincials by loosing to Trois-Rivières and St-Hyacinthe. René-Pier Mathieu and Pierre-Olivier Gingras
were named as second-team all-stars, and will represent the college at the all-star game on April 21st.

AA Women’s Basketball
The AA Women’s basketball team finished 8th with a 3 win-13 loss record. Josée-Odile Tsogo was named
as first-team all-star, and will represent the college at the all-star game on April 15th.

A Women’s Volleyball
Our Women’s Volleyball team finished the regular season strong, overtaking Mérici at the top of the
West Division standings. Unfortunately, league and team MVP Caroline Charette suffered a season-
ending injury at practice before the league finals. The team nevertheless did very well in the finals,
winning seven of their eight sets in the preliminary round. They then played CEC Montmagny, winners
of the East Division, in the final. The women gave their all, but lost the match in a three-set battle.
Caroline Charette was named league MVP, and will represent the college at the all-star game on April
Cegep Champlain - St. Lawrence Director’s Report – April 24, 2009                                      5

A Men’s Basketball
The team finished in a 3-way tie for third place with a 7-3 record. This left them in fifth place after the
tie-breaker. Unfortunately, they lost the match against Merici in the quarter-final.

Collegiate Hockey
This year was crowned with success on the ice for our men. In January, our men came back with the
Jamestown Showcase Championships, winning the three games against their American rivals. A
combined 31 win-13 loss-2 ties record is something strong to build on for next year. This gave them the
UJHL Northern Conference Championship. However, they were put back to second place entering the
Quebec playoffs, since the games against American teams did not count towards the standings in the
Quebec UJHL. The men then went on to defeat Harrington College 2 games to 1, in a 3-game Quebec
College Series.

The Lions Hockey team will now hold their Spring Camp on the weekend of April 24th in Val-Bélair.
Talent from all over the province will be evaluated to form next year’s team which will compete against
six other Quebec CEGEPs in what is named “Year-0” of the rebirth of the Quebec Collegiate Hockey

Basketball Camp
Registration for 2009 has been equal to last year’s numbers.          We presently have 399 registered
participants. As of today, Mega Camp 2 is almost complete.

Intramural Floor Hockey
Our annual March Madness has begun at St. Lawrence, starting with the Guildersleeve Hockey League
Competition. Four teams are competing to win the coveted cup. Games are held during the lunch hour
on Tuesdays and Thursdays. League finals are scheduled for April 30th.


Material Resources

Federal Investment
The Federal Government announced on January 27, 2009, a two billion dollar budget for 2009 reserved
for major repairs, renovations and expansions attributed to postsecondary institutions. In the wake of this,
St. Lawrence has submitted the following projects:

Ventilation system equipment replacement ‐Phase 1                                 $                             750,000
Library's renovation and interior design                                          $                             500,000
Duct system cleaning ‐ Ventilation                                                $                               30,000
Gymnasium synthetic floor replacement                                             $                               60,000
Expansion of Classroom 122                                                        $                               44,000
Cafeteria renovation                                                              $                             192,000
Ventilation system equipment replacement ‐Phase 2                                 $                             750,000
Exterior door replacement                                                         $                               50,000
Exterior window replacement                                                       $                             300,000
Parking lot asphalting                                                            $                               30,000

Total projects                                                                    $                         2,706,000
Cegep Champlain - St. Lawrence Director’s Report – April 24, 2009                                      6

Projects are financed 50% by Federal investments and 50% from campus’ funds. One of the
requirements is to have the work completed during the summer of 2009.

Tournesol, the cafeteria franchisee for the last 13 years has instructed St. Lawrence that they will not
renew their contract as of July 31, 2009. This decision is justified by the franchisee’s expected $14 000
financial loss for the fiscal year ending June 30th. Thus, sales have steadily decreased during the last 24

St. Lawrence is presently dealing with Tournesol and other possible suppliers in order to find solutions.
We are contemplating the possibility of renovations and changing the food menu of the cafeteria which
will hopefully lure new customers and increase sales.

Jean Robert, Campus Director
CEGEP Champlain - St. Lawrence

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