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                                                         “The Place to Live!”
2501 EAST THIRD STREET               Editors – SHANNON LUKOWSKY/PENNY RUGGIERI           FEBRUARY 2010 • VOLUME 27, NO. 1
Phone: 570-323-6151                                    2009 “LIGHT UP THE HOLIDAYS”
Fax: 570-323-1437
                                                       HOUSE DECORATING CONTEST
MONTHLY MEETINGS:                                            Most Christmas Spirit: 1368 Elliott Street
Board of Supervisors                                             Traditional: 1601 Chelsea Place
2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 7:30 pm
                                           Loyalsock Township would like to thank the participants who were involved in the
Recreation Board                      “Light up the Holidays” house decorating contest. All of the homes were wonderfully
3rd Tuesday at 12:00 noon             decorated with holiday cheer. There were 19 houses involved in the contest, which were
                                      viewed on December 18th by 9 judges who included township employees, supervisors,
Planning Commission
                                      and township residents. The Herdic Trolley was donated by River Valley Transit to
2nd Thursday at 5:00 pm
                                      transport the judges. Gift Certificates were given away as prizes and consisted of the
                                      following businesses: TGI Friday’s, Red Lobster, Genetti Hotel, Bull Frog Brewery, and
                                      the Community Arts Center. We plan to offer this program annually.

In This Issue ...
• 2009 Accomplishments, pg. 4
• 2010 Pool Pass App., pg. 7
• New Pool Pass Rules, pg. 1
                                                            4th ANNUAL
                                                “SALLY SHORT’S HOLIDAY IN THE PARK”
                                           The park lighting took place following the Loyalsock Volunteer Fire Company
                                      parade on December 5th. The park lights were turned on at 5:30pm followed by
        The                           Christmas carols from Knight Music and the Lancer Singers, both from the Loyalsock
                                      Township School District. They did a wonderful job as always. Santa Claus and Frosty
Loyalsock Township                    arrived at the park to greet the children and there was food and beverages provided by
    Newsletter                        the Loyalsock Township Recreation Department and the American Cancer Society.
                                      Throughout the year over $5,000 was raised to support this event. Donations were made
       is published quarterly.        by township residents and local businesses. Once again this event was a success and gave
    2501 East Third Street            the people of the surrounding communities a reason to enjoy the outdoors during the
 Williamsport, PA 17701-4007          cold winter season. Thanks to everyone who was involved in this event.
    Phone (570) 323-6151
      Fax (570) 323-1437
      Township Supervisors:                                    NEW POOL PASS RULES
              Jeff Rauff                    Pool passes will no longer be given out at the Loyalsock Pool. All applications and
   Virginia Eaton • John Bower Jr.    passes will now be issued from the Township Office only. You can either come to the office,
 Richard Wheeland • Marc Sortman      fill out the application and pay for your passes, at which time the they will be made out and
                                      issued to you; or you can mail in your application along with your payment and come to

Article Submission Deadline
                                      the office at a later date to pick your passes up. You will not be allowed to enter the pool
                                      area without your pass(es). These changes were made for auditing purposes, and we are
          Articles for the            sorry for any inconvenience they may cause you.
      May 2010 issue of the                 Also, the definition of a family pool pass is as follows: includes only dependents living
  Loyalsock Township Newsletter       in the same household and claimed on one federal income tax form. If there is any
 are due in the Township office       question about this on your application you may be required to show proof before any
 no later than March 31, 2010.        passes are issued.
                     — N E W S YOU CAN USE —
                  SECRETARY’S HIGHLIGHTS                                                       RECYCLING
    • Wolfe Coal & Excavating awarded Four Mile Drive Sewer Bid for Sycamore        Winter Hours begin January 11, 2010
      Road west to Fredna Avenue                                                    Mon.-Fri., 8am - 3pm • closed weekends
    • Township adopted a Drug and Alcohol Policy
    • 2009 CDBG-R Contract signed with Department of Community &                             Curbside Schedule:
      Economic Development                                                               February 1 • March 1, 15, 29
    • Open Budget Work Session held on November 19, 2009                                         April 12, 26
    • Jeri Sims appointed to Recreation Board to fill the vacancy due to the   • Remove all lids from clear glass items
      resignation of Mike Loeh                                                 • Rinse tin and aluminum cans thoroughly
    • Extension of Commercial District on Tinsman Avenue denied
                                                                                      Drop-off Center (815 Northway Road)
    • Larson Design Group appointed as Township’s Sewage Enforcement
                                                                               •   plastic
                                                                               •   newspaper
    • December 8, 2009 declared Pedie McDonald Day in Loyalsock Township
                                                                               •   magazines
    • December 8, 2009 declared Lady Lancer Day in Loyalsock Township
                                                                               •   corrugated cardboard
    • Fuel Bid awarded to Montour Home Comfort Service
                                                                               •   clear, green or brown glass
    • Business Privilege Tax Reenacted
                                                                               •   steel/tin and aluminum cans
    • Earned Income Tax Reenacted
    • 2010 Budget adopted
                                                                                     Landfill or LCRMS Transfer Station
    • Tax Rate remains at 1.4 mils
                                                                                             (1485 West Third St.)
    • Jeffrey Rauff appointed Chairman of the Board of Supervisors
                                                                               • Appliances (except for medical or hospital scrap
    • Virginia Eaton appointed Vice Chairwoman of the Board of Supervisors
                                                                                 machinery, fuel tanks, microwave ovens, televi-
    • Larson, Kellet & Assoc. named the Township’s Certified Public
                                                                                 sions, or light fixtures) No fee for non-freon
                                                                                 appliances, $15.00 fee for each freon-using
    • Larson Design Group named Township’s Engineers for 2010
                                                                                 appliance at landfill, $20.00 at transfer station.
    • Vassallo Engineering named Township’s Alternate Engineers
    • Donald Garver named to Township’s Vacancy Board                          • Used oil - Call LCRMS at 1-800-326-9571 for
    • Dorothy White appointed as Business Privilege Tax Collector                a list of those businesses which accept used oil.
    • James Kendter appointed to another three-year term on the Zoning
                                                                               • Tires - Accepted at landfill during business
      Hearing Board
                                                                                 hours, $3.00 fee for each auto or light truck
    • Supervior’s meetings changed from 8:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on the second
                                                                                 tire, $10.00 fee for each larger tire.
      and fourth Tuesday of each month
                                                                               • Batteries - Accepted at landfill when placed on
                                                                                 the battery recycling pad.
                                                                               • Paint (hazardous in liquid form) If a small
                                                                                 amount is left, remove lid in ventilated area, let
                                                                                 dry and then put can out in trash. If a large
                                                                                 amount is left, pour onto clay based kitty litter
                                                                                 in cardboard box, dispose of dried mixture with

                                                                                   REMINDER ABOUT MULCH
                                                                                    PILE RECYCLING AREA
                                                                                    Periodically the Township mulch recycling
                                                                               area is posted “CLOSED”. The mulch grinder is
                                                                               at the mulch pile on several occasions throughout
          Loyalsock Township’s two new supervisors Mark Sortman and            the year and for safety reasons we have to
           Richard Wheeland officially took office on January 4, 2010          close the area to the public. Sorry for the incon-
            SEWER BILL PAYMENT DROP SLOT                                             2010 MULCH LOADING FEES
         Do you need to drop off you sewer bill payment, but the Township              Pickup Truck . . . . . $10.00
     Officer is closed? Not a problem, the Township has a drop box which you           Dump Truck . . . . . . $20.00
     may use. It can be found on the Country Club Drive side of the Township           Tri-Axle . . . . . . . . . $30.00
     Building clearly marked “DROP SLOT.”                                              Tractor Trailer . . . . $50.00
                                                                                       Dump Fee . . . . . . .$700.00
        IMPORTANT REMINDER FOR                                      is a limit of one per household and they will be given out on a
                                                                    first come first serve basis. Please stop by the Loyalsock
            SENIOR THEATRE                                          Township Building during business hours, Monday – Friday
     As a reminder, free “Theatre for Seniors,” as the name         from 7:30am – 4:30pm if you are interested.
states, is for seniors ages 55 and up only. The only exception is
if help is needed for a senior to be able to come to see the
show, then one adult will be allowed to attend with the person
needing assistance.
                                                                           WHO DO YOU CONTACT FOR
     Also, to see if a performance is cancelled you may call the            STREET LIGHT REPAIRS?
Community Theatre box office at 327-1777. There will be a
recorded message stating if it is.                                       To report problems with street lights call PPL at
                                                                    1-800-342-5775, or contact the Township office. Each light
                                                                    pole has a number on a silver plate which is located on the side
     FREE RECYCLING CONTAINERS                                      of the pole facing the street. Please have this pole number
                                                                    available when reporting a stree light that is in need of
    Loyalsock Township has 50 large, plastic, recycling             maintenance to either PPL or the Township.
containers available to township residents free of charge. There

                                  — TAX CORNER —
                                        LOYALSOCK TAX INFORMATION
DOROTHY R. ( DOTTIE) WHITE ~2132 Northway Rd.                       generally are Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 am-5:00
Williamsport, Pa 17701~ (across from the Loyalsock Pool)            pm, but may change throughout the year with extended
                                                                    hours at the end of each discount period. PLEASE READ
            BE ISSUED SOON                                          OF THE BILL CAREFULLY FOR OFFICE HOURS
                                                                    DURING EACH TAX CYCLE. With your safety in mind,
 WATCH YOUR MAIL THE FIRST WEEK OF MARCH                            my office is closed when the Loyalsock Schools are closed
                                                                    for inclement weather.
My office collects the following:                                        This office also collects all Business related taxes.
                                                                    Packets with all forms required for 2010 were mailed the
    REAL ESTATE ~~ County and Township (mailed
                                                                    first week of January. Business License fee of $10.00 is due
March) and School (mailed JULY)
                                                                    each January, and your license is to be posted for public
    BUSINESS: 1. License Fee (due the end of Jan)
                                                                    viewing. Business Privilege Taxes are due by the end of
2. Business Privilege Taxes (due April)
                                                                    April each year. Landlords are also considered businesses in
3. Local Services Tax—now $52.00 per employee due—
                                                                    Loyalsock whether they rent a single family or multi-unit
$13.00 per quarter
                                                                    complex. If you have not contacted my office previously
                                                                    concerning your rental property please do so immediately
    County and Township Real Estate Tax bills will be
                                                                    so we may update our records
mailed the first week of March 2010. Your Real Estate
                                                                         There is also a Local Services Tax ($52.00 per
Taxes are based on the assessed value of your property as
                                                                    employee, owner, president, etc.), and is withheld from
set by Lycoming County.
                                                                    each employee and submitted quarterly.
    If you do not receive your tax bill by March 15th please
contact my office immediately. Non-Receipt of a bill does
                                                                       If you file for the Pa State Tax Rebate, ask for a
not eliminate the tax nor change the due dates. If you
                                                                      ‘SIGNED RECEIPT” when you pay your tax bill.
recently bought or sold a property the tax bill may not have
                                                                      This is slightly different from a regular receipt, and
been updated by the County Assessment Office by the time
                                                                      will expedite your refund. There is a 25-cent charge
tax bills were processed. You may call their office at
                                                                      for this special receipt. Once again, ask for it when you
327-2301 to verify that a change of ownership has
                                                                      are paying your tax bill please.
occurred, or to correct or change your mailing address.
The County handles this data base.
    All Real Estate tax bills have 60 days at discount (2%          As always feel free to contact me with your questions
discount); 60 days at the face amount; and then are in              regarding Real Estate 321-8020 or Business 601-1212
Penalty (10% penalty) until December 31st. The last day to                    “Loyalsock Township, The Place To Live”
pay is postmark of December 31st.
    Postmark counts for all due dates, and there is a locked        I wish you a Happy and Healthy 2010 and look forward
drop box at the office for 24 hour service. Office hours                    to serving you for my 13th year. –Dottie

               — 2009 ACCOMPLISHMENTS —
    PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT                                              • Offered over 25 recreational and aquatic programs to the
    STREET IMPROVEMENTS                                                    community.
    • 6 miles of roadway was resurfaced by HRI Inc.                      • Planted 4 trees within Loyalsock Parks.
    • 61,642 sq yds of roadway was seal coated by HRI Inc.               • Hired Casey Parker as the new Park Maintenance Supervisor
    • Line painting consisted of 177,411 LF of white & yellow            • Raised over $5,000 to support the Sally Short’s Holiday in
      paint completed by PSX.                                              the Park program.
    • 2300 tons of hot mix was applied to streets.                       • Employed over 40 citizens
    • Boat Docks at Greevy Boat Launch were repaired.
    • Built new restrooms at Riverfront Park.                            BUILDING AND ZONING DEPARTMENT
    • Responded to 26 snow events.                                       •   Building and zoning inspections made - 1,037
    • Routine maintenance.                                               •   New home permits issued - 10
    SEWER IMPROVEMENTS                                                   •   Property maintenance investigations - 98
    • Installed 1,029 feet of storm sewer in various locations           •   Rental unit inspections - 132
      throughout the township.                                           •   Commercial Fire Inspections - 215
    • Installed 24 new manholes throughout the township.                 •   Building and zoning permits issued - 361
    • Raised 25 manhole lids throughout the township.                    •   Value of construction - $7,112,793.97
    • 8,532 ft of sewer line was chemically treated for root control.    •   Added 5 new sanitary sewer accounts for billing by the
    • Marked live sewer lateral connections for sewer replacement             Williamsport Water Authority.
      projects.                                                          •   Township Planning Commission met 11 times to review and
    • Street cut inspections made throughout township for lateral            comment on: 7 subdivisions (4 new lots and 13 add on lots),
      installations by contractors.                                          4 conditional use reviews and 11 reviews for private stables,
    • Inspected house lateral TV camera work done by contractors.            home occupations and other projects.
    • Sanitary Sewer Rehab Project for Sub Area #1 – Gutelius            •   Zoning Hearing Board held 8 hearings resulting in 6
      Excavating                                                             approvals and 2 denials.
    • Sanitary Sewer Rehab Project for Sub Area #5 – Doli                •   Building Official became ICC Certified in Commercial
      Construction, Inc.                                                     Plumbing Plans Examination and Commercial Energy Plans
    • Sanitary Sewer Laterals on Four Mile Drive – Schlegel                  Examination.
      Excavating and Wolfe Coal & Excavating                             •   Building Official obtained 44 accredited hours of education
                                                                             to comply with the building codes.
                                                                         •   Prepared and adopted Ordinance No. 325 to amend the
    •   Mowing of all roadways, impound areas, and beltway.
                                                                             Uniform Construction Code to allow for certain exemptions.
    •   Sprayed and treated roadside shoulders and impound area.
                                                                         •   Prepared and adopted Ordinance No. 330 to amend Chapter
    •   Brush cutting along roads and intersections.
                                                                             175 of the Codification of Ordinances, Sewers, to update
    •   Trimmed trees between curbs and sidewalks.
                                                                             certain adoption dates.
    •   Conducted annual leaf program.
                                                                         •   Prepared and adopted Ordinance No. 331 to add Chapter
    •   Removed 38 trees and stumps.
                                                                             212 to the Codification of Ordinances to allow for wind
    RECYCLING PROGRAM                                                        energy facilities.
    • Assisted the County’s grinder, loaded mulch, and maintained        •   Prepared and adopted Ordinance No. 332 to amend and
      the mulch pile.                                                        update Chapter 180, Solid Waste, of the Codification of
    • Installed new sign for mulch pile area showing rules,                  Ordinances.
      regulations, and hours.                                            •   Prepared and adopted Ordinance No. 333 to amend Chapter
    • Patrolled Boy Scouts’ recycling center and assisted with litter        94, Burning, of the Codification of Ordinances.
      control.                                                           •   Prepared Ordinance No. 335 to add weight limits to streets
    • Township wide spring cleanup in conjunction with DEP guidelines.       in the township. Ordinance not passed.
                                                                         •   Prepared Ordinance No. 336 to extend the Commercial
                                                                             Zoning District along Tinsman Avenue. Ordinance not passed.
    RECREATION AND PARK                                                  •   Prepared and adopted Ordinance No. 337 to amend the
    • Received $27,000 in grant funding from the PA Fish and
                                                                             Codification of Ordinances by eliminating Chapter 105,
      Game Commission toward a new restroom at the boat launch
                                                                             Contractor Registration and Chapter 112 , Electrical Stan-
      in Riverfront Park.
                                                                             dards and amend Chapter 168, Residential Unit Inspection.
    • Received $20,000 in grant funding from the Williamsport-
                                                                         •   Prepared and adopted Ordinance No. 338 to amend the
      Lycoming Foundation toward new playground equipment
                                                                             Codification of Ordinances by accepting the new 2009
      for Heshbon Park (construction anticipated for 2010).
                                                                             Building Codes.
    • Received $705 in grant funding from the PA Council in the
      Art to support our annual Repasz Band Concert and the Free         PROJECTS:
      Theatre for Seniors.                                               • Continuation of the Mill Creek Estates Phase 1 subdivision
    • Created a new holiday program titled “Light Up the                 • Construction of new Retail Sales & Service building for John
      Holidays” house decorating contest.                                  Deere, 2585 Lycoming Creek Rd.
                           — STREETS & SEWERS —
                                           COOPERATION – THANK YOU
     One could say that 2009 was the year of sewer construction projects in Loyalsock Township. By now I think most of our
residents understand that the Township in under enforcement action to repair our old and leaking sewers, and that we have a
relatively short time frame to complete the work. The Township Supervisors and staff have been working hard to stay ahead of agreed
upon deadlines related to repairs to sewer mains, manholes, pump stations, and force mains as well as enforcing a new and
controversial residential property inspection program. All of this combined sewer work equates to many new street cuts, road
closures, and has been a great inconvenience to our residents and businesses. This work will continue throughout 2010.
     The purpose of this article is to acknowledge the fact that we understand this has been a difficult and inconvenient time to live
and work in Loyalsock, but more importantly we want to thank our residents and businesses for their overwhelming cooperation
throught this difficult time. We know most people are not happy about what’s going on, but we are proud to say we are ahead of
schedule and would not be if we did not receive the exceptional cooperation from most of our residents. Yes, there are some who
have not cooperated with us, but the vast majority of the affected property owners are on their way to compliance.
     On behalf of the Loyalsock Township Supervisors and staff – THANK YOU!

                           PAVING                                      Area 2: On-site inspections for Areas 2A and 2B are done.
                                                                                 The completion date for physical work is December
     One of the most common questions we hear related to                         31, 2010.
sewer construction is when will the Township be repaving my            Area 4: On-site inspections are done. The completion date
street? We expect this question to become more common as                         for physical work is April 30, 2011.
property owners complete their lateral work and we complete            Area 5: On-site inspections for Areas 5A, 5B and 5C are
the work on the sewer mains. The answer is as soon as possible,                  done. The completion date for physical work is May
but there are numerous factors to consider when we make our                      31, 2010. Reminder letters will be mailed in the near
annual paving plan. Paving is very expensive and we could never                  future.
pave all the construction areas in one budget year without the             Property owners who have applied for a Sewer Lateral
need for a tax increase. We will need to spread these costs over       Grant should NOT authorize or begin any work prior to
at least a five-year period in an effort to better manage costs.       grant approval. Work done prior to approvals will void your
The first thing to consider is if all the excavation work is           application.
completed on a particular section of roadway – we will not                 Grant Applications for Areas 1, 2 and 5 are no longer being
repave a street until all the subsurface work is completed. The        accepted. Grant applications for Area 4 will be accepted through
second thing to consider is the condition of a paved roadway.          February 28, 2010.
Priority will be given to major collector roadways over                    Residents are reminded that closed floor drains and
residential side streets. The justification here is that more of our   redirected sump pump outlet pipes require verification
taxpayers travel the collector streets such as Lincoln Drive,          inspection by the Township. Inspections can be scheduled
Sheridan Street, Westminister Drive, Sycamore Road, Richards           by calling 570-322-6213.
Avenue, and Lafayette Parkway than many of the less traveled               Residents in Area 5 are reminded that the due date for
side streets. This does not mean we do not plan on paving all the      physical work completion is May 31, 2010.
side streets, only that we feel it makes more sense to complete            The Township is advising residents to ask their sewer
the high traffice streets first. The Township Supervisors have a       lateral contractor to write a completion date on their con-
Streets Committee who will be inspecting and recommending              tract document prior to accepting a deposit. In doing so,
an annual list of streets to be paved. This list will be published     the date for completion is agreed upon between the con-
in future newsletters to keep you informed.                            tractor and customer.
                                                                           Sewer Inspection Areas are: (In order of schedule/deadline)
                                                                       Area 1 (River Avenue, Warren Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue
         SEWER PROJECTS UPDATE                                         and the intersecting cross streets);
     Doli Construction Inc. work in the Lymehurst area will            Area 5A (bounded by Tinsman Avenue on the West, Lincoln
continue in the spring of 2010. They will return to work on            Drive on the north, Country Club Drive on the east, East Third
restoration of yards, sidewalks and streets. The contractor has        Street on the south) includes Lincoln Dr. Ext. & Blair St. Ext.;
installed sewer laterals and new sewer mains, installed sewer          Area 5B (Richards & Fredna Avenue on the west, Four Mile
main lining and rehabilitated manholes.                                Drive and above on the north, Country Club Lane on the east,
     The sewer inspection program status is as follows:                Lincoln Drive on the south);
Area 1: The completion date of October 31, 2009 for                                                       (continued on page 6)
           contractor and residents was enforced.

                          D. L. FRY, INC.                        Cured In Place Pipe
                                          Toll FREE Number: 1-866-651-0911
                           Call Dave Trout at 717-379-4911 to schedule your CCTV and for a lateral lining quote.
                Closed Circuit TV Inspections • Lateral Locating • Cured In Place Pipe Sewer Lateral Lining
SEWER PROJECTS UPDATE (continued from page 5)                           Area 2B (Northway Rd. on the west, Lincoln Dr. on the north,
                                                                        Tinsman on the east, East Third Street on the south);
Area 5C (Country Club Lane on the west, Orchard Avenue and              Area 4 (Miller Run on the west, along East Third Street on the
above on the north, Sand Hill on the east, Lincoln Drive on the         north to and including Edercrest Road, Country Club Drive
south);                                                                 south of Edercrest Road on the east including portions of West-
Area 2A (Mansel Avenue on the west, North of Four Mile                  minster Drive south of Reed Street, East Third on the south
Drive on the north, Millers Run on the east, East Third on the          includes portions of Wilmont Drive).

                               — BUILDING & CODES —
                                                          SNOW REMOVAL
         Remember that Township residents have twenty-four hours        illegal to point snow-blower discharge towards the street, or to
    to clear all snow and ice from the public sidewalks in front of,    shovel or plow snow into the street. Placing snow from
    or along side of, their properties. Those persons who have          driveways and sidewalks into the street creates hazards to
    corner lots are responsible to open up their walks all the way up   vehicles.
    to the public streets on both sides of their property. Those             If you have a fire hydrant in front of your property, the
    residents who abut alleys are responsible to open their half of     Township would appreciate if you keep it free from snow.
    the sidewalk across the alley.                                      When the fire hydrant is accessible, it not only helps the fire
         Many residents place snow into the streets when clearing       department, but also you and your neighbors if an emergency
    out their sidewalks and/or driveways. Please remember it is         should occur.

                   — PARKS & RECREATION —
                                            FROM THE DIRECTOR’S DESK
    Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. We were busy this past year with the 4th Annual “Sally Short’s
Holiday in the Park” event and the “Light Up The Holidays” house decorating contest. The holiday lighting was a success this year.
We even got to see some snow on the night of the initial lighting, which made a beautiful setting at the park. I would like to thank
everyone who donated to the event this year. We could not have done it without you.
    Even though it is February we are already gearing up for the summer season. We will be offering all of our favorite programs
again this year. Look for the registration form in the May newsletter for more details. I hope you enjoy the remainder of the
winter season. Stay Warm!

       We would like to thank the follow-        Presbyterian Homes Inc.                     Telus Communications Inc.
    ing contributors for their generous          Ronald Enders & Sons                        Williamsport Candy Co.
    donations to the “Sally Short’s              Triangle Tavern                             Woodlands Bank
    Holiday in the Park” event:                  Victoria Stillman
                                                                                             Materials / Special Services
    Santa Claus ($501.00 & Above) Snow Flake (Up to $50.00)                                  American Cancer Society
    Erdean & Fred White                          A-1 Portable Toilets                        Any Event
                                                 Clean Tech Inc.                             Dunkin’ Donuts
    Elf ($101.00 — $250.00)
                                                 Dr. Mark C. Oberheim                        Girl Scout Troop #218
    Dorothy R. White
                                                 Dunkin’ Donuts                              Loyalsock Rotary Club
    Candy Cane ($51.00 — $100.00)                Elery Nau Hardware                          Loyalsock Volunteer Fire Co.
    Central Equipment                            Faxon Bowling Lanes Inc.                    Loyalsock Township Volunteers
    Dincher & Dincher Tee Surgeons               Jack Goodman/State Farm Ins. Co.              & Employees
    Hillside Assisted Living                     John & Patricia Troisi
                                                                                             A Special “Thanks” to Knight Music,
    James & Kirstie Bower                        Lecce Electric Inc.                         the Lancer Singers, and everyone who
    Lynn Womer                                   Mr. Sticky’s                                helped make this event possible!
    McDonald’s Restaurant                        Pronto Mail Service

 2010 Loyalsock Community Swimming Pool Pass Application Form
                                    *** NEW POOL PASS RULES ***
           Public Swim Dates – May 29, 30, 31; June 5 & 6 • Open Full Time on June 11 at noon.
           Public Swim Hours: Monday – Thursday 1:00-7:45 p.m. Friday – Sunday 1:00-6:45 p.m.
                          Senior and Adult Lap Swim: Daily noon-1:00 p.m.

                         Pool Management reserves the right to change hours of operation,
               or to close the pool for weather, attendance or other safety concerns without notice.


s FAMILY includes only dependents living in the same household and claimed on one federal income tax form.
  If there is any question about this, you may be required to show proof before any passes are issued.
s CHARTER includes those who joined the pool, donated to its inception and have maintained a yearly
  membership to date.
s SENIOR CITIZEN (10% DISCOUNT) includes Township Residents age 65 or older, excluding Charter
  Members. If applying for a Family Membership, all above conditions must be met. No discounts will be given once
  purchase has been made.

    Please CHECK appropriate boxes and COMPLETE list of persons using pass. Passes are NOT transferable.
                SIGN at “Release & Acknowledgment” and “Signature” lines on reverse side.
                         RETURN entire form with your check or money order to:
               LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP OFFICE at 2501 East Third Street, Williamsport, PA 17701

                         Prices Until May 7, 2010 (NO exceptions)                 Prices After May 7, 2010
   PASS TYPE                  s RESIDENT        s NON-RESIDENT            s RESIDENT             s NON-RESIDENT
   s Seasonal                 $140.00           $180.00                     $150.00              $190.00
   s Charter                  $ 50.00                                       $ 60.00
   s Monthly                  $ 75.00           $100.00                     $ 85.00              $110.00

   s Seasonal                 $90.00            $125.00                     $100.00              $135.00
   s Charter                  $30.00                                        $ 40.00
   s Monthly                  $60.00            $ 80.00                     $ 70.00              $ 90.00

   s Please Check here for Senior Citizen Discount of 10%.
   s Check here if there is any medical information which would facilitate emergency treatment for the holder of
     this pass. Please attach a note to this form with all necessary information.

      Daily admission without a pass is $3.50 per person ages 6 & up, and $3.25 per person ages 1 to 5, under 1 free.

                                   (PLEASE COMPLETE REVERSE SIDE)
                                        PLEASE PRINT: Name(s) of person(s) using this pass.
                             Information is used in case of emergency and must be completed to receive pass.

    NAME                                                                                                                         AGE                     SEX









                                     Street/P.O. Box/Apt. #                         City                                              State                 Zip
    PHONE: (Cell)                                                (Work)                                              (Home)

                                                                  Release and Acknowledgment

          I,                                                        in consideration of my being permitted to participate in activities sponsored by the Township
    of Loyalsock and/or its Recreation Board, I am aware of, Acknowledge and agree to the following: (1) That such activities can result in injury to myself
    and my property; (2) That I am medically able, equipped and properly trained to participate in such activities; (3) That I shall abide by the decision of
    any official or representative of Loyalsock Township and/or its Recreation Board relating to my ability to safely participate in such activities; (4) That I
    shall abide by all rules and regulations for the activities in which I am participating; (5) That I am assuming all responsibility and risks associated with such
    activities, including but not limited to the following: (a) falls; (b) contact with other participants; (c) weather; (d) natural and manmade conditions; (e)
    and all other risks or hazards encountered while participating, observing, and/or traveling to and from such activities; (6) That I consent for myself, and
    for my child above, to receive immediate, emergency first aid and medical treatment if necessary; (7) That I have read, understood and voluntarily
    signed this Release and Acknowledgment and agree to its terms, and that no oral representation, statements or other inducements have been made to me
    other than those contained in this written document. I HEARBY AGREE TO INDEMNIFY, RELEASE, DISCHARGE AND HOLD HARMLESS
    Loyalsock Township and/or its Recreation Board for any loss, liability, damage or cost that may arise from my presence on, or my use of property of
    Loyalsock Township and/or its Recreation Board, or in anyway competing, officiating, observing, working for, or for any purpose participating in any
    event, whether caused by negligence of Loyalsock Township and/or its Recreation Board or otherwise.

    Signature                                                                                                         Date

    Parent’s Signature                                                                                                Date
                                             (if under 18 years of age)

    Office Use Only
    Date Paid                                       Check #                                Amount Paid                              Initials

    Pass Number(s)

                                                                                         ADULT OPEN GYM
                                                                                   Improve you cardiovascular health and make
                                                                                some new friends at the open gym program.
                                                                                Adults 30 and older are invited to come out for
                                                                               open basketball in the Loyalsock High School
                                                                               Gym. The doors are open from
                                                                                   8 PM to 10 PM on Thursdays and 7 PM to 9
                                                                              PM on Sundays. The cost is $25 for Loyalsock
                                                                             residents and $35 for non-residents.
                                                                             New Rules: The Adult Open Gym is now
                                                                             available to adults age 30 and older. You must
                                                                             be 30 years old to participate in this program.
                                                                              To register for the program you must stop by
                                                                               the township building to pay and to fill out a
 On December 2, 2009 a re-dedication of an interpretive sign                    registration form prior to playing. If you
 at Loyalsock’s Greevy Boat Launch took place. The sign was                     have any questions please contact the Recre-
 installed as a reminder to the public of the region’s rich
                                                                                ation and Parks Department at 323-6151,
 lumber heritage. There are a total of 22 signs scheduled to be
                                                                              Monday – Friday from 7:30am – 4:30pm.
 placed along selected areas of the Susquehanna River. The
 original signs were deteriorating.

                          2010 Summer Employment at Loyalsock Township
      Loyalsock Township may be hiring summer help for the following positions. Priority is given to employees who worked in
  2009. The number of openings will depend on how many staff members from last season plan on returning this year. Please visit
  the Loyalsock Township Office to pick up an application.

                                     Positions: Pool Manager, Lifeguards, Pool Concession
                           and/or Pool Office Staff, Summer Youth Staff & Park/Pool Maintenance Staff

WHEREAS,           THE        L O YA L S O C K
SOCCER TEAM has won the PIAA State
Championship. On November 21, 2009 the
Lady Lancers defeated the Springdale Dynamos
to claim Loyalsock’s first state soccer champi-
onship in school history, and

WHEREAS, the AA State Championship has
brought recognition and admiration to the
School District and the entire Loyalsock
community. The Championship Trophy was
earned through many years of hard work,
perseverance and pride. This athletic accom-
plishment was truly a team effort.

NOW, THEREFORE, The Board of
Supervisors on behalf of all of the residents of
the Township of Loyalsock do hereby proclaim
this eighth day of December, Two Thousand
and Nine as LADY LANCERS DAY in
recognition of the fame and glory bestowed on
these talented young ladies, their coaches,               Loyalsock Township High School Girls Soccer Team won the
parents, and school.                                     PIAA State Championship for the first time in school history.
                                                        PAVILION RENTALS
          Loyalsock Township has four parks located throughout the
     Township. Bruce Henry Park on Ritchey Street, Riverfront
     Park on Greevy Road and Heshbon Park on Heshbon Road
     each has one pavilion available to reserve. James Short Park,
     located on Northway Road, has three pavilions. Charcoal grills
     and electricity are available at all parks except Heshbon, which
     has no electricity.
          Pavilions may be used by the public at any time, unless they
     have been reserved. To reserve a pavilion, you must call the
     Township Office at 323-6151. At that time we will see if the
     date and pavilion you would like to use is available. If it is, we
     will fill out a form with your name, address, phone #, the time
     you need the pavilion, estimated # of people and event descrip-      Rules for pavilion rentals:
     tion.       The original and a customer copy of this                 1. DO NOT LEAVE CARS PARKED IN GRASSY
     form will be mailed to you. You will need to sign and date the          AREAS. ALL CARS MUST PARK IN PAVED PARK-
     original and return it to the office.                                   ING LOTS. The access road to the pavilions at James Short
          Two new policies have also been put into effect. One is a          Park is available for drop off and pick up. There are two
     $20.00 security deposit required along with payment for the             parking spaces near the pavilions for handicapped parking
     pavilion rental. If you are paying by check, this must be               (with sticker) only.
     separate from the rental fee. You will be refunded your deposit
                                                                          2. Everything must be removed from the pavilions and all trash
     following an inspection done when the restrooms are locked at
                                                                             must be picked up and put in the appropriate receptacles
     the end of your rental. The other is that payments must now
                                                                             before you leave. If this is not done, your security deposit
     be received one month prior to the date of your reservation.
                                                                             will not be returned to you.
          Following is a list of pavilion sizes and fees:                 3. No alcoholic beverages permitted on park grounds.
     1. James Short Park         #1 - 9 tables/seats 56 $35.00
                                                                          4. There are no refunds due to weather.
                                 #2 - 15 tables/seats 90 $50.00
                                 #3 - 9 tables/seats 56 $35.00            5. Businesses or organized groups must provide a certificate of
                                                                             insurance with the Loyalsock Twp. Board of Supervisors
     2. Bruce Henry Park       #1 - 10 tables/seats 60 $35.00                listed as certificate holder.
     3. Heshbon Park           #1 - 6 tables/seats 36     $25.00          6. Pavilions can be rented from April through the second week
                                                                             in October (weather permitting).
     4. Riverfront Park        #1 - 11 tables/seats 66 $50.00

         TREES FOR TOMORROW                                          The May meeting will be at Tebbs’ Greenhouse on the
                                                                17th at 6:30 p.m. This will be a hanging basket workshop and
    The Lycoming County Conservation District will be           is always enjoyed by all. Robin Tebbs does a super job of
holding its annual Trees for Tomorrow program in April.         assisting with basket design.
Please contact the office at 433-3003 for more information or        Meetings are always open to visitors and new members
to place your order.                                            are welcomed.

                                                                      SUSQUEHANNA RIVER WALK
                                                                          GRAND OPENING
                                                                            MAY 15, 2010
                                                                    Mark your calendars for the Susquehanna River Walk and
                                                                Timber Trail Ribbon Cutting! The big event everyone has

                                                                been waiting for will take place on Saturday, May 15, 2010.
                                                                Bring your family and check out the newly constructed River
                                                                Walk and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Susquehanna River.
     LOYALSOCK’S GARDEN CLUB                                    So bring your bicycle or your running shoes and come down
     Erdean White, the driving force behind the Sally Short     to check out interpretive signs on the Timber Trail.
Light Up the Park project, has been chosen to lead the          Throughout the day there will be entertainment, arts events,
Loyalsock Garden Club for 2010. Her supporting officers         storytelling, and much more. Details about the location and a
include: Vice President – Anne Kuntz; Secretary – Marie         schedule of the day’s events will be advertised in the next
Compton; Assistant Secretary – Mary Hepburn; Treasurer –        month.
Joyce Davis; Assistant Treasurer – Becky Baker.
     The first meeting for 2010 will be held on Monday,
March 15, at Faxon Kenmar Church at 7:00 p.m. Peggy                                  VISIT LOYALSOCK
Westphal will present a program on cake decorating.
     In April the club will have their annual Spring luncheon
                                                                                   TOWNSHIP ON THE WEB
at LeJeune Chef on the 21st at 12:00 p.m. Christine Fink
from the Horticulture Department at Penn College will do a            www.loyalsocktownshipbos.com
demonstration on ‘European Designs.’

                    Frequently Requested Phone Numbers:

 Dog Enforcement Officer - (570) 433-2640                       Lycoming County Assessment Office – (570) 327-2301
 Game Commission – (570) 398-4744                               Lycoming County Voter Registration – (570) 327-2267
 Loyalsock Fire Company (Non-Emergency) – (570) 323-3603        Lycoming County Recycling – 1-800-736-7559
 Loyalsock Pool (Summer Only) – (570) 323-6914                  Landfill (44 Alexander Dr., Montgomery) – 1-800-326-9571
 Loyalsock Real Estate Tax Office – (570) 321-8020              Transfer Station (1485 W 3rd St., Wmspt) – (570) 326-9745
 Loyalsock Occupational Privilege &                             Wmspt. Municipal Water & Sewer Auth. – (570) 323-6148
    Business License Office – (570) 601-1212                    PPL – 1-800-342-5775
 Loyalsock School District Office – (570) 326-6508              UGI Penn Natural Gas – 1-800-432-8017
 Loyalsock High School – (570) 326-3581                         Montoursville Boro – (570) 368-2486
 Loyalsock Middle School – (570) 323-9439                       Old Lycoming Twp. – (570) 323-4987
 Donald Schick Elementary School – (570) 326-3554               S. Williamsport – (570) 322-0158
 Lycoming County Commissioners – (570) 320-2124                 Williamsport – (570) 327-7504

                                                       Theatre for Seniors
 The Cemetery Club:                         March 7, 2010                                          Thoroughly Modern Millie:                  June 20, 2010
 “Three Jewish widows meet once a month for tea                                                    “A high spirited musical romp that has all of New
 before going to visit their husband’s graves. All                                                 York dancing the Charleston! This is the new
 three ladies have different personalities that are                                                1920’s musical that has taken Broadway by
 sure to warm your heart and make you laugh.”                                                      storm! Based on the popular movie, this musical
                                                                                                   has many new songs and dances you are sure to

All performances are Sundays at 2:00 p.m. on the Community                                                 When making reservations, please be sure to let us
Theatre League Stage in the Trade & Transit Building at 100 West                                      know if you need space for a wheelchair. The theater has
Third Street. For reservations, call the Township Office at                                           a limited number of wheelchair spaces available.
                                                                                                           Also, the shows have been reserved to capacity, but
323-6151 by noon of the preceding Friday.
                                                                                                      there are still vacant seats, so we would appreciate
    The Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA) Program is a partnership initiative between           everyone with a reservation being at the theater by 1:50
    local arts organizations and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA), a state agency. PPA      pm (10 minutes prior to show time). That way anyone
    is administered in this region by the Williamsport-Lycoming Arts Council.
                                                                                                      that calls and cannot get a reservation is welcome to go to
                                                                                                      the theater the day of the show at that time and see if
Cancellation of any performance will be announced by noon using the                                   there are any empty seats available. If you know you
following radio stations: WRAK 1400-WRKK 1200, WKSB 102.7,                                            cannot make the show by the preceding Friday at 4:00
WBYL 95.5, WBLJ 95.3, WVRT 97.7-WVRZ 99.7. You can also call                                          pm, please call the Township office and cancel your
the Theatre Box Office at 327-1777 to see if a show has been cancelled.                               reservation.

                                                                      Postal Customer

   Permit No. 267
                                                                                                                                  Williamsport, PA 17701-4007
  Williamsport, PA
                                                                                                                                  2501 East Third Street
   CAR-RT SORT                                                                                                            Board of Supervisors
    PRSRT STD                                                                                                             Loyalsock Township

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