Stainbrook v. Lions Gate Entertainment et al - 3 by justia


									Stainbrook v. Lions Gate Entertainment et al                                                                      Doc. 3
                    Case 3:06-cv-02898-DAK          Document 3        Filed 12/22/2006   Page 1 of 1

                                             UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT
                                           FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF OHIO
                                                   WESTERN DIVISION

             Jon Stainbrook,                                  ) Case No. 3:06CV2898
                              Plaintiff,                      ) Judge David A. Katz
             v.                                               ) ORDER
             Lions Gate Entertainment, et al.,                )
                              Defendants.                     )

                                                         *    *   *

                              The Motion of Defendants Lions Gate Entertainment and Palm Pictures for an

             extension of time, until and including January 19, 2007, to move, plead or otherwise respond to

             Plaintiff’s complaint is well-taken and is hereby granted.

                                                                  IT IS SO ORDERED.

                                                                    /s/ David A. Katz
                                                                  Judge David A. Katz
                    December 22,

             SLK_TOL: #1169051v1


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