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The Heartbeat of Monadnock Community Hospital

  Relations and
                       A New Home for Jaffrey Family
                       Medicine and Jaffrey Physical Therapy
                                                                                                                             Summer 2006

                                  hen Drs. Ross and Lisa Ramey        This past winter administrators from

                                                                                                                      On the technology side, the practice will
        PAGE 2                    opened a private practice in      Cheshire Medical Center approached MCH         soon be implementing a full electronic
                                  downtown Jaffrey in the 1980s,    about leasing their space in Monadnock         medical record system that will provide
 Monadnock Family      they probably never dreamed that their       Plaza. Realizing that Jaffrey Family           the medical caregiver with complete
  Care Wins Hoola-     small practice would grow to become          Medicine and Jaffrey Physical Therapy          background information on the patient.
   Hoop Contest        MCH’s largest satellite office. In 1986      needed more space, the hospital saw it as      This sophisticated technology system will
        PAGE 2         Ross Ramey became an MCH employee            the perfect opportunity to expand the          also eliminate time-consuming paperwork,
                       and joined Dr. Frechette in the              practices. An arrangement was worked           so that the health care provider can spend
 Frontline Action      Monadnock Family Care practice and           out so that MCH became the building’s          more time with the patient.
  Group Aims to        Dr. James Potter joined Dr. Lisa Ramey       lease holder and primary tenant. A three-         Greg Nerz, who has been a full-time
  Improve Care         in the Jaffrey practice. Today Ross Ramey    month renovation began and Jaffrey Family      physical therapist in the Jaffrey Physical
        PAGE 2
                       is Vice President of Medical Services at     Medicine and Jaffrey Physical Therapy          Therapy practice since it opened, is
                       the hospital.                                opened the doors of their new facility on      thrilled with the new space. “We have an
  Window Shop
Proceeds Used for
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    New Clinic
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    and News
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   Off the Cuff
                                                                                                                                                                  Photo by Marilyn Weir

    by Peter Gosline
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     Events            Jaffrey Family Medicine and Jaffrey Physical Therapy: front row, l to r: Penny Rodriguez, Jennifer Serois,
        PAGE 3         Nadine Dubrule, M.D., Darlene Blanchette, Lisa Ramey, M.D., Carrie Nye, Sonja French and Liza Pyke. Second
                       row, l to r: Susan Ruel, Michaelle Hammann, Patricia Rutka, Rhonda Crowley, Sylvia Paquin, Marsha Knight and
    New Faces          Steve Frechette, P.T. Third row, l to r: Stephen Klonel, D.O., James Potter, M.D., and Greg Nerz, P.T.
   and Changes
                          MCH bought the Jaffrey practice in 1992   May 15th. Today Cheshire Medical leases        additional 600 square feet of space with
        PAGE 4
                       and approximately ten years ago built a      space back from MCH for Specialty              three private treatment rooms and a gym,”
 Caught in the Act     brand new facility on North Street.          Services, and the hospital is working          says Nerz. This practice is staffed with one
        PAGE 4         According to Darlene Blanchette, when        towards offering our own Special Services      full-time PT, one part-time PT, a PT
                       she joined the practice seven years ago as   of Monadnock Community Hospital.               Assistant and a secretary.
New Medical Staff      office coordinator, there were five staff       In the new entrance area there is a            “The staff is very excited and all of
        PAGE 4         members and two doctors. Today, there        directory for patients to identify the areas   us see this move as a very positive
                       are 14 staff members and Drs. Nadine         of care. Blanchette says, “With a larger       experience,” says Dr. Lisa Ramey. “We
                       Dubrule and Stephen Klonel have joined       reception area, additional exam and            have much more physical space and
                       Ramey and Potter. Additionally, Jaffrey      treatment rooms, along with easy patient       parking. In addition, people living in
                       Physical Therapy was opened at the North     flow, Jaffrey Family Medicine is much          downtown Jaffrey will still be able to
                       Street facility six years ago.               more ‘patient friendly.’”                      walk to our office.” ■

Community Relations and Philanthropy…
Ambassadors of Good Will & Community Support
M           ost residents of the
           Monadnock region look
           upon MCH as an
outstanding community hospital
as well as a good neighbor who
                                      linked functions has expanded
                                      and changed in the past six
                                         When Laura joined the
                                      department in 2000, it was
                                                                                                                                                      community. The department is
                                                                                                                                                      also responsible for the hospital’s
                                                                                                                                                      marketing effort, as well as
                                                                                                                                                      building positive relationships
                                                                                                                                                      with donors, volunteers, civic
supports the community in a           called Public Affairs and                                                                                       organizations, and other
variety of ways. This strong          Development. She re-named the                                                                                   community healthcare and social
community relationship is             department to more clearly                                                                                      service organizations.
strengthened by the dedicated         reflect the department’s mission.                                                                                  “The hospital trustees and
team of professionals who work           Sadie Jackson joined the                                                                                     administrators understood that
in MCH’s Community Relations          department shortly after Laura                                                                                  they had to make an investment
and Philanthropy Department.          and in 2001 Clarisse Wallace                                                                                    in the philanthropy program,”
The staff are enthusiastic and        joined the team as a part-time                                                                                  says Laura. “Now that investment
committed to telling the hospital’s   database administrator. Nancy                                                                                   is coming to fruition.” Prior to
story and educating the               Clarke came on board in 2002.                                                                                   2000, annual gifts never exceeded
community about the importance        Today Jackson is the Annual                                                                                     $200,000. In 2000 annual gifts
of supporting local healthcare.       Fund and Community Relations        Community Relations and Philanthropy Department: front                      surged to a little under $600,000
   According to Laura Gingras,        Manager and Clarke is the           row, l to r: Pam Delahanty, Michelle Klint, Clarisse Wallace,               and have continued to grow. In
director of the department,                                               Laura Gingras. Back row, l to r: Audrey White, Nancy Clarke,
                                      Volunteer Services Coordinator.                                                                                 the most recent 2005 Annual
                                                                          Terry Kilvert, and Sadie Jackson.
community relations and               Terry Kilvert is the department’s                                                                               Report, it was reported that just
philanthropy have always been         Administrative Assistant and,       Stewardship Coordinator for             focuses on building a formal        over $2 million had been raised,
“alive and well” at MCH, and the      most recently, Audrey White         Philanthropy.                           development program and             including the hospital’s first $1
role of these two inextricably        joined the department as              The role of philanthropy              working closely with the donor      million gift from Herb Nilson.
                                                                                                                                                                    Continued on page 4

    Monadnock Family Care Team                                                                   Frontline Action Group Aims
     Wins Hoola-Hoop Contest                                                                     to Improve Patient Care
                                                                                                 O         riginally started as a committee to address the problem of better bed
                                                                                                           management, the newly formed Frontline Action Group (FLAG) is tackling all
                                                                                                          kinds of issues related to better patient care and improved communications.
                                                                                                 This action-oriented, multi-disciplinary committee was formed in Fall of 2005 and is
                                                                                                 co-chaired by Ruth Cilley and Melissa Brown and facilitated by Dana Kumph. The
                                                                                                 committee’s established a mission statement which reads:
                                                                                                      The purpose of the Frontline Action Group is to develop, facilitate, foster
                                                                                                      and support genuine communication between nursing units and other
                                                                                                      departments who have as their main concern the safe, competent,
                                                                                                      compassionate, and efficient care for our patients.
                                                                                                    The once-a-month meetings are open to any staff members, clinical or non-
                                                                                                 clinical, who directly interact with patients or departments who are delivering patient
                                                                                                 care. If an employee attends just one meeting, they automatically receive a copy of
                                                                                                 the minutes and agenda of each monthly meeting.
                                                                                                    According to Cilley, the initial conflict that prompted the formation of the group
      Monadnock Family Care Team: Kaelene Luhtjarv, Tammy                                        was the issue of how to smooth the admission process from the Emergency
      McGonagle, and Kelli Shattuck.                                                             Department to various inpatient units. Once the obstacles were identified, the group
                                                                                                 was able to effect some changes to help get patients to their rooms more quickly.
     Recently The Window Shop at MCH hosted a hoola-hoop contest for all                         This involved something as simple as tweaking the process by which housekeeping
  departments of the hospital. Each department could enter no more than three                    notifies the APU staff that rooms are clean and ready for the patient to be brought
  contestants. The department with the highest accumulated minutes of keeping the                up from the ED. Other issues that have been discussed include: how can a patient
                                                                                                 be admitted more smoothly; getting equipment back and forth between
  hoola-hoop moving won a one-purchase discount for everyone in their department
                                                                                                 departments; infection control issues; creating a better transport system, and other
  from The Window Shop. The Monadnock Family Care team, represented by                           topics to help improve communications and collaborations.
  Kaelene Luhtjarv, Tammy McGonagle and Kelli Shattuck, won with a combined time                    “As the facilitator, I feel it is a tremendous honor to participate in this process
  of 3 hours, 6 minutes and 8 seconds. Administrative Support, represented by                    with a group of dedicated and compassionate employees,” says Kumph. “They’ve
  Eileen McManus, came in second, with 25 minutes and 24 seconds; and Materials                  accomplished so much in such a short period of time.”
  Management, represented by Penny Rodriguez, came in third with 12 minutes and
  41 seconds. Congratulations to all!
                                                                                                  Proceeds from
                                                                                                  Window Shop
Discount                                     ADME
                                                 IT                                               Used for
Tickets for                                   ON                                                  Equipment
Summer                                                                                            On April 5th the volunteers at      Jean Peters; Pete
                                                                                                                                                       r Gosline, CEO; Ch
Theme Parks                                                                                       The Window Shop voted for
                                                                                                  equipment to be purchased with
                                                                                                                                      Treasurer; and To
                                                                                                                                                        ni Gildone, store
                                                                                                                                                                          arlie Marvin,
                                                                                                  the profit from 2005 sales at the shop.
MCH has available discounted tickets for three summer theme parks, including:                     They voted for the following equipment:
  Water Country                 Six Flags                      York Wild Kingdom                         Platelet Analyzer for the Laboratory                   $9,500
  General admission: $32        General admission:             Call Lori Cawthern,                       Special lighting for the Birthing Unit                 $3,795
  MCH admission: $22,           $49.99                         ext. 4269, for information.               Compression Pump for Occupational Therapy              $4,727
  a $10 savings                 MCH admission: $30.00,                                                   Exhaust Fan for Materials Management                   $2,500
                                a $19.99 savings                                                         Total Proceeds                                       $20,522
                                                                                                    Many thanks to our dedicated volunteers who donate their time to work at The
Tickets are available from Lori Cawthern, ext. 4269                                                 Window Shop, and every year make these valuable equipment donations a reality.

               Employee/                                       Off the Cuff                                      by Peter Gosline
               Department                                        Spring is upon us and Summer days are in sight. How quickly the
               ACHIEVEMENTS                                   seasons change! We are surrounded by renewed life in the beautiful
                                                              Monadnock Region. The parking lot shuttle is out again, being driven
                                                              by friendly volunteers, helping people who need a ride and a cheerful
                                                              greeting. It is great to be a part of the MCH family.
                                                                 Although it receives little fanfare, one of the most important developments
                                                              in the last few years is the progress we are making on what is called our
                                                              Master Facilities Plan. This Plan will provide us a view of what our campus
                                                              will look like five to ten years from now. It is an exciting time for us, as we think about the best way to
  Dr. Greg Neilley — was recently recognized
                                                              respond to the needs of those whom we serve.
  as a newly elected Fellow of the American College
                                                                 Our ongoing challenge at MCH is to continue to attract and retain a strong, talented and dedicated
  of Physicians (ACP) in an awards ceremony
                                                              work force, including employees and medical staff as well as volunteers. Our strategy is to focus our
  during the society’s Annual Session, held in April
                                                              attention on making this a great place to work, one that both cares and challenges, and one that
  in Philadelphia. Dr. Neilley was elected a Fellow
                                                              provides continuing value to those seeking advancement or broadening experience and training. We
  for 2006 for his professional achievements in
                                                              can envision a time when there will be no job openings at MCH, we have a full complement of medical
  internal medicine.
                                                              staff, and a waiting list for volunteers.
  Jim Hall, Jaffrey Physical Therapy — The                       During the past few months many successful events have taken place at MCH. The Legislative
  Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy                    Breakfast, Providers’ Day Breakfast, the Volunteer Luncheon and the Edward Bond Wellness Center
  recently published Jim’s case study paper entitled          dedication event, have given us the opportunity to demonstrate the fine work of many of our
  “The Effects of Manual Physical Therapy and                 departmental areas and to express our thanks to those who have helped us achieve success. The
  Therapeutic Exercise on Peripartum Posterior                many hours and talents given freely by our growing Volunteer force helps to assure that MCH will
  Pelvic Pain: Two Case Reports.” The paper won               remain the special place that it is.
  the 2005 “TherEX Award for Excellence in a                     To celebrate our second $1 million bequest within the last year, on April 29th, we honored Mr.
  Published Case Study.” This honorable award, and            Edward Bond with a reception and the renaming of the Wellness Center to The Bond Wellness Center.
  its accompanying cash prize, are co-sponsored               It is most gratifying to have such generous support from our community and this gift for our
  annually by TherEx and JMMT. Jim’s award was                Endowment Fund will help assure that MCH continues to provide the best health care possible.
  announced in the March 2006 (Vol 14, No. 1)                    Plans are under way for the fourth Gala evening to be held in partnership with Crotched Mountain
  issue of JMMT.                                              Foundation. June 17th is the date for this event and once again the proceeds will benefit our own
  Chris Croteau, IT — has become a certified                  Monadnock Healthy Teeth program. Please consider attending this special evening as it is a wonderful
  Microsoft Office Specialist. She attended a week-           way to start the Summer.
  long intensive classroom and didactic training for             I cannot say often enough how fortunate we all are to be living in the Monadnock Region, and how
  the first step in Microsoft Office applications.            important it is to have a strong, viable Hospital here to continue to provide service to everyone who
                                                              needs it. It is so gratifying to know that this community recognizes and supports what we do, and that
  Michael D. Weil, Psy.D., Psychiatry —                       we have a strong, dedicated workforce who put 100% of their efforts into caring for others every day
  recently made a presentation titled “The                    of the year!
  Neurophysiological Basis of Hypnotic Analgesia”                                                    With appreciation of all you do,
  at the annual meeting of the American Society of
  Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) in Orlando, FL.
  Denise Roberts, APU — On May 16th Denise
  received her RN pin from Cindy Keil at Mount
  Wachusett Community College’s graduation ceremony.                                                 Peter Gosline, President and CEO
  Tanya Roberts, APU and Deidre Donovan,
  Summit — Barbara Fisher pinned both Tanya and
  Deidre as RNs at their May 16th graduation from
  Mount Wachusett Community College.
  Melanie Boes, APU — Cathy Desbiens recently
                                                          New Clinic Simplifies
  pinned Melanie as a RN at her graduation from a
  nursing program at NH Community Technical College.      Anticoagulation Therapy
Department News…
                                                          F      or patients taking Coumadin (Warfarin Sodium
                                                                 is the generic term) or other anticoagulation
                                                                 medications, it’s critical that their warfarin levels
                                                          be monitored on a regular basis. In December 2005,
                                                          MCH opened an Anticoagulation Clinic located in the
                                                                                                                            Because each individual responds to warfarin
                                                                                                                         differently, it is necessary to monitor the levels to be
                                                                                                                         sure the patient is at a safe and therapeutic level. The
                                                                                                                         INR (international normalized ratio) is a blood test
                                                                                                                         done to measure the level of warfarin medication in a
Sadie Jackson, Community Relations —                      Physician Consultants suite at The Bond Wellness Center.       patient’s system. The levels of risk vary, the lower the
Congratulations to Sadie and Brad Jackson on the birth       According to Cathy Forrest, Program Coordinator for         INR value, the higher the patient’s risk of having a
of their daughter, Lucy Elizabeth Jackson. She was born   the Clinic, one benefit of this type of clinic is that it’s    blood clot or stroke. The higher the INR value, the
at MCH on June 2 and weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz.                 much easier for the patient when everything is done in         higher the risk of bleeding and increased bruising.
Bob Everhart, IT — Bob has recently joined the            one visit. It also increases the quality of care because          The blood sample is obtained by a simple finger stick
department as a Project Manager. He will be               the patient is seeing health professionals who have            to get a few drops of blood, which is then immediately
overseeing the implementation of the Electronic           ongoing, up-to-date experience in anticoagulation              processed. The patient has their INR reading within two
Medical Record in our Physician practices.                therapy while confirming the patient’s knowledge               minutes, compared with the 24 hours or longer it can
                                                          and understanding.                                             take if the blood is drawn by a laboratory. This gives
Dr. John Haley, New Ipswich Family                           Cathy Forrest and Laura Nerz are the two specially          the patient immediate feedback to guide them in taking
Medicine — Congratulations to Dr. Haley for his           trained RNs who run the Clinic, along with Office              Coumadin. The nurse can then review any changes
fine performance in the recently produced Once Upon       Assistant Susan Bogdan. Both nurses have certificates          that may be affected by medication, diet, lifestyle or
a Mattress performed by the Actor’s Circle Theater.       from the University of Southern Indiana in                     their health. Nationally it has been shown that if a
                                                          Anticoagulation Therapy Management. While there are            patient is monitored regularly through a specialized
                                                          other programs available, this particular University is        clinic, they will stay within the proper INR range a
              Upcoming                                    considered to be the “gold standard” in training.              higher percentage of the time.
              MCH Events                                  Before starting the clinic, they also received training           The nurse provides each patient with a printout at
                                                          from the nurse who started the Dartmouth Hitchcock             each visit outlining Coumadin dose instructions along
    July 15 - Employee picnic held on MCH campus.         Anticoagulation Clinic.                                        with the next follow-up appointment. Initially, a new
                                                                                                                                                             Continued on Page 4

     Caught in the Act                                                                             New Faces and Changes at MCH
                   Making a Difference at MCH                                                                           January through March 2006
Here are just a few of the kind acts that we see happen every day at MCH, where fellow           NEW FACES                    DEPARTMENT                     DATE OF HIRE
                                                                                                 Lisa Jones                   Fitness                        1/3/06
employees go out of their way to help another person or take the extra effort to make            Peggy Sysyn                  Radiology                      1/5/06
MCH a better place to work. If you observe one of your co-workers “Making a                      Judy Patten                  Communications                 1/6/06
Difference,” please fill out one of the “Caught in the Act” forms, and we may publish            Joyce Coogan                 Summit                         1/9/06
your comments in the next issue of the Pulse.                                                    Thomas Pagonis               Respiratory Therapy            1/9/06
                                                                                                 Jennifer Scanlon             PIM                            1/9/06
Geoff Chenowith, Dietary — Geoff worked very hard to fix kitchen equipment in                    Karen Greene                 APU                            1/10/06
order to fill a specific request for the OB unit. He was very professional and went              Abbey Paige                  APU                            1/11/06
above and beyond with a smile!                                                                   Kathleen Clark               PIM                            1/12/06
                                                                                                 Leonidas Urena               Billing Services               1/16/06
Joanne Blaine, Human Resources — Joanne was instrumental in helping me                           Ronald Randall, Jr.          Security                       1/16/06
develop a tool for my unit. She spent a great deal of time with me listening to my needs         Dustin Anderson              Environmental Services         1/16/06
and what I would like to have and then went on and developed the tool. There are not             Donna Abbott                 Environmental Services         1/17/06
                                                                                                 Donna Tatro                  Environmental Services         1/19/06
enough words to let her know how much it meant to me. Thanks Joanne!                             Karen Langley                Social Services                1/23/06
                                                                                                 Benjamin Frehner             Aquatics                       1/27/06
Sarah Cournoyer, OB — Sarah stayed to help the day shift after having worked a 12
                                                                                                 June Hall                    Medical Staff Services         2/2/06
hour night shift. A baby needed to go to another facility and Sarah stayed with the baby         Eeva Ekker-Smith             APU                            2/13/06
until the other hospital arrived to take him to their hospital. Thank you so much Sarah.         Claude Grant                 Environmental Services         2/13/06
                                                                                                 Edwina Hastings              Emergency Department           2/17/06
John Uhlig, Security — Thanks to John who was persistent in getting my car                       Jolie Underwood              APU                            2/27/06
unlocked when I didn’t have keys.                                                                Sandra Babcock               HIS                            2/27/06
                                                                                                 Jessica Ansaldo              Registration                   3/6/06
Elaine Keenan and Jen White, OB — They provided me muscle on safely moving                       Margaret Dorson              Rivermead                      3/6/06
equipment back to the OR after a long day. I appreciate them stepping outside their              Jason Poux                   Dietary                        3/13/06
bounds. Good work!                                                                               Robert Everhart              ITS                            3/13/06
                                                                                                 Deborah Duffy                APU                            3/18/06
Melanie Wagner, PT — Melanie delivered physical therapy notes to me in person. It
                                                                                                 DEPT. CHANGES                FROM                           TO
was a very thoughtful thing to do. Thanks!                                                       Joy O’Rourke                 ICU                            Oncology
                                                                                                 Luanne Price                 Registration                   Emergency
Mike Flynn, Pharmacy — Thank you Mike for taking the time out of your day to
                                                                                                 Heidi Page                   Registration                   Emergency
identify a medication that I brought from home and didn’t know what it was. I was                Viviane Bowen                Family Care                    Radiology
going through a difficult time with a family member… possibly overdosing. Thank you              Cathy Gallagher              Registration                   Behavioral Health
for finding out what this medication was for me.                                                 Kristel Gatcombe             ICU                            Oncology
                                                                                                 Karen Clark                  PIM                            Phys Consult
                                                                                                 Carrie Nye                   Phys Consult                   JFM
                 Comments & Feedback                                                             Deb Chabot
                                                                                                 Eileen Crowe
                                                                                                                              Cardiac Rehab
                                                                                                                              Nursing Administration
                                                                                                                                                             Pulmonary Rehab
  Since the Pulse is written for MCH employees, we value your opinion and would                  Jennifer Roberts             Environmental Services         APU
    appreciate your comments or suggestions for future issues of the newsletter.
     Please call or email Nancy Clarke with your feedback at extension 1702 or
                             nancy.clarke@mch.crhc.org.                                      New Medical Staff
                                                                                                                    General surgeon, Stephan W. Coffman, M.D., will be joining the
New Clinic, continued from page 3
                                                                                                                 MCH Medical Staff on June 19th and will be performing a full range of
                                                                                                                 general surgery procedures. He comes to MCH from Lebanon
patient may have the INR test done 2 to 3 times a week, but once they’re stable, it could                        Community Hospital in Lebanon, Oregon where he was the Chief of the
be as infrequent as once a month. Currently the Clinic has approximately 320 patients                            Surgical Department. Previously, he was an associate in general surgery
and is seeing between 15 and 25 patients a day.                                                                  at The Guthrie Clinic in Ithaca, New York. Dr. Coffman received his B.S.
  Rob Eggleston, one of the Clinic’s first anticoagulation patients, says “I love the fact                       in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh, and his Doctor of Medicine
that you don’t have to wait to get your results. It’s so much easier than going to the lab   degree at Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He performed his general
and then having to wait for a phone call from the doctor’s office. And Cathy and Laura       surgery internship and residency at Robert Packer Hospital/Guthrie Clinic in Sayre, PA,
are very professional and pleasant.” ■                                                       where he was awarded Resident of the Year in general surgery in 2001.
Fun Fact: Coumadin was accidentally discovered in the 1920s when cows in the                    His interests have included several surgical trips to developing countries, extensive
Midwest were dying from eating spoiled sweet clover. The drug was isolated in 1939           travel in the U.S. and abroad, cycling, skiing, hiking and camping. He has also played
and used as a common rodenticide/rat poison. In 1955, Coumadin became available              the violin since age six. Dr. Coffman and his wife, Ruth, an ARNP, have recently
for commercial use as an anti-coagulant medication.                                          relocated to the Monadnock region from Oregon. ■

Community Relations, continued from page 2

                                                                                                 and encouraging others to do the same. They know the importance of appreciation
   The focus on educating the donor community and sustaining a higher level                      for others, and practice this daily in all their work.”
of giving has significantly increased the “behind the scenes” workload for this                     In 2003 the hospital’s Volunteer Services Program became an important part of
busy department. Besides semi-annual fund-raising appeals, they are responsible                  the department. Managed by Nancy Clarke, over 120 volunteers participate in this
for organizing numerous events each year, including the Fall Golf Classic held at                program in 23 different areas of the hospital. “It’s hard to imagine MCH without it’s
Crotched Mountain Golf Resort, the Parmelee Society Luncheon, and the Volunteer                  large core of dedicated volunteers,” says Nancy.
Luncheon. The marketing and public relations responsibilities, which are shared by                  The Department of Philanthropy and Community Relations manages a new
Laura and Nancy, are significant. The department is responsible for advertising                  program that has dramatically impacted young children in the region. Started
campaigns, annual reports, the Pulse and Benefactor newsletters, internal                        by Sadie Jackson in 2003, Monadnock Healthy Teeth is a free dental healthcare
brochures, public relations, and other community-minded marketing projects.                      program for children in grades K-3 in the hospital’s primary care area. Since
   “There is never a question of motivation, energy, or enthusiasm in the                        its inception, over 2,800 children have been educated about the basics of good
Department of Philanthropy and Community Relations,” says Peter Gosline.                         dental care and have had access to important dental services. Because of the
“The wonderful members of this department are there for all of us, no matter                     continued growth of the program, in the fall of 2005, MCH hired a second dental
what. Their level of excitement about what the hospital is all about, and what it                hygienist, Michelle Klint, who works closely with the program’s coordinator and
is capable of in the future, is evident in all they do. The community is ‘buzzing’               dental hygienist, Pam Delahanty.
about the hospital right now partially because of the excellence in service,                        “It’s natural for us to be enthusiastic about our jobs, because there are so
partially because we are effective in letting others know who we are and what                    many outstanding clinicians and employees doing such a great job,” says Gingras.
we do, and partially because we listen and act on concerns and suggestions                       “And we genuinely love working with and appreciate our many donors and
promptly. Our community relations programs, as well as our ongoing efforts                       volunteers. I think I speak for my entire department when I say that it is a privilege
to connect with philanthropically minded citizens in the area, are a key factor in               to be part of an organization that genuinely and compassionately cares about the
getting the word out to those who can help us. Most of all, I think Laura Gingras                community it serves.” ■
and the members of her department are the absolute best at saying ‘Thank-you’


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