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									                                            QUIZ BOWL
                                         State Question Bank
                                           Round 2 - 2007

 #    Cat.                  Question                                       Answer
1.     C Who won this years Grammy for R&B album?                  Mary J Blige

2.        A   On February 28, 1919 Senator Henry Cabot Lodge League of Nations
              from Massachusetts spoke for 2 ½ hours on the
              floor of the Senate in opposition to Woodrow
              Wilson‟s plan for which world organization?

3.    A       Add the figures 23 + 47 + 62 + 71                    203
4.    PD      What is the SkillsUSA competition theme for this     SkillsUSA: Champions
              year?                                                at Work

5.        C   What position is held by Ben Bernanke?               Chairman of the Federal
                                                                   (accept: The Fed)

6.    PD      When was the first Leadership Handbook               1970
              published for our organization?

7.        A   The western border of Afghanistan is formed by       Iran
              what nation?

8.        A   In which quadrant is the terminal side of an angle   second
              having a measure of -4 radians?
9.        C   The religious faith of some of the announced         Mormon
              candidates for President has recently made the
              news. What faith is announced candidate Mitt

10.   PD      Which state‟s Governor was featured in the Fall      California
              2006 edition of Champions magazine?

11.       A   In which state did Congress establish Mount          Washington
              Rainier National Park in 1899?

Round 2                                State Questions 2007                            Page 1
12.       C   The Tennessee Titans recently hired Mike           Seattle Seahawks
              Reinfeldt as their new General Manager. What
              team did he leave to move to Tennessee?

13.       C   Who was the MVP of the 2007 Super Bowl?            Peyton Manning

14.       A   Who was the US President when “The Star            Herbert Hoover
              Spangled Banner” became the national anthem in
              March of 1931?

15.       A   What is the principal quantum number associated    1
              with the k shell of an atom?

16.       C   After a fuse blew, the newest camera on which      The Hubble telescope
              powerful telescope failed?

17.   PD      Which foundation has awarded a $3.4million grant W. K. Kellogg
              to SkillsUSA?                                    Foundation

18.       A   Identify the first American black man to win a     Shani Davis
              gold medal at the Winter Olympics, in the 1,000
              meters speed skating at the 2006 Olympics in

19.       A   How many of the natural numbers that are factors   4
          M   of 30 are odd numbers?                             (1,3,5,15)

20.   PD      As a part of the Kellogg Foundation grant,         At-risk youth
              SkillsUSA will develop 6 pilot projects designed
              to help what group?

21.       A   Regular polygons with a given number of sides are C O N G R U E N T
              all similar but they are not all congruent. Spell the
              word congruent.

22.       C   USA Today recently contacted 16 US airlines        Continental
              about changes in their frequent flyer program.     OR
              Name one of the two airlines that said their       Aloha
              frequent flyer miles do not expire.

Round 2                               State Questions 2007                              Page 2
23.       C   Which European airline recently avoided a union      British Airways
              walkout after reaching a deal with flight

24.       A   In which city and state was the first permanent      Jamestown, VA
              English settlement in the New World established
              on May 14, 1607?

25.   PD      SkillsUSA and OSHA have launched a program           job safety
              specifically for teenagers. What is the focus of the

26.       A   What word designates both a plant in the mint        Sage
              family and an elderly person respected for his or
              her wisdom?

27.   PD      A new position has been established on the           Student Liaison
              SkillsUSA Board of Directors. What is the name
              of the position?

28.       A   Identify the name shared by the Maryland city     Laurel
              where Alabama Governor George Wallace was
              shot while campaigning for the presidency in 1972
              and the tree used to make a wreath awarded in
              ancient athletic contests.

29.       C   NASA recently remembered the three astronauts        Virgil “Gus” Grissom
              who were killed in a deadly fire 40 years ago.       Ed White
              Name one of the three astronauts who died 40         Roger Chaffee
              years ago.

30.   PD      What is a two-word term for a person that others     Role model
              try to emulate?

31.       A   Identify the FBI‟s system for snooping on e-mail,    Carnivore
              which is named with the term for “an animal that
              eats other animals” or “a plant that ingests

32.       A   The height of a right triangle is what percent of its 40%
              base if the area of the triangle is 80 square feet and
          M   the base measures 20 feet?

Round 2                                State Questions 2007                           Page 3
33.   PD      Following or observing someone, usually on their       Shadowing
              job, to learn from that person is called ...

34.       C   Who is the Chairman of Microsoft?                      Bill Gates

35.       A   Spell the word CARNIVORE.                              CARNIVORE

36.   PD      What is a written statement from a person in         Letter of
              authority such as a teacher or employer that acts as recommendation
              an endorsement of your positive attributes?

37.       C   According to a report in USA Today, as a result of     1 Billion
              holiday sales, cell phone makers hit a milestone in
              sales during 2006. What number did cell phone
              makers exceed in 2006 sales?

38.       A   In which country were the ancient Temples of Abu Egypt
              Simbel carved into a mountainside beside the Nile
              River but later moved to higher ground to avoid
              being covered up by Lake Nasser once the Aswan
              High Dam was built?

39.   PD      When delivering a speech or addressing a group at      Eye contact
              a meeting, it is important to look at your audience.
              What is the two-word term for looking at people
              when you speak to them?

40.   PD      The handbook describes 3 parts to a goal               When (deadline) AND
              statement. One is what will happen, or the goal.       how it will happen
              What 2 other elements should be written into the

41.       C   Which island nation recently showed a video of    Cuba
              their President meeting with Venezuelan President
              Chavez in the first shots of the ailing leader in
              three months?

42.       A   In which country will you find the Great Barrier       Australia
              Reef Aquarium?

Round 2                                State Questions 2007                            Page 4
43.       A   What four words did George Washington add after “So help me God”
              he repeated the Presidential Oath of Office? The
              words have continued to this day.

44.       C   Sidney Sheldon, one of the most popular             89
              storytellers in novels, movies, Broadway and TV
              recently died. How old was he?

45.   PD      A role model might be defined as a wise and         Mentor
              trusted counselor or teacher, tutor, coach or
              advisor. What is another term for role model as
              defined in the PDP?

46.       A   What is the 13-letter word designating the doctrine nullification
              that a state has the right of setting aside a federal
              law by declaring it null and void?

47.   PD      How many main motions may be on the floor at        One
              any one time?

48.   PD      What are the minimum essential officers necessary Presiding officer and
              to conduct business?                              clerk
                                                                (Accept President and

49.       A   Spell the word NULLIFICATIOIN.                      NULLIF ICATIO
50.       C   Who sings the song, Irreplaceable?                  Beyonce

51.   PD      In which document should the quorum of an           By-Laws
              organization be established?

52.       A   What other length besides 5 inches could be used    Square root of 7 inches
              to form the third side of a right triangle whose
          M   other 2 sides are 3 inches and 4 inches?

53.       C   Hazardous materials teams were called to the        HAZMAT
              Virginia Supreme Court building recently after a
              worker opened an envelope containing a white
              flaky substance. Spell the commonly used
              abbreviation for Hazardous Materials.

Round 2                               State Questions 2007                             Page 5
54.       A   Identify Greece‟s highest mountain. It is also the   Mt. Olympus
              home of their mythological gods.

55.   PD      Which levels of the Professional Development         Levels One and Two
              Program have to be completed before running for      (Trainee and Leader)
              national office?

56.       A   Which two states have an airplane on their state     Ohio and North Carolina

57.   PD      At a committee meeting, what should be the first     Appoint a recorder or
              order of business, regardless of the committee‟s     secretary to take notes

58.       C   Which leading discount airlines recently             Southwest Airlines
              announced a fare increase?

59.       A   Identify Japan‟s gift to the US in 1912 that are     Japanese Cherry Trees
              honored annually by an April festival in
              Washington, D.C., centered around the Potomac        (Cherry Blossom)
              Tidal Basin.

60.       C   A chlorine leak recently at a chemical plan in       Tacoma, Washington
              which city‟s waterfront injured 12 people and
              prompted the evacuation of the surrounding
              industrial area?

61.       A   How fast is Terry running, in miles per hour, if she 7.5 miles per hour
              covers 1 mile in 8 minutes?
62.   PD      The Advisor‟s Success Kit 2004 is the resource       ASK „04
              and training document for SkillsUSA Advisors.
              By what name or acronym is it better known?

63.       C   Who is the Prime Minister of Japan?                  Shinzo Abe

64.   PD      Where are occupational or career patches,            Above the left pocket
              competitor patches, or PDP patches placed on         OR on the left shoulder
              official championships uniforms?

65.       A   What is the capital of the US Virgin Islands?        Charlotte Amalie

Round 2                                State Questions 2007                               Page 6
66.       C   DaimlerChrysler recently announced that it will       Delaware
              lay off 13,000 employees and close one of its
              assembly plants. In what state is the plant slated
              to close?

67.       C   Bank of America and Citigroup banks have            Wachovia
              announced that they will soon be allowing
              customers to view account information and
              transfer funds by cell phone. This follows the lead
              of the nation‟s fourth largest bank that began
              allowing cell phone access last December. Which
              bank started this activity?

68.       A   An increase in temperature of 10 degrees in the       18°
              Celsius scale is equivalent to an increase of how
          M   many degrees on the Fahrenheit scale?

69.       A   If Janet is x years old and her older sister Amy is   60%
          M   1½ times her age, what percent of the sum of their
              ages is Amy‟s age?

70.   PD      Identify 2 of the 3 events of the Skills USA          Chapter Display
              Championships that use the national theme as part     Promotional Bulletin
              of their event?                                       Board
                                                                    Prepared Speech

71.       A   Which mid-west capital city derives its name from Topeka
              an Indian word meaning “good place to dig          (Kansas)
              potatoes” and was settled by antislavery colonists
              from Lawrence, Kansas, in 1854?

72.       C   Which popular singer has been shot in a swim suit     Beyonce
              for Sports Illustrated?

73.       C   Google‟s fee email service, known as Gmail           Must be invited to join
              recently dropped one of its final restrictions. What the service
              is it?

74.       A   Name the national historic trail being expanded to Trail of Tears
              include more routes taken by the Cherokees and
              other Indians forced to move from the Southeast to
              Oklahoma in 1838.

Round 2                                State Questions 2007                                Page 7
75.   PD      According to the Leadership Handbook, when           Above the dinner plate
              setting formal table service, where does the dessert below the dessert spoon
              fork go?

76.   PD      In a restaurant, what would be the minimum           $9.95
      M       proper tip if the bill is $66.39?

77.       A   What is the significance of April 4, 1968 in         Assassination of Dr.
              Memphis, TN?                                         Martin Luther King, Jr.

78.       C   City officials recently reported they had struck a   Houston, TX
              deal with EarthLink to build a citywide wireless
              Internet network that would eventually be the
              nation‟s largest at about 600 square miles.
              Identify the city.

79.       A   Which US President authorized the first American     Lyndon B. Johnson
              ground combat troops to be sent to Viet Nam in

80.   PD      In a restaurant, what would be the minimum           $6.99
      M       proper tip if the bill is $46.60?
                                                                   accept $7.00
81.       A   Captured as a 14-year old soldier in 1781, who       Andrew Jackson
              was the only US President who had been a
              prisoner of war?

82.       A   What term describes the time required for half the   Half-life
              atoms of a radioactive substance to decay into       also accept:
              another substance?                                   radioactive half-life or
                                                                   half-value period

83.   PD      What does the oval shape mean in a standard flow     Start or stop point
              chart as shown in the PDP?

84.       A   What fraction of the US Senators is elected every    1/3
              other year?

85.       C   State Farm Insurance recently reported they will     Mississippi
              no longer sell any new commercial or homeowner
              policies in which state?

Round 2                                State Questions 2007                               Page 8
86.       C   JetBlue airlines recently apologized to passengers   JFK airport in New York
              on several flights that were delayed for a much as   City
              11 hours due to snow and ice. At which airport
              did this occur?

87.       C   What has the United States Postal Service done to    Named post offices for
              honor those who served and died in combat?           them in their home

88.       A   Spell the word beginning with the letter “M” that    MISDEMEANOR
              means a minor legal infraction.

89.   PD      One of the optional officers is the Chaplain. This   Invocation
              person would be called upon to ask a special
              blessing at the beginning of a formal meeting. By
              what “I-word” is this blessing known?

90.   PD      Spell the word RESUME.                               RESUME

91.       A   Which Charles Dickens novel features a young         Great Expectations
              boy named Pip?

92.       C   Stephen L Green, founder of a New York real          Air America Radio
              estate firm recently was approved by a federal
              bankruptcy judge to purchase a liberal talk radio
              network for $4.25 million. Identify the radio

93.       A   Identify the speech and the man who gave it that     Gettysburg Address
              includes the words, “that this nation under God
              shall have a new birth of freedom, and that          Abraham Lincoln
              government of the people, by the people, for the
              people shall not perish from the earth.”

94.       C   Amnesty International has honored a well known   Jennifer Lopez
              actress for producing and starring in a new film
              (Bordertown) examining the murders of women in
              a Mexican border city. Name the actress who was

95.       A   Which 2-word term designates the shortest            great circle
              distance between 2 points on a globe?
Round 2                                State Questions 2007                             Page 9
96.    PD     When speaking in public, it is important to saw    E-N-U-N-C-I-A-T-E
              each word clearly. Spell the “e-word” that means
              to pronounce clearly and distinctly.

97.       A   Who is the Welsh born actress who starred in The   Catherine Zeta-Jones
              Mask of Zorro and won Best Supporting Actress
              Oscar for Chicago?

98.    PD     From the category of words of the Internet, what   Surfing
              was a water sport before it became a term for
              browsing the web?

99.       C   According to a recent article in USA Today what    Warmest January in
              world weather record was set in January 2007?      history

100.   PD     From the category of words of the Internet, what   Stream
              was a small, flowing body of water before it
              became a continuous data transfer?

Round 2                               State Questions 2007                            Page 10

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