; Jackson Co Administrator Letter 022709
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Jackson Co Administrator Letter 022709


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									Office of Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders 415 E 12th St 2nd Floor Kansas City, Missouri 64106 816-881-3333 Dear Executive Sanders, I am writing you to ask what, if anything, has been done about the actions taken by a Missouri National Guardsman by the name of Shon Pernice, 1105 NW 66th Terrace, KCMO 64118. These facts have been reported about Mr. Pernice’s actions concerning his scheduled Guard duty:  Mr. Pernice was scheduled to arrive for Guard training in Omaha, Nebraska on January 2, 2009.  According to Mr. Pernice in a statement to police, on the morning of January 2, Renée, his wife, woke him to let him know that she was leaving to go somewhere. Mr. Pernice says that he isn’t sure where his wife was going or if she said when she’d be back.  By Mr. Pernice’s own account to police, Renée left around 9 or 10am the morning of January 2.  After his wife had been gone according to his own account for only 1½ to 2½ hours, Mr. Pernice decides not to leave for his Guard duty, but instead he gets his boys from the next door neighbor where they had spent the night and picks up his daughter from her mother’s house at approximately noon. This is the same time he should have been leaving to go to Omaha.  Mr. Pernice did not ask family members, friends, or neighbors to watch the boys in Renée’s absence. These facts have been reported about the disappearance of Mr. Pernice’s wife, Renée:  Mr. Pernice is the last known person to see Renée.  Police affidavits indicate Mr. Pernice entered the back door of Fire Station #5 on 1/3/09 at 4:26am. Mr. Pernice was assigned to Fire Station #7.  Affidavits also indicate that his children, ages 11, 8, and 6, were at the house during this period of time, which means he left them unattended.  At the time he entered Fire Station #5, Mr. Pernice was on leave from his work at the fire station because he was suppose to be attending Missouri National Guard training beginning 1/2/09 in Omaha, Nebraska.  Mr. Pernice never reported his wife missing.  Mr. Pernice secured lawyers on 1/3/09, as soon as Renée’s family found out she was missing.  Police affidavits state a fake US Navy Seal ID card was found in Mr. Pernice’s house. It had his picture on it.  Police affidavits state 2 military IDs were found in Mr. Pernice’s house. Neither of the IDs was his. Also, on February 25, 2009, Mr. Pernice was arrested for stealing a gun from a neighbor and is now out on bond. Additional questions I want answered:  Did Mr. Pernice notify the Missouri National Guard that he would not be showing up for his duty? If so, when?  What disciplinary steps have been taken for Mr. Pernice’s actions?  What is the punishment for being absent without leave?  What is the punishment for possessing a fake US Navy Seal ID?  What is the punishment for stealing military IDs?  What steps are taken by the Missouri National Guard when a guardsman is arrested for a felony? I will look forward to your response. Thank you.


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