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                     BRYAN HAIG B. COMM M. COMM



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My association with the development of Australian economic statistics started
in 1949, when after graduating B Comm at Melbourne University, I joined the
Australian Bureau if Statistics, as Research Officer, in the Research and Analysis
Division. My main duties at the time were the conduct of business surveys (the
“Quarterly Business Survey”), and occasional assistance on national accounting
estimates to the then director, Horrie Brown.
In 1956 and 1957 I was seconded to the Central Statistical Office, in the British
Cabinet Office. The initial appointment was for one year, but it was extended
to two years, with eventually I was offered a permanent position in the CSO.
However, I acceded to a request from the Australian ABS, and duly returned to
Canberra, to take up the position of Director of National Accounts, ABS, in
succession to Bob Jay, who had been promoted to a position in Treasury. Jay
and Kathleen Gleeson had done a first-class job in providing comparable
estimates of all government authorizes in national accounting form, but there
had been no further development in the system of national accounts, as
initially developed by Horrie Brown in 1944.
I remained in the ABS for five years and supervised the first official publications
produced by the ABS on national accounts, quarterly estimates, and input–
output and cooperated with Austin Holmes at the Reserve Bank in compiling
statistics of the flow of funds.
Other activities included including a projections of the labour force (with
Michael Keating) for a combined ABS-Treasury committee, a forecast of
economic activity for the first joint ABS-Treasury meeting on economic

forecasts, chaired by John Stone and the preparation of the weighting system
for the first consumer price index, for the Statistician, Stan Carver.
I resigned from the ABS IN 1963, and joined the Department of Economic
History, RSSS, ANU, with the aim of compiling and interpreting estimates of
historical statistics, especially of social accounting, to complement the work of
Noel Butlin.
However, my association with Noel did not work out and I subsequently
transferred to Trevor Swan’s Department of Economics, and left aside further
work in economic history (below, 2002). Trevor’s Department then largely
comprised Trevor, Bill Phillips and Alan Hall. Not long afterwards Trevor left,
followed by Bill and Alan, and I took early retirement in 1987.
A record of achievements in the departments of the ANU is summarized in the
following paragraphs, reproduced from the Annual Report of the RSSS.
Mr. Bryan Douglas Haig
Mr Bryan Haig took early retirement in August. He joined the University
III 1963 as a Fellow, Department of Economic History, and Research
School of Social Sciences and in 1972, as a Senior Fellow, transferred to
the Department of Economics. During his time at the ANU he made a
lasting contribution to economics and economic history in Australia. He
belongs to the quantitative school of economic analysis and his work was
greatly influenced by his early years in the Australian Bureau of Statistics
where he was involved in the development of the first inputtoutput
tables and the first quarterly national accounts for Australia. The
influence of these early years can be seen in each of his major
publications such as the estimates of the Capital Stock of Australian
Manufacturing 1920-1977 (1980) and Australian Input- Output Tables
(1965). Both these publications continue to be standard reference works.
The high quality of Mr Haig's work was quickly recognised by statisticians
in other countries. In 1963 he became an Elected Member of the
International Association for Research in Income and Wealth and always
played an important part at their annual conferences and published in
their journals. In 1987 he became a Founding Member of the
International Input-Output Association. Mr Haig took his quantitative
skills into economic history: his major contributions in this area include
1938/39 National Income Estimates (1967); Manufacturing Output and
Productivity in Australia 1910-1948/49 (1975); and into cross-country
comparisons, Real Product and Prices in Australia and the UK (1968). Mr

Haig has always had an interest in labour force matters being one of the
first Australian economists to recognise the increasing importance of
married women in the labour force and to systematically quantify some
of the reasons for the different pay rates for men and women. Over the
last few years he has researched the economics of gambling in Australia
and attempted to provide estimates of its extent. He published a number
of papers and was joint author of a book on this topic.
During his sixteen years at the ANU Mr Haig published eight books and
monographs and forty-eight papers.
Since 1987 I have maintained a largely informal association with the ANU,
initially with the Economics Department and later as an Affiliate of the RSSS.
Two unpublished monographs are worthy of notice, one being a review of the
Horrie Brown papers, which Horrie had given me several weeks before his
death. These largely comprised records relating to the early work in the ABS,
which he had intended to write up when he joined the ANU, but which took
second place to the many other of his varied activities. The second was a
review of T.A. Coghlan’s working sheets, describing his compilation of
estimates of economic statistics in the late 19th century, including national
income, consumption and capital inflow. The volume of working sheets had
been retained from the early 1920s by Stan Carver, and given to me for
research purposes by the ABS on my resignation. This report is cataloged in the
Australian National Library and some University Libraries. A second
publication, dealing more specifically with T.A. Coghlan’s use of economic
statistics for analysis was later published in the History of Political Economy.
An article on New Estimates of Australian GDP from 1860 was also published in
the Australian Journal of Economic History. This was largely a revision of
Butlin’s original series, incorporating criticisms made, including the prices used
for deflation, and new estimates of product of building and manufacturing
especially in the 19th century. The article could have been more properly
described as a revised version of Butlin’s estimates, which he or any of his
associates could have made, but did not do so. The difference between Butlin’s
original series and the revised series depended substantially only on the
relevance of the price series and the arguments of Thompson and Winslade on
estimates of manufacturing and building and construction.
Estimates of consumption from 1900 and the labor force in the 19th century,
which had been completed many years earlier, were also revised, and are
included in the list of publications below.

In recent years I have also been associated with Universities in other countries,
including the USA (Duke), Indonesia (Gadjah Mada) and Cambodia (American
University). I established and taught at an English school in Sumbawa,
Indonesia. I also published a number of articles and monographs. A book
jointly written with an Indonesian scholar on the relationship between the
Indonesian and English language was recently published by Gadjah Mada
University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Academic qualifications
1949 B. Comm (Melb)
1951 M. Comm (Melb)
Other professional qualifications
1947 Associate, Chartered Institute of Secretaries.
1955 Fellow, Royal Statistical Society.
1963 Elected Member, International Association for Research in Income and
Wealth, Yale University
1987 Founding Member and Elected Member of the Committee of the
International Input-Output Association, Vienna.
Official Appointments
1949 Research Officer/Senior Research Officer, Research and Analysis Division,
Australian Bureau of Statistics.
Jan. 1955 to Dec. 1956 Statistician/Chief Statistician, Central Statistical Office,
U.K. Cabinet Office, London.
1956 Secretary, Statistical Working Group on Britain's Long Term Steel
Requirements (Joint U.K. Treasury and Cabinet Office).
1956 Australian Government delegate to Conference of Commonwealth
Statisticians, London.
1956 U.K. Government delegate to the Conference of European Statisticians,
Geneva (discussing revisions to the draft Standard System of National
Accounts, OECD).

1957-62 Director, National Income and Expenditure Branch, Australian Bureau
of Statistics.
1960 Visitor, UK Central Statistical Office
Academic Appointments
1963 Fellow/Senior Fellow, Department of Economic History, Institute of
Advanced Studies, RSSS, Australian National University.
1972 Senior Fellow, Department of Economics, RSSS, Institute of Advanced
Studies, Australian National University.
1988 Resigned from Australian National University.
Later appointments
1989 to 1992 Manager and teacher, School of English, Sumbawa, Indonesia.
1992 to 2002, occasional appointments as Visiting Fellow, Economics
Department, RSSS, and from 2002, as Affiliate, Information and Technology
Branch, RSSS, Australian National University.
2003 Lecturer on International Trade, American University, Phnom Penh,
Papers delivered at major international conferences, mainly of the
International Association for Research in Income and Wealth, and International
Input-Output Association -
1956 (London, England); 1963 (Corfu, Italy); 1965 (Lom, Norway); 1973
(Balaton, Hungary); 1974 (Vienna, Austria); 1975 (Helsinki, Finland); 1977
(York, England): 1985 (Noordiwijkerhout, Netherlands); 1987 (Rome, Italy),
1998 (Cambridge, England).
Official Publications
(1949) Results of Quarterly Business Surveys (under the direction of H. P.
Brown, Director of Research), Research and Analysis Division, Australian
Bureau of Statistics. Subjects included labour market conditions, coverage of
superannuation funds, investment expenditure and other information needed
for compiling the official national accounts.
Editor, Australian Social Accounts, National Income and Expenditure, 1948/49
to 1956/57 mimeographed, Australian Bureau of Statistics (copy in Menzies
Archives, ANU).

Editor, Australian National Accounts, 1948/49 to 1962 (No.1), Australian
Bureau of Statistics.
Editor, Quarterly Estimates of National Income, 1960-1962 (nos 1 to 8),
Australian Bureau of Statistics.
Input-output tables, 1958-59, Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1962.
Flow of Funds in the United Kingdom, 1948-55. Working papers, British
Cabinet Office, 1957, and Department of Applied Economics, Cambridge
University, 1974 (copy in Library, ABS, Canberra).
Books and Monographs, refereed
(1968) Real Product and Prices in Australia and the U.K A.N.U. Press, 1968.
(1968) Interpretation of National Income Estimates (with S. McBurney),
A.N.U. Press 1968.
(1971) The Australian economy to the year 2000: projections of income and
expenditure 1970 to 2000, Australian Bureau of Roads, 173p. 1971 (Reprinted
(1971) An Input-Output Model of Road Transport, Australian Bureau of Roads,

(1978) A Model for Medium Term Economic Forecasting: projections of
Australian income and expenditure. Australian Government Publishing
Service, 33p. 1978

(1985) Gambling in Australia. With Geoffrey Caldwell, Mark Dickerson and
Louise Sylvan (eds.), Croom Helm, Surry Hills, 288p. 1985
(1990) On the Edge of the Wilderness: Bogong Ski Lodge and land
resumptions in NSW. Durham Publishing : distributed by Bibliotech, Australian
National University, 106p. 1990

(2008) Kamus Thesaurus: Indonesia-Inggris, Inggris-Indonesia, with
Muslimin Jasin, Yogyakarta: Gadjah Mada University Press, 395p.

Other books and monographs, catalogued by the Australian National Library
(1973) Employment and the Labour Force in New South Wales and Victoria:
1861 to 1911 1973, revised 2009 and the results taken back to 1851. 110p.

(1980) Capital Stock in Australian Manufacturing 1920-1977, Department of
Economics, RSSS, Australian National University, 1980.
(2005) Sir Timothy Coghlan: A Neglected Pioneer in National Accounting 75
p. 2005.
(2006) Consumption expenditure and real income, Australia: 1900 to 2003-04
Results and Sources and Methods. Assisted by Jennifer Anderssen. 1971,
revised 2006, Canberra 114p
Other publications, including articles, chapters in books and selected working
(1964) "Ïnput-0utput relations" Economic Record, 1964.
(1965) "The Treasury on the Measurement of Economic Growth", Australian
Economic Papers, July-December 1965. , Reprinted in Hancock, Hughes and
Wallace (coeds.) Applied Economics, Readings for Australian Students.
(1965) "Indexes of Australian Factory Production", Economic Record, March
(1966) "The Measurement of Product of Services”, Economic Record,
December 1966.
(1967) "1938/39 National Income Estimates", Australian Economic History
Review, September 1967.
(1971) "The Butlin Dowie Estimates of the Australian Work Force and
Employment" (with M. Keating), Australian Economic History Review, March
(1973) "An Input-Output Analysis of the Road Transport Industry", Working
Paper, Bureau of Roads, 1973.
(1973) "Stock Appreciation in the Measurement of National Income", Review
of Income and Wealth, December 1973.
(1973) "The Treatment of Banks in the Social Accounts", Economic Record,
December 1973.
(1973) "An Inter-Industry Model of Roads and Road Transport" (with A. Atkins
and R. Burke), Proceedings of the Sixth Conference, Australian Road Research
Board, 1973.

(1973) "The Participation of Married Women in the Australian Work Force,
1961-1972", (with M. P. Wood), Flinders University of South Australia, Institute
of Labour Studies, 1973.
(1974) "An Analysis of the Effects of Demand and Cost Factors on Inflation in
the U.K., 1964-1974", (with M.P. Wood), Working Paper, Department of
Applied Economics, University of Cambridge, 1974.
(1974) "A Dynamic Input-Output System for Analyzing Price Changes", (with M.
P. Wood), Working Paper No. 23, Department of Economics, RSSS, Australian
National University, 1974.
(1975) "The Treatment of Banks in the Social Accounts - A Reply", Economic
Record, March 1975.
(1975) "An Analysis of the Growth of Employment in the Service Industries",
Review of Economics and Statistics, February 1975.
(1975) "Do New Factories Embody Best-Practice Technology? - A Comment",
Economic Journal, June 1975.
(1975) "Manufacturing Output and Productivity in Australia, 1910-1948/49",
Australian Economic History Review, September 1975.
(1976) "An Input-output Model for Analyzing price changes" with M. P. Wood),
Proceedings of the Sixth International Input-Output Conference on Input
Output Techniques, Ballinger Publishing Co, Cambridge. 1976,
(1976) "A Simulation Study of Married Women in the Australian Work Force
1961 - 72", (with M. P. Wood), Australian Economic Review, December 1976.
(1978) "Australian Economic Growth and Structural Change in the 1950’s: An
International Comparison", Australian Economic History Review, March 1978.
(1978) "Married Women in the Labour Force - A Rejoinder" (with M. P. Wood),
Australian Economic Papers, December 1978.
(1978) "Tracing Price Changes through Stages of Production: Australia 1968-
1977", (with M. P. Wood), Review of Income and Wealth, 1978.
(1979) "Discrimination in the Australian Labour Market", Working Paper,
Department of Economics, Australian National University, 1979.
(1980) "Profits and Investment in Manufacturing - A Contrary View", Australian
Bulletin of Labour. The Flinders University National Institute of Labour Studies,
March 1980.

(1980) "Earnings of Migrants in Australia", Journal of Industrial Relation,
September 1980. Reprinted as "Earnings of Migrants" in Chapman, B.J., Isaac,
J.C. and Niland, J.R. (eds) Australian Labour Economics Readings, Macmillan,
Melbourne, 1983.
(1981) "Inflation and Profits - The SVA and Depreciation Adjustments in the
National Accounts", Discussion Paper No. 29, Centre for Economic Policy
Research, Australian National University, 1981.
(1982) "Sex Discrimination in the Reward for Skills and Experience in the
Australian Labour Force", Economic Record, 1982.
(1982) "Inflation and Profits - the SVA and Depreciation Adjustments in the
National Accounts", Economic Record. 1982.
(1983) "Industrialisation and Productivity: Australian Manufacturing in the
1920' and 1950's", (with N. Cain), Explorations in Economic History, 1983.
(1983) "The Gambling Industry and Expenditure on Gambling", Discussion
Paper No. 115, Centre for Economic Policy Research, RSSS, Australian National
University, 1983.
(1983) “Employment and the Tariff in Victoria and New South Wales, 1861 to
1911”. Discussion Paper No. 207, Centre for Economic Policy Research, RSSS,
Australian National University, 1983.
(1985) "Economic Perspectives on Gambling: Editors Introduction" in Gambling
in Australia, Croom Helm, Sydney, 1985.
(1985) "The Gambling Industry and Expenditure on Legal Gambling" in
Gambling in Australia, Croom Helm, Sydney, 1985.
(1985) "Explaining and Predicting Expenditure on, and Revenue from, Legal
Gambling" (with B. Reece) in Gambling in Australia, Croom Helm, Sydney,
(1985) “Illegal Gambling in Australia”, Sporting Tradition, 1985
(1985) "Interest and Banking in the National Accounts" (with O. Covick)
Working Paper No. 8506A, Centre for Money, Banking and Finance, Macquarie
University, 1985.
(1986) "Measuring Productivity in an Input-Output framework" (with M.P.
Wood) The Measurement and Implications of Productivity Growth;

Proceedings of a Workshop, Bureau of Labour Market Research, Monograph
Series no 14, AGPS, 1986
(1986) “The treatment of Interest and Financial Intermediaries in the National
Accounts”, Review of Income and Wealth, 1986
(1986) “The Comparative Productivity of Australian Industry”, Discussion Paper
No 142, Centre for Economic Policy Research, Australian National University,
(1987) “Productivity of Australian Industries”, National Economic Review,
N.I.E.S.R. 1987
(1987) “Industry Productivity levels – are we in the World League” in
Productivity growth: The Path to International Competitiveness, Conference
Papers and Proceedings, Bureau of Industry Economics, AGPS, 1987
(1987) “Recreation and Entertainment 1929 to 1971”, Reference Australia, 1,
(1989) “International comparisons of Australian GDP in the 19th century”,
Review of Income and Wealth, June 1989
(1989) “Manufacturing employment and tariffs in Victoria and New South
Wales 1861 to 1911” Discussion paper, Centre for Economic Policy Research,
Australian National University,
(2005) “The World Economy: Historical Statistics” Economic Record, 2005
(2001) “New Estimates of Australian GDP 1861 – 1948/49”, Australian
Economic History Review, 2001
(2007) “Australian Consumption Expenditure and Real Income: 1900 to
2003/2004” with Jennifer Anderssen, Economic Record, 2007
(2008) “Real product and Productivity of Industries since the 19th century: A
Comment on ‘Lost Exceptionalism’”, Economic Record 2008
(2005-06) “Sir Timothy Coghlan and the Development of National Accounts”
History of Political Economy, 2005-006
Commissioned papers include
(1970) “Methods of Forecasting Expenditure on Cars”, (for Australian Bureau
of Roads), 1970.

(circa 1970) "Projections of the Population and the Labour Force by States, to
2000" (for the Hancock Enquiry into Superannuation).
(1976) "A Comment on Analyzing Tax Costs and Benefits by Income Range" (for
Australian Bureau of Roads).
(1977) "Analysis of Decentralization Incentives" (for Department of Industrial
Development, Victorian Government).
(1978) "A comment on Effects of Changes in Payroll Taxes on Prices" (for
Department of Industrial Development, Victorian Government).
Other miscellaneous papers include
(1956) “Financial Statistics”. Fifth Conference of British Commonwealth
Statisticians, 1960.
“An economic model for forecasting Australian GDP “(prepared for Secretariat
of the Vernon Committee, (Appendix N).
Review of the Report of the Vernon Committee (seminar paper).
Review of the Mathews Committee report on stock appreciation (seminar
(2006) “An introduction to the papers of Horrie Brown”, Manuscript Section,
Australian National Library 2006.

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