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					Galileo e-Agent Marketing Advisory
Sky Bird Travel & Tours Inc. is one of the largest consolidators in the USA. We can handle your International Airline
ticketing needs for Europe, the Middle East and Far East, Africa, Asia, South Pacific, Latin America and certain US
destinations from all US points of origin. Our inventory includes over 10,000,000 airfares.

The name Sky Bird Travel is synonymous with quality and dependability. It is our ability to provide our clientele with
professional quality service along with a diversified array of travel destinations, which distinguish us in the marketplace.
Sky Bird Travel has proudly serviced the international needs of its clients for over 28 years. Our high standard of
excellence has been recognized and rewarded by various segments of the travel industry including awards and citations
from numerous carriers.

Sky Bird Travel is Your Global Partner. We are committed to bring the highest level of quality service to our customers.
Customer service is the reason for our continued success. We guarantee that you will receive:

    •    Friendly, Courteous & Quality Service
    •    Fair and honest treatment in all customer transactions
    •    Guaranteed satisfaction of every transaction

The Sky Bird motto is “Where Service is Our Business”.

    •    Net Fares - Agency determines the mark-up - INCREASES revenue faster than airline direct bookings
    •    100% online booking process – NO need to call or send email - SAVES time and money
    •    Discounted air fares on 44 different airlines
    •    Purchasing Agent automatically receives a "Passive PNR" on queue at completion of payment for itinerary
         production and accounting hand-off – INCREASES agency’s efficiency and accuracy

Consolidation is a form of airline ticket distribution that is common within the travel industry, yet only limited agencies are
appointed by the airlines to act as their consolidators. Through our contracts, Sky Bird Travel and Tours Inc., offers net
fare pricing to the travel agents, who in turn mark-up the price to their client, thus determining their own profitability. As
one of the largest consolidators in US, Sky Bird Travel provides discounted travel on 44 different airlines through a
database consisting of more than 10,000,000 net fares to various destinations worldwide. Through the Galileo e-Agent
portal, travel agents will have direct access to our database of net fares through the use of our Internet booking engine.
Not only will you be able to instantly view our fares, you will also be able to book and pay for an entire reservation. Now,
your agents will be able to purchase wholesale airline tickets without ever having to pick-up a phone or send an email.

No longer does the agency need to worry about a zero commission environment as the agency can determine its own
selling price and service fee. Consolidators allow all travel agents a way to offer discount airline travel to their clients,
increasing their customer’s satisfaction, while increasing the agency’s profitability. Who wouldn't want to purchase an
airline seat at a deeply discounted price? Sky Bird offers the same airline seat that other distributors offer but at lower
cost, that is sometimes a saving of up to 40-70% and most of the tickets are LESS RESTRICTIVE than published and/
or web fares. Not only do most of our fares allow frequent flier accrual, but they also can be changed and/ or refunded
for a fee. Not only can we offer a less expensive ticket, but we also provide more options for ticket usage!

Any agency, be it small or large and/ or corporate or leisure, can profit from the sale of Sky Bird Travel’s tickets. Since
Sky Bird’s tickets are typically priced at 40-70% savings off the published fare, the travel agent has the ability to control
their own profits. Since our tickets are sold at a net price, the travel agency does not have to worry about how much
commission they'll receive. Instead, a smart agent would compare our fares with other outlets (web fares, published
fares, airline direct, etc…). Depending on how much lower the Sky Bird fare is, the agent can mark-up the fare, add a
service fee, and then quote the price to their client which is equal to or less than any fares found through other
distribution outlets. By doing this, the agency is able to increase their own profits and make the customers happy. The
combination of discounted airfare and net pricing creates a win-win for both the client and travel agency.

The Sky Bird Travel and Tours Inc. booking engine requires access to the e-Agent portal. Our booking engine is
intended for travel agents use only. The first time a Galileo®-connected travel agency accesses the Web Site via the
Galileo e-Agent portal, the agent must complete the registration form in order to request authorized access to our
engine. The agency will need to provide their ARC/IATA or CLIA number, agency name, agency address, agency
phone and fax number. The agency must create a username and password. The username and password will not be
necessary when accessing Sky Bird via e-AgentTM. However, it will be required if the agent accesses Sky Bird through
the Internet. Only one user name and password is needed per pseudo city.

If training on the use of the booking engine is needed, Sky Bird is more than happy to provide both training and support
over the phone. Please email for any training or support questions.

 Sky Bird accepts debit/credit cards and checks. Check payments do require 7 days processing, therefore reservations
cannot be made for travel within 7 days if paying by check. Sky Bird accepts the following credit cards: Visa, Discover,
Mastercard, and American Express & Diners Club. When paying by debit/credit card, the agent will input the total
amount they would like to charge on the passenger's debit/credit card. The difference between the total amount charged
and the total amount owed to Sky Bird will be refunded as a commission check, payable to the travel agency.

Sky Bird Travel must receive payment on the same day the reservation is made with our booking engine.
When using debit/credit card as a form of payment, the agreement is between The Agency and Sky Bird Travel & Tours
Inc. in keeping with all U.S. applicable laws, are instructing Sky Bird Travel & Tours Inc. to issue tickets against a
debit/credit card from The Agency’s clients. It is expressly understood that this amount charged does not include or
constitute any additional fees related to our acceptance of debit/credit cards as a form of payment, unless permitted by
law. We further represent the cardholder has authorized this transaction and that we will indemnify and hold Sky Bird
Travel & Tours Inc. harmless with respect to these instructions. It is understood and agreed that the agency accept full
responsibility for the amount due to Sky Bird Travel & Tours Inc., even if the debit/credit card holder or if the debit/credit
card issuing company rejects the charge amount for any reason what so ever and even if we (The Agency) are not paid
for the tickets issued against this debit/credit card.
Fax-by-Check is a form of payment whereby agency authorizes Sky Bird Travel’s bank to automatically debit agency’s
checking account. Sky Bird Travel will send its authorization form to the agency. Sky Bird Travel must receive this
authorization form filled out completely along with a copy of a voided agency check. A link to the form is present in the
Apply Payment page.

It is the responsibility of the agency to insure that funds are available in their checking account at the time authorization
is received by Sky Bird Travel. If funds are not available and the transaction is returned by Sky Bird Travel’s bank, the
booking will automatically be cancelled and a $30.00 service fee will be charged in addition to the returned amount.

In the case of emergency travel (i.e. next day), Sky Bird Travel may require a wire transfer. We will send the wire
transfer information to the agency. Confirmation of the wire transfer must be received before tickets are issued.

Registration on our website will constitute full agreement with Sky Bird Travel & Tours Inc. conditions as stated above. If
you do not accept all of our conditions, you must send an email within 72 hours of registration to
stating a specific reason for your non-acceptance. Sky Bird Travel will then review your email and reply back to you. If
we do not receive any email from you within 72 hours of registration, this will be considered your full acceptance of all of
our terms and conditions.

For questions concerning registration, please email:


From Galileo e-Agent, select Air Consolidator, then select Sky Bird Travel and Tours Inc.
   1. Input the origin city, destination city (3 letter AIRPORT CODES ONLY NOT CITY CODES) and
       travel dates for the DEPARTURE travel.
   2. The RETURN origin city and destination city will default. For open jaws, please change the origin
       and/or destination city. Enter the return travel dates.
   3. Input the number of passengers traveling for each type. (Ex. 1 adult, 1 child)
   4. Input any additional options as applicable to your travel request. (Ex. One way, specific airline,
       display only cheapest fare or all up sells per airline) **If you want First or Business Class fares you
       must select all upsells.**
   5. Click on "Search"

Fares will be listed from the least expensive to the most expensive. To display fare rules click on the ”R”
button located under the Rules column.

It is the travel agent’s responsibility to check the terms and penalties for each fare booked and to advise
their clients accordingly.

To check for availability, click on the “A” button located on the far left of the fare line.

    1. After clicking on the “A” button, the engine will search for availability for the requested fare and
       display the applicable flights with airline, flight number, departure and arrival times, and the number
       of seats in each booking class.
    2. Click on the radio buttons for outbound and return flights that you would like to book.
    3. Now click on "Display prices and taxes".
    4. Review the flight times and price.
    5. Now enter the Passenger Name, Phone Number and the agent name information and click on
    6. After this, the booking will be made and record locator information will be provided.
    7. Click on "Display this file" to view the entire reservation information.


    1. Click on "Apply Payment".
    2. Choose type of delivery – e-ticket or courier.
    3. Input Form of Payment information.
    4. If paying by check, agent will remit total cost of ticket payable to Sky Bird Travel & Tours Inc. A link
       to a check-by-fax request form is present for you to download, fill out and fax back to us.
    5. If paying by credit card, the agent will input the total amount that they would like for us to charge to
       the credit card. If the airline is the merchant no additional fee will be assessed. If the airline is not
       the merchant than a fee will be present under CC fee field on the transaction page. The difference
       between our cost (with CC fee if present) and the total that we charge will be sent back to the travel
       agency. This will be their commission on the sale.
    6. Input travel agent name.
    7. Click on "Apply Transaction".

The ticket order is now complete. All ticket orders are instant purchases. If paying by check, Sky Bird will
ensure that the check clears before the ticket is issued and delivered. If paying by debit/credit card, the card
will be charged and the ticket delivered immediately.

    a)   Once payment has been applied, Sky Bird Travel and Tours will create a passive or ‘ghost’ PNR and route it to
         the registered travel agency’s queue.

    b)   Return to Focalpoint™ or Viewpoint™ and access the General Queue (Q/1).

The heading on the Focalpoint™ PNR says ‘PNR CONTROL RELEASED FROM 168P TO PCC/1 ‘. There
is no change of control alert when the PNR is displayed in ViewpointTM.
The ‘ghost PNR’ has a different record locator from the Sky Bird PNR and a passive (GK) status code.
The travel agent must enter a ‘Received’ field and end (ET or ER) the record to take ownership of the ‘ghost’
Rules and restrictions vary between airlines and destinations. The booking agent must review the rules of each fare prior
to purchasing in order to view any and all surcharges or fees. Any changes to the original purchased tickets must be
made directly through Sky Bird. To make changes to a ticket, it is recommended that the travel agent first email Sky Bird
with any detailed instructions and/or questions. Our email address is Most requests can be
processed through email. If the agent would like to speak to Sky Bird directly, the agent can call 866-SKY-FARE.

Please refrain from creating ‘test’ bookings. Sky Bird Travel and Tours bookings use live inventory at wholesale prices.
Test bookings could jeopardize Sky Bird’s relationship with their partner airlines and/or result in debit memos.

Sky Bird does not take direct calls / emails from the passengers. We only work with travel agents.
Our office is open Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST and Saturdays between the
hours of 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM EST.

For questions or comments regarding airline tickets, travel agents can contact Sky Bird at the following:

Sky Bird Travel & Tours Inc.

26500 Northwestern Hwy.
Ste. # 260,
Southfield, MI - 48076
FX: 248-827-7001

Training is given over the telephone or in person by our Area Sales Managers at no charge. Training session's range
from 5 to 45 minutes, depending on the questions asked. Training is offered during regular business hours. The agency
may use the contact information below to arrange a training session.

For questions concerning training or booking engine errors, travel agents may contact the following:

                     MIDDLE     INDIAN -                     LATIN     SOUTH                                 NET - CLASS    COMMISION
 AIRLINE   AFRICA                          INDIA   EUROPE                       ASIA   U.S.   OTHERS
                      EAST      SUBCON.                     AMERICA   PACIFIC
                                                                                                         ECO    BUS/FIRST   USA   CAD

   AA                                                         X                                          X          X       X
   AC                   X                    X       X                  X        X              TLV      X          X       X
   AF         X         X                    X       X                                                   X          X       X
   AI                                        X       X                                                   X          X       X
  AT          X         X                                                                                X
  AZ          X         X                    X       X                                                   X          X       X
  BD                                                 X                                                   X          X       X
  CA                                                                             X                       X          X
   CI                                        X                                   X                       X
  CO          X         X          X         X       X        X                                          X                  X     X
  CX          X                    X         X                          X        X                       X                  X
  DL          X         X          X         X       X        X                         X                X
  EK          X         X          X         X                          X        X                       X                  X
   ET         X         X          X         X                                                           X
   FI                                                X                                                   X          X
  GF          X         X          X         X                                   X                       X
  GH          X                                                                                          X          X
   IB         X         X                            X                                                   X
   JJ                                                         X                                          X                  X
  KE                                         X                                   X                       X                  X     X
  KU                    X          X         X       X                           X                       X          X       X
 LA / LP                                                      X                                          X                  X     X
  LH          X         X          X         X       X                                          KHI      X          X       X
  LX          X         X          X         X       X                                                   X          X       X
  MH          X         X          X         X                          X        X                       X                  X
  NK                                                                                    X                X                  X
  NW          X         X                    X       X                           X                       X          X       X
  NZ                                                 X                  X                                X          X       X
   OS         X         X          X         X       X                                          KTM      X          X
  PK                               X         X                                                           X          X
  QF                                                                    X                                X                  X
  QR          X         X          X         X                                                           X                  X
  RG                                                          X                                          X                  X     X
   RJ         X         X          X         X                                   X                       X          X             X
   SA         X                                                                                          X                  X
   SK         X         X          X                 X                                                   X
   SQ                              X         X       X                           X                       X                  X
   SV                   X          X         X                                   X                       X
  TG                               X         X                                   X                                          X
  TK                    X          X         X       X                           X                       X
  UA          X         X          X         X       X        X                  X                       X                  X
   US                                                X        X                                          X                  X
   VS         X                              X       X                           X                       X

 TOTAL       21         21         20       27      20        8         6       16      2

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