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                                       Blues Acoustic Guitar Lessons

                                How to Play the Blues on Acoustic Guitar

So you are learning to play the blues guitar, but have no idea which instrument is best suited for this
purpose, an electric guitar or acoustic guitar? In any case the latter would be a better choice as this
instrument was present on the musical scene long before the electric guitar started dominating the
scenario, and is, hence best suited for this genre of music. You can make use of the blues acoustic guitar
lessons for this purpose as these help you know all that is there to know about playing the blues on the
acoustic guitar.

Taking these lessons would help you learn some of the vital aspects of this genre of guitar playing, which
is quite challenging and requires precision. To begin with, one should be well versed with the history of
the blues, what they are all about and how these evolved and developed over the years and what are
their essentials. The blues music particularly includes the country blues and is associated mainly with the
American folk music.

The most important aspect of the blues music is its exceptional rhythm. A blues guitarist should be well
versed with the rhythm, which calls for apt sensing of timing. This is well accentuated with the help of
percussion style of playing in which the guitarist taps at the instrument like a drum, while playing the
bass strings with their thumb to produce a melodious sounding sound effect.

Finger style is another important aspect of blues guitar playing. The thumb can be used to pluck the bass
strings, while the fingers tug at the other strings to produce irresistible melody. Some guitarists may
even use a flat pick for playing the guitar, while a few also use thumb picks, but renowned musicians
usually follow the finger picking styles for best results.

One should also know which guitar should be used to play the blues. While some use the customary six
stringed instruments a number of prominent guitarists prefer the 12 stringed guitars to play the blues in
the most befitting manner. Then again, the instrument on which the blues are to be played has to be
perfectly tuned and the guitar player should know how to play in different tunings.

Playing the blues on a guitar can be extremely challenging, but a fulfilling task for a musician.
So learn all that you possibly can about this technique with the help of blues acoustic guitar
lessons and practice hard and play to your heart’s content. Good Luck!!!

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