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                              MURDOCH UNIVERSITY

                        ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE

                                      25 February 2004

Members Present:                Dr Michael McCall                     Senate Rep.   (Chair)
                                Dr Melanie Strawbridge                Senate Rep.
                                Ms Alison Gaines                      Senate Rep.
                                Ms Alisha Ryans-Taylor                Senate Rep.
                                Ms Carolyn Jakobsen                   Senate Rep.
                                Prof Phillip Jennings                 Academic Rep.
                                Dr Pratap Pullammanappallil           Academic Rep.
                                Dr Martin Anda                        Academic Deputy
                                Mr Mal Bradley                        Member        (Guild Pres.)

Non-Members Present:            Mr John McGowan                       (Executive Officer)
                                Mr Alan McGregor                      Standing Observer        (OFM)
                                Ms Beth Strang                        Standing Observer        (Guild)
                                Mrs Lynne Miles                       (Minute Secretary)

Apologies:                      Prof John Yovich                      Member        (VC)
                                Prof Richard Hobbs                    Academic Rep.

Copy to:                        Andrew Bain                           (University Secretary)
                                John Farley                           (Records Officer)
                                Gaye McMath                           (PVC RM)
                                Mr Brad Caldwell                      (ADFP)
                                Mr Bob Lewtas                         (ADFO)
                                Mr Rene de Grauw                      (Energy & Utilities)

Part A

1.   Apologies

     Apologies were received from Prof. John Yovich and Prof. Richard Hobbs.

2.   Introducing

     Carolyn Jakobsen was introduced to the Committee. Carolyn is a Senator and has been
     appointed as a member of this Committee, an undertaking she will assume in addition to her
     service on the Equity and Equal Opportunity Committee.

                           Environmental Committee Minutes –25 February 2004

Part B

3.   Confirmation of Minutes

     The committee confirmed the minutes of the 26 November 2003 meeting.

4.   Action items from the Previous Meeting

     4.1   Item 6.13 (26 Nov 03): Temporary warning signs regarding the picking of flowers
           are being arranged pending Murdoch University’s possible involvement in the Beeliar
           Regional Park. Status to be reported at next meeting                                      JMG
     4.2   Item 6.12 (26 Nov 03): This project incorporates all actions from 2001. The Action
           Table with status notes will be completed and circulated prior to the next meeting.       JMG
     4.3   Item 6.7 (26 Nov 03): The design standards and project management guidelines
           used by QUT and ECU have been obtained. Permission has been granted to adapt
           these to fit Murdoch University. A draft will be available for review by 31 March
           2004.                                                                                      BC

5.   Status Reports & 2003 Environment Report

     5.1   Integrated Water Strategy Consultant Report
           A meeting is to be held with Geoff Bott of Parsons & Brinkerhoff. Reports outlining
           Stages 1 and 2 and possibly an initial draft report associated with Stage 3 will be
           available at the next meeting.                                                            JMG

     5.2   Resource Recovery Strategy – Project (Stage 1)
           The report tabled outlines work undertaken and the related costs to date. Work had
           slowed over the break, but was due to increase during the new semester.

     5.3   Greenhouse Challenge – Assessment Project
           The Greenhouse Challenge project is being steered by the Energy and Utilities
           Manager and is progressing well. A strategy to replace existing lighting with energy
           efficient lighting has been incorporated into the Programmed Maintenance Plan.

           The new Chiller has been installed and initial assessments have revealed good
           energy savings. These assessments are ongoing and the outcomes will be reported
           at the next meeting.                                                                      JMG

           Statistics regarding current energy savings being made on Campus are to be
           circulated prior to the next meeting.                                                     JMG

     5.4   Bushland Management Plan (Stage 1) – Assessment Project
           The activities of Biodiversity Sub-committee have slowed recently due to time
           constraints on people involved. This is impacting on the role of the subcommittee in
           bushland management planning (as well as its assessment of the Master Plan
           process, and an increased emphasis on assessing the landscaped sections of

           Along with the inclusion of a deputy (Phil Jennings) for the chair of the sub-committee
           (Richard Hobbs), which will allow more operational flexibility, the membership of this
           sub-committee will now include Carolyn Jakobsen, Melanie Strawbridge and Beth

                           Environmental Committee Minutes –25 February 2004

     5.5   Environmental Input to Master Plan
           Data is currently being collated and compiled by a consultant into documentation that
           is in a format that will be easily read and recognised by the relevant government
           authorities on submission.

           The Master Plan process is reviewing which areas should fall under University use
           and which areas could be rezoned as part of the Metropolitan Regional Scheme. It
           will define Bushland conservation areas and a clear management plan will need to be
           developed for these areas.

           Alan McGregor reported that the Master Plan process has slowed following the
           resignation of Peter Crook. This position has been advertised and it was hoped that
           that new appointment would occur this month and result in the reactivation of the
           process. Consultants have already been engaged and are ready to start. This delay
           should allow time for adequate environmental assessment of the campus.

           Other academics along with some members of the Environmental Committee met
           with the consultant during a roundtable discussion in February. Discussed during
           those roundtable talks were the important areas with significant conservation value
           as well as the academic use of the natural environment for teaching purposes, which
           created a better awareness of the value of the University’s natural environment.
           Reports made by the consultants should be made available to the Environment
           Committee for comment and advise as part of the process.

           Bushland areas of specific environmental significance are currently being identified.
           The final decision will be made through a Senior Executive recommendation to

6.   Waste Management Sub-Committee Status Report

     A composting unit has been set up. Troubleshooting and commissioning of this is still to be

     The sub-committee is due to meet to discuss strategy for Waste Management for the whole
     of the Campus.

     A business case outlining the costs and benefits will be required prior to implementation of
     the strategy.                                                                                   PP

     Carolyn Jakobsen expressed a willingness to be a part of the Sub-Committee and will be
     contacted to discuss the details.                                                               PP

7.   Beeliar Regional Park Advisory Committee

     Prof. Jennings reported that there is an opportunity for the university to reconsider being
     included in the Beeliar Regional Park. The first draft of the Management Plan for the Park
     has been released and will be finalised during 2004.

     An initial consultation with the Vice Chancellor was positive. The Environment Committee
     recommend that a memo, listing the benefits and proposing that Murdoch University
     become a part of the Park again, is to be compiled and submitted to the Vice Chancellor for
     detailed consideration before the end of March.                                                JMG

                           Environmental Committee Minutes –25 February 2004

8.     Asbestos Issues

       A program of replacement of Asbestos Roofs commenced 4 years ago. A four-year
       replacement plan at a cost of $ 6 million was submitted to the Resources Committee in
       1999. However, it was agreed to allocate $100 000 per year for this task instead. To date
       15% of the required replacement has been completed under this revised program, the most
       recent being the Gymnasium Roof.

       The Roofs and surrounds are tested annually and $150 000 per year is currently being
       expended in cleaning up high traffic areas.

       It is proposed that another four-year plan be submitted to the Resources Committee. The
       Environment Committee will support this plan. The Committee will make a more specific
       recommendation after review of the submission.                                                 AM

9.     Campus Landscape

       Peter Cala has been engaged for Part 1 of the Landscape Plan process in order to capture
       the history of landscape development at Murdoch University. The process will run parallel to
       the Master Plan process and the timeline for completion will be assessed in the Master Plan

       The three parts could run concurrently if adequate resources were available. The Natural
       Landscape Sub-committee is considered an appropriate body to be involved in review and
       the activation of Part 3.

       It is suggested that the process be coordinated through the Environmental Planning
       Department in Facilities Management and involve representatives from both the Natural
       Landscape and Built Environment Sub-Committees.

       The matter of the existing landscape will be addressed as a separate issue.

10.    The Built Environment

       A Built Environment Sub-Committee needs to be formally constituted. It is requested that
       Brad Caldwell of Facilities Management is involved with this committee. The Committee
       commissioned Martin Anda to reform this Sub-Committee.                                         MA

       The initial focus of the Sub-Committee is the Environmental Design Guidelines for the built
       environment for use by the Sub-Committee and Environment Committee when reviewing
       specifications for new buildings to be constructed on Campus.

       It is to be noted that CSIRO evaluation software is being considered as a standard review

       It was suggested that traffic planning is considered seriously in the Campus Master Plan

     Meeting Closed: 9.35 am

     Next Meeting 31 March 2004

                             Environmental Committee Minutes –25 February 2004