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					REF : SSM/SWAS/SUPPORT/1.27.2005
Date : January 27, 2005


Your reference:


Dear Sir,

We have received your commissioning call for SWAS package. We wish to inform you that before
we plan visit of our engineer to your site, following points need to be confirmed:

Check List for commissioning of SWAS system

  Sr. Activity                                                                       Pl.Tick Mark (√ )
  No.                                                                                if the activity is
    1 SWAS panel erection work is complete
    2 No civil work is pending inside the SWAS room
    3 The boiler is in operating condition
    4 Impulse tubing upto inlet of Wet Panel is complete
    5 All the sample lines are charged
    6 UPS Power supply is available to Wet & Dry panel equipment
    7 Non-UPS power supply is available for tube lights in the panels
    8 Cooling water supply is available upto our battery limits
    9 Drain line connection from SWAS is complete
   10 Blowdown connection from SWAS is complete
   11 All sample/cooling water/ drain lines in the system have been flushed
      with clean water
   12 All liquids for reagent preparation are made available
   13 All alarms & Signal output wiring upto our battery limits is completed
   14 Metering pump (if applicable in this package) is installed in the field & is
   15 Hotwell conductivity sensors / transmitters are mounted in the field (if
      applicable to this package)

                                                                                                 ….2 /-
                                               : 2 :

If Chiller package is applicable :

   Sr. Activity                                                                    Pl.Tick Mark (√ )
   No.                                                                             if the activity is
     1 The piping between Chiller and SWAS is complete
     2 Condenser cooling water connection (if chiller is water cooled) for the
       chiller is done
     3 Make-up water connection for the chiller tank is done
     4 Power supply arrangement for Chiller package is done (3 ph/Single ph.
       As applicable)
     5 Chilled water tank drain connection is done
     6 Insulation work is complete

We wish to inform you that the above confirmations are essential to plan the visit of our expert to
the site. This will ensure that the site activity is completed effectively & fast.

In case one or more of the above points are not taken care of, the site activity will suffer. A charge
of Rs. 4,500/- per day per person will apply in such case. This excludes To/Fro Air/Railway(IInd
A/c) travel + Accommodation & Other incidentals, which will be charged extra.

We await your confirmation to all above to plan the visit.

Yours faithfully,

Satish Moholkar
(Manager - Customer Support Division )

Forbes Marshall (P) Ltd.
A-34/35, MIDC, ‘H’ Block,
Pimpri, Pune-411 018

Phone : +91 (020) 744 2020
Fax : +91 (020) 744 2040
E-mail :

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