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					Mark Engel, 2-12-06                     Am I In The Right Church                    2. Entrust the things you heard from Paul, 2 Ti 2:2.
Oak Hill Church of Christ               Series lesson # 5                           3. Continue in things you have learned, 2 Ti. 3:14.
                                                                                    4. Timothy will remind of Paul’s ways, which he
                   Who is going to Heaven?                                          teaches everywhere in every church.
                                                                             D. A pattern of doctrine.
                                                                                    1. The Lord’s Supper, 1 Cor. 11:23-26.
Intro: The Bereans were more noble minded than those in                             2. How to praise God, Eph. 5:19.
Thessalonica, for they received the word with great eagerness,                      3. Preaching and teaching in the assembly, 1 Ti 2:12
examining the Scriptures daily to see if what Paul taught was true.                      Not permitted to teach, exercise authority over
                                                                                             a man in the context of the assembly.
I. The narrow and wide gates, Mt. 7:13-14.                                          4. Put aside on 1st day of the week, 1 Cor. 16:1-2.
       A. Jesus gives direction to disciples.
              1. Enter through the narrow gate – it is small, the            E. Are these patterns a heaven or hell issue?
              way is narrow, it leads to life, & few find it.                      1. I don’t have enough information in Bible.
              2. Do not enter through the wide gate – the way is                   2. I can read others and their opinions.
              broad, it leads to destruction, & many enter it.                     3. I can’t honestly say they are salvation issues.
       B. Those that enter the Kingdom of Heaven, 7:21.                            4. Definite doctrine we should keep.
              1. Not everyone saying Lord, Lord – These are                        5. Baptism and Lord’s Supper we have pattern
              those who want to enter and claim Jesus.                                 teaching on – definite salvation issues.
              2. The stipulation is to do the will of God.
              3. Again not many, but few – obey God.                  III. Avoiding sectarianism.
       C. With difficulty the righteous are saved, 1 Pet. 4:18.              A. Definition of sectarian.
              1. Judgment begins w/household of God.                                1. Of or like a sect.
              2. Outcome for not obeying gospel is not good.                        2. Narrow minded.
              3. 3 examples of narrow way.                                          3. Cults/terrorists are sectarian to an extreme.
                                                                             B. Don’t assume we are a scriptural denomination.
II. Keeping the pattern.                                                            1. We are not a denomination.
       A. What is a pattern for?                                                    2. We are righteous because of Christ’s blood
              1. A pattern is a mold – example to follow.                               and not by our own righteousness.
              2. Best way to get an exact copy.                                     3. Don’t compare ourselves to other churches.
              3. I am terrible artist.                                                      a. Other denominations bigger or smaller
                      a. I must cut out and replicate it.                                   b. Other churches of Christ.
                      b. To draw it – get close, not resemble,                              c. Simply speak truth in Love.
                      different size, shape, and form.                              4. What does sectarianism look like? Don’t read
       B. A pattern for salvation, Ro. 6:17.                                        Bibles, come to Bible class, or bring Bibles with us.
              1. Obedient to that form (pattern, mold) of teaching.                 Let preacher/teacher do their thinking, and talk about
                2. Tupos – figure formed by blow or impression.                     others all the time.
                3. Teaching which embodies sum and substance.                       5. The church of Christ is not sectarian for
                2. Pattern goes back to vv. 3-4 (the form). How we                  teaching one must be a member of the Church in
                are made free from sin and slaves to righteousness.                 order to be saved.
        C. A pattern from the Apostles.                                             6. Never let others force you into a narrow, un-biblical
              1. Retain the sound words, 2 Tim. 1:13.                               model by labeling you; nor react to them.
Conclusion: Will we be like the noble Bereans or lazy
Thessalonians? It is true that the only way to God is through the
church of Christ – that is the church Jesus died for. The one He
shed His blood for. The one we are joined to when we are
baptized into the body of Christ, so that we become His
possession. The church of Christ is the church under the
possession of Jesus Christ.

But brethren, let us not go around comparing ourselves to other
churches as if we are right and they are wrong. The only church
we should compare ourselves to is the 1st century church. And
that comparison should be for the purpose of patterning ourselves
after that one. We are not the only Christians, but we are only

We reach out to a lost and dying world with the words of life.
Those who believe and are baptized will be saved, but those who
do not believe will be condemned (Mk. 16:16). We reach out to
those lost without a denominational fellowship, and we reach out
to those being led astray by many denominational doctrines,
which fall short of the N.T. pattern.

Let the Oak Hill church of Christ strive to be Christians only –
nothing more and nothing less. We invite all to join with us in
promoting a salvation free from sectarian bias. We invite
everyone to make that commitment to become Christians only.

Anyone who is ready to make that commitment by putting on
Christ in baptism? Come forward as we stand and sing. You will
be added to His church.

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