The Chemical Secrets to Social Marketing Success

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					The Chemical Secrets To Social Marketing Success

An article written by April Ruddin of the Huffington post titled "The Science
Behind Feeling Good While Social Networking" caught my eye this week.
Rudin outlines the findings of Neuro-Economist Paul J. Zak who discovered
that oxytocin (the feel good hormone) is often released when people engage in
social networking. All kinds of whistles and bells went off as I thought
more about this study.

Think back to the first time you drove a car. I'd be willing to bet that you
can remember not only the time and place but probably the year and make of
the car that you drove the first time. What you probably didn't know was
that the second you put the car in gear, your oxytocin levels were
spiking through the roof. Event + Medium+ Oxytocin = Memorable Experience.
So how does this apply to social marketing? It's simple, well it's simple in
theory anyway. An example;

This week I had the chance to take my 9 year old to a Salt Lake Bees baseball
game. There were multiple highlights for both of us, but at the top were the
game balls that he got from some of the players. He was thrilled. As we
were leaving the game a stadium photographer took our picture and posted it
on their website. Game ball + picture + Oxytocin = Memorable Experience.
The moment is burned into my memory databank forever.

The formula is straight forward but the challenge for social marketers is to
employ the right medium to spike the oxytocin. The good news is that we have
the human five senses to play with and in most cases a combination of those
senses to creat the medium that customers will remember. Perhaps it's sight
and sound, or smell and touch. That's where your marketing expertise is
needed most. The chemical success to social media (oxytocin) is now a
scientific fact, how you employ it to build a memorable experience is the

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Description: explores the reasons Social Networking is successful. By using the formula Products/Services + Media + Oxytocin = Memorable Experience.