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SELLER PROCEDURAL REQUIREMENTS NCND/IFMPA + ICPO+SP WITH BCL OR MT103 Allocation is been given and 500K ready to be lifted every month This information below is from the contract from the refinery: PRICE & TERMS: The price for one metric ton is understood in US Dollars per metric ton and shall be calculated according to the following formula: The Price for each metric ton of GASOIL D2 It is United Sates Dollars USD390 GROSS AND USD370 NET per metric ton. Over this price CIF (USD $390/ USD $370) above, the Buyer shall pay after signing this contract the payment for the 10 Million MT of D2 GASOIL by MT103/23. The total amount which will be confirmed by SWIFT is United States Dollars 10,000,000 mt x USD $390 = USD$ 3,900,000,000, from buyer's bank to the Seller's Bank. The price referred to throughout this agreement to be paid in US Dollars. PAYMENT & BANKING PROCEDURES: 1. UPON ACCEPTANCE OF THE DRAFT CONTRACT, BUYER AND SELLER EXECUTES THE CONTRACT 2. BUYER'S BANK SEND SELLER'S BANK BCL 3. BUYER PAYS FOR THE REGISTRATION OF THE CONTRACT WITH THE MINISTRY OF ENERGY AND GAS 4. SELLER ISSUES SOFT POP 5. BUYER ISSUES POF VIA Pre- Advice SWIFT MT103/23 6. OWNERSHIP/TITLE DEED AND PAYMENT ARE EXCHANGED BANK TO BANK 7. THE TRANSACTION IS CONSUMMATED AS PER CONTRACTED 8. THE SELLER WILL PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING: - Copy of Ownership Title of the product. - Copy of the Storage Tank Receipt - Plus other document if needed PAYMENT: Payment shall be by MT 103/23 and must be provided and approved by the seller before submitting same to the seller's bank by the buyer's bank T/T upon Goods unloading at discharging Port within 5 banking Days =================================================================== NCND/IFMPA + ICPO WITH BCL OR MT103 Commissions: 1/3 to Mandate 1/3 to Facilitator 1/3 to Buyer Intermediaries (3 way with 1 spot open we can share with you) Warmest Regards, Mehdi SAIDI

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