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- Gasoil 0.2%S, Russian origin - From 100.000MT till 250.000 MT per month - CIF Rotterdam, or CIF Houston, or CIF ASWP (to be agreed with the buyer in advance) - Platt's minus USD 12/MT Gross, and Platt's minus USD 10/MT Net

1. Buyer responds to the Corporate Offer to sell with an official and detailed Letter of Intent to Purchase (ICPO) on company's letterhead, with full contact details, signed and sealed by Principal Buyer. The ICPO must include quantity, duration, destination port, acceptance of net price, fee arrangement with Intermediaries, and banking details. ICPO should be addressed to "…. " and sent to … . 2. Within three (3) International Banking Days from receipt of Buyer's ICPO, Seller issues the Full Corporate Offer (FCO) to the Buyer, and sends to the Buyer along with a draft of Sale/Purchase Contract for Buyer's review. 3.Within two (2) International Banking Days Buyer signs and seals the acceptance of the FCO and returns the original to the Seller, along with a Bank Confirmation Letter of Buyer's financial capability, issued by a "Prime 25 World Rated Bank". Buyer must include a statement in their mailing of the acceptance of Seller's FCO as follows: "We hereby provide our authorization to the bank of the Seller to conduct an enquiry into our financial capacity in regards to this transaction". 4. Within five (5) International Banking Days from the receipt and positive verification of Buyer's financial capability, Buyer and Seller to agree on the contract draft. Both parties sign the Contract and exchange it with each other in a manner convenient to both. If by courier, then four (4) originals will be sent by Seller to the Buyer for signing, and Buyer return two (2) signed originals to Seller. Electronic signature is acceptable, with hard copy to be sent by courier. 5. The Seller shall within five (5) International Banking Days from the receipt of signed and sealed contract from Buyer, causes the issuance from his Bank to Buyer's bank the Pre- Advice via MT799 of a Non Operative Performance Bond (PB) in favor of the Buyer, in the amount of one point five percent (1.5%) of the value of one (1) month's supply of the said commodity, or an amount to be agreed upon by both parties. 6. Within five (5) International Banking Days of having received the Pre Advice of issuance of PB, Buyer's bank issues to the Seller's bank the Pre Advice via MT799 of a Revolving, Irrevocable, Transferable, Documentary Letter of Credit (RDLC) in favor of the Seller, for one hundred and five percent (105%) of the value of one month's product delivery as per terms of the contract.

7. Within three (3) International Banking Days after receipt, verification, and validation of the MT799, Seller's bank shall send by SWIFT Proof of Product (POP) to Buyer's bank which will include, but not be limited to: 1) Copy of license to export issued by the Russian Ministry of Energy 2) Copy of approval to export issued by the Russian Ministry of Justice 3) Copy of the Statement of Availability of the Product 4) Copy of the pipeline and deal passport 5) Copy of the Port Storage agreement 6) Copy of the charter party agreement(s) to transport the product to discharge port will be issued within fourteen (14) International Banking Days, after the POP reaches the Seller's bank. 8. Within three (3) International Banking Days of verification of the POP, Buyer's bank undertakes to automatically release the Pre Advice and make RDLC operative by MT760 in exchange of receipt from Seller's Bank of an Operative PB. 9. After the Seller's bank receives the Operative RDLC, and within thirty (30) days of receipt and verification of the RDLC, Seller shall proceed with loading of the Commodity for delivery, based on the agreed to statements in the received and confirmed RDLC, including quantity, port of delivery, Buyer's import license, additional documents provided by buyer. 10. The second and subsequent delivery will be within blocks of thirty (30) working days as per loading schedule. (Please note, all above timings are worst case scenarios, with cooperation of both parties, and bearing in mind that time is of the essence, all actions stated above could be done prior to the 30 days stated in Point No. 9.) 11.Payment by Buyer's Bank for each monthly delivery will be made against the Seller's invoice (and other documents listed in the contract) on presentation of the documents to Buyer's bank. The RDLC shall then be automatically replenished for 105% of value of the next month's shipment. 12. If the above terms and procedures are acceptable to Buyer, we kindly request that Buyer submits an official ICPO with full banking details and soft probe authorization to ….. Since we deal directly with the Suppliers, we also deal only with genuine, verifiable Buyers. All details submitted will be treated in the strictest confidence.

СПЕЦИФИКАЦИЯ НА ДИЗЕЛЬНОЕ ТОПЛИВО Л0.2-62(D-2) Quality of Gasoil L-0.2-62, delivered under this Contract, shall fully correspond to below indicated specification of Russian standard GOST 305-82: 1. Cetane Index Цетановое число 2. Fractional composition 50% 96% Фракционный состав 50% 96% Not lower than 45 Не менее чем 45

Not higher than 280ºC Not higher than 360ºC

Не выше, чем 280ºС Не выше, чем 360ºС 3. Kinematic viscosity ar 20ºC Кинематическая вязкость при 20ºС 4. Pour point Температура застывания 5. Cloud point Температура помутнения 6. Flash point (in closed crucible) Температура вспышки (в закрытом тигле) 7. Sulphur Содержание серы 8. Mercaptam Sulphur Содержание меркаптановой серы 9. Hydroden sulphide Содержание сероводорода 10. Copper strip test 3,0 – 6,0 sSt 3,0 – 6,0 сСт Hot higher than – 10ºC Не выше чем – 10ºС Not higher than – 5ºC Не выше чем – 5ºС Hot lower than 62ºC Не менее чем 62ºС Not more than 0,2% Не более чем 0,2% Not more than 0,01% Не более чем 0,01% Nil Отсутствует Passed

Испытание на медной пластинке 11. Water soluble acids, alkalis Водорастворимые кислоты и щелочи 12. In fact resin concentration (100 cb. Cm fuel) Концентрация фактических куб.см топлива 13. смол на

Выдерживает Nil Отсутствует Not more than 25 mg 100 Не более чем 25 мг Not more thon 5 mg Не более чем 5 мг Not more than 5 mg Не более чем 5 мг Not more than 0,008% Не более чем 0,008% Not more than 0,20% Не более чем 0,20% Not more than 2 Не более чем 2 Nil Отсутствуют Nil Отсутствует Not more kg/cb.m Не более, кг/куб. м Min 53 Минимум 53 than 860

Acid number (mg KOH/100 cb. cm) Кислотность (мг КОН на 100 куб.см)


Iodine number (1g per 100 g of fuel) Йодное число (1г на 100 г топлива)


Ash Зольность


Carbon Коксуемость


Filter coefficient Коэффициент фильтруемости


Sediments Механические примеси


Water Содержание воды


Density at 20 C



Плотность при 20 С 21. Diesel index Дизельный индекс

Seller's commission side of USD 1/MT is closed. Buyer's commission side of USD 1/MT is 100% open for you and all others between you and the buyer.

Best regards, DAVID RAJH

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