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					Where Are Your Products Made
By: Michael Bryan

The Harm in Importing Foreign Raw Materials Rather than using Products Made in USA

In the United States and elsewhere, every business wants to save money any way they
can. This could come in the form of finding out how to do a process faster and more
reliable to cutting down on costs to make the raw material. The United States has seemed
to pick the latter, however, they decided to take it one step further.

Products Made In USA seems to be not happening anymore for some. Now, companies
and business are doing the reversal of outsourcing with their raw materials and bringing
them into our country. They have found that it is cheaper to bring in foreign raw material
to use rather than creating the material here in the United States. But with several articles
and stories emerging now, we are finding that although it may be cheaper to do this, there
might also be dangers as well.

For example; Federal agents are demanding that several people's homes need to be gutted
and completely rebuilt. How many people are we talking? A couple hundred? No, an
estimate of about 3,000 homes. The reason being when the housing boom started
happening and after the several Gulf Coast hurricanes hit, Chinese-made drywall was
important in large quantities to the United States because it was the cheapest way to go
instead of using Products Made In USA.

Now the Chinese-made drywall is not only being linked to corrosion of wiring,
computers, air conditioning units, doorknobs and jewelry, but also possible health
defects. This is because some samples of the Chinese-made drywall is emitting 100 times
as much hydrogen sulfide as drywall made anywhere else. Some of the health problems
that could possibly be linked to the foreign drywall are throat, nose, and lung irritation.
All of this because it was cheaper to import the foreign raw material rather than using
Products Made In USA.

Finally, we have also seen another article come up in 2008 about Chinese powdered milk
being recalled. Instead of using Products Made In USA, businesses bought tainted
powder milk and infant formula from China which led to six children's death, and another
860 babies hospitalized. When are these businesses and companies going to realize that
the short term money savings are going to lead to a long term cost in health.

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