Grad Transition Guidelines

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					                           Grad Transition Guidelines
                             for Grade 11 Students

Grade 11 students should try and complete some of the Grad
Transition package during their grade 11 year.

Completion of the following would be helpful:

1) Check out the Grad Transitions package on the Hatzic Secondary Web site
(click on Graduation and then Grad Transition Plan) and become familiar with
what is required

2) Set up a Grad Transition binder, and file applicable documents in it as you
locate them ( cruising assignment, effort roll certificates, evidence that
you have participated in career related activities, work/volunteer experience, job
fairs, workshops, etc)

4) Start collecting evidence of your interest and accomplishments (pictures of
projects you have completed in wood, metal foods; clubs/teams that you are a
member of including sports, music, dance, etc)

3) Volunteer Hours - must volunteer for at least 1 event in grade 11 or 12

4) Work/Volunteer Hours - can be volunteer or work hours in grade 11 or 12

5) Resume

6) Cover Letter

7) Log your 150minutes/week of physical activity for your grade 11 year and
keep a copy for your Grad Transition binder