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Grownup Acoustic Guitar Lessons

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                                     Grownup Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  There’s a difference between guitar lessons for children, teenagers and adults. For the most part
  children haven’t developed musical tastes and learning any instrument encourages a lot of the
  right things.

  Teenagers have music they like and at their age they most often just want to play what they hear.
  Once they begin to match their favorite players on some level the lessons tend to fall off in favor
  of the jam session.
Adults have musical tastes that are certainly varied and there is usually a level of sophistication
attached to one or more of grown-ups’ musical preferences.

For this reason the ideal acoustic guitar lessons for grown-ups should be given on an adult level.
Lessons should include developing the skills to play the instrument and at the same time
allowing the grown-up student to learn some of the pieces that attracted them to the instrument.
This will maintain the enthusiasm during the lesson regiment and in turn the level of
accomplishment will rise steadily as it should.

Acoustic guitar lessons are quite different than electric guitar lessons since the acoustical sound
resonates from within the instrument as opposed to the electric sound, which is transmitted
through an amplifier.

With the traditional right handed guitar the right hand is over the acoustic body and the right
hand techniques involve picking styles or attacks as they are referred to by guitar players.
In addition the right hand keeps the tempo of a piece as well. Learning and applying different
picking styles and maintaining the tempo at the same time can become second nature with

The left hand maneuvers over the fret board or guitar neck and holds chords as well as single
notes. Depending on the kind of pieces the grownup guitar student favors the chords and chord
structures can range from basic to intricate. However, once learned the chords and changes that
occur during a piece become second nature and increase the students’ interest and enthisiasm for
the lessons.

Finding the right teacher and communicating with a mutual understanding is essential to an adult
learning to play the acoustic guitar.

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