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                                          Beginner Adult Guitar Lessons

  Adults who are picking up an instrument for the first time or are finally serious about developing their
  talent will find the guitar to be rewarding in a relatively short period of time. There are basics that must
  be learned or in some instances re-learned such as hand positioning and or correct fingering of scales.
  However even for a beginner the basics are learned quickly. The student will be able to play
  accompanying chords for singing or background in a matter of a few lessons. The challenge for the guitar
  teacher is to settle the student into a regiment where skills are practiced and creativity can be expressed
  s well.

  This will keep the student’s interest as well as enthusiasm for the lesson process. The student must first
  learn how to make a clear sound emanate from the instrument and this involves the pressure on a string
  or strings at the fret board and striking the correct string or strings at the same time. Whether the
student is learning to play an acoustic or electric guitar the beginning lessons are very similar in this
regard. The difference will show eventually in the type of music the student selects to play since the
acoustic and electric sounds and tones can be so different.

At the same time the student is learning the basics the teacher should allow the student to learn a
favorite song or even a part of a song that caught the students’ attention. By allowing the creative
aspects of playing to develop along with the skills the student’s progress will be rewarding.

The teacher and student need to be on the same page as far as the student goals with the instrument
and the need to practice the basics in order to play pieces with clarity, flavor and in tempo.

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